Quick Note: Before we get started here, a few things for you to know. I came up with the title as a working title and could never think of anything better. I know it seems that no one in the Ambrose fangirl world can agree on what color his damn eyes are, other than they're not brown. I always swore they were green in a lot of older indy shots (especially when wearing that crimson mask), so that's what I'm going with. This is a story I started writing for my gal Emmajoneswatts (check out her cute story on here) for fun and I haven't written anything in ages, so please bear with me! Okay, lets go!

Part One: A Challenge

It was so quiet in the bar that night that I could hear the clock ticking over the quiet drone of the TV. It was pushing midnight and there were only a few people leftover from earlier. Mondays weren't really known for being the busiest drinking night of the week. You'd think that people would want to drink away the frustration of going back to work, but I think most just wanted to go home and sleep off their stress.

I stared absentmindedly towards the back of the bar, my chin resting in my hands. I was just trying to wait out the rest of the night out so I could go back to my apartment. Luckily for me, it wasn't a long walk, as I had rented one of the apartments in the complex above the bar a few months prior. It was convenient, but sometimes it was annoying to be so close to work.

My co-worker, David, came out from the back with some clean glasses, snapping me out of my bored haze.

"Hey lazy, can you help me put these away?"

"Yeah, yeah, jerk." I flashed him a smile. I had worked with him for about two years and he had become one of my best friends. I looked forward to whenever we had a shift together. As we put the glasses away, we began to talk.

"So the only ones left are that couple on a date and Larry down the bar. When the couple leaves, you wanna close up early? I mean, no one has come in since 11:30 and we'd normally close in less than an hour. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get to bed," he said.

"You read my mind, man. I've been catching up on The Walking Dead lately and I've been waiting all night to get back upstairs and see the next episode."

"Oh-ho, those are some big plans! Sounds exciting. Isn't that what you've been doing every night for the past 7 months?"

"Nope. Before that, it was Breaking Bad and before that was Dexter." I smiled at him jokingly because I knew where he was going with this. He said the same thing to me at least once a week.

"Lana, seriously, you don't get lonely?"

"Nah, not really. I have you and Larry!" I filled up another beer and brought it over to the older man sitting at the bar.

"You know what I mean. You haven't dated or anything since the divorce. You haven't even, you know, had your lady bits handled since then, right?"

I shot him a look of distain. "I was married for two years. I was with that same man since my senior year of college. One day, I get home late from working here only to find an empty house and his wedding ring on the table. I haven't seen him since then and the only communication I got at all was when divorce papers arrived at my house and there was a note from him attached. Do you really think that I want to get involved with something like that again? Do you seriously think I want to try to open my heart up to someone who is just going to disappear without a fucking trace? With no explanation? Fuck. No."

"Well, you don't really need to open your heart to open your legs, do you?"

I stared hard at him in silence before I responded. "Did you really just say that? You sound like a damn episode of Sex and the City or something."

"What can I say? I like the idea of horny women slutting it up."

The couple got up to leave. I waved and wished them a good night as they left.

"You go tell Larry we're closing up and I'll go grab the cleaning supplies."

I walked into the backroom and started to prepare for closing when I heard the front door open and what sounded like a clown car filled with loud, energetic people fill in to the bar. I put down the towels and went back out. David turned and looked at me. When he saw my surprised reaction, he just smiled and shrugged.

"Son of a bitch," I said under my breath. I was all excited to get out early and now the bar was full of several large men and what felt like a sea of men and women following them like lost puppies. I smacked my hand on the wall. "Shit, I forgot that stupid wrestling show was in town tonight. You've got to be kidding me!"

"Look Lana, I know you hate when they're in town, but they do always tip extremely well. I kind of look forward to it myself."

"Ugh, maybe so, but that doesn't make up for the fact that they're loud, annoying, and they act like they own this place. I can't stand people like that."

"Well, they're here now and we're open, so get behind here and start getting some beers and shots together. You know by now what they like."

I did know what to do in this situation. I'd been tending bar here for about three years and a few times a year, these wrestlers would blow into town for a local show and after, they would come and take over this place. That wouldn't be so bad, I suppose, but they always dragged in a bunch of fans that followed them over. I guess it made them feel good to have so many people acting excited to be around them. It may have only happened a few times a year, but it was always such a stressful time for me, that I had ingrained the standard operating procedure of it all into my brain so that I didn't have to think much when it did happen.

