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It was certainly a shock to see and witness on film of the night of my grandparents' death. My father's pained expression grew dark as he continued to watch the horrifying video footage, watching Bucky Barnes kill his parents. I knew my dad hated Howard Stark with a burning passion, but it was when he saw Bucky strangle the life out of Maria, that his attitude had changed entirely. It was as if something suddenly snapped within my dad, as his expression grew almost murderous.

"Did you know about this?" Tony glared at Steve.

It took a long time for Steve to even come up with a response, before he muttered yes. I was shocked at Steve, feeling a little betrayed and hurt, wondering how he could have kept this from us in the first place.

"Tony, you have to understand, it wasn't Bucky, it was the monster HYDRA molded him into- -" Steve started.

I grabbed my father's hand, watching him blink away tears once he glanced back at me.

"Dad..." I muttered softly.

"...for once, stay out of this." He lowered his voice dangerously.

My eyes widened as he tore himself out of my grasp. Without a second thought, he began to head over towards Bucky with one objective in his mind: getting revenge for his parents' deaths.


"Ms. Stark, is your father aware of your departure?" FRIDAY asked.

"No, and for God's sake, don't say anything." I hushed at FRIDAY.

I went over to my private jet, grabbing my suitcase with most of my belongings, or the material items that I needed with me. I went over to the cockpit, setting the plane into auto-pilot while turning off the tracking device. I'd gotten wind that Bucky was now in trouble, being accused of murdering Wakanda's King. I needed to put a stop to it and clear his name before it was too late. I knew that this was what my previous visions of Bucky were about now. It was about helping Bucky before things got out of hand. I refused to say anything to anyone, not my father, and certainly not to Steve, knowing they'd only get in my way.

"Are you sure you want to turn off the tracking device? What if something should happen to you?" FRIDAY sounded concerned.

"I know the risks." I mumbled softly.

The plane took off, heading towards Bucky's destination. It was an incredibly far distance, but I was willing to do whatever was necessary to help James. He needed my help, though he'd be too stubborn to admit it. It was an hour or so before I was closing in on my destination, quickly programming the mask I'd borrowed from Fury to infiltrate SHIELD and using it to disguise myself. I glanced down at my cellphone, my heart pounding when I saw that Steve was actually calling me. I hesitantly answered, knowing it'd be quite some time before the two of us met again.

"Tyra, hey." Steve greeted.

"Hey, Steve. What's up?" I asked.

"I just...I knew you mentioned having been apart of Peggy's life when you were younger. I just...I'm sorry to tell you this, but she just passed away. I was at her funeral not that long ago."

I tensed up from the mention of my Aunt Peggy. She may not have been a blood relative of mine, but I loved her so much when I was a child. It was because she knew Howard that she kept in touch with my father and I, occasionally visiting to check in and babysitting me whenever my dad had asked her to.

"I'm so sorry." I barely whispered. "I can't even imagine how you must feel right now."

"She had a nice long life...somehow that makes me a little happy knowing that she lived doing what she loved to do."

"Yeah...you're right about that. I always admired her since I was a kid. There was always something about her that just made her stand out to me." I smiled faintly.

"Have you seen the news yet?"

I froze, wondering if Steve had caught on to word about Bucky, or if he was suspicious.

"Uh, what news?" I feigned innocence.

"Bucky is being accused of assassinating Wakanda's King. There a world-wide manhunt for him, dead or alive." Steve lowered his voice.

"Shit." I breathed out.

I stepped out of the jet, making sure everything was secure and locked up in the abandoned plane lot I found before hurrying over towards Bucky's apartment complex, knowing it'd take about five minutes to get there.

"I...I know I would be asking for a lot, but...I need your help to hide him. To find a disclosed location to keep him safe." Steve muttered.

Well...looks like Steve has the same idea I do.

And you're surprised by this?

