Chapter 1: Anna's Birthday

In the beauty kingdom of Arendelle, the Queen, Elsa, sleeps in peace in her chambers. The morning sunlight peaks through a small opening in the dark maroon curtains. It seems that nothing can wake her up.


"ELSA!" the young princess of Arendelle, Anna, knocks on Elsa's door. "Elsa, are you awake?" Anna is more of a morning person than her older sister, "Elsa?"

"Go away!" Elsa mumbles, "It's too early!"

Then, the door open and Anna pokes her head in with a smile, "Oh, good! You're up!" She skips over to the window.

The queen groans and digs her face in the pillows. "Are you ever going to let me sleep in?"

"Yes, but not today," Anna pulls the curtains open so the sunlight can pour in the bedroom. Elsa just pulls the covers over her head. "Because it's my birthday today! And not just any birthday, but my 21st birthday! It's a big milestone for me in womanhood!"

"That's not a reason to wake me up," Elsa speaks under the cover.

"Oh come on, Elsa!" Anna giggles as she pulls the covers off the bed, revealing Elsa in her light blue nightgown. The queen reaches for a pillow and covers her head with it. "I already woke up Kristoff, so that means you have to be up too."

Elsa finally gives in with a sigh. "Alright. Just give me a few minutes."

Excited, Anna hurries out of the room. "Good. Now hurry up! Birthday Girl's orders!"

As soon as the door close, Elsa quickly freezes the door handle so that Anna can't get back in. With a strong breeze from her hand, her curtains are closed again. She pulls her covers back on the bed and lays her head on the pillow, trying to go back to sleep. "At last." Elsa smiles as she closes her eyes.

The whole kingdom of Arendelle is ready for the princess' birthday ball. So many servants are cleaning up the castle, making it look its best for the guest. The food is being prepared by the chefs in a quick, but steady pace. When there is food, it tends to get a certain reindeer's attention. Sven's big nose catches the scent of the delicious treats that the baker is baking.

"Sven, no!" Kristoff pulls the reindeer away from the kitchen, "Save it for the crowd, boy." He lets out a big yawn. "Let's see where the girls are at. Come on, Sven." The reindeer snorts as he follows his master.

Not to longer after, Olaf the snowman is looking around for his carrot nose. He was created by Elsa and with her icy powers; she gave him a little snow cloud above his head to keep him from melting.

"Now, where is it?" the snowman looks under the table, "I know I left it in here somewhere." He then spots a bowl of carrots. His arm reaches up and feels the counter for a carrot, but a chef replaces the bowl of carrots with a fish. Olaf grabs the fish and put it on his face. He takes a sniff with his new nose.

"Huh. Something smells fishy," His eyes and the fish's eyes meet, "Ohhh! That's explains it." He takes the fish off and places it back on the counter. Suddenly, Olaf spots something orange and orange underneath a step stool. "Oh! There you are! How did you get under there, you little . . . Fruit?" He bends over to grab his nose, but it turns out not to be his nose; it's an orange spoon. "Close."

"Hey Olaf!" Kristoff is heard from the hall. Olaf waddles out to see Kristoff holding Olaf's real nose at hand.

"You find it!" Olaf takes his nose and starts talking to it as if it's a child, "What did I tell you, mister? Don't do it again."

"Sven found it in his pen. You're lucky he didn't eat it."

"Oh, thank you, Sven," Olaf gives the reindeer a big hug, "You're such a good reindeer. Yes, you are. Yes, you are."

"Okay. Okay. Enough of that," Kristoff separates the two; he doesn't like it when people talk baby talk to his best friend.

"Hey, what's with everyone today? Why is everyone so busy?" the snowman asks Kristoff.

"Because of the party tonight."

"Oh, a party! What's the occasion?"

Kristoff and Sven exchange a look of confusion. "Olaf, do you know what today is?"

Olaf takes a moment to think. "Tuesday?"

"It's Anna's birthday."

Olaf suddenly gasps, "IT IS? Oh, I completely forgot about it!"

"I can tell."

"And I didn't get her a present! There's still time though."

"I'm sure she won't mind if you didn't get her anything for her birthday," Kristoff tries to assure the snowman.

"But that would make me a horrible friend! What are you getting her?"

"Um . . . it's a secret."

"Like a surprise? I like surprises!"