I looked out at the large men sitting at all the tables and most of them were faces I remembered, however there were three men at a table in the back, surrounded by women, whom I had never seen before.

I motioned to David. "Go ask those guys over there what they want while I start filling up some pints. I don't recognize them and I don't want one of them trying to mess with me because I got them the wrong beer or something."

"You are so judgmental! They seem like cool guys, I mean look at all those girls around them!"

"Uh-huh. So having a gaggle of women hanging off of you means you're cool? To me, it means you're a douchebag."

"Mmhmm. I'll go take their order, Your Honor."

"Bite me." I playfully pushed on his back as he walked away.

I stood filling up the pints and watching David interact with the guys. He was smiling and laughing while he wrote down their orders. He was definitely having a better time than I. I didn't quite realize that I had been staring at them until David turned around and pointed at me. I woke out of my haze with a start and David and the three guys waved at me. I rolled my eyes and made a disgruntled noise under my breath, then turned my attention back to the beer.

"You know, David has a point, El." I looked up to see Larry watching me. "You're a beautiful young woman and it pains an old man like me to see that be wasted."

I couldn't help but crack a small smile. "Well thank you Larry, I'm flattered. I always liked to think that I was strong and something like a break up wouldn't affect me, but the shock of going from thinking things were fine and that we were happy , to having nothing without a chance to fix the problem really did a number on my confidence and even my personality. David's right, I am much more judgmental than I used to be. I've become a bitter old woman at the age of twenty-eight. I think that has put off most guys, since no one has really looked at me since then. That hurts and I'm afraid of being rejected, so I just don't try."

"Well, I won't reject you, sweetheart," he said while he winked.

"Ah, I would Larry, but you know, I'm just not into divorced guys in their fifties who sit at bars all night."

"Well, other than the age difference, we have two things in common there."

I hung my head in defeat and sighed. "You do have a point."

"How about flirting with some of these guys here? They all seem like handsome strapping lads."

"Ugh, no. Not if my life depended on it. They'd probably act like I should be grateful because they're on TV or something."

"Whatever you say, Your Honor."

"No, not you, too!" I loaded up the beers onto some trays and carried them to the tables. David was still talking to the three men in the back. After I had emptied the trays, I joined up with him.

"Hey dude, did you ever take their damn order? Let's hurry it up here!"

I grabbed the pad of paper from his hand and turned to walk away. David grabbed me by the shoulder and spun me around so I was face to face with the guys at the table. All three were very good looking guys. There were about 10 girls hanging all over them, giggling and making me feel like I wanted to punch them in the face. The guy with sandy blonde hair even had a girl sitting in his lap. I rolled my eyes in disgust.

"These guys are hilarious, Lana. Be nice and say hi!" David seemed way too enthusiastic for this late at night.

"I'm working right now, David, unlike you," I said as I kicked him in the shin and walked back to the bar with their orders.

I fixed their drinks and David came to bring them over. "Hey, it's almost time for closing, but I was thinking maybe we could keep the bar open an extra hour?"

"Come on, man! You got me all excited earlier that I could go home early! And I thought you wanted to get to bed!"

"Eh, I got a second wind and I'm having a good time. Don't worry, I'll make sure they tip you really well since you are doing all the work."

"Yeah, I'd better get a good tip!" I yelled at him as he took the drinks back to the boys.

Throughout the next hour, I continued to refill beers and shots as my head was filled with the raucous laughter that echoed through the bar. Finally it neared 1:45 am and I announced last call. I was received with a chorus of boos.

"Ahh, shut up and go back to your hotels, and you groupies, go make better decisions!"

David came up to me and said he'd handle any last drinks for me while I went into the back to start loading glasses into the dishwasher. I knew it was going to be a long night now that the bar was dirty again. At a little past 2, David came into the back.

"Hey Lana, I cleared them all out, so we're good. Some of the guys asked me to go hang out with them and have a beer back at their hotel. How upset would you be if I went with them and left you here to clean up by yourself?"