"Steve, I know how much you care about Bucky. But don't do go after him. Everyone knows your association with him, they'll be expecting you. Honestly, it's gonna look bad if you're found with Bucky. They'll fucking arrest you for aiding a fugitive or something. It'll end badly. Just stay out of it." I warned him.

Technically it's not a lie.

"I know the risks, but he's my best friend. I can't let them kill him. I know he didn't do it. He saved both you and I before in Washington DC, there's still the old Buck in there, I know it." Steve said.

"I believe you, Steve, you know I do. I still don't think you should be the one to go after him."

"Wait...where are you?" Steve asked.

I quickly hung up my phone, turning it off before chucking it a far distance away from me as I ignored the looks I'd gotten from people on the street. By the time I had reached Bucky's apartment, I could hear his nervous pacing behind the door. I quickly barged in and announced myself before Bucky could attack me. As he recognized my voice, he lowered his gun while giving me a weary look.

"Stark...is that you?"

I nodded quickly, making my way over to him and grabbing his arm as my heart rate grew more rapid. I knew the consequences of my actions, I knew the risks, and it was all eating away at me as I tried to fight the anxiety creeping up inside me.

"Listen, we don't have any time to waste. We've gotta get the fuck out of here." I blurted out.

"What the hell's going on this time that you had to disguise yourself like this? I don't have time- -"

"The entire fucking world is after you right now for supposedly assassinating Wakanda's King. We need to leave. I know you're not responsible, but god damn it all I'm not letting you take the blame for it and get killed. Now get your ass moving." I nearly growled.

Bucky looked taken back from my sudden change in tone, before he nodded. It wasn't long until everything went downhill, before Steve came bursting through the door, as well as armed men that infiltrated the building.


Steve glared at me as he stormed in, trying to barricade the door to buy us some time as he conversed with Bucky.

It seems that Steve doesn't recognize you right now. This could be used towards our advantage.

Well duh, I'm wearing that mask. God, I love this thing. One of the best things SHIELD ever invented if you ask me.

Bucky quickly went defensive, distancing himself from Steve and grabbing a packed bag that he had hidden underneath the floorboards.

So he was always prepared to run, huh?

Bucky quickly grabbed my hand, giving me a look that basically said, "You're either with me or against me." I quickly nodded in understanding, following Bucky without any complaints or arguments for once. Steve looked outraged at this, trying to talk some sense into Bucky before we were attacked by soldiers from whatever government. Bucky rolled his eyes, beating the snot out of any soldier that got in his way as he tried making his escape. I quickly caught up with him, glad that I had kept in shape with my constant training as I could feel it paying off for once.

"You still have that pocket watch I gave you?" I quickly asked.

"Yeah, why?" Bucky raised an eyebrow.

"You remember I told you it was a communication device that only allowed you to contact me right?"

"What the hell's your point?" Bucky snapped. "We're being chased right now."

"Just use it in case we get separated. I have a private jet nearby, ready to go, so we can haul ass and go into hiding. I can send you the coordinates." I told him.

At this, Bucky looked impressed with me and my plan of escape.

"Got it." He merely replied.

We quickly jumped after Steve had caught up to us, landing on top of another roof before someone else had decided to tag along.

What the fuck? Is that some kind of...Panther?

The masked man dressed in black got down into a fighting stance, ready to pounce almost like a feline. The way this man's costume was set up was very interesting to say the least, I wondered if it held any special meaning at all that might help me in figuring out his identity at a later date. Either way, we had to get the hell out of here.

"What in the actual fuck?" I muttered to myself.

"Get out of here. I'll meet up with you." Bucky spoke lowly into my ear.

"You're not just saying that are you?" I breathed out.

Bucky didn't reply after that and turned away.

I...God damn it! I can't just let him do this!

Think this through Tyra. I don't think he'll be killed, he seems to be one of the more capable humans on your planet that survives just about anything. If you get out of here now, no one will know of your involvement. You can be more useful to him by not being imprisoned with him and Steven Rogers.

