Broken. The definition of broken is, past participle. That's what he felt like as he sat in the nearly pitch black Tartarus, it was damp and unbelievably hell. But that's where he was wasn't he? He was slowly losing the tiny shred of dignity he fought so hard to cling onto, he wasn't going insane, oh no. But having a century to really think clearly while an enemy constantly tortures you really opens ones eyes. Before he knew it he was holding grudges like a son of Hades, hating everyone who had caused him to be down here, he wasn't innocent, he wasn't crazy, he wasn't demented. He was angry. Insufferable darkness and unimaginable pain had given him...clarity...had given him purpose. As hard as it was to comprehend, each day he was thrown back in his muggy cell he would train, taking out all of his rage on the thick walls. Beating them until his knuckles were bloody and sore, doing push ups and sit ups as he devised a plan to escape. Hope had left him years ago, no, what fueled him was determination. To Hades with hope, it had only gotten him sentenced here.

The black haired man coughed violently and blood spewed from his lips. His wrist burned from the harsh rope that rubbed roughly against them, his green eyes were dull and nearly lifeless as he looked up at his torturer. Pain wracked his body and he felt like vomiting, his shoulders were slumped and his head bent in resignation.

"Come on Jackson! I'm just warming up! What has it been a century already? I mean, your nothing but a murderer, like me! Why grandson the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Or maybe you would like to plead innocent?" The Titan sneered in feign interest, Percy remained silent.

Kronos rolled his eyes,"Oh, being quiet? Think your tough Jackson?" He snorted before whipping out a knife, without hesitation he rammed it into the man's shoulder, Percy cried out in agony once the blade broke skin. Blood flowed freely down his bare chest and over his jagged scars.

Kronos chuckled before slowly taking the blade out of his shoulder,"Are you innocent though? Killing someone doesn't seem like your kind of thing." Kronos murmured curiously, Percy ignored the excruciating pain he felt all over his body and looked up at Kronos.

His voice was but a whisper,"No I killed him alright." His tone then dropped an octave and he spoke in a fierce whisper,"But it's only because I had to, because what he did was wrong and unjust. And soon I'll kill you, I'll make you fade. I swear on the Styx that I will kill you slowly and painfully." Kronos felt a shiver run down his spine, Percy's eyes were unnerving, they were a stormy green color that resembled a fierce hurricane. His jaw was clenched and despite his broken down look his eyes held that spark of determination, that spark of hatred that made Medusa's glare look like a grumpy kitten's in comparison. His hair was the same length, it only went a little past his ears, he was still toned for his time in the underworld only marred him and had no affect on his youth.

Kronos felt slightly on edge before he put on his fearless fa├žade,"And how would you get released? You think anyone cares for you? Even your own girlfriend thinks you are guilty! You're no vigilante! You're nothing but a pathetic hero who is always looking out for others! Well guess what? I broke you! Yes, I broke the hero of Olympus! The slayer of Kronos and a bunch of other titans! Your sixteen and you think you're invincible? Cuz your not." He hissed before grabbing Percy by his throat and hauling him to his cell, the demigod gagged before he was met with the force of a solid brick wall. He grunted before sliding to the ground, he welcomed the cold wall and floor; his body was always hot because of the physical torture and labor he had to endure everyday. He had learned to push past the pain; he had learned to fight through it because he knew he didn't deserve this.

Percy was unbound and he remained still until his grandfather stalked away, leave it to Hades to put Kronos in charge if his punishments. What he did was apparently so wrong that Kronos got to laugh it up in Tartarus when HE was the one that killed thousands of mortals and demigods. Once the footsteps faded Percy slowly climbed to his feet, had he of just been thrown in the pit he wouldn't be able to see a thing, but this was his "home" now. His eyes had already adjusted to the darkness and he rolled on his back before doing a full sit up, one. Of course he wasn't fed here, two. No one cared about what happened to an alleged traitor, three. Of course he kept the working out to a minimum with the amount of injuries he's faced today, four. Running through fire while praying to not be burned severely, five. Being a target for bow and arrows, six. Trying to dodge cactuses unsuccessfully, seven. Being sliced and diced repeatedly by Kronos scythe, eight.