"Eh, I've been up this late; I might as well stay up. Yeah, yeah, go have your fun, man. You're in early tomorrow right? So if I don't quite finish all of this you can clean up a bit before we open?"

"Yeah, it's a deal. I'd rather that than to walk in and find you passed out on the floor from exhaustion. Thanks a lot! Have a good night!"

"Yeah, you too, jerk. Now get out of here." I threw one of the cleaning towels at him as he slipped back through the door.

I grabbed the cleaning supplies and headed back out into the bar. I had been cleaning for about ten minutes when I heard the front door open. Dammit, David, you forgot to lock up before you left!

"I'm sorry, we're closed. Please come back tomorrow," I said as I finished cleaning up a table. "Stupid drunken idiots…" I muttered. I turned around to see who the asshole that was making my night worse was and I was greeted by the tall figure of the sandy blonde haired man from earlier. His hands were in the pockets of his jeans and he was slowly walking towards me, his eyes wandering around the bar like he was seeing it for the first time. I crossed my arms and greeted him.

"Uh…hi? We're closed now. Can I help you? Are you drunk and got lost from your friends already? Do I need to call you a cab?"

As I spoke, he lowered his head and his gaze met mine. For a few seconds we stood there, staring in silence. I noticed his green eyes and my heart raced a bit. They were the same color as my ex-husband. I could feel myself filling with rage. After the extended night I'd been having, the last thing I wanted was to be reminded of the man who crushed my spirit without lifting a finger. I suppose it wasn't this guy's fault, it was just the way genetics had worked, but at this point, I didn't really care. Finally after what had felt like an eternity, he spoke.

"Nah, not drunk and not lost. I realized I'd left my phone here. Would you mind if I looked for it?"

"Yeah sure, fine. Just leave as soon as you find it. I'm going to lock the door since my dumbass co-worker forgot to do it when he left." I took my set of keys out of my pocket and went to lock up. When I turned back around, he was poking around my cleaning supplies. "Dude, what are you doing? Find your stupid phone and leave."

"I am. I was looking for it over here."

"I've been cleaning over in that area and didn't find anything, so you're wasting both your and my time. Also you weren't even sitting over there!" I mumbled "idiot" under my breath and went back to cleaning.

After a moment passed, he announced that he had found it and I heard him walk away. Finally I could be left in peace to finish cleaning and get back home and into bed. However, instead of hearing the front door open and close, I heard the door of the small fridge behind the bar open and close. When I turned around, I saw that this weird man had two bottles of beer in his hands.

"Hey jackass, what the hell do you think you're doing? I thought you were going to leave!"

"I never said that. You did. And I won't tell if you won't." He winked at me and held out a bottle towards me. Now he was starting to really piss me off.

"I have shit to do, guy. I just want to finish cleaning and go home."

He took the top off the bottle and took a sip. "That's fine, more for me. You can call me Dean Ambrose instead of 'guy'. That's what I've been going by lately. So where's home?"

I picked up the cleaning cloth and moved over to the bar. I attempted to grab at the beer bottle he was drinking, but he lifted it above his head so I couldn't quite reach. I had always been a taller person and reaching things was never a problem, so having him mess with me and make me feel small continued to fuel my hatred. I smacked the bar with my hand, grabbed the cloth and started wiping.

"Sooo…where's home?" he repeated.

"It's none of your business, and why would you even be asking in the first place?"

"Small talk. To keep you company."

"I don't want anyone to keep me company, why can't you get that through your thick head?" I paused a moment and the only sounds in the bar was of him taking another swig from the bottle and the clock. "I live upstairs, and the longer you distract me, the longer it'll take me to get up there, so can you please just go back to your hotel?"

"You know, you're awfully angry. You should mellow out. You'd look prettier if you didn't scowl so much." I clenched my fist. My lack of confidence on my appearance was already a huge bruise on my ego and he just dug his thumbnail into it. He leapt up on top of the bar and sat down.

"Excuse me? I just fucking wiped that down."

"Don't worry, I'm clean. I took a shower before I left the stadium. I do know how to get dirty, though." He smirked as he stared out into the room.

I made a noise expressing my disgust. "What is your problem, dude?"

