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Summary: A new age has begun with the death of one king and the crowning of the Once and Future King. But the new age of Albion that the Great Dragon foretold seems more like a bitter dream. Magic can no longer watch on as his people die. But for Peace to be born into the world of Albion, Magic must choose his Heir. A new King must rule alongside Arthur for Peace to be born into Albion once again.

Warnings: Malexmale. Mpreg at the very end.

At the beginning of time, Magic saw what hardships were to befall the world and the suffering of his people. But Magic also knew that one day his Heir would be born and the Heir would once again bring magic back to life and bring about a new world, one of peace and safety for those with or without magic. Yet Magic was no fool, he understood that his Heir would need help with such a great task, but Destiny put her friends worries to rest once. She told Magic of the boy with the golden hair and that he would be the Once and Future King of Albion and with the Heir, they would bring a time of peace and hope back to Albion.

Magic watched with a silent hand as his people turned against each other, as there blood filled the earth. Sometimes Magic found himself in the arms of his friends, promising him that when the time came, all those that had done wrong, would pay for it's suffering of Magic and his people.

As the years went by, Magic thought that Destiny was losing her touch, though he would never dare say those words to his old friend, for Magic feared there may not be any magic left to save when his Heir and the Future King were born.

One evening Magic was drawn to watch over the birth of a child, it wasn't something he normally did but for some reason this birth called to Magic.

Magic watched as the baby was born into the world, the child was placed in his Father's arms, where the Father smiled softly as the child's Mother whispered the child's name.


But soon Magic found himself sharing tears with the man as he felt the pull of his powers and that of Balance spin around the room to return the balance of magic once again. He could no longer watch, not knowing that the man, who would cause so much pain and death for his people, watched as his wife and the mother of the newborn passed away into Avalon.

Magic never really liked the whole life of a life thing and wished that it could be changed but as his friend always said 'There must be balance in the world. For a life to given, a death must take its place, '. Magic had always wondered, was it fair that for balance his people had to suffer? And for his question, no one could answer, not even balance himself.

Magic watched the boy named Arthur as he grew and sometimes Magic even found itself protecting the boy from evil. It was a year later that Magic felt another strong pull and once again found himself watching over another birth. But this time it knew why.

This little child would be his Heir and would finally bring about the Peace that Magic and Fate had foreseen so long ago.

Magic looked on, knowing how special the child would be. Magic sent waves of his power to help the mother give birth. It saddened Magic that she had to do such a thing alone, that her love was forced to never know of the child, and once the boy was born, soft blue eyes looked up at Magic before glowing gold with magic and smiling at the Ancient One.

As the years went by, Magic kept a watchful eye over his Heir and over the golden Prince. Sometimes Magic was not alone when he watched over Merlin; sometimes Destiny stayed by Magic's side and together they laughed at the mischief the small boy would soon cause.

"Together old friend, they will bring about peace." Destiny told Magic, placing her hand upon Magic's shoulder and smiled. "As you can see I have yet to lose my touch." She laughed.

With each passing year, the boy's grew and blossomed under the watchful eyes of the Ancient Ones. Magic knew the time would soon be upon them and it made Magic smile to think that his people's suffering was almost over.

When the time came for their destiny to intertwine, Magic watched as they became slowly friends and watched as their friendship slowly evolved into lover for one another. Destiny would always say, 'If the once and future king does not do something soon, then I will be forced to step in'. Magic had always laughed at her, she was so looking forward to the moment the boys became one, as were they all. The Ancient Ones watched on, all praying for the moment they both said 'I love you'.

When the bell's of Camelot rung their sorrowful chime throughout the city, the Ancient ones all watched as King Uther passed away into Avalon. The spirits remained silent, only for Afterlife to scream 'Yes!', shocking them all. Afterlife then went on to explain that with the old fool out of the way, Arthur would be able to tell Merlin of his feelings.

Magic sometimes couldn't believe how childish the group of ancient spirits could act. They were timeless spirits but they still found time to bet on which boy would say 'I love you' first. Of course Magic had it's money on his Heir. There had been so many times dear Merlin had almost come clean about everything but Destiny had seen how the young Prince would have reacted and stepped in to save the young warlocks heart.

