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Part 14: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

We had been at the bar for about an hour. It was called Club Nice-Nice, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. I had already had two drinks by then and man, Jon wasn't lying about them being overpriced. Still, I was feeling good so far. I was staying fairly cool and collected. We had been scoping out the landscape, seeing if there were any guys I was interested in before I tried to make my move. I spotted a few guys who piqued my interest and after observing them for a while, they all looked straight and unattached, so I was already ahead of the game compared to the last time I tried this.

In the short time that we had been here, I had no one approach me, while Jon had three women and one man. Thankfully, he politely declined them, informing them that tonight he was here with his girlfriend. This gesture made me smile each time, which only made it more painful when each of the women looked around the club and asked where is she? So much for lesson number two. The confidence that I had built up while showing off at work was waning. However, I did manage to get a little esteem boost after Jon declined the man, because he realized that I was said girlfriend immediately and even complimented me.

Despite the rude bitches, I still felt much better than last time. Having him here with me definitely helped my nerves.

"Okay, I'm relaxed, confident, and ready to go after victim number one," I declared. "What should I say after I get his attention? Last time I approached a single guy on my own, I rambled about how you were good in bed."

He laughed at me and I swore I could see a little pink in his cheeks. "I thank you for that, but that sure as hell won't help you get into their pants." He stood behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders. He lowered his mouth to my ear to whisper the game plan. "Okay, so all you have to do is casually walk up to him and say this." He gave me a pick-up line to use and I turned back to look at him, incredulously.

"Really? That?"

"Is it any worse than 'Nice shoes, wanna fuck?'" I growled in agitation, took one last sip from my drink, and marched over to the man I was targeting.

He was on the shorter side, maybe 5'6" or so. He was at least a few inches shorter than me. He was well proportioned, though, so his small stature didn't bother me at all. He had golden brown hair that looked very soft. I wanted to touch and smell it, but that is a very creepy thing to tell a stranger. I came up behind him and presented my line.

"My hands are cold. Can I stick them down your pants to warm them?" I heard him almost choke on his drink before he turned around and stared at me. "I'm sorry, that's a horrible line I was told to use. I just really like your hair, so I wanted to talk to you."

He chuckled and smiled up at me. "That's perfectly fine. I'm glad you like my hair. I try to take good care of it."

"Would you like to sit down and get to know each other?"

"I'm sorry. You're very pretty and all, and that dress is bonkers, but I'm only interested in women under 5'4"," he explained.

"Seriously? You're going to cut out a huge percentage of women because they're your height or taller? Are you that insecure, dude? What is your freaking problem?" The guy clenched his fists and looked like he might explode at any moment when I was suddenly dragged away from the situation by Jon.

"Okay, that was going well, but if you get turned down, you have to stay calm. Even if it is for a bullshit reason. There's another lesson for you."

I sighed. "And he was so cute, too." I looked down at my empty glass and bit my finger. "Would you mind grabbing me another one of these? I'm clearly thinking too much."

"No problem, El. Oh, and stick with that finger biting thing. It's kinda sexy." He got up to go order me another drink.

I continued to chew on my fingertip, not because he told me to, but because I was lost in thought about how I should approach the next guy. I was so entrenched in my own world that I didn't notice an attractive older man appear next to me.

"May I buy you a drink, gorgeous?" He asked. I continued staring ahead, completely unaware of him. "Excuse me, miss?" I saw a hand wave in front of my face and I was jolted back to Earth.

"Wha?" I said, intelligently.

"I asked if I may buy you a drink."

"Oh. No, it's okay, my boyfriend is already grabbing me one." I returned to chewing on my finger as the man sighed and left.

"What was that all about?" Jon asked as he placed my fresh drink in front of me.

"Oh, that dude asked if he could buy me a drink, but I said you were getting me one." He reached forward and smacked me on the back of the head. "Ow! What the fuck was that for?"