"I like fucking with people. Especially chicks. It's kind of a hobby."

"Well you had a lot of chicks on you earlier, why don't you leave me alone and go fuck with them?"

"Nah, too easy. I get bored. I like a little bit of a challenge."

I wasn't entirely sure what he meant by that. It certainly wasn't a challenge messing with me because I was already tired and a bit cranky when he came in and he barely had to say anything to get my blood boiling. I moved back to the tables and cleaned in silence for a while as he finished his beer and opened up the other one. I looked over at the clock and it was almost 3am. I groaned out loud.

"So I told you my name…what's yours?" I could feel his eyes staring a hole into the back of my head.

"That wasn't even your real name. I know how that wrestling stuff works."

"Just humor me."

"Lana. My name is Lana."

"Hmm…Laaaanaaaaa…" he said in a slow, almost moaning voice. I bit down on my lip without thinking. The sound of his voice as he said my name had set something off in me. "Sounds like a stripper name," he said suddenly. I looked over my shoulder and shot him a dirty look.

"My mom was really into old movies, so she named me after Lana Turner, the actress. So, you know, not a stripper, thank you very much."

"You said you 'know how that wrestling stuff works'. You're a fan?" He took another sip of beer.

"I used to be. I used to watch it with my parents when I was a kid. I even watched all through my early high school years, but once I started to date boys and stuff, I got wrapped up in girlie bullshit and watching wrestling fell to the wayside. I haven't seen it in years."

"Why don't you start again? You don't seem very girlie and feminine now."

I clenched my fist and tried hard to resist telling him to shut the fuck up. "Not interested. My job consists of being around obnoxious drunken idiots, why would I want to spend my free time watching drunken idiots on TV watch oiled up half naked men pretend to fight?" I paused for a moment. Honestly, it didn't sound so bad when I said it aloud.

"Well, there's a show tonight about two hours from here. You should go. You can watch me be fucking awesome."

I sighed deeply. "I can't stand you right now, what makes you think that I'd want to spend my day off driving and wasting money on something just so I can be miserable looking at you again?"

"Fuck, why are you so pissed off? You get in a fight with your boyfriend of something?"

"I don't have a boyfriend. I'm divorced. I have been for over half a year."

"Why haven't you dated since then?"

I smacked my hand on the table I was cleaning. "I don't want to date right now, so I haven't! What's with people asking me this all the time? Why do people care if I don't have a sex life? Jesus Christ!"

"Ah, well that explains it then."

I slowly turned around to face him. I gritted my teeth. "What explains what?" I asked coldly, knowing where he was going.

"You're so angry because you haven't been laid in a while," he answered as he finished the second beer.

My frustration had boiled over. Like a child, I grabbed a saturated sponge from the cleaning bucket, turned around, and hurled it at him. The wet sponge landed on his chest, soaking his t-shirt. I smiled that I had hit my target.

"Aww, poor muffin! You're all wet now, so I guess you're going to have to leave so you can get into some dry clothes. Okay, bye now!"

I sarcastically waved at him, assuming that he would finally leave. He looked at me and shrugged. He then grabbed the bottom hem of his shirt and pulled it up above his chest. My knees buckled slightly as his muscular torso came into my sight. He then pinched the back of his shirt and pulled it over his head. While he wasn't looking, I smacked myself on the cheek to bring me back to reality. This guy was annoying and had entered the bar after business hours, so he was trespassing on the property. It didn't matter than he looked like some gorgeous incubus come from hell to devour my soul. The smack clearly didn't work, so I dug my fingernails into my hand, grimacing as I did.

"Are you okay?" he asked as he raised an eyebrow at me.

I cleared my throat and quickly glanced at him before looking away. "Yeah, I'm fine."

There was a short awkward silence and I could sense that he was staring at me. It did not help my nerves.

"Aww, are you shy all of the sudden?" he asked. "You can look if you want, I won't bite. Even if you wanted me to."

I turned my head to face him again, my face glowing red. "Ass…" I said under my breath.

He nodded. "I have one. I've been told it's pretty cute."

I rolled my eyes yet again. "Well has anyone told you that you're a huge dick?"

