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Chapter 13 - BONUS!

Donny smiled slightly, poking his head out of his bedroom and looking around. He slipped out, closing the door without a sound behind him. He tiptoed down the hall, forced to put all his Ninjitsu training to the test.

The test?

Ah, yes. Donatello was going to break out of the lair.

The purple clad turtle sucked in his breath when he passed his brothers' rooms. He could hear Leo's soft breathing and Mikey's mumbles of flying pizzas from outer space, but Raph's trademark snoring was missing. Donny shrugged it off, chalking it up to him falling asleep either in the living room or in the kitchen.

Master Splinter was a little harder to pass, because Don could see the candle flickering, signaling his Sensei was doing his nightly meditation. Donny paused for a second; he had to think of a smart way to pass.

A lightbulb idea came crashing, and Donny had to grab his fingers to stop the snap he'd automatically started. The turtle carefully got down on his knees and shuffled across the floor. This is stupid! Donny thought, rolling his eyes and huffing. I must look like an idiot! However, when the silhouette of the rat didn't move a muscle when the turtle crawled across, Donny let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding and wiped his forehead.

Don breathed a sigh of relief when he made it to the garage. He slipped through the cracked door and shut it silently, crashing against the door and sliding to the floor.

"Oh, thank GOD!" He sighed, giggling at the sheer irony of it. Usually it was Raph that snuck out, and usually got caught. And it was his first time, and he hadn't even-

"Donny? What are ya doing up?"


"Oh, Raph," Donny giggled nervously. "Fancy seeing you here," Donny turned away from his frowning red clad brother towards the door. "I'll just be leaving now, goodnight, Ra-"

"Donny," Raph's tone was all the warning Don needed to stop in his tracks.

Donny sighed. Best get this over with, right?

... Nah!

"I'm sleepwalking." Donny held out his arms Frankenstein-style and closed his eyes. "Pizza. Mechanics. Umm... Ninjutsu?" Donny winced inwardly. Man, I'm such an idiot!

The red clad turtle folded his arms menacingly. "Uh huh. And so am I. Punching. Kicking. Fighting." He cleared his throat, and Donny squinted at his brother through closed eyelids. Raphael had mimicked his pose, slouching more like a zombie, but close enough to mock Don. "Which is what's gonna happen to YOU if you don't tell me what you were doing here!"

"Hey, you're not supposed to be up, either!" Donny pointed out, and Raph's frowned smoothed.

"Touché. Come on, Don! Just tell me!" Raph pleaded, punching Don in the shoulder.

Donny shook his head firmly. "We say it together, or not at all!"

Raph pursed his lips. "Do we have to?" He groaned. Donny nodded, and with a pointed look, Raph leaned up casually against one of the toolboxes. "Fine."

"On the count of three," Donny said, confident in the fact Raph would actually listen. "One... Two... Three!"

Raph clamped his mouth shut, but Donny found himself already mumbling out his true purpose.

"I was going to sneak out and ride your motorcycle!" Raph's amber eyes grew wide as dinner plates, and Don clamped a hand over his mouth.

"You WHAT?!" Raph freaked, immediately grabbing Don's carapace and dragging him out of the garage.

"OW! Raph, quit it! I didn't yet!" Donny winced, struggling to squirm out of the thrtle's death grip.

Raph growled, releasing his carapace but grabbing his bicep. "No," he admitted. "You didn't. But you were going to, and that's what matters." He was still fuming, but quietly, and Don found himself a little unnerved.

"Well what are you going to do to me?" Don asked a bit fearfully. Raph looked at him with determined eyes and a set jaw.

"I'm taking you to Leo."

"Raph, I'm not going to lecture Donny!" Leo yawned, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. He blinked blearily at his two brothers in front of him. "That's your job!" Leo wondered absently what Donny had done again; he'd kinda of fallen asleep when Raph began ranting about the deed.

"Leo! You have too! You always lecture me when I do something wrong!" Raph protested, slamming his palms onto the edge of Leo's bed, and he startled from his sleepiness.

"Yes, but I'm not Leo this week," Leo yawned again, and Raph shot up in excitement.

"Mikey!" Without another word, or so much as a thank you to the blue clad turtle, Raphael dashed out, dragging a Donatello who kept shooting 'help me' looks towards him.

Leo sank back down into his pillows and rolled back onto his stomach.

Huh, He thought wearily. Little brothers.

"Mikey!" Mikey was jarred awake by his older brother shaking him and whispering his name. "Psst! Mike, wake up!"

"Wha- what?" Mikey sat up, rubbing his eyes just like Leo did. He even yawned the same. "What's wrong? Raph? Donny?"

"I need you to lecture Don on the importance of not sneaking out and stealing people's motorcycles!"

Mikey blinked. "You want ME to lecture Donny... On not sneaking out? Raph, you sneak out all the time!"

"Yeah..." Raph admitted. "But I caught him. And Leo normally lectures me, but he said for you to do it!"

"I don't know how to lecture somebody!"

"Learn too." Raph flung Don on Mikey's bed, swiveled on his heel, and stalked out the door, leaving one very confused turtle and another very irritated turtle sitting next to each other.

"Wait... What am I supposed to be doing?" Mikey asked, confused. He turned to his purple clad brother who huffed and flopped down on his shell.

"You're supposed to be lecturing me," Donny rolled his eyes.

"Oh... Okay, I guess." Mikey shrugged and took a deep breath.

"You are always sneaking out! For once, can't you stay here and sleep, like a normal person? Raph's motorcycle is OFF limits! Why is that so hard to comprehend?!" Mikey ranted. Donny could feel his eyes begin to droop, so he gave way to the peaceful blackness.

"Pizza... Goldfish... Klunk needs a bath... Patrolling... Do these katanas make me look fat?" Donny jerked himself awake suddenly at the random words.


"Okay, so I kinda ran out of things to lecture you about." Mikey admitted. "So I just did my own substitution." He shrugged.

"Oh..." Donny said. "Okay! Why don't you keep ranting, just so Raph'll leave us alone... Because you know he's probably standing outside with his ear pressed to the door." Thudding footsteps echoed throughout the hallway, and Donny gave Mike a 'See? What did I tell you?' look.

"Whatever you say, bro."

When Raphael finally built up the courage to go back into Michelangelo's room to retrieve Donny, he wasn't really expecting to find two of his brothers flopped out on top of each other fast asleep. Nor was he pleased, and yet he didn't have the heart to wake them.

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