"You should know that asking for a drink is a way to initiate conversation. You work at a fucking bar, Lana."

"Oh. Oh! Oh no! Where did he go? I'm going to go tell him that I'll have that drink now!"

He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back down as I rose from my seat. "Bitch, you can't go asking him for it now! What the hell is wrong with you?" he asked rhetorically while he laughed.

"Ah, I'm just in my head now because of that guy who basically said I'm too tall."

"Well get the fuck out of your head fast because it's making you stupid." I rolled my eyes and smirked at his comment. "Alright, I'm going to go outside for a smoke. Do you want to come with me or stay here?" he asked.

"I'll stay here and try to get my head back in the game."

He kissed me on the cheek and slapped me on the shoulder as he left. It made me feel like an odd combination of lover and bro. Brover? Nah, that's really dumb. I started to giggle at my ridiculous word invention. I must have looked like a real weirdo sitting alone and laughing to myself. I focused on my drink, trying to move past my two strikes. The club didn't close for a couple hours, so I still had plenty of time. A few minutes passed and I started to feel relaxed again. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around expecting to see Jon, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was someone new that seemed interested in me. He must have been charmed by my creepy laughing at nothing.

"Hey cutie, would you like to dance?" he asked.

I looked over at the dance floor and felt a rush of nerves sweep over me. All those hot, sticky bodies writhing all over each other…I definitely didn't belong in there, right? I looked back at the guy. He had dark brown hair that was cut very short, but looked good on him. His shirt was very tight and he looked quite fit underneath. His skin was the color of smooth melted caramel and I kind of wanted to know if it tasted the same way. It might be fun to dance with this guy and see what happens. I took another sip of my drink and decided to go for it. "Yes please!"

The music was not really my kind of thing, but the repetitive thumping bass did easily lend itself to dancing. The guy placed his hands on my hips and I wrapped my arms around his neck as we started swaying our hips to the beat. I was sandwiched so close between other people that I could feel the heat radiating off of their bodies. There were so many people in every direction around me that I was often touched by a stray hand or hip. Any other time I would probably have felt violated, but right now it felt oddly erotic.

"So what's your name, cutie?" the guy yelled over the loud music.

"Lana," I projected. "You?"


He slipped his fingers through the cutouts on my thigh. His fingers felt soft and his nails slightly dug into my skin. I felt my breathing getting heavier from his touch and the intense heat around me. I felt a little guilty and turned my head to see if Jon had come back inside. I saw him sitting at the table we had shared, but now that he was alone, he was surrounded by those same three girls from earlier and this time he was chatting them up. Any guilt I had vanished. If he was able to hit on chicks when I was around then there was nothing wrong for me crudely dancing with Andre here. I saw Jon glance over at me and he smiled. I winked back and returned my focus to the piece of man in front of me.

"What were you looking at?" he asked.

"Ahh…nothing important," I said. I didn't want to risk him abandoning me if I told him I had a boyfriend. I was winning at this game right now and it felt good.

Andre took one of his hands off my hip and ran a finger down the sheer fabric covering my breasts. "Your titties look amazing in this, girl."

In any other situation, I would've rolled my eyes and left at his crass comment, but right now it made me feel sexy and I was loving it. He slightly cupped his hand around one of my breasts like he was testing the water. I pushed myself closer to him so that I was firmly in his palm. "Ooh, you're eager. I like that in a woman."

"You have strong hands. I like that in a man," I said, wickedly grinning at how easy this seemed to be coming to me. Maybe all I needed was to find the right guy. He gently kneading his fingers into my flesh and rubbed his thumb over my nipple as it started to harden in his hand. I tried to stifle a moan, but it came out anyway. If I hadn't felt slutty before, I sure did now, but I was feeling too good to care.