"Yeah, I have one of those too. You wanna see it? You show me yours, I'll show you mine?"

"Look Dino Abrasive or whatever your name was, don't…" I quickly turned around to yell at him for the umpteenth time when I was stopped in my tracks. It was the first time since he took his shirt off that I got a good look at him. He was leaning on the bar, laughing and smiling at me with his head cocked to one side, looking at me with those damn gorgeous green eyes. As angry as I was, his smile was infectious and at that brief moment, I couldn't stop myself from admiring it. His jeans were being held just barely against his hips by his belt. Butterflies burst out of my stomach and I could feel my face burning. A sexy man in jeans with no shirt on was a personal visual preference that I had not been treated to in a while. "…fuck," I whispered. He pounced on my hesitation.

"You were saying something?" He leaned his ear forward, mocking me, still smiling all the while.

I was done. I gathered up the cleaning supplies and stormed off towards the supply closet. David would just have to finish for me in the morning and I'd beg for his forgiveness by bringing him a coffee or something. I wasn't getting any work done and I was too tired and too frustrated to continue with this insanity. When I shut the door and turned around, I came face to face with his tall frame. He took a step closer to me so that I was pressed against the door.

"You're, uh, awfully close," I stammered. I could feel my whole body burning. It had been a long time since I had felt this way and it was very uncomfortable.

"Do you not like it? I mean, you've been giving me signs all night."

"What? I've been yelling at you for an hour to leave me alone! I haven't been giving you signs of anything!" I shifted my eyes back and forth. I couldn't handle looking him straight in the eyes right now.

"You think you've been angry and yelling at me, but anger and lust are pretty similar feelings if you think about it and you've been flirting with me this whole time. There was definitely playfulness to that anger. Think about it, if you were really concerned about my being here, you could've called your co-worker or even the cops to take me away when I first showed up. But you didn't. I'd say that's a pretty big sign."

I tried sliding to the left so that I could get away from him, but as I did, he grabbed one of my wrists and pinned it to the wall above my head. He then leaned his face in close to mine.

"Dude, you're getting seriously rapey right now." My eyes stared at his mouth merely inches away from mine.

"Look, if you really want me to stop, you can point blank tell me to stop. I will put my hands above my head and walk away. I'll leave the building. You can go upstairs and sleep away this night. Is that what you really want?"

I hesitated to respond. I looked up into his eyes for a second and then quickly looked away. I was too embarrassed. It had been so long since I was this intimately close to a man, let alone a man as attractive as he was. I felt paralyzed by him, but I kind of liked it. My body tried to tell my brain that it no longer wanted me to resist this.

"You've been acting like you weren't interested all night, but I think you're lying to me."

He pressed up against me, pushing me harder into the wall. I could feel his hips against mine. Even though he was wearing jeans, I could feel how hard he was. He was ready to go at a moment's notice. I tried to hold back, but a faint whimper escaped my lips as I shut my eyes to try to ignore his gaze.

"What was that? Well now I know you've been lying to me." He lowered his head down so that his mouth was right by my ear. His breath was warm while he whispered. "I want to fuck you right now, and I'm 99% sure that you want me to. But before I can, I want you to tell me that you want it."

My eyes burst open. This was utter torture. He was making me beg and I could feel my anger rising again. I was torn between my pride and the warmth of his body against mine. Pride lost.

"I want you…" I mumbled quietly, my eyes looking down to the right.

He pulled away from me and leaned down slightly so that he could catch my averted glance. He cocked his head to the side. "Hmm? Did you say something?"

I looked him directly in the eyes and every emotion I had built up from that evening came pouring out of my mouth. "I want you to fuck me, you son of a bitch!"

A sly grin crept over his face. "My pleasure."

He pressed himself up against me again and tightened his grip on my wrist. He lowered his head closer to mine and began to softly kiss my neck. I immediately let out a soft moan. My body was hyper sensitive to the intimate touch of another person. I could hear him quietly laugh to himself as I continued to make noise. Something as simple as necking was getting this much of a reaction out of me.

He lightly thrust his hips into me. I used my other hand to grab onto his shoulder, feeling his muscular frame shifting as he tilted his head up slightly and bit my ear. I then slid my hand all the way down his arm to his hand. Clasping the back of his hand in mine, I guided it towards my breast.