...I don't like this, but fine. I'm gonna trust you this one time.

"James!" I cried out.

Bucky froze, but didn't turn around.

"You better stay alive, you asshole! I fucking mean it! If you have the opportunity, call me!" I shouted at him.

Bucky only raised his arm, giving me a thumbs up as his back faced my direction. I found it uncharacteristic of him, but smiled as I finally turned away and ran off.

He'll be fine. He has to be.

I ran for miles, nearly crying in relief when I got to my jet and got the hell out of there. I made it back to the new Avengers headquarters before dark, after nearly two more hours. I tore off the mask, hiding it in the back of my pants after making my way inside. I hadn't even been inside for five minutes before I saw Natasha and my father storming over as soon as they spotted me.

"Jesus Christ! Where the hell have you been?!" Dad nearly yelled. "I've been calling you nonstop, where's your phone?! Every woman has her phone and don't deny it!"

I froze like a deer in headlights, before standing up straight and calmly answering his question.

"Sorry, I actually lost my phone. What's going on?" I feigned innocence.

Natasha looked more tense than usual, staring at me with a seriousness that was unnerving as she tried to find any lies within my words.

"Steve was found with the Winter Soldier. They were being attacked by a masked vigilante while trying to escape the government. They're both in custody right now."

I felt my heart pounding at the news that Bucky was still alive, but remained stoic as to not raise suspicion.

"Wait...Steve did what?" I blinked in fake surprise. "I heard about the Winter Soldier and stuff, but what the hell was Steve thinking?"

"That's what we're about to find out. You're coming with us." Dad said. "I know you said you weren't going to be involved, but Steve trusts you a lot more than any of us. You have to talk some sense into him or things are gonna get bad very fast. We're on thin ice with the government, with every government in the world, who the hell am I kidding? Please, Tyra."

"I don't know if Steve would listen to me..." I muttered. "He cares about Bucky so much."

"You've gotta be kidding me. You're on his side now?" Dad stared at me in disbelief. "What happened to the Winter Soldier? You're on a first name basis with the guy now? The last time you met, I recall that he nearly killed you."

"Fucking relax would you?" I snapped. "I know his friggin name, and I know how fond Steve is of him. Hell, I know of him because of your father and his damn reel tapes from the Second World War that we kept in our Malibu mansion. How about you calm down before I decide not to come, dad?"

Dad sighed in frustration before running a hand through his hair, looking at me guiltily.

"...I'm sorry, alright? I've been very stressed out because of Captain Underpants and his insistent and stubborn attitude on this whole situation. I need your help, Tye. Please. Just talk some sense into him." Dad apologized.

"Okay." I mumbled softly.

Natasha gave me a small smile, before we all left in a rush.

It wasn't long before my dad stormed off after trying to get through to Steve. Though tensions were high, I knew my dad had good intentions and cared for Steve's well-being. Steve was uncharacteristically quiet in all of this and continued to stare down at the Sokovia Accords that was laid down in front of him by my father, in hopes that Steve would sign it. Steve glared down at the stack of forms on the table, before softening his expression when he spotted me coming over to him. I hesitantly put my hand on Steve's arm as I sat down in a chair next to him.

"So, you're on your father's side now?" Steve muttered.

"I'm on team 'Save Bucky's Ass Because I Know He's Innocent'. If you didn't show up like I told you not to, that shit-storm would have gone more smoothly and you wouldn't be sitting here right now being interrogated like some criminal." I spoke lowly into his ear.

At this, Steve looked at me in surprise before he smirked.

"So that was you, huh? Should have guessed."

"Oh don't look so smug, you ass." I rolled my eyes. "Why do you never listen to me? I ask you to do one fucking thing- -"

"How was I supposed to know what you were planning?" Steve asked.

"Do you know a girl that has premonitions because of her weird-ass bloodline?" I asked sarcastically.