He grabbed me by the waist and turned me around, returning one hand to my chest and the other to my stomach. He continued to work his hand over the thin fabric of the dress. I was enjoying his touch so much that I barely noticed his other hand slowly sliding down my front until it hovered over my pussy. He stroked my upper thigh, the very tips of his fingers barely grazing my increasingly sensitive area. I was really starting to feel dangerously aroused.

"I want to make your pussy purr, baby," he moaned into my ear.

He started to grind his pelvis into my lower back and he was so damn hard that it almost hurt. I leaned my head back on his shoulder and looked up at him, obvious lust clouding my eyes. He looked back down at me and then I saw his eyes scrunch up. He moved his hand up from my thigh and grabbed the J charm around my neck.

"What's this, baby? What's the J stand for?"

"That's a gift from my boyfriend," I casually replied, thinking nothing of it.

"You have a boyfriend and he let a pretty thing like you out to a place like this? If you were my girl, I'd never let you out of my sight."

"He insisted I come here."

"Oh really? Is he here right now?"

I turned my head to the side to look back over at the table Jon had been sitting at. It was empty.

"Nope," I answered, honestly feeling a little disappointed that he had left with one of those girls. Or maybe all three. I shook the thought out of my head, as it was ruining the high I was feeling.

Andre tightened his grip on the charm. "Then he's not your boyfriend tonight, baby." He sharply yanked on the charm and it easily snapped off my neck. "I'm going to fuck you so good," he said as he let the necklace slip through his fingers to the floor.

"My apartment isn't far from here," I stated.

"I can't wait that long. Come with me." He squeezed my ass as he walked in front of me. He grabbed my hand and guided me toward the club restroom. It looked awfully sleazy from the outside, but I did know that skanky club sex was apparently a thing. I followed him willingly, deciding that it would be an interesting new experience for me.

The bathroom didn't look any better on the inside. It didn't look like it had been cleaned recently and there was crudely written graffiti covering the walls. There was a condom machine on the wall, so that was a positive addition, but it also meant that the club assumed that people would be having sex in here, which you'd think they would not want to encourage.

He pushed me into the largest stall and fished through his pocket for some change to buy a condom. I looked around the stall and noticed a fairly large hole in the wall that separated it from the next stall. "Well I'll be damned," I said under my breath. I guess gloryholes really do exist. Eww, do people actually use them? That's a level of sex with strangers that I could never get behind.

"You still hot and horny, baby?" Andre asked as he stood in the doorway of the stall. His fly was already open and his erect cock was sticking out of the opening.

I was about to open my mouth to answer him when we heard the restroom door swing open. "What do you want, dude?" Andre started to say before a large fist cracked against his jaw and he slumped to the ground. Jon stepped over his slack body and stared at me with eyes that had a mix of fire and ice behind them. I wasn't quite sure what to make of them.

"What the fuck, Jon? I was just about to fuck that guy! Wasn't that the entire point of all of this?" I gestured to my dress and face.

He didn't respond, he only continued to stare, so I pushed past him and back into the main floor. I briskly walked to the exit, just wanting to go home and get out of this stupid dress. I was so confused. I was having fun and about to enjoy the benefits of our strange relationship and he just barged in and stopped it from happening? Fuck him.

I grabbed my coat from the coat-check girl and headed outside. The shock of the cool night air helped clear my head a bit and sober me up. I started to walk back to my apartment, horny, frustrated, and pissed off.

I had gone about a block when I heard Jon's voice in the distance behind me. "Lana!"

I looked behind myself as I continued to walk. "Don't talk to me right now, I'm too pissed off," I called back.

"Stop walking away from me!" I heard him start to run after me, so I began to run myself, but this outfit didn't lend itself to athletics and he was much faster than I. He grabbed my shoulder when he caught up to me another block away.

"What's your fucking problem?" he yelled as I spun around and pushed his hand off of me.

