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"What about the portal?" Asked Robin.

Cyborg opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted as a very confused Raven spoke first.

"Shouldn't Terra be here for this?" She asked.

They all looked at her, not expecting her to ever bring her up again.

"Uh, don't you remember?" Asked Robin. She shook her head. "Terra... she uh..." He looked at Beast Boy, who's knees were brought up to his chest and was looking of to the side. "She's... not around."

Raven shrugged.

"Alright so, you know how a while ago I said there was something wrong with the portal, but I couldn't see what it was because the alarm rang?"

They nodded.

"Well, after we got back, I dismantled it and analyzed the power system and overrided the program with the latest version."

"Uh... English please." Said Beast Boy.

Cyborg sighed. "I took it apart and made it better."

"Oh, okay. continue."

"Anyways... apparently the energy waves radiating from the portal's trajectory history is not of this earth."

Raven's eyes widened.

"So, if my hypothesis is correct, the reason the system was fried earlier is because-"

"ALIENS!" Yelled Beast Boy.

Cyborg lifted an eyebrow. "No Grass Stain, pay attention! I think the reason the system failed was because-"

"Interdimensional travel." Said Raven, staring nowhere in particular, clearly thinking it over.

"Uh, that's not what I was going to-"

"It all makes sense now. Why Terra isn't around. Why my room is like it used to be a year ago. Why Robin and Starfire are acting all... mushy around each other. And why Beast Boy and I... yeah. Interdimensional travel!"

"Raven, are you sure you aren't over-thinking this?'' Asked Robin after getting the blush brought up by her comment to go away.

"Think about Robin, I rearranged my room over a year ago, you two would only give each other longing puppy dog faces when one of you passed by, and now you're having little make out sessions where you THINK no one can see or hear you." She glared at them."Terra lived in the tower with us, and Beast Boy and I," She paused, weighing in her head whether she should say it or not. "We were... together."

Beast Boy blushed.

"And if I remember correctly, the day Cyborg showed us the portal, the three of you left and Beast Boy and were left I alone. We had just had a fight and he was trying to apologize. Then he tripped over one of the levers attached to the machine and the whole room was plunged into this blinding light. After that, things weren't the same."

"So..." Urged Cyborg.

"So... I must have switched dimensions!"

"So, you are not...our friend Raven?" Asked Starfire.

"Your Raven," She said, quoting the words with her fingers. "Is in another dimension. My dimension."

Beast Boy's eyes widened. "Wait... in your dimension... Raven and I are boyfriend and girlfriend?!"

Raven nodded.

"Saw that coming." Murmured Cyborg.

"Okay, okay, but we're still not sure if this is correct." Said Robin.

"Boyfriend Robin is correct. Perhaps you are under the amnesia and can not remember how things are." Said Starfire.

"No Starfire, I'm sure of it."

"Hold up," Interrupted Beast Boy. "We're boyfriend and girlfriend! How did that happen?!"

"It just did ok! I'm not going into details!"

Robin looked over at Cyborg. "Think it could be a possibility that she switched dimensions?"

Cyborg shrugged. "I don't know. But Raven never jokes about anything. Especially something as serious as this. She might be on to something."

Robin nodded. He looked back at Raven who was still getting interrogated by Beast Boy.

"So you mean to tell me that the Beast Boy from your dimension asked you out? And you said YES?!"

"For the last time, and I mean it now, yes. We are dating."


"Ask me one more question even remotely related to us being in a relationship, and I will throw you out the window." She warned.

"You do not seem so different from the Raven of this dimension." Said Starfire.

"That's because we're still the same person. We still are alike and think alike... but not everything's the same."

"What do you mean?" Asked Robin.

"Well... for example, I'm able to express my emotions a little more freely than... your Raven. Am I correct? Beast Boy?"

"Oh, um... yeah." He said a little uneasily.

"My reasons are my own but lets just say... I'm a little more at peace with myself."

"But if the switching of the dimensions theory is correct, then how will our friend Raven return to us?"

"I'm not sure. It would have to do something with the portal and just what exactly Beast Boy tripped over."

"Tripped? I didn't trip over anything. You sent me tumbling backwards! And just because I was trying to apologize to you!"

She sighed. "Beast Boy, what happens in one dimension may change in the other. Some stuff might not even happen... Like us... in my dimension, I was leaving the room when you tried to go after me, tripping on the lever on your way there."

Beast Boy huffed and crossed his arms.

It grew silent for a while.

Raven sighed and got up. "I should go meditate." She said.

They nodded and she headed off to her room.

"I believe friend Raven may be correct." Starfire said. "There is no other way to explain the differences of what she believes is true and what we believe is true."

"Yeah. And she couldn't have developed amnesia because according to her, in 'her dimension' Beast Boy and her are a couple. Amnesia makes people forget, not imagine. Unless..." They looked at Beast Boy. "You two weren't secretly... dating... were you?"

Beast Boy blushed. "What? N-no! Why would you even think that? She hates me!"

"Okay! I was just asking!" Said Robin with his hands in front of him. He looked at Cyborg. "Cyborg, think you can look into this?"

"Maybe." He said. "But it would take some time."

Robin nodded.

"May I assist you?" Asked Starfire.

"Sure Star." Said Robin.

"If you guys need me I'll uh... be in my room." Said Beast Boy. He got up and walked away, leaving the others behind with dumbstruck faces.

"Well... lets get started then." Said Cyborg.

~Dimension 2~

Raven landed on a clearing in the middle of a forest. She slowly sat up and looked around. She was surrounded by grass and white flowers. Seven shadows suddenly appeared around her. She gasped and jumped up.

"Hey Ravie!" Yelled Happy as she threw herself at her and captured her in a bone crushing hug, similar to Starfire's.

"happy, let me go." She said.

Happy let go but she was quickly tumbled down by Brave. Happy giggled and jumped on.

"Dog pile!" She said.

Raven's eyes glowed and she fazed through the floor and reappeared beside them.

"Happy get off!" Yelled Brave.

Happy giggled again and stepped off.

Brave dusted herself off and grinned at Raven. "Good to see ya again."

"H-hi R-Raven." Said Timid.

"Hello Timid." Raven said Dryly.

"So," Started happy. " Come to fill us up on all the BBRae gossip?"

"BBRae?" She asked.

"You and Beats Boy." Said knowledge.

"Why would I want to talk about that no good jerk?" She asked with her arms crossed.

"Because you two are in LOOOOVE!" Taunted Happy.

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