"That still doesn't mean I know what you're planning." Steve gave me a pointed look.

I let out a sigh and ran a hand through my hair, growing uneasy under Natasha's stare from a distance.

"Okay, okay." I breathed out. "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you. But I wasn't going to let anyone know about Bucky's whereabouts. My objective was to get him to a secure and hidden location until I could prove his innocence to the world. Because I know it's a set-up. Bucky tries to avoid that line of work and I trust him."

"You sound like you've both been in contact for a while." Steve looked at me suspiciously.

"I knew shit was gonna go down and that it involved Bucky months ago. I found him and went to go see if he was still bonkers, which he wasn't. He's unstable but he's not that unstable anymore. I think it had something to do with what happened at Washington. Bucky's just...he's trying to discover who he is again." I mumbled.

Steve relaxed and then put his hand on top of mine.

"You need to stop keeping things to yourself. I thought we talked about this." Steve teased.

"Well when people you love start to become divided and fight, it'll make any middle person a little quiet when trying to resolve things in a discreet way."

My eyes widened at the first part of what I'd said to Steve, hoping he wouldn't comment on it to save me the embarrassment.

"Love?" Steve tensed up.

"P- -people I care about. Duh." I blushed.

Steve squeezed my hand before he glanced back at me with an unreadable expression. I could feel myself trembling under his gaze, but not in fear. We continued to stare at each other for almost three minutes, before Steve leaned forward, his lips grazing my ear as he attempted to tell me something. My dad stormed over though, and gave Steve a heated glare as though we were conspiring against him. I immediately stood up from my chair, ignoring everyone as I walked out and tried to recollect myself.

I could feel my face burning as I continued to walk, that scene playing in my mind on repeat. As if I wasn't on edge already, I say some shit and make things more awkward between Steve and I. Suddenly, I stopped in my tracks as I overheard Ross hissing into his comm.

"Evac all civilians. Get me a perimeter around the building, and gunships in the air."

Wait...what's going on?

Here, allow me to help.


"What the hell is this?" Bucky muttered.

"Why don't we discuss your home? Not Romania. Certainly not Brooklyn, no. I mean, your real home." The man in front of him removes his glasses then walks towards Bucky reading from a red book. "Желание. (Longing.)"

Bucky shuts his eyes tightly as his head snaps back.

"No." He growled.

"Ржавый. (Rusted)"

"Stop." Bucky demanded him.

"Семнадцать. (Seventeen.)" The man continues.

Bucky's metal arm trembles within its restraint, almost out of fear.

"Stop." He glares at the man.

"Рассвет. (Daybreak.)"

Bucky finally screams as clenches his fist and rips free of his restraints.

"Печь. (Furnace.) Девять. (Nine.)"

Bucky thumps the inside of the pod, desperately trying to get out, trying to make it stop.

"Добросердечный. (Benign.)"

Bucky punches harder, feeling the glass crack beneath his fist.

"Возвращение на Родину. (Homecoming.) Один. (One.) Грузовой вагон. (Freight car.)"

Bucky batteres the front of the pod with his metal fist and the glass screen flies clear. Zemo slowly rounds the pod with the book and the torch in hand. he stands before Bucky who straightens immediately, a dark and empty expression on his face.

"Солдат? (Soldier?)"

"Я готов отвечать. (Ready to comply.)"

"Mission report. December 16, 1991." The man ordered Bucky.


My eyes widened drastically at the vision I just saw, knowing that the alarms sounding throughout the entire building are anything but good. Whoever this man was, he was definitely the one responsible for everything happening, including trying to frame Bucky.

I have to find out who he is and what his motives are.

"Oh my god." I barely whispered.