He suddenly felt it, the raw fury of what's been happening to him for the past century, he jumped to his feet and slammed his fist into the prison wall to hear a loud crunch, he did it again and again and again until he couldn't feel his knuckles anymore. He wasn't going insane, he was holding on. He was holding onto whatever sliver of humanity remained in the caged demigod. He had been here long enough to know that rage powered him; rage gave him control of water and nothing else.

He was getting out of here. He couldn't help but think of how accurate Kronos was, he was broken. He couldn't trust anybody nor would he be that loyal hero he once was when he finally escapes, because it's been a hundred years, and a hundred years in hell could break anybody. He paused once he heard the drip of water, a malicious smirk adorned his face and his hand shot out, the droplets of water flew to his hands and the sweat that covered his body surged forward and covered his finger tips, he glared murderously at he at he cell door before freezing he water in the shape of a large knife. He used the remaining water to heal his shoulder, he didn't bother with his face though it burned with pain at the beating he had gotten.

He roughly grabbed the lock and jammed the sharp blade into the keyhole before giving a quick flick of his wrist. It snapped and he smirked triumphantly before slowly pushing the door open, he knew that he would be pursued on his escape of Tartarus but he didn't care for he was taking action now. He crept out and peeked around the corner, he could hear the titan's heavy breathing and excitement coursed through him as he slowly crept up to Kronos who's back was facing him. Faster then anyone could of comprehended Percy's hand flew up and grabbed Kronos face.

He smothered the titan's mouth before driving the blade in his throat and yanking it out before repeatedly stabbing Kronos. The Titan flailed about trying to brake free but each stab wounded him severely, he hadn't even had time to rip himself from Percy's grasp before the demigod gave him quick yet deadly wounds to the face, chest, and neck. He could feel himself weakening and he let out a muffled scream in agony as the ice knife continued to cut his flesh. He hadn't of planned for Percy to be so strong, Percy's cell only had a large lock on it and the Titan of time had clearly underestimated the demigod.

Percy had let his rage control him and he couldn't help but smile and laugh as he tormented his torturer. He knew there was no honor in the way he was killing Kronos but he didn't care, because he had been trapped here for years, and even though he wasn't insane he had let his anger and insanity take over him. Hope, love, and fear had done nothing but make him weak. But insanity and rage had led him to this moment. No longer was he kind, loyal Percy Jackson. Now he was ruthless, and craved nothing but justice.

He released the Titan who fell face first onto the ground,"It appears my oath HAS been fulfilled." Percy spat venomously, Kronos let out a soft groan before blowing up into golden dust and vanishing. He let out a ragged breath before looking around, had he of known he would be thrown in here for serving justice he would of stayed on Calypso's island, his biggest what if. He clutched his knife tightly, this is what he's been training for, an escape from Tartarus. Not only would he have to escape here but the underworld as well, Hades would be after him and the thought made him scowl. He ran quickly through the depths of hell, his bare feet slapped the pavement and he felt nerved at the loud hisses from monsters and evil beings trapped with him. He quickened his pace, he could feel several sharp stones plunge into his feet but he ignored it, but every step was hurting him. Every step made another sharp stone dig into his foot and he hissed, he froze once a large Minotaur stepped in his way. Percy felt rage overcome him again and didn't give the beast a chance to move before he leaped on him and stabbed him in the head, the monster roared and fell to the ground. He leaped off of the monster not bothering to watch it reform since it was already in tartarus, his knife was starting to melt, he was losing energy.

