Just another idea that can't leave my poor mind alone so I have to write it up! I am really sorry for my long hiatus but it can't be helped. Parallel Axis is in progress for next chap at any rate!

Basically what if Lelouch get the power of Mare ring instead of geass~ and this Tsuna is the same Tsuna or rather one with the same characterization I wrote in my Axis.

Chapter 1: Starting Line

EU and Brittania were ragging war to each other, and with it the pressure of EU put on them to join the army grow strong. Vongola, Giglio Nero, and Millfiore were well aware they'd tip the balance of power between the three if mafia involved in war. They also had to consider their status as Trinisette holders, and their duty to protect the balance. The moment war broke out of control Italian Mafia community that led by Vongola cut themselves off of the world. Using their advanced technology and fortune, they established an isolated country called Neo Italia. A truly independent and self-governed country by mafia, a country cloaked heavily by mist flame and strongest barrier flame based technology could create.

Any attempt to infiltrate the country ended in failure as nature was not in their favor, storm, lightning, mist, rain… unstable weather that couldn't explained scientifically tore the armies that dared to come near apart. EU had given up all attempts to ask for alliance from the isolated Italia, Chinese Federation was too far away to care and Britannia… the last super power country was still circling them like a hawk and waiting for a chance to sink their claw on them.

2016 a.t.d, CEDEF HQ


Iemitsu eyed his son, the one who just recently become the tenth boss of Vongola famiglia. His son was angry, then again when Tsunayoshi wasn't when he was around? Since that fateful day all emotion he had seen on Tsuna when they're face to face were anger, disappointment, regret, frustration, disgust and what else his son reserved for the most horrible father he had been to Tsuna.

Then again… "It's unbecoming for Decimo to barge in and slamming your fist on the table of your advisor." He said coolly.

Tsuna growled "Unbecoming of Vongola Decimo?" He echoed sarcastically, "If you're going to lecture me about manner, save it father! I don't care, and frankly… your sense of priority disgust me… "

"And…" Iemitsu droned, "Our famiglia always comes first, Decimo."

How Tsuna wished he could unhinge his father's jaw for that, but he knew that as the boss of Vongola he had to agree with Iemitsu regardless of his personal feeling.

He took a deep breath, "How long do you intent to keep us isolated here? You promised we'd be allowed to go back after we settled the conflict of Trinisette!" Tsuna roared angrily, "I defeated Xanxus in ring battle, I took mantle as Vongola Decimo… I… stop Byakuran." He listed on with more rage as time passed, "What else do you want?!" He demanded.

"I want you to keep your head cool and do your duty to our famiglia, don't let yourself distracted by anything else." Was Iemitsu's clipped reply.

Tsuna didn't believe what he had just heard from his advisor, "Anything else?" He repeated, "You called World War something distracting?! Have you forgotten that war had killed Natsu and mother?! Your son and wife!" Iemitsu flinched at that, "Glad you're not, but you let yourself ignorant." Tsuna hissed, "For what end? How long we're going to let ourselves cooped up in our territory?!"

Iemitsu glared at his lone son, "So, you want to risk your live out there for world peace? I have seen countless men died for…"

Tsuna cut him off, "Since when you care?" He asked in mock disbelief, "Do you think I didn't risk my life when you made me fight Xanxus in ring battle?!" Iemitsu stiffened at that but before he could retort Tsuna didn't give him the chance, "I don't care it's your trust or you're forced to make me the heir, the fact remains I risked my life on the path you made me to walk on and now you question the foolishness of risking my life?!" He asked incredulously. "That's rich! Last time I recalled it's you who drag me into this and it's me who was kicking and screaming as you drag me to this bloody path!"

"Tsuna… you… don't understand." Iemitsu murmured sadly.

Something inside Tsuna snapped at the last sentence Iemitsu uttered, "It's always me who don't understand... " He tried to understand but he never could, and his father never let him to understand. "No it's not me!" He hissed venomously as he stepped back, "It's NOT me… IT'S YOU!" He shouted furiously as he slammed the door to his father's office shut.