"Yeah, something like that," Kristoff clears his throat, "Listen, why don't you take Sven to look for a present? And I will go find Anna." He hands Olaf Sven's leash.

"Sure thing, but keep this a secret, okay?"

"Your secret is safe with me."

"Thanks. Well, toddles! Let's go, Sven!" Olaf climbs on Sven and they trot away.

Kristoff just shakes his head, but all of a sudden, it gets dark. "Guess who?" It's Anna, covering Kristoff's eyes with her hands.

"The birthday girl. Also known as my girlfriend."

"Correct," Anna gives Kristoff a kiss on the cheek. But Kristoff isn't satisfied, so he pulls her in for a real kiss. "Was that my birthday present?"

"Part of it. You'll get the rest tonight at the party."

"I can't wait," Anna smiles. She loves Kristoff. It's been a year since they met and she knows that he will do anything to make her happy, especially on her birthday. "Have you seen Elsa yet?"

Kristoff shakes his head. "No, I haven't. Is she still asleep? You know how much she likes her sleep."

"Yeah, I know," Anna rolls her eyes, being the typical sister she is. "I better go check on her."

"I'll do it!" Kristoff offers quickly, "You probably have much to do for tonight anyway. Let me check on her."

"Okay? Thank you, Kristoff," she kisses him again, "I'm glad to have someone like you."

"Funny. I was thinking the same thing."

Anna lets out a giggle. "Well, I got to go. See you at the party."

Kristoff waves as Anna walks away. He turns around to go see the queen; he wanted to have a word with Elsa alone.

Meanwhile in her chamber, Elsa is finally up. The curtains are wide open and she is still in her nightgown and robe. She is sitting in front of her mirror, doing her hair. As Queen of Arendelle, she needs to look her best for her sister's 21st birthday.


"Your highness?" Elsa hears Kristoff's voice through the doors. At least it's better than Anna's.

She notices that knob is still frozen from earlier. With a snap of her fingers, the ice melts off, "Come in."

Kristoff opens the door and walks in, giving his respects of course. "Your majesty."

"Oh, please. The bow is not necessary."

"Oh, right," Kristoff quickly stands up, "Um, Anna wanted me to make sure you were awake."

"Apparently, I am," Elsa sighs, "Well, if that's all, I would like to finish-"

"I'm not done!" Kristoff cuts her off. Elsa gives him a look "Sorry, but there's something I want to ask you."

"I'm sure it can wait until I'm dressed," Elsa turns back to her mirror to put on her make-up.

"I want to marry Anna." Elsa turns to Kristoff in shock as he takes a deep breath, "I know how important she is to you and I don't want to come between you two. But I love her and I will do anything for her. For the both of you! So, would you please give me your blessing to wed her?"

Elsa did love her sister and like Kristoff, she is willing to love and protect her at any cost. Anna is all she has and she wants her to be happy. She sets down her make-up and puts her hands together.

"You're right, Anna is important to me and I too will do anything for her. It's just that," Elsa pauses to collect herself.

Kristoff walks over to Elsa and kneels down to her. "What?"

A tear falls down her cheek. "She's growing up," her voice breaks. She wipes away her tear. "It's just like yesterday we were kids, making snowmen in the Great Hall. But then we grew apart because of my. . ." She looks down at her hands. "Gift."

"You've always loved her though. Your guys' bond is now stronger than ever."

"With your help," Elsa smiles at Kristoff.

"Well," Kristoff blushes, "I just help her climb some mountains, that's all. I mean, I'm a mountain climber. It's kind of my job."

Elsa laughs. "That's true. I guess I wouldn't mind having a mountain climber as a brother-in-law." Kristoff lifts his head as Elsa stands up from her chair.

"So you're giving me your blessing?"

"If it makes you and Anna happy, then yes. Oh!"

Kristoff gives the queen a big hug, "I wish there was a better way to thank you."

"You can let go of me so I can breathe again." Kristoff releases her as she brushes herself off. "Now, my question for you is when are you going to propose to her?"



"Yes. It's her birthday present."

"That's some present but good luck."

"Thanks," Kristoff turns around and leaves the chamber. Elsa over at a portrait of her and her sister and smiles, but soon it turns into a frown. Who knew the years would go by so fast. Her finger then trail across a small box with a white bow on top and a tag that says: To Anna With Love.