He growled and tossed it to the ground once he felt it melting, he was near the entrance when he heard a angry shouts and roars behind him. He cursed and leaped up on the wall, he began climbing out of the abyss, each stone he grabbed caused him immense pain, tartarus was trying to keep him in. He felt as though he was burning alive, a feeling he knew all to well. He held in his screams of pain and felt his muscles scream in protest as he pulled himself upwards, he wouldn't fall down with the hordes of monsters who wanted him dead, he was to strong for that.

He felt his fingers brush over the edge of the top of the abyss and he felt himself shaking. With a final tug he lifted himself up and laid on the ground, he was breathing heavily and let out a small laugh of relief before sitting up. Sweat made his jet-black hair cling to his forehead, he felt hot and sticky but he couldn't get over the fact that he had finally escaped. Ironically Kronos had somehow trained him to escape the place, being constantly burned really toughens a guy. He had fought for this, and now...he didn't know what to do. Going to Camp Halfblood would be a waste of time; Annabeth had deserted him like the rest. The thought saddened him, he pushed the beautiful blonde out of his head and tiredly stood to his feet, she should be dead by now.

"Well Percy, I must say that was awesome." The demigod whirled around to see a grinning son of Hades.

Percy stiffened,"How are you still alive?" He snarled angrily before wincing at the pain all over his body, Percy was shirtless and wore ripped and tattered jeans. His scars were horrifying to look at but Nico kept his gaze calmly on his friend's eyes.

"It's only been a year Percy."

"No, it's been a century. You that means all of YOUR friends are still alive." Percy gave him an angry glare and Nico flinched at Percy's tone. Percy couldn't believe this, he'd think that his treacherous friends would be dead...which meant Annabeth was still alive. He felt even angrier and pushed away the sadness that cocooned him, he thought he had gotten lucky and all of his friends would just...leave. Again he was going to suffer Tartarus if anyone knew he had escaped.

"Yes their alive but Percy, I helped you escape. There was this spell I used-" Percy tuned him out, Nico thought he could just help him get free and he'd be fine? They'd be friends again?

Percy scowled,"I don't need you DiAngelo, you and your friends got me stuck down there in the first place. Leave me alone." He sneered before beginning to walk past Nico.

Nico grimaced before placing a hand on Percy's shoulder,"I'm so sorry Percy I-" He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence before Percy roughly smacked his hand off his shoulder. Percy whirled around and toward over the shorter boy, his green eyes glowing with anger and betrayal.

"Don't touch me, I. Hate. You." Percy whispered fiercely and Nico flinched again as if stabbed with a knife, Percy was scaring him and his words cut him to the core. He looked down sadly at his feet, Percy just snorted as he watched guilt eat away at his old friend.

"I was down there for a century, I know there's a catch to why you allegedly saved me. Whatever the gods want tell them I don't care anymore." Percy spat before turning on his heel to walk away, anger pulsed through him and he clenched his fist so tightly that his nails drew blood, but at the moment he didn't care. Nico watched his old friend walk away with tears blurring his vision, Percy had changed down there...what had he done? First he had gone to Hecate and pleaded for something to help Percy only to have the son of Poseidon assume that he was needed again? Unfortunately...Percy was right, but this time it didn't seem like he was as loyal as he once was.

-Line Break-

To say that the sudden brightness of the sun hurt Percy's eyes would be a huge understatement, he had lived in the dark for years and the sudden brightness from exiting the underworld was burning his eyes. He gasped in pain and rubbed them roughly before trying to get his eyes to adjust, he blinked rapidly and glanced down at his skin, to his surprise it still had pigment. He wasn't tan anymore but he wasn't pale either, once his eyes finally got used to the light he glanced around in confusion and saw a sign that read, Welcome to Nevada! Shouldn't he of been in California? It was the entrance and exit to the underworld. The ground beneath him burnt his feet but it had nearly no affect on him at all for he was used to worse pain, he sighed, there was no one he could trust now. He didn't want to risk the safety of his mom and Paul but he was at a loss of what to do. He decided to do the most rational thing and walked forward, it was warm but not as warm as Tartarus had been much to his relief. He felt his stomach rumble and he groaned, he had lived without food for years but now that he was in the land of the living food was essential, as was water, his throat was unbelievably dry and he coughed slightly before continuing his trek down the road.