He let out a sly laugh. "I like that you know what you want." He massaged my breast with his one hand for a moment before he groaned with frustration. "Let's get that damn bra off of you." He let go of my wrist and slid both of his hands up the back of my shirt. He easily unhooked my bra and pulled it out from under my shirt.

"You seem quite skilled at that," I said smiling.

He pressed his forehead against mine. "You'll find out that I'm skilled at a lot of things." He kissed me hard on the lips and slid one of his hands back up my shirt. His fingers groped my breast and I giggled whenever he grazed my nipple. "You think that's funny, huh?" He took my nipple between his fingers and pinched it hard. I let out a squeal. He kissed my neck again and then pulled back.

He grabbed one of the chairs and sat down, slouching slightly. "Take your pants off," he said, flashing a smile that made it very hard to say no. I first took off my socks and sneakers and threw them against the wall. Then I started messing with my button and zipper when he stopped me. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm taking my pants off! That's what you told me to do, asshole!"

"Yeah, but you're going to make it boring like that? Put some effort into it!"

I blushed and looked at the ground. I couldn't believe he was asking me to do something embarrassing like this. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. With my eyes still closed, I began to sway my hips back and forth as I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I ran my thumbs under the top hem, pulling it down just enough so that my panties showed. I then ran my hands up my body to my face. I was starting to feel confident and sexy. I bit one of my fingertips and opened my eyes. He was staring at me, smiling, with his thumb rubbing his bottom lip. I suddenly felt like a prey animal being watched by a hungry wolf.

I quickly turned around as my embarrassment flooded back. I sighed and closed my eyes again, as that seemed to help me feel less silly for some reason. I hooked my thumbs back into my jeans and slowly pulled them down, bending over as they went down my leg. I stepped out of them and then slowly stood back up, arching my back and sticking my ass out like some chick in a rap video. Once I was completely upright, I glanced over my shoulder and winked at him.

"Very nice," he said approvingly. "Now get over here." He beckoned me with his hand. I crawled up onto his lap so that I was facing him and my shins were on his thighs. I placed my hands on his shoulders to balance myself. He grazed his fingers along my bare legs, making me shudder.

"You know, I'm glad that your body is more attractive than your personality," he said. I dug my fingernails into his shoulders in retaliation and he hissed back at me.

"You should know better not to insult a chick when she's half naked on your lap."

I leaned in and kissed his cheek, moving down his face to his neck. He tilted his head to the side, exposing his neck so I had better access to it. He made a delighted noise.

"I really do like your ass though." His hands moved up my legs. One hand cupped my ass and the other crept up under my panties. I was startled by his hand so close to my lady bits. Lady bits that I had boarded up and closed for business for months, but he was easily opening them back up. Maybe I hadn't put up as strong a defense as I thought.

I bit him on the neck in response to his wandering hand. He moaned ever so softly and his fingers moved closer to my pussy. I squeezed his strong shoulders as his fingers slipped easily between my lips. He chuckled to himself. I pulled back and looked at him, my face wondering what was so funny.

He clicked his tongue and looked at me with an impish grin. "Naughty, naughty girl. You're soaking wet. You were excited to see me the moment I walked back in here, weren't you?" He took his hand out of my panties and brought it to his mouth. He put his fingers in his mouth and sucked off my fluids.

My eyes widened. "You're a goddamn tease. I want you so bad right now, so just fuck me already," I moaned. I hated begging, but I couldn't help myself.

"Not quite yet," he said in a slightly mocking tone. He put his other hand under my ass again and scooped me up into his arms. He stood up, walked over to the bar, and sat me down on it. "Lift up your hips." I did as he asked and he grabbed my panties and slid them off of me. The bar top felt cold on my skin when I sat back down. He propped my feet up on two stools so that my legs were spread and I was vulnerable to whatever he wanted to do to me.

He started his fingers at my feet and teasingly traced up my calves, past my knees, and up onto my thighs. He then grabbed the edge of the bar on either side of my leg. He lowered his mouth to my leg and brushed his soft lips against my inner thigh. I breathed in slowly and deeply to try to contain myself. I was very glad that I had bothered to shave that morning.

