3 months later.

"Sometimes I am wrong. I have a gift for observation, for reading people in situations. But sometimes I am wrong. I will test you in ways you will consider; Unfair, demeaning and illegal. And you'll often be right."

House softly plucked the strings of his guitar, sitting upon the large, strong desk of the otherwise hushed lecture room.

"By the end of 6 weeks one of you will be gone." House looked up menacingly, "as will 28 more of you."

The room full of 40 candidates looked on as House studied them. Meticulously surveying the room of potential team members; some growing with anxiety, some growing with excited anticipation and a select few just monotonous.

Even if this is unsuccessful, House thought, at the very least the game will be eventful while it lasts.

House strode down the hall, heading for Wilsons office. His cane beating heavily on the ground with each stride. Chase, Cameron and Foreman had given their notice to quit the team, each desiring to pursue new career paths within the hospital, almost 3 weeks ago. Leaving House the ability to leisurely interview potential employee's across this period of time. To be able to carefully select and reject doctors sensibly; but of course this was never going to be in Houses nature.

"House," Cuddy yelled, catching up to him and marching by his side. "Why are there 40 doctors in my lecture hall?"

House drolly bit his lip ,"trying to make the worlds biggest flash mob. Think I might need some more people though. Wanna join?"

Cuddy raised her eyebrows at Houses impudence,"join? I want to break it up!"

"Fine," House replied."It can be just you and me then. But you gotta flash me first."

Cuddy rolled her eyes and set her hand firmly on Wilsons door as they arrived at it, preventing House from entering momentarily. "You have to get rid of them."

"I will... Over several weeks."

"Chase, Foreman and Cameron offered to interview replacements for you in the build up to them leaving diagnostic medicine. Why didn't you take that offer up instead of designing a cut throat lil' game without my permission?"

House rolled his eyes in derision,"because Cameron would of melted over the first doctor who said they 'wanted to help people'. You know how much she sucks that crap up. Foreman would have picked a humorless hard-ass like himself, and Chase would of selected the first person he met because lets face it; he's half assed about everything."

"There. You would of had a carbon copy of your old team," Cuddy said simply before reconsidering. "Unless... You would of found it too painful to be working with people who reminded you of your old team?"

House peered down on Cuddys perfect face. She smirked up at him, completely aware that she had pinpointed Houses reluctance to hire new lackees, her hand still cemented on Wilsons door. Feeling uncomfortable, House rapped on Wilsons door, mocking Cuddy as he pulled a sarcastic expression.

"Just gotta knock on this door...Apparently that's what people do when they stand in front of one," he ribbed.

Cuddy removed her hand from the wood of the door as Wilson opened it bemused. Perplexed to see House and Cuddy standing before him. Usually it was only one at a time that came to bitch about the other.

"Couples counselling has been cancelled today," Wilson rallied humorously. "I was gonna tell you guys, but seems as I'm not your therapist..."

Cuddy merely glanced at Wilson before sauntering back down the hall to work as Wilson welcomed House in. Wilson took his usual designated spot at his desk as House stretched his body down onto his couch. Propping his feet on the arm rest on the couch as he laid on it.

"So what's new? Any Christmas plans?"

House removed a rubber band from the pocket of his jacket and began toying with it as he spoke. "My mom called. Said shes coming down. Apparently wanting to see her grandchild before Christmas is a big deal."

Wilson scoffed,"yeah. Since when has coming to see grandchildren on Christmas been something that's 'important'?"

"Well what?" House questioned. "Ettas not even 1 yet; she won't remember whether her grammy spent Christmas with her or not."

Wilson chuckled as he organised the papers on his desk, filing them away into his desk draw as House whined.

"And besides," House continued, "I'd be spending Christmas at your place if you'd even invited me around since you moved out."

Wilson frowned light heatedly,"and you wonder why I don't want a holiday hating misanthrope at my house on Christmas?"

"Only reason you wouldn't," House thought out loud as he put his finger to his lips thoughtfully,"is because you're trying to hide something. Or someone. What's her name?"

"She doesn't have one," Wilson joked. "Apparently it's one of those birth defects," he shrugged comically.

House huffed grumpily, noticing the time. "Gotta go. The crowd is waiting for me."

House rose to his feet, gripping his cane as he exited Wilson's office. Setting himself to see his 40 candidates.