Percy was surprised he wasn't dead yet, hunger and dehydration had taken it's toll on him and he was exhausted. Cars whizzed past him which he ignored since none of them looked like they were about to stop for him, but who would? A weird guy with more scars and burns then a cookie with chocolate chips just randomly walking on the road shirtless, he wasn't sticking out at all. Not to mention he was in tattered jeans that hung low on his hips and no shoes. Hades, Percy wouldn't even stop for someone like that. So he kept walking and walking and walking. Black dots danced in his vision and his legs began to wobble, his breathing got shallower and he grimaced at the pain he was feeling. Dizziness overcame him and he felt his wrist burn with unimaginable pain, the curse from Kronos, Percy had thought that would of gone away once he killed the titan..but again he was wrong. He just couldn't seem to get a break, not to mention he would have to avoid all the gods so he wouldn't be thrown in the pit again.

"I can't believe you!"

He groaned as his head began pounding in his skull.


He gasped in pain, he felt as though his head was splitting open, and he had experienced that before.


He slowly crumpled to his knees and gripped his hair as the voices continued to scream in his head, he couldn't handle it. He heard cries of terror and realized it was himself.

"I can't believe I ever loved you!"

Percy was on his hands and knees as tears streamed down his face. The bright sun and hot air was beating him down as were the voices screaming in his head. He wasn't insane; insanity had tried and failed to take over him. But he knew he was broken, because a strong person would actually have the will to live, because Percy had seen so much.

"I can't believe your terrible behavior Piper McLean! I'm sending you to the Wilderness school because of your numerous thefts! Do you no how bad of a reputation I'll get for this!" Tristan McLean yelled in exasperation as he clutched the wheel tightly in anger. He loved his daughter but he didn't understand the reason for her multiple thefts. Tristan and Piper had a somewhat strained relationship; ever since the actor had begun acting they became distant. He was a handsome man from the Cherokee descendent; he had a scruffy beard and sparkling brown eyes. If you paid enough attention you could see a glint of sadness in those beautiful eyes. Piper sighed as she listened to her father yell at her, he didn't seem to take a hint as to why she stole what she stole. She WANTED her father's attention, she wanted it to be like how it used to be, before her father became an actor, before he became to busy for her.

She went through the drill,"Yes. Sorry. Won't happen again." But she knew she was lying, because of her father only paid attention to her when she stole and she would continue to do so until he actually spent time with her. She ignored her father's ranting and gazed out the window of their large BMW, she saw a shirtless man lying in the side of the road; he appeared to be unconscious and Piper's eyes widened.

"Stop the car!" She screeched and the movie star came to an abrupt halt, Piper leaped out of the car. She didn't know what came over her, but she felt the urge to help him. She ran to him and recoiled in surprise when she saw his bare back, a crisscross of scars and burns adorned his skin and it looked gruesome. Sweat clung to his body and his raven colored hair covered his eyes. He looked to be around her age and despite his many scars he was pretty muscular. She slowly bent down and pushed the hair from his eyes, he was handsome but had a large scar on his cheek.

"Dad we have to help him." Piper yelled as her father ran to them.

He examined the boy with a grimace,"Yes we do, come on lets take him to the hospital."

Suddenly the boy's eyes snapped open,"Don't hurt me!"He screamed and coward away, Piper looked at him in horror, he was used to the abuse. Once the boy really looked at them he scowled and stood up straight, his posture was defensive and defiant and his hands were balled into fist. Piper's eyes widened and she scrambled to her feet.

Tristan regarded Percy with caution,"We won't hurt you, we're just going to take you to the hospital-"

Percy just shook his head sadly before relaxing,"Doctors can't do anything for me now." Because he was to broken to be repaired.

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