House laid awake in his bed. The room lit only by the small amount of gloomy winter morning sunlight peeking through the thick bedroom curtains that decorated the frost covered window and the alarm clock that radiated the time; 5:30 am.

She'd be awake soon, he thought. He peered over to the crib that was beside him and smirked slightly as he saw his baby girl sleeping soundly, her chest rising up and down with every breath. Her thick, dark brown hair scruffy from tossing and turning during the night.

House wrapped a large hoodie around himself and went to the dresser in his daughters room across the hall. He got out; thick red,wool socks with a matching red, wool hat (courtesy of Cuddy), and a furry white long sleeved baby-grow. He held the bundle of clothes as he proceeded back across the hall to where his daughter was sleeping soundly in the crib he placed protectively beside his bed.

He, Wilson and Foreman built the crib (yes, it took ALL three of them to build a damn crib) in Houses bedroom as during the night it was decided that House would not have to limp so far to tend to his child. However, House's main reason for having the crib right beside his bed was that he couldn't sleep without knowing that his daughter was safe where he could watch over her. (But of course he kept this secret from Wilson. No need for a long speech telling him how he really had a heart, blah blah.)

House planted the clothes on his bedroom radiator to warm them, opened the curtains, and hastily dashed to the bathroom to freshen up. It was when he completed his morning routine that his baby began to stir and stretch, gradually awakening from her slumber.

"Hey, baby girl." House whispered as he greeted her.

House reached into the crib and picked her up as she gently groaned. She yawned and rubbed her face with her small, pale hands. She was today, only a week old and House felt like she was the most fragile thing he had ever held in his hands, and thus treated her so. She was so precious.

House gazed down to his baby, "Time to go to work," he said rocking her gently in his arms.