Iemitsu rested his face on his clasped hand as a lone tear fell from his eyes, "Tsuna…"

Memoriale del Mare

"Byakuran… it's been a while." He murmured, as he placed a bouquet of white orchid, not the kind of flower you usually bring to someone's grave but it was Byakuran's favourite. "Not that long I guess…" He sighed wearily, just two weeks but it felt like years.

Time feels like flowing slower and slower after his shoulder was weighed down by the mantle of Vongola, he could barely recall the look of horror and incredulity on his father's face and upper echelon's when he showed up in his inheritance ceremony with white version of Vongola Primo's stripped suite. Mafia never wore white, he and Byakuran did to make a statement.

Byakuran went overboard with his statement however and Tsuna had to…

"I am not sure I should feel sorry or not, but is this really what you wanted Byakuran?"

Of course the dead was always silent but Tsuna wanted to release the pent up frustration to someone who wouldn't worry about him or kicked him like Reborn for it.

He sighed, "We never really get along… even though you and I… respective owner, the skies of Trinisette." He continued wearily, "But still… I wish things could have gone better between us." He admitted sadly, "I wish you and sister Aria didn't have to be like this…"

"Master Tsunayoshi."

Tsuna gritted his teeth and scowled at the owner of monotone voice he had come to hate, turning around to face the twin rose haired women in mask. "What do you want Cervello?!"

"We have to inform you about something." One of the two murmured, "It's…"

Tsuna waved his and in sweeping motion, cutting her off. "It can wait." He growled out, "Leave me alone, I don't want to see you anywhere near my fellow sky's memorial!"

"But Master Tsunayoshi…." She pleaded, "by all rights a traitor doesn't deserve a memorial and as one of true owner of triniset…"

"WHOSE FAULT DO YOU THINK THAT HE BETRAYED TRINISETTE?!" Tsuna shouted furiously, a gun raised and the cervello gasped as they were held at gunpoint. "Now, leave! I will not repeat myself again!"

Cervello swallowed, "As you wish Master… however we still have to talk to you immediately." She said and before Tsuna could utter an objection she presented him with an ornate white box, the same as one presented to him before his ring battle but dipped in white and gold.

Tsuna's eyes were wide in fury, "Not even a month passed and you already want to replace him." He snorted, "So… we're not as special as we thought."

"This is the will of humanity Master Tsunayoshi." The cervello murmured.

The one with softer voice added, "True owner of Trinisette like you is not indispensable… however the need of next owner is unavoidable. The next owner is much like Byakuran was… an unknown factor. We don't want a repeat of mistake…"

Tsunayoshi snorted, "Of course… now you think shoving rings wih power to conquer the world to the hands of a college student is a mistake! Byakuran was never ready for the power of Mare ring but you forced it on him… and now I wonder how you want to avoid forcing someone to shoulder this burden before he or she is ready?"

The Cervello swallowed, "That's why we'd like you to investigate the new candidate yourself… with your hyper intuituion we believe your judgement would suffice to determine the suitability of our new candidate for Mare ring."

Tsuna tensed at that, did he hear that right? "Wait… you dumping your job on me aside… is this mean I'm allowed to go back to Manhome?" That's what they called the world below their country nowadays,

Cervello nodded, "You will be granted permission to do so, however… you're not allowed to do anything that's not related to this mission at all."

Of course, God forbid he did something useful for the good of the world. "Unless I'm forced to defend myself and the candidate." They hesitated for a moment before they gave a curt nod. "I don't want you to follow me around, and I will assess the candidate on my own terms."

They swallowed, "The first is acceptable, so does the third but the second one…"

"I will contact you everyday at 6PM and reported my progress." Tsuna cut her smoothly. "Take it or leave it." Tsuna had no patience to haggle more than this, they wanted him to do their work so he might as well got to do it his way.

They knew trying to get Decimo to do their bidding was like squeezing water from stone, even if he agreed to their terms it would be done the way he see fit. He might be regarded as benevolent leader, but his generosity and kindness didn't extend to them.

