This is not a chapter. I have not worked on a chapter since posting the last one.

So, yeah guys. This story isn't working out too well. I've got Legend Parts 1 and 2 on my hands, and I'll be starting Dreams as soon as Legend Part 1 ends, so this story will not be continued.

It's the same exact thing as Musicalmania. I have no more enthusiasm to continue, and I also don't know how to. Most of you don't know of the musical Ghost, so this story is a bit useless...

No worries! I'm actually planning on placing a musical in Dreams... it won't be Ghost, but another no-name musical... lol... :P

I'll see you rayminers over on Legend and Dreams! Bye! And sorry to all of you who wanted this to happen!

:C Same exact thing with Musicalmania... hate doing this... but stuff has to be done... Stuff has to be done... :C