I started running towards the commotion nearby, seeing my father tap at his wrist until his armor formed around his hand. He quickly zaps Bucky and stuns him before Bucky attempted to shoot a guard. My father tries again to shoot at him, running towards him. Bucky moves quickly, however, and ducks under the blast and then fires the gun at my dad. Tony's armored hand grabs the barrel of the gun before Bucky fires, blocking the bullet. I nearly screamed after Bucky smacked my dad, making him fly backwards. Soon enough, I see Sharon Carter and Natasha both run at Bucky in hopes to detain him together, but both of them fail not even fifteen seconds later. Natasha was slammed onto a table, where Bucky grabbed at her throat and begins to strangle her.

"You could at least recognize me." Natasha rasped.

"BUCKY!" I screamed.

Bucky seems to be in a trance and doesn't even respond to his name. I quickly made a dash for it, jumping onto Bucky's back and using all of my strength to pull him off of Natasha. Immediately, there's a struggle between the two of us, as Bucky also attempts to kill me. I can feel Bucky wrap his hands around my throat and squeeze tightly. Instantly, I feel lightheaded as I claw at his arms but slowly begin to lose my strength. I could feel something fall out of my pocket and then just as suddenly as I was grabbed, I was also released. Bucky is holding the communication device that I gave him, the old pocket watch. He's staring down at it intently, and for a minute, I can see Bucky having some kind of clarity again as to who and where he was. I blink away tears and cough as I gasp for air, before slowly moving over and holding his face in my hands. Bucky allows this for some reason and we both lock gazes.

"You're okay. It's okay." I murmured softly.

I place our foreheads together, desperately hoping that no one would interrupt as I was finally getting through to Bucky.

"You're so strong, Bucky. You can fight it." I told him.

The moment T'Challa interfered, Bucky immediately goes back to being a fighting machine and I can feel someone grabbing at me. I almost panic and fight back, before I look over tiredly and see that my dad is looking extremely worried as he inspects me and holds my face in his hands like I had done with Bucky moments ago.

"You're okay, honey. Look at me." Dad spoke up.

"I'm fine." I assured him.

"I don't suppose you have any idea where they are?" Secretary Ross asked.

"We will. GSG-9's got the borders covered. Recon's flying 24/7. They'll get a hit. We'll handle it." My dad assured him.

"You don't get it, Stark. It's not yours to handle. It's clear you can't be objective. I'm putting Special Ops on this." He grumbled.

"What happens when the shooting starts? What, do you kill Steve Rogers?" Natasha tensed up.

"If we're provoked. Barnes would've been eliminated in Romania if it wasn't for Rogers. There are dead people who would be alive now. Feel free to check my math." Ross replied curtly.

"All due respect, you're not going to solve this with boys in bullets, Ross. You gotta let us bring them in." My dad said.

"How would that end any differently from the last time?" Ross raised an eyebrow.

"Because this time, I won't be wearing loafers and a silk shirt. 72 hours, guaranteed." My dad promised.

"36 hours. Barnes. Rogers. Wilson." Ross snapped.

"Thank you, sir."

I felt myself become tense as I notice the exhausted and troubled look on my father's face and immediately get worried.

If this doesn't get resolved soon, and in a way where everyone wins, the Earth is doomed. I can feel it.

Tony rubs his hand on his chest and slumps, exhaling deeply.

"My left arm is numb, is that normal?" My dad let out a weak chuckle.

Natasha gave my father a small pat on the shoulder.

"You alright?" Natasha asked in concern.

"Always." He muttered. "36 hours, jeez."

"We're seriously understaffed." Natasha sighed.

"Oh, yeah. It'd be great if we had a Hulk right about now. Any shot?" My dad joked.

"No. You really think he'd be on our side?" Natasha shook her head.

"No." Dad smiled faintly.

"I have an idea." Natasha said.

"Me too. Where's yours?" My dad asked.

"Downstairs. Where's yours?" Natasha gives my dad a curious look.

My dad smiles slightly at this, but leaves her question unanswered before he walks away. When we're finally alone, I can see the looks of suspicion Natasha's giving me as I avert my gaze. Natasha grabs my arm gently, getting me to look at her.

