The years had passed in a blur of happiness and love for Harry. He had gained what he had always wanted, family, belonging and joy. The Mirror of Erised had shown Harry surrounded by family and he was. A desire shared by his beloved, as Blaise too had grown up a lonely only child. As the destined destroyer of Tom Riddle, the self-styled Dark Lord Voldemort, he knew most had expected him to become an Auror, to serve in the Ministry, to continue to act like the Saviour of the Magical World. Dumbledore, the Order and Ron had pushed for him to marry Ginny, to become their view of a Light Wizard. Here, he was a happy to stay at home and had brought up his godson and had four children, four healthy boys, born of his and Blaise's magic.

Their first born Xenon Blaise Potter-Black-Zabini had been born 23rd February 1999. Not that it was all sweetness, Blaise had a domineering streak and Harry was strong, opinionated and when pushed could be ruled by wild anger. The two wizards complimented each other and were passionate in all things, their arguments were quickly over and Blaise had a tendency to go overboard to seek a return to calm with gifts and quick apologies. The half italian boy had been granted his hearts desire, he made sure his lover knew of his undying fervor and ardour.

The Zabini's kept socializing to a minimum, Harry happy in the background, only sitting on a few charitable boards, with the occasional lunch thrown in. Every year, he accompanied Blaise to the Ministry Ball. If only to outshine Draco and his wife. The great hero Harry Potter was always guest of honour and centre of attention. Harry often found it remarkable that his status as Hecate blessed had not quite out shone the Prophecy and the Defeat of Voldemort. Harry had become friends with Astoria Malfoy. Draco, however, had never gotten over the fact he had never guessed his rival, Scarface Potter, was blessed. He as Heir of House Malfoy had failed to make the best union. The blond ponce always looked like he had eaten a lemon when faced with either Lords Zabini or Potter.


Harry flooed with his family into Grimmald Place in anticipation of the school year starting in the morning. Both Blaise and his eldest were in Italy on family business this year, so it would be a slightly smaller family group on the platform. Xenon, the Heir of House Zabini, had graduated Hogwarts as Head Boy last year. The previous year his cousin and adopted brother, Teddy Lupin had been Head Boy. At eighteen, his life was now spent shadowing his father and learning the intricacies of the joint Potter-Black and Zabini holdings. The years had seen the vast family wealth grow. It would be a full time job for each son to control their share of this legacy. Xenon's younger brother was now fourteen, and Declan, was starting his fourth year at Hogwarts. Ten year old Caleb, had still not decided on his schooling, he had yet to decide on whether to follow his brothers and go to Hogwarts next year. Caleb had a strong affinity for Dark Magic, a talented Parselmouth. It was a possibility the boy would choose Durmanstang.

Harry strode onto Platform nine and three quarters with Declan, Caleb and his youngest Helios was being carried by Teddy. Harry always made sure he saw his sons off. The steam train still the same in 2017 as it had been in 1991. Harry was sure their would be no more additions to the family. Bearing each had been exhausting for both men, they had grown to rely on the two family matriachs to help them. Not that they ever had to ask Gabriella or Andromeda for anything, the women doted on their boys.

As any parent, his eyes were on the son, whom he would miss for months. A bitter sweet experience of his children growing up and gaining independence. He had only seen the positives of boarding school, his relatives glad to see the back of the burden and unwanted freak in their home. Harry had toyed with home schooling, but he was happy to teach his sons the things not on the school curriculum during the holidays as their home in Italy was not restricted to underage magical use rules. Declan ran to greet his best friend, young Frederick Weasley. The two boys now the scourge of Gryffindor, both pranksters and talented Quidditch players. Harry was certain both would turn professional on graduation. Harry had remained close to George, unlike some of the Weasley's. He had not exchanged a single word with Ron since the Battle. Ginny avoided Harry like the plague. Bill had remained cordial but they had never been close.

With a small wave Harry acknowledged Astoria and her son Scorpius, aged 11 and starting Hogwarts this year. On the Platform were a scatter of others from Harry's time at school, including Neville and Luna and their son and daughter. Nathaniel Longbottom, aged 13, a keen botanist like his parents and 10 year old Catriona, a fine witch and best friend of Caleb. The girl with a natural gift for necromancy and future Unspeakable if truth be told. Ron on seeing the Zabini family, guided his wife and son down the platform and out of sight, so not to even look at his ex-best friend. Harry mused on his the jealous prat's current employment, Ron working as a memo clerk in the Minstry Owl office, having failed to pass his first year in Auror training, despite being a war hero and getting lots and lots of extra help and encouragement. Harry, truth be told, has not missed the other two of the golden trio. He still occasionally saw Hermione, but the poor girl is a shadow of her former self, never living up to being the brightest witch of her generation. That title now shared by Daphne Greengrass-Smith and Luna Lovegood, now Lady Longbottom. Hermione was working with Percy Weasley in the Ministry Archives.

Declan, like all excited children, waved a hasty goodbye and boarded the already crowded train. Harry waved back. He was tempted to seek a seat on the Board of Governors, but was happy that he and Blaise had quashed any ideas of a reinstatement of the Triwizard Tournament. Harry had actually gone to the Wizangamot to ram home the fact Cedric's parent's were still alive, their adopted son and heir, an orphaned muggleborn, was at school, in seventh year now. Most of the present staff were new, but Cedric's murder was not something to be forgotten so easily. The rebuilding of the school and the cleaning up of the dark magic and resetting of the wards had taken its toll on Flitwick, Sprout and McGonagall. The former Headmistress the last to retire, Harry guessed her retirement had sparked someone's bright idea of the restoring that blasted tournament. Harry smiled at the fact Caleb and Helios were playing a game of hide and seek with Teddy. The two boys scrambling for a good hiding spot as Teddy was distracted by the current Head Girl, the very beautiful Victoire Weasley. Harry had three dark haired boys and then Helios with his curling strawberry blond, Evans hair, matched with green eyes. Helios would be home schooled if Harry's hunch was correct. His youngest son was blessed with Hecate's gift. There would be a scamble of suitors for the youngest Zabini in twelve years. Harry would insist on a true love match, status be damned. Blaise had loved him truly, deeply and beyond the bearing of children. They would have been bonded despite the taint of Dark Magic on Harry's soul, the affect of the Horcrux had weakened the powerful wizard. Harry had been afraid he would not have been pure enough to live up to his potential as a bearer. In truth, Harry had found bearing his children very hard; for Caleb and Helios he had spent the first five months on full bedrest, not just the usual confinement of the first trimester. Blaise also grumbled about Harry's poor childhood being a factor, but the Dursley's had raised a sneaky child. Harry had eaten scraps at their table, but had thwarted the Dursley's desire's at keeping him starved and weak by raiding bins and eating the food left by kids at lunch. Harry was glad of Blaise's patience at his hoarding of food scraps, a habit he had still not quite broken, as his bag contained a store of several meals, just in case of a delay in returning to the Black Mansion.

Teddy returned with a light flush on his cheeks. Obviously, Victoire had agreed to being courted. The two were a good match. Harry wondered on the future wedding, it was a bun fight waiting to happen as he acted as father for Teddy. He could guess on confrontations with Molly, Ron and the still unmarried Ginny. He would floo Fleur and Gabrielle for a chat, as they would soon be family. Fleur had never really bonded with the female Weasley's and Ron acted the fool around her and her daughters. Teddy spent ten minutes tracking the two hiding boys after the train had left. Ted happy to return to work as a legal intern, and trainee barrister at Gringotts. Following the footsteps of his namesake, Ted Tonks.