"What's my fucking problem? What's your fucking problem? What did you think you were doing back there? Is there a cheat sheet available for your brain because I really don't understand what the fuck you're thinking right now. You want to be with me, but you also want to be with other chicks. You want me to fuck other guys, but then when I'm almost there with one, you break his fucking jaw? I don't get it! I don't get you right now! So I'll ask it again, what's your fucking problem?"

My heart was beating hard in my chest. It felt like it was going to hammer right out of me. My body was shaking with fury and I wasn't about to try to hide it. The rush of adrenaline flowing through my body made me feel really good. I glared into those beautiful eyes that only reflected back the hate that I gave them. We stood there for a moment, silent and motionless. The music from the club echoed in the cool air around us.

He was the first one to move. He reached his hand into his pocket and pulled something out. He stared at it for a moment and I saw something briefly change in his eyes. He then tightened his fist around it before throwing it at me and storming off toward my apartment.

I looked down at the ground and saw something shimmering in the streetlight. I bent down to pick it up and as soon as I felt it in my fingers, my heart sunk. I opened up my hand and there sitting in my palm was the broken necklace. I felt like shit. I hadn't really thought about it when Andre snapped it from my neck and by this point, I had honestly forgotten about it. Was this really why he lashed out?

I turned around and started to follow him, calling out to him just like he had to me moments ago.

"Jon! Wait up!" He didn't slow down his pace. His long stride made it even more difficult to catch up with him. I broke into a run again until I finally reached him. "Is this why you punched that guy?" He didn't say anything. He just continued to look straight ahead, refusing to acknowledge me. "Did this really mean that much to you? We can replace the necklace," I gasped out as I tried to catch my breath from sprinting to him.

Without any warning, he stopped, turned around and grabbed me by the shoulders. In one fluid movement, he spun me around and pushed me down a dark quiet alley, slamming my back against the wall. He kept his hands firmly on my shoulders and roughly kissed me. He finally broke away from my mouth and just stood there quietly with his head down. All I could hear was the sound of us breathing. I could feel the warm moisture of his breath through the sheer fabric covering my chest. If I hadn't been confused before, I certainly was now, but I didn't dare ask him what he was thinking.

"That guy was an asshole. He didn't deserve to have you."

"Just because he broke the necklace you gave me? You're normally so cool and laid back, I didn't think you were taking it that seriously."

He lifted his head and locked his eyes with mine. I couldn't see them very well in the dim light, but they looked different. The usual lusty fire was there, but there was also some anger, and perhaps a bit of sadness. I couldn't be quite sure.

"Take off your panties," he ordered, his eyes unblinking. I wanted to question his request as we were outside in a venue that was not particularly erotic, but I didn't dare open my mouth. He placed his hands on the wall so I could move. I lifted my dress up a few inches and tugged my lacy special occasion panties down to my ankles so I could step out of them. I quickly glanced up at him and saw that he had never moved his intense gaze from me. My skin prickled, knowing that he was watching my every move. I stood back up with my panties hanging between my fingers and he snatched them away. He brought them up to his nose and breathed them in.

"You were really turned on by him, weren't you? You really wanted to fuck him, didn't you?" He pressed his body flush against mine. He felt tense all over. He pushed my panties under my nose. "Smell them. Smell how ready you were to fuck another man."

I breathed in slowly on his command and he growled low in his throat. I know he said that he got off on the idea of me with another man, but I hadn't actually had sex with the guy. After tonight's strange incident, I questioned if it was that he liked the fantasy of it, or perhaps the act of me chasing another man, but not the idea of me actually going through with it.

"That's right. I was ready to let him fuck me and I thought that's what you wanted me to do, but clearly I was wrong."

He grabbed my face with his large hand and held it tightly. "I do want that. I want that so fucking bad. Seeing you out there grinding on that guy. Shit, Lana, I was so fucking hard. I want you to enjoy experiencing other people. Just not tonight with that dickhole. He lost his privilege to borrow you when he tore up the library card." I glanced down at my fist, still squeezing around the broken chain.

"That's a great topical reference," I said, a small smile stretching on my lips.