As the sun rose to bring the dawn of a new day, the Ancient Ones once again gathered to watch over Albion.

"It's time dear friend." Destiny had smiled.

"Yes Destiny, the time for Peace to be born is finally upon us. " Magic smiled.

"Leon?" the knight turned and saw Merlin jog up to him. "Have you seen Arthur anywhere?"

"He said he was retiring to his chambers."

Merlin frowned, Arthur never said any such thing about retiring early. Not wanting to worry the knight about his friend, Merlin smiled. "Oh damn I forgot. Just what I need, another reason for him to complain about me."

Leon laughed and watched as Merlin jogged away.

Merlin turned the corner and stopped. Where was Arthur? Hearing footsteps Merlin looked up and saw Henry who snarled at him as he walked past. Merlin shook his head, Henry hated Merlin as much as Uther did.


Merlin turned and ran to where Uther's tomb was never stopping until he saw Arthur, his hair shining gold in the candlelight, his crown sat neatly on top of his head. Merlin felt his heart break when he saw the strong shoulders shake slightly.


A soft sob echoed in the vast tomb, before Arthur spoke, his voice rough from his grief.

"Did it ever occur to you that I didn't tell you where I was going because I wanted to be left alone?" Arthur asked, not turning, keeping his back to Merlin.

"You should know by now that I don't always listen to orders and will always be close by, no matter how much of a front you put on about being okay."

Arthur let out a small chuckle. "Are you ever going to change Merlin?"

"No. You'd get bored." Merlin took a chance and slowly moved towards his King.

Arthur had managed to let everyone think that he had grieved for his father that one night and now all was well. But it wasn't. Arthur was still very much grieving for his father and only him and Merlin knew about it.

"Why let everyone believe that you are alright and over your father's death when you are not?"

"It shows weakness Merlin."

"I don't think you are weak Arthur and I have seen you in a worser state than this. You may think that crying shows weakness but that is where I disagree with you. To me a man like you crying shows strength, that he is not afraid to show how he feels."



"Don't be."

"May I be bold?"

"In what way?" Arthur asked, turning to face Merlin who was now standing by his side.

"This is me Arthur. Just me. Forget you are King of Camelot and I am a servant."


"Forget that and it will make the next part easier."

"What next part?" Arthur asked.

But Merlin didn't answer, instead he just pulled Arthur into a hug and held him close. Arthur sighed, this was what he wanted, comfort, and if Merlin was willing to allow him comfort then he would take it. He gripped Merlin's jacket, burying his head in the crook of Merlin's neck and let his tears fall.

Magic found himself laughing as Fate, Destiny and Love awed at the moment the two boys were having.

"It won't be long now dear sisters." Love winked at Magic with a knowing look. There was nothing you could get passed the three sisters.

"Not long at all, soon there will be peace." Fate smiled warmly.

Arthur pulled back from Merlin but kept his hands fisted in Merlin's jacket. "Thank you Merlin. I... I needed that."

Merlin put on his best smile that always made Arthur laugh. "Just doing what I can."

"Aw, I do wish we didn't have to wait anymore, we have waited far too long for those two. " Love pouted.

"Soon sister, be patient." Destiny smiled placing a hand on her sister's shoulder.


"But I can't wait to wait." Love replied, causing the Ancient Spirits to laugh.

Merlin pulled back, "I will go and get your dinner ready for you."

"Thank you Merlin, you do more for me than you are supposed to."

Merlin smiled and shut the door. He paused for a moment, still facing the door. Leaning his head against the cold wooden door, Merlin sighed, placing a hand flat on the door. "That's because I love you Arthur." Merlin whispered before walking away.

"Yes! He said it first! I told you my Heir would be one!" Magic yelled smiling.

"Oh dear brother it don't count." Love said, Fate and Destiny nodding beside her.

"How so?" Courage asked, ignoring his pouting brother.

"Because he did not say it to Arthur." Fate replied.

"But he did say it first." Strength informed them.

The three sister's looked at each other before smiling and saying together. "It doesn't count."

"But that's not fair, he did say it first and that was the grounds of our bet." Magic said.

"He is right sisters." Destiny nodded.

"True but you have yet to win, he must say it to Arthur for you to win." Fate replied.

The other Spirits rolled their eyes and laughed at their sisters.

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