"I saw how you were talking with Steve earlier. If you know where he is- -" Natasha started.

"I really don't." I shook my head.

"What are you planning, Tyra? I see that look on your face." Natasha questioned.

"Listen. I honestly don't have a plan right now. I'm just...I'm trying to keep everything together. All I know is..." I paused, and removed my arm from Natasha's grip before walking to the exit. "Bucky's innocent. He's being set-up to look like the enemy."

At this, Natasha looks surprised and she calls my name before I leave.

"What do you mean? Tyra, tell me. Now." Natasha demanded.

"I don't have the answers yet!" I snapped. "If I had them, I'd be going to Secretary Ross and my father! Bucky's being set-up, that's all I know. The man that was here earlier...he...he had a red book with him, like it was some instruction manual. He's behind everything. I don't even know who the fuck he is though." I blinked away tears. "I need to go end this. Before more people end up getting hurt. I can't lose you guys."

I storm out of the room this time, hearing Natasha shouts in the distance.

I make it back to the Avengers Headquarters, ignoring everyone and everything as I lock myself in my room for hours. I was like a person possessed as my fingers rapidly hit the keyboard, looking at the holographic monitors in front of me in order to find clues. Finally, as I surveyed the footage of Bucky and the mysterious man, along other things that was related to HYDRA and Bucky, I finally got a break. There was a name to go with the face: Helmut Zemo. He was a victim of the Battle of Sokovia. His family was killed and here he remained in the ashes of his old home. I sat in my chair feeling stumped for several minutes, wondering what the hell this guy's motive was, but then it made more sense as I read more about him. He just wanted to get his revenge for what the Avengers did to his family. He was just trying to get us to turn against each other, and Bucky was just the match that was used to ignite and kindle the fire. It was impressive how he was using us like pawns so easily, and how he was using HYDRA's resources to getting what he wanted from Bucky by saying those key phrases to awaken the Winter Soldier. Either way, now that I finally put the pieces together, I could put an end to this and bring this man in to answer for what he's done. As soon as I make my way out of my bedroom and lock it up, I bumped into Wanda who gave me a small timid smile.

"How are you doing? Vision made us food, if you'd like to join us." Wanda put a hand on my shoulder. "You look like you could use a pick-me-up."

I was about to protest, until my stomach growled loudly. I blushed before Wanda moved to grab my hand and lead me to where Vision was preparing food. I hadn't even been in the kitchen for ten minutes before all of us grew tense from a noise we heard nearby. Vision immediately grew alert, and went to go investigate. We heard a noise and turned to see Clint Barton in the flesh. To say I was surprised would be an understatement, but I knew that if Clint was here, it was for an important reason. I had no doubt that he was here for Wanda, probably here under Steve's orders to retrieve her. I wasn't sure if it was the smartest thing to do, let Wanda go with Clint and possibly get detained by the government. It was the last thing I wanted considering she was my best friend.

"Guess I shoulda knocked." Clint joked.

"Oh my god! What are you doing here?" Wanda asked worriedly.

"Disappointing my kids." Clint replied. Clint moves slightly and shoots arrows to both sides of the room. "I'm supposed to go waterskiing. Cap needs our help. Come on, girls."

I can feel myself tremble as I follow Clint's orders and follow Clint and Wanda, but only to make sure they stay safe and out of harms way. We all freeze when Vision returns, with a grim look on his face.

"Clint! You should not be here." Vision spoke up.

Clint turns around and nearly scoffs at Vision's statement.

"Really? I retire for, what, like five minutes, and it all goes to shit." Clint sarcastically replied.

"Please consider the consequences of your actions." Vision pleaded.

Clint pauses to think, as if he's actually taking Vision's words into consideration, before he moves again.

"Okay, they're considered. Okay, we gotta go." He told us.