"Hey, don't you get smart with me, bitch." He squeezed my jaw with his fingers and smiled evilly back. "I'm going to grab a quick drink at your bar. I want you to go upstairs and wait for me, and you better be naked by the time I get up there or you're in fucking trouble."

I had only been waiting for a few minutes once I got back to the apartment. I decided that I was still a bit pissed at him for how he acted, so I was going to use that anger to provoke him and hopefully get some good sex out of it. To start off, I was still fully dressed. I had even kept my coat on. I sat on the edge of the windowsill and waited for him to come back upstairs.

Within a few moments, the door burst open and there he stood. As soon as he realized that I was clothed, he laughed softly. "You must really want it bad, huh?"

"Well when you cunt blocked me like that, I knew I was going to have to get it from somewhere else. I suppose you're the next best thing."

"Oh really? Next best thing, huh?" His eyes narrowed and he slowly rubbed his hands together as he stepped toward me. There was an eerie calmness about him. "You know, there's still the business about how you let that guy break the necklace I gave you."

I cocked my head to the side, feigning ignorance. "Hmm? What about it?"

"I had hoped that the necklace would be like a nice symbol, or something. Of like, our relationship and trust and stuff."

"You are so articulate when you talk about your feelings. You're so cute. Like a baby deer standing for the first time."

By now he was standing right in front of me. He bent his head to either side, cracking the tension in his neck. I had to admit that it looked kind of intimidating. It took all of my resolve to keep a poker face on. I stood up straight and brushed past him, casually moving toward the small waste basket in the room. I pulled the J necklace out of my coat pocket and held it up behind my head. "Well, it happened and there's nothing we can do about it. It's just trash now." I moved it over the can and dropped it in. "I suppose it always was." I waited a beat to see if he was at all phased by this.

I turned around and barely had a second to breath before Jon practically tackled me against the wall. The thud of us crashing against the wall reverberated throughout the room and probably the neighbors' rooms, too. He used his body to prevent me from trying to get around him, not that I wanted to anyway. "Are you really going to say shit like that to me?" he asked while he hastily tried to pull my coat off. I moved my arms around, trying to help him out. I kicked off my flats, sending them across the room. Once my coat dropped to the floor, he grabbed my throat, holding me against the wall with just the right amount of pressure. His mouth was open slightly and I could see his tongue peeking from between his teeth. I wanted to feel it in my mouth and taste whatever he had drank downstairs.

"Kiss me, mother fucker," I spat out with what air I had left. He roughly pressed his lips against mine, unceremoniously shoving his tongue into my mouth. Whiskey. I really should have guessed. The smoky taste still lingered in his mouth and I relished it, wanting more.

He pulled away from me and spun me around, pinning me against the wall again. I felt his fingers pull down the zipper to the dress. He slid both straps off my shoulders and yanked hard on the rest of the dress till it was peeled completely off of me. I hadn't worn a bra with the dress since it was so tight that it didn't need one and I had never put my panties back on after the incident in the alley. I was completely naked and he hadn't even removed his shoes.

"Get your slutty ass onto that bed," he said as he stepped back, swatting at my backside as I casually made my way to my bed.

"Hey asshole, I've only ever really been with you or my vibrator for almost a year. You're the fucking slut. I am a pure, chaste flower."

"Pure and chaste, my ass," he said while he followed me, unbuttoning his shirt.

I slapped his hands, scolding him. "Stop it. Bad!"

"Did you just talk to me like a little boy?"

"Well you were acting like one earlier, so…yeah."

He pushed me hard in the chest and I toppled over onto my back. He roughly spread my legs and propped them up. He left a trail of bite marks up my inner thigh until his mouth reached my pussy. He lightly traced his tongue along my slit, teasing me, and I know he was taking delight in making me squirm. On any other night, I would have loved to be tortured and teased, but I was so worked up from the club that I needed it fast and furious.

