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"Ooh, okay okay how about this one." Said Beast Boy raising his index finger. "What do you call a fly with no wings?... A WALK!" He said raising his arms into the air. The T-car was silent . Except for the occasional giggles escaping Starfire's mouth. She was sitting in the middle of the back seat so she was the closest to him. Robin was riding shot-gun and practically sank with boredom in his seat. Cyborg kept his eyes on the road with no reaction. Raven sat quietly at the left back seat staring out the window with her hood up. Beast Boy's ears drooped and he sat back down to his corresponding seat at the left. The silence, that seemed to last for ever to him , was interrupted by a beeping sound coming from Robin's communicator.

"Trouble." Said Robin looking at his communicator. As if on cue, Kyd Wykkyd jumps on the head of the car putting his hands on the glass.

"What the-" Said Cyborg loosing control of the wheel making the car swoosh uncontrollably through the streets making a loud hissing sound until it hit the wall of a building.

"Titans Go!" Yelled Robin getting out of the car followed by the others.

"My Baby!" Yelled Cyborg inspecting the damage. "They're not getting away with this so easily!" He said turning his robotic hand into a ray gun and charging to their opponents.

"Hey there Titans." Said Jinx with a smirk.

"Long time no see." Said See-More.

"we've got you out numbered." Said Billy Numerous making ten more of himself.

"See you still got that hunk of junk you call a car." Said Gizmo turning his backpack on, making robotic spider legs shoot from the sides of it.

"That's it!" Yelled Cyborg charging towards Gizmo.

"Rrrraaaa.." Yelled Mammoth charging towards Cyborg with his hands clasped together above his head clashing with him. Cyborg tossed him over his head making him land on Beast Boy and kept charging towards Gizmo. Beast Boy morphed into an elephant tossing Mammoth from his back. Mammoth quickly recovered and sprung back at him. Beast Boy morphed again into a tiger and readied himself to attack. Cyborg striked Gizmo as hard as he could determined to make him take back what he had said about his baby. He shot blue lasers at him breaking the robotic legs of Gizmo's backpack. Gizmo pushed another button on his backpack causing the broken robotic legs to fix immediately but Cyborg kept shooting at him like there was no tomorrow. Kyd Wykkyd appeared behind Raven grabbing her and teleporting her near a building pushing her against it causing her to crash. She picked herself up and shot a car encased in black energy at him. He teleported behind her. Knowing this would happen, she took hold of a light post that was behind him in black energy and swung it at him. Starfire had problems of her own. See-More had used the same tactic he had used on another time they had battled the H.I.V.E. The x-ray vision. Starfire hid behind a bush and from there shot star bolts at him making it easier for him to avoid them. He was coming closer to her when an explosion coming from behind them distracted him. He turned and saw Robin standing in front of him.

"Leave her alone." He said in a threatening voice. Ever since He and Starfire had kissed in Tokyo, he was much more protecting towards her. Which is understandably since they had been dating for a while now and everyone around the tower had already gotten used to it. See-More smirked now heading towards Robin when he got shot in the back with a green star bolt. "Thanks Star." Said Robin. Starfire smiled and continued with her battle. Robin was about to help her out when he was attacked and sent flying a few feet. He looked at his attacker and saw the many Billy Numerous that were in fighting position ready to strike. He stood up and reached into his utility belt taking out many bird-o-rangs and through them at the duplicates leaving only one standing. He shot his last one before getting striked from the side. Looking up he saw pink rays crumbling the ground that surrounded him.

"You really think you can bet us." Asked Jinx. "HA! pathetic."

"Huuaa!" Robin striked her with his staff catching her by surprise. "Oh I know we can beat you." Jinx snarled and her eyes glowed pink. She was about to attack again when she felt pressure against her wrists. Turning, she saw the Titans around many cop cars who were occupied by the other members of her team. She was being handcuffed and dragged into the back seat of one of the cop cars.

"You haven't seen the last of us." Yelled Jinx before getting shoved into the car still trying to break free. "We will return!" She was stuffed into the crammed back seat of one of the cars and was driven of to jail.

"Oh yeah we took them to school!" Said Beast Boy acting though. "Too bad they didn't stick around long enough to really feel the awesome fury of Beast Boy, the Boy Beast." He said posing.

"Like your jokes aren't bad enough." murmured Raven loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Come on Raven my jokes are hilarious!" Said Beast Boy. "I've made other people laugh before."

"I'm pretty sure they were AT you not with you." She said growing slightly irritated. ' Why can't he just drop it? Why is he so persistent.' She thought to herself. Beast Boy started getting impatient and was clearly hurt by her words.

"Oh yeah! You know what Raven, I'm always the one trying to get you to laugh, I'm the only one who actually insists in including you in most activities and you still treat me this way!" He was practically shouting swaying his hands in frustration in the air. "All you ever want to do is drink your stupid tea and be all creepy all the time. Every time we get back to the tower you immediately go lock yourself alone in your dark depressing room with those nasty old books! Why can't you be like the rest of us and learn to have fun for once!" Raven was shocked by his words. She didn't understand why he had lashed out on her like that if what she had said wasn't that much offending in the first place. Neither did she understand why it stung so much. She had said worst things before and he hadn't reacted this way. She turned away from him and started to walk towards the car, trying to masquerade any sign of hurt in her eyes through the darkness of her hood, teleporting to her room about half way there. Beast Boy's frown softened. He turned to the rest of his team slowly.

"Man that was cold, even for Raven." Said Cyborg crossing his arms and frowning.

"But dude, all I said was true." Said Beast Boy.

"But you did not have to make her feel bad." Said Starfire. "It is not her fault she can not feel emotions remember." Beast Boy looked away letting Starfire's words sink in.

"You know what you have to do right?" Asked Robin also frowning.

"Yeah." Responded Beast Boy looking at his shoes sighing.

"We should get back to the tower." Said Robin.

"Yeah I got this new invention I got to show y'all." Said Cyborg excitedly. They headed for the car with Beast Boy following not so far behind.

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