He began to kiss up my inner thigh until he was about to reach my lips when he stopped short and began to do the same to the other thigh. When he arrived at the top of my leg again, he gently kissed my pussy and then quickly flicked out his tongue. I let out a moan as I felt the warmth of his mouth. My former husband had only gone down on me on a few occasions, so this was a pleasant surprise.

His tongue slowly traced the outside of my pussy, occasionally touching my clit, causing me to let out a noise when it did. He began to make circles around my clit and my body tensed up at the strong sensation. I grabbed the back edge of the bar with my left hand and squeezed it tightly, digging my nails into the wood. My other hand found the top of his head. His hair felt soft and shaggy as I ran my fingers through it. He continued working his magic while my moans gradually became louder. He sped up slightly as my volume rose. Suddenly my body seized and I gasped as I came, a warm tingling sensation flooding through my body to my toes and fingers.

He pulled away and smiled up at me while he wiped his mouth on his forearm. My body twitched a few more times as I came down from my physical high. I began to calm my breathing. He stood up straight and brought his lips to my ear.

"You sound a lot nicer when you're cumming." I pushed his head to the side with my own as I couldn't quite speak yet.

I began to fumble with his belt, trying to unhook it so that I could reach what I was craving most. He grabbed my wrists and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Just stay like that for a second." He unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out. I sat staring down at it, dumbfounded. He grabbed his wallet from his pocket, pulled out a condom, and rolled it on. He scooped me back up, my legs wrapped around his waist, and he walked over and pressed me back up against the wall. He lowered my body down so that I was at the right height, lined himself up, and slowly slid into my wet pussy. A groan escaped his lips as he filled me and I couldn't help but smile at him.

He pulled out slightly and thrust back in, slowly gained his rhythm. I ran my fingers up and down his back, my fingernails lightly scratching and clawing as he picked up momentum. He felt so good, every inch of him pressing deep inside of me. Both us were moaning loud enough so that I could no longer hear the bar clock ticking. I thought to myself that work would be much more enjoyable if it ended this way every night. I felt the same warm feeling begin to build between my legs as I came again, burying my face in his neck and clawing hard into his strong back.

He pulled out and set me down on the ground. His hard cock was shining with my fluids, the sight of which made me blush. Despite the fact that he had just made me orgasm twice, looking at the physical result of that was slightly embarrassing. He pulled the condom off, walked over to the bar and picked up his t-shirt. I looked at him, confused.

"You said your apartment is upstairs?" I nodded. He raised an eyebrow as me, mischievously. "You wanna go to bed?"

I grabbed my pieces of discarded clothing and my purse from the back and showed him the way upstairs to the main elevator for the apartment complex. Once we were in the elevator, I hit the button for my floor and turned back to him. He hadn't zipped his jeans back up, he had only sort of stuffed himself back in, so I decided I'd take advantage of it.

I stood in front of him, grinned, and dropped to my knees. Pulling him back out, I noticed he had begun to get a bit soft during the wait. I ran my tongue along the bottom of his member before I sucked it into my mouth. I felt him begin to harden up again in my mouth as he moaned and stroked my hair. After a brief moment, the elevator reached my floor. I took my mouth off and looked up at him, grinning. He helped me back up to my feet and gathered my things.

"I can't wait to fuck you properly once we get inside your room," he whispered in my ear. I quickly grabbed my keys as we walked down the hall and unlocked the door. Once inside, I dropped my things on the floor, grabbed him by the belt, and pressed my open mouth against his, the tip of my tongue lightly touching his. After my moment in the elevator, most of my inhibitions had dissolved.

The room was dark, but the streetlights filled it with enough light so that I could still see him. I hurriedly took my pants back off and kicked my shoes behind me. He began to unbuckle his belt before I stopped him.

"Hey, I tried to do that twice tonight and you stopped me both times. That is MY prize to open." I stood in front of him, undoing his belt and pulled it from out of the loops. I tilted my head back slightly so I could look into his eyes as I unbuttoned his jeans and slid them and his boxers off his body with one movement. I stood back and took in the sight of him fully naked. I bit my finger and made a soft moan of approval. I don't know what I did to deserve this beautiful male specimen standing in my room.