I reached my hand down and smacked him on the head.

"Bitch, you are really pissing me off right now."

"Good. Maybe you can use that anger to actually get me off."

"Actually? Bitch, I've made you cum more times than you can remember!"

"I bet Andre could've made me cum a lot faster than you ever could." He stopped and rested his head on my thigh, giving me a vicious look. "I bet he could've made me cum harder than you, too."

"You really think that's going to work on me?"

"Yep, because you can't seem to back down from a challenge."

"But you never actually had sex with him, so there's nothing to challenge. Idiot."

"True, but if I know you, you will just take it as a challenge to yourself. So go on, little boy. Wow me."

The fire in his eyes sent a rush of butterflies through my stomach. I noticed him glance over at the close and mutter the time under his breath. He took one last glance at me and dove back in.

His tongue flicked and twisted between my lips and over my clit, bringing me quickly to a very enjoyable plateau. I would've been quite happy to have stayed there forever in that warm bliss. But without warning, he plunged two long fingers into my wet hole. I expected him to start to rapidly thrust in and out in an attempt to get me off faster, but he didn't. He simply curled his fingertips upward and slowly rubbed them in circles. Every once in a while, he would press his fingers harder up into my wall. It felt good. Really good. I suddenly felt my orgasm building rapidly, my body gently quivering around his fingers. Without much of a warning for him, my head snapped back and my body arched upward, trying to somehow shove my pussy further into his mouth, as my nerves lit on fire throughout my body.

He slowly withdrew his fingers and looked back at the clock. "Three minutes. You really think Andre the giant douche could've made your pussy twitch like that?"

I was silent for a moment, trying to regain my breath and my sanity. He worked on removing his cock from his pants, pulling them down to the middle of his thighs so that his belt sat right under the curve of his ass. I lied there, panting, with an arm draped over my head. I heard him slip on a condom and felt him lift my legs, but I wasn't quite pulled back into focus until he quickly slid his full length into me.

"I do hope you realize that you're going to pay for everything you've said tonight."

"Do your worst, asshole," I said with an evil grin.

He started thrusting like a man possessed. His fingers dug deep into the soft flesh of my hips to hold me steady as he fucked my pussy raw. Within a few minutes, I was enjoying that same plateau as before. He smiled arrogantly down at my contorted expression and ran his tongue over his teeth.

"So what do you have to say to this, slut? Hmm?" He cupped a hand around his ear and leaned in.

I took a page from his book and gave him a soft cocky laugh. "I guess it's pretty good for some white trash from Ohio."

He immediately smacked me in the face and flipped me over onto my stomach. I couldn't help but smile as he thrust his cock back inside of me. He raked his nails down my back over and over again, eliciting loud moans of pleasure and pain from me. My back felt warm and sensitive to the touch. I could feel the blood rising to the surface of my skin. He then wrapped a hand around my face, sticking his fingers in my mouth and gripping firmly onto my jaw. He used his other hand to vigorously rub my clit. I knew for sure that it would be sore in the morning.

The tension between my legs started to peak as soon as he touched my clit and not to long after, I came for a second time. He unleashed his own orgasm shortly thereafter, collapsing on top of me after a few sporadic thrusts. It had been a weird night, but I was glad that I was feeling the comforting sensation of his body weight on me by the end of it. Would it feel as comforting with another man?

He eventually picked himself up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I rolled over onto my side and looked toward the waste basket I had tossed the broken necklace into. Now that I was much calmer than before, seeing the silver chain hanging over the edge kind of made me a little sad. If it really meant that much, I'd have to find a way to make it up to him.

He came back from the bathroom and laid down behind me, an arm lazily draped over my hip. He ran a finger along my back, feeling the now swollen scratches that he had made. He laughed with his mouth closed so it was barely audible. He seemed quite proud of his work.

We shared out goodnights and I soon fell asleep, my mind clear of confusion.

For now, at least.

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