Vision is held in a force field, crackling and sprakling between the two arrows he'd fired merely moments ago

"It's this way." Clint said.

"I've caused enough problems." Wanda muttered.

Clint sighs and comes back from the door, putting his hands on Wanda's shoulders.

"You gotta help me, Wanda. Look, you wanna mope? You can go to high school. You wanna make amends? You get off your ass." Clint spoke.

Clint curses to himself as Vision breaks the force field with his mind stone and punches Clint to the floor. It doesn't take long as Clint recovers quickly.

"I knew I should've stretched." Clint jokes again.

He extends a baton and tries to hit Vision, but the blows go through Vision's body as if they're nothing. Clint finally resorts to punches, and then tries the baton again, but this time, it breaks. In a desperate attempt, Clint tries to kick Vision, but his leg ends up goes right through him before Vision gets Clint in a headlock.

"Clint, you can't overpower me." Vision told him.

"I know I can't. But she can." Clint looks at Wanda expectantly.

The look that Clint gives Wanda is finally enough to break her resolve, and she steps forward. However, everyone is surprised when I put my arm up to prevent Wanda from going any further. I knew Wanda needed to leave, to do whatever she felt was right.

"Vision, that's enough. Let him go. We're leaving." I finally spoke.

Vision looks at me in surprise, clearly not expecting this from me of all people.

"I will admit that I am currently surprised at this, but I cannot let you leave. Any of you." Vision replies.

"Vision, please. I don't want to hurt you." I mumbled softly.

Wanda finally acts as holds her hands apart while they begin to glow with energy. Almost instantly, Clint slips from Vision's grasp.

"I'm sorry." Wanda said sincerely.

"If you do this... they will never stop being afraid of you." Vision breathes out.

The words nearly break my heart and I can feel myself blink away tears.

"I can't control their fear, only my own." Wanda concludes.

Wanda moves closer to give off the finishing blow as Vision glows from within and then crashes through the floor, as well as several floors beneath. We all stare down into the holes in the floor, before Clint breaks the silence and moves to the door quickly.

"Oh... Come on. We got one more stop."

I'm frozen on the spot, and can't bring myself to look away from the hole. Wanda gently puts her hand on my arm and breaks me out of my trance.

"I will understand if you wish to stay here." Wanda told me.

"I'm so conflicted right now. I don't know what to do." I sighed.

Clint nearly rolls his eyes as he comes back over to us and grabs my hand.

"Come on, kid. Are you with us or not? Cap wanted to see you, it'd be a shame if you just stood on the sidelines because you're afraid to hurt daddy's feelings." Clint said.

"You don't understand, Clint. I'm going against everything I've ever known, my family is now divided, and as per fucking usual, it's my fault that I couldn't prevent it." I snapped.

"You think all of this is your fault?" Clint stared at me in disbelief.

"Yes! I'm just...I'm not good enough. I have all these stupid premonitions, and I can't- -I can't figure it out fast enough! I feel fucking useless right now! I should have hid Bucky sooner! I should have found that Zemo guy! I should have- -"

Wanda moves forward and slaps me in the face to stop my panicked rambling. Clint steps back cautiously, almost afraid that another fight is about to break out. I can see the tears in Wanda's eyes as her grip on my arm tightens slightly.

"You cannot blame yourself for what isn't your fault. Pietro would not want you to. He'd want you to keep fighting." Wanda's voice shook.

At the mention of Pietro, I let out a teary chuckle, and could feel the fresh tears roll down my cheeks.

"You guys should go. I'll just be dead weight, I won't be of any use to you." I shook my head.

"Kid, don't do this. Don't shut us out again." Clint sighed. "We need you, Cap needs you with us."

"I...I can't just...I- -"

"I am sorry." Wanda hugged me.

...w- -what?

My eyes rolled in the back of my head as I fell unconscious and slumped in Wanda's arms.

"Come on. Let's go." Wanda said.

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