I pulled my shirt up over my head and tossed it at him. I jumped onto my bed, sat up on my knees and beckoned towards him to join me. He smirked and stuck out his tongue. He bent down to take out another condom and put it on.

He crawled up onto the bed and moved in close to me. He gently pushed me down onto the bed and slid his body along mine. He used his hands to spread my legs and I couldn't help but giggle. The tip of his cock rubbed lightly along my lips before he pushed it inside. Our faces were up close to each other's ears so we could listen to one another's moans and he began to thrust in and out. I tried to angle my hips in such a way where I could thrust up along with him. I pulled at my bed sheets as he hit every right spot. He apparently wasn't just being cocky when he told me earlier that I'd see just how skillful he could be.

He sat upright while continuing to thrust at a slower pace and moved my legs up onto his shoulders. The change in position led to a stronger sensation for me and I arched my back in response. He raked his nails along my thighs, making my legs twitch. My moans grew louder, so I pulled my pillow from under my head and used it to muffle my voice. It was very late and I didn't feel like dealing with cranky neighbors in a few hours. He took the pillow off of my face and threw it off the bed. He dropped my legs off of his shoulders and pressed his body back on mine. The tempo of his thrusting began to increase. His hot breath was heavy on my neck, he whispered, "Fuck your neighbors; I want to hear how much you love this."

I grunted and whispered back, "You feel so good…" My voice trailed off. I had forgotten the name he had given me earlier that night.

"You can call me Jon," he said quietly. "I want to hear you moan my name."

"You make me feel so good, Jon…"

He slowly kissed down my neck towards my breasts. He slid his hands under my back and lifted me up into his arms. At that moment I almost felt like crying. Not because of him specifically, not because my body was feeling things it hadn't felt in a long time, but because I realized at that moment how much I had missed the intimacy of being close to another person.

He interrupted my moment of peace by abruptly pulling out and flipping me over onto my stomach. He lifted my up by the waist so that I was now on my hands and knees. He grabbed my hips and rammed his cock into my pussy. My eyes widened and I gasped loudly as how hard and quickly he was thrusting. It was almost as if he let out his animalistic side while I was feeling romantic. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled back on them. My moans were getting to the point where they were almost loud enough to sound like I was yelling.

He took one hand off of a shoulder and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back with just enough force so that he was controlling me, but not hurting me. This made me feel so dirty and slutty that it brought me over the edge. Every muscle in my body tensed and I came hard around his cock. His thrusts became harder and slightly faster for a few moments before he finally shot inside of me.

He let go of my hair and shoulders, pulled out, and slapped me on the side of my ass. I collapsed onto the bed and rolled to one side. I could feel sleep quickly starting to overtake me. I pulled a sheet up over me and curled into a ball on my side. He stood up and walked over to his clothes, putting his jeans back on and tossing his t-shirt over his shoulder. He came back over to my bed and sat down next to me, his back propped up against the headboard. He reached into his pocket and revealed a pack of cigarettes. He took one out, lit it up, and took a long drag.

"You smoke?" I asked.

He nodded. "I know I shouldn't, but I at least have to have one after I've fucked a girl real good." He looked down at me with his eyes slightly widened. "I mean, I can put it out if you want. From where I was, you seemed to be enjoying it, but I don't know."

I squirmed underneath the sheet. I could feel my face beginning to flush again. "No, you can keep it lit." I opened my mouth up wide and let out a huge yawn. "Just…make sure you put it out…before you leave…" I barely got out my final sentence before I was out.

I woke up several hours later to an empty bed. I knew that's what would happen since he had work to do and he probably shouldn't have been out that late anyway, but it still hurt a little bit. For so many years, I had always had someone next to me in the morning. After all these months, I had gotten used to waking up alone, but being with him that night had thrown me off.

I got up and gathered my dirty clothes that were still strewn across the floor. I tossed them in my hamper as I walked over to the drawer to put on some clean clothes. On top of the drawer was a hastily written note.

Come to the show tonight and give it another shot. You might be surprised. Plus, you can see what else I'm very skilled at.

A smirk slowly crept onto my face and I quietly laughed to myself. "Asshole."