"Very well…" They relented.

Tsuna smirked, "Excellent… "

3 Days Later…

A lot of people were unhappy with his departure slash mission slash vacation, his father was a hopeless case but even his father couldn't say anything when it comes to Trinisette's policy. The upper echelon just sat back and bristled, he cared not but a few people who were upset with him because they cared, which including his very own storm guardian. He brought Takeshi and Chrome with him but not Hayato. Then again as much as Tsuna depend on his right hand man, he knew Hayato was better use at home rather than following him to assess the new owner of Mare ring. He needed Hayato here to be his substitute, and that's why he ordered Hayato to stay.

"You're my right hand man." Tsuna drawled, "My second in command." He added, "I need you here… more than I need any of my guardians to come with me."

Hayato squared his shoulder, "I'm understand.. boss." Then he glared at the grinning Takeshi, "Keep our boss safe, and stay out of trouble."

"Hai~" He saluted cheerfully.

Hayato stared for a few minutes at the grinning loon then turned to the lone female member of their group. "Keep him out of trouble, I beg you Chrome."

Chrome sweat-dropped, apparently while Hayato could trust his back and their boss to Takeshi he didn't have a shred of trust when it comes to their boss' and Takeshi's penchant in attracting trouble. "I will."

"At any rate boss… would you be alright… to return to Japan? Your homeland is no longer the same as it use to be." Hayato murmured worriedly.

Tsuna smiled sadly at that, "I know… but my business is in Tokyo settlement."

Japan (Area 11, Ashford Academy's garden)

He opened a thin file of profile which including an address. "Ashford Academy… Lelouch Lamperouge…" His eyes roll briefly at the ebony haired boy who was chatting with his friends. "Zoom in." He murmured softly to his earphone and the lense on his eyes followed the command and zoomed in to the ebony haired boy.

Lelouch Lamperouge was a tall, lean boy with ebony hair and amethyst colored eyes. Just from one look you could tell he hold the status as school hottie, legitimately proofed by a pack of fangirls sighing and watching from a distance. There was an aloof air around him, and in spite of the bustling and happy atsmosphere around him, Tsuna could tell he was strangely… out of place. The best comparison would be seeing a circle on the group of square and triangle.

The boy was bored… sometimes he wondered if it's possible for his hyper intuition to go on vacation at the time like this. On second thought the boredom the boy's body spoke was not a plain boredom school boys had, no… it was… something alike with his frustration of this world. Perhaps Lelouch Lamperouge held little love to his normal and boring life as student.

"Well… if he pass, he will get what he wants." Takeshi murmured softly.

It's been a few days since they came back to Japan (he refused to call it Area 11) and as far as observation goes, Lelouch' life was more interesting than any ordinary school boys. The boy had interesting side-job, a chess gambler and a notorious one at that. Since they're going to recruit him for a criminal organization, his gambling problem was not a concern. However… what Tsuna was disturbed with… it was Lelouch had too much money. There's nothing wrong with the money, but a middle-school student didn't need that much money and risking his life in the process. It was a miracle the nobles paid Lelouch generously to keep his mouth shut about their terrible loses, that no one had the gall to just kill the boy. Lelouch was playing with fire for money, and Tsuna was curious why he went to such length for it.

"And Cervello think it would be brilliant that I waste my time to research on his background instead of providing it for me and save my precious time." He grumbled under his breath. "But still…" He trailed off from his hiding place, on the branch of lush trees. "Lelouch is an unusual name, but I feel like I've heard of it before." He was no Hayato so his memory was not the best.

Takeshi frowned at that, "I have to agree his name sounds familiar, unique name like that tend to stuck to mind." Tsuna glanced at Takeshi and noticed thoughtful look and Takeshi's face signaled that he had better memory of the name 'Lelouch' than Tsuna.

"If boss and Takeshi feels like you ever heard of his name somewhere, Lelouch-san must be a famous person." Chrome chimed in.

