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Title: Pearls

Prompt: As kids Eren sees Mikasa admire something (dress, jewelry something she/they can't afford) years later when they're older he surprises her by buying it for her.

Summary: "Mikasa was really touched. Not because Eren had spent money on her, but because he had remembered what she had told him, even after all this time."

The streets of Shiganshina were full with busy people, going from one store to another, buying their supplies for the week. It was a normal occurrence in the district, however, for young Mikasa Ackerman, who had never seen so many people at once, it was an amazing sight. Living her first nine years in a secluded area, with few people ever visiting her house, Mikasa was surprised by the great amount of people reunited in one place. She watched everything with wide eyes, observing everyone, with all their differences and similarities, smelling new odors, taking note of all the new things she was seeing for the first time. Beside her, Eren was holding her hand, guiding her through the crowd.

A few weeks after Mikasa started living with them, Carla Jeager, Eren's mother, decided it would be good for the child if she went out of the house and finally explore the district, her new home. Eren normally would have objected to the idea of going to the market, preferring to play outside with Armin and hear more stories about the outside world, but he, for once, agreed with his mother: Mikasa needed to know every nook of the district, or else one day she would get lost, and Eren dreaded thinking what would happen to her if she didn't know her way back home. So, there they were, walking hand in hand, with Mikasa intently admiring everything she saw, much to Eren's amusement.

Suddenly, she stopped in front of a store. By its appearance, it looked like one of the few stores in the district that sold fancy stuff that came from Wall Sina, things that were so expensive almost no one could afford them, not even Eren's father, who was a doctor made more money than the average citizen. Eren glared at the store and its high prices, and then turned to look at Mikasa, who was still looking at one of the objects displayed in the shop window. Before he could ask her what had caught her attention, Mikasa spoke.

"Do you see that?" The young girl said, pointing to a necklace made of white balls.

"Yeah, what about it?" Eren asked, curiously looking at the girl.

"It's a pearl necklace. It looks like the one my father gave to my mother when he proposed. She wore it on their wedding day, and during special occasions." Eren stared silently at her. Mikasa rarely talked about her parents, and when she did she would end up crying. However, this time it was different, she looked lost in her own little world, the brightness of her eyes returning for a moment.

"This necklace is probably made of freshwater pearls. My father told me that there used to be another kind of pearls, but those are very rare, and only people in Wall Sina still have them. Normal pearls are few and expensive, but those are even more expensive. I think Armin said that in the ocean there are also mussels that grow pearls… "

Eren smiled sadly at the girl. Most of her parents' belongings were stolen after word spread out of their murders, including that necklace. If it was so special as Mikasa told him, then probably someone was selling that necklace already, hell, it could even be the one they were seeing in that moment. The thought of thieves and murderers reminded Eren of what could have happened to the girl beside him, making his blood boil. Gripping hard Mikasa's hand, he started walking again.

"Come on. I told mom we'd meet her at the bakery."

While he walked, Eren thought it was such a pity that he probably couldn't afford that necklace. If he did, he could buy it and surprise Mikasa with it, making her smile again. In that moment, he promised himself that one day he would get a job and make enough money to buy Mikasa as many necklaces as she wanted.

Mikasa didn't want anything for her birthday. She was just thankful that Eren, Armin and she were still alive, along with the comrades she had come to care about: Sasha, Connie, Historia, Jean, and even Levi. Although she knew that Sasha and Historia were probably going to make a special dinner for her, and that Armin may give her a book as a present, Mikasa didn't want any presents, honestly all she wanted was for everyone to stay alive, safe and sound as long as possible. However, she was quite surprised when, after dinner, Eren shoved a small box in her hands.

"Wha-?" She exclaimed, while catching the box.

"For you." It was all Eren said embarrassed, his cheeks turning red.

Mikasa started blushing as well as she took in what was happening. Eren had gotten her a present. That was so much more than she could ever hope for.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Open it!" Eren prompted, smiling at her.

Mikasa nodded, still in a daze, doing as she was told. There, inside the box, was a pearl necklace, similar to the one her father had given her mother.

"Eren, this is…" She said, shocked and moved that he had bought her such a thing.

"Yeah, the same as your mother's." He said sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

"But how?"

"Well, a couple of months ago Armin and I passed by this store, and I happened to see the necklace. I instantly remembered what you told me about your mother, and the pearls, and so I decided to buy it." Eren said, and when he saw Mikasa's face, he added. "But it wasn't that expensive! I swear!"

Mikasa was really touched. Not because Eren had spent money on her, but because he had remembered what she had told him, even after all this time. Her eyes watered and she gave Eren one of her rare smiles.

"Thank you, thank you so much, Eren." She whispered, pushing back her tears, while Eren blushed again. Her smiles always got to him.

Eren turned around, feeling awkward. "I'm glad you like it."

"Eren." At the sound of her voice, he turned to look at her. "Could you help me put it on?" She said, holding the necklace.

Eren nodded, and silently removed Mikasa's scarf and gently put the necklace around her slender neck. His fingers lingered on her skin longer than expected, but Mikasa didn't complain. Eren admired the necklace; it really suited Mikasa, complimenting her natural beauty. Suddenly overcome by an unknown feeling, he hugged her and kissed her forehead.

"Happy birthday, Mikasa."

And it was a happy birthday, indeed.

A/N: Originally this was supposed to be Holiday-themed, but I didn't want to write an AU, and I don't think they're very religious, considering the only religion shown so far is the weird Wall cult. Also, I have a headcanon that Eren gives Mikasa things to cover her neck, hence the necklace. Thanks for reading!