Tsuna frowned at that, "Famous persons Reborn insist that I have to remember are royalties, military folks, business tycoons and the like." He drawled, "And Lelouch is not any of those…"

"True…" Takeshi agreed, "Lelouch… Lelouch…" Takeshi's eyes widened, "I don't remember exactly, but I remember that I heard it before invasion! From my dad!"

Takeshi rarely spoke of his late father, but Tsuna had a feeling it was important enough that Takeshi was willing to recall the memory. "From your dad?"

"Not exactly… he was speaking with someone else and that name came up, I just happen to hear it when I am going to ask dad for some training." Takeshi explained. "I think it's Tohdoh Kyoushiro-san, dad's old friend…" It's hard to forget someone like the war veteran, a perfect epitome of Japanese samurai and soldier and the one who responsible for the sole victory Japanese ever had against Britania.

Tsuna's eyes widened at that, "What's the chance of the name of a random Britanian kid to pop up between a General and a sushi bar owner? Before the invasion no less?"

"Maybe this Lelouch guy is not just a random school boy who is going in misspent youth period." Takeshi quipped, "But seriously… what's the chance of Trinisette to choose random guy off of a street?"

Tsuna shrugged at that, "Didn't Cervello shoved Mare ring to Byakuran on the way back from his university?"

"Ah." Chrome titled her head to the side. "They did."

"To be honest there're a number of similarities between Byakuran and Lelouch." Tsuna admitted, "They're both intelligent… cunning." Which was obvious in Lelouch's case with his exploit in chess. "And unsatisfied of their mundane life… they're bored." Tsuna frowned, "The latter is a minus in my book." Boredom, Trinisette and intelligence were a dangerous mix, as they had learned from Byakuran.

Takeshi frowned at that, while he didn't hate Byakuran explicitly he couldn't help but disliked him for forcing Tsuna's hand. "Should we call this mission off? The guy is too alike with Byakuran should be a suffice enough reason as we don't want a repeat."

Normally no one would buy such reason, but if it's Tsuna they would. "I want to drag this on a little longer."

"The vacation."

"No!" Tsuna said petulantly, "Hyper intuition or not, I won't decide his fate on three days observation."

"So what're we going to do?" Chrome asked curiously, "Boss?"

"Find out more about Lelouch Lamperouge…"

The next day, Tokyo Public Library

"I am an idiot." Tsuna murmured as he stared at the headlines of a numerous newspapers on the table. He had Chrome cloaking them inside the curtain of mist so no one could see them scattering newspapers from eighteen to six years ago.







"No wonder I ever heard his name somewhere… mom cooed about poor boy who had to be hostage in foreign land." Tsuna drawled, recalling his mother's teary face as she watched the news about the poor prince and princess. "The photo in this newspapers are too small, I can't see Prince Lelouch clearly."

You could barely make out a ten years old boy and a younger girl in wheelchair. "But I have seen the photo of Marianne the flash… and the emperor… the same ebony hair and deep purple eyes."

In the article about the birth of eleventh prince, the writer didn't fail to mention out his children only Lelouch vi Britannia had his father's deep purple eyes. Apparently it was a pretty rare eye color in royal family.

Takeshi looked at the newspaper incredulously, "We're going to recruit a prince of Britannia to be the holder of Mare ring?!"

"This is cosmic joke at its finest." Tsuna admitted, "At any rate… it's safe to assume that he was an ex-prince as he has not contacted his family to pick him up." He concluded, "As the eleventh prince he has shaky political position, crippled sister and dead commoner born mother to boot… I can understand why he doesn't want to go back to his family."

In Darwinist territory like Imperial palace, it was a dead trap for the Vi Britannia children.

"So…" Chrome began, "We can recruit him or not Boss?"

Tsuna rubbed his temple, it's going to be a headache. "Cervello just sent me an email in which they inform me that if Lelouch Lamperouge is not a suitable candidate I have to get him killed so Mare will move on to the next suitable owner available."



He smiled at them, assuring his guardian that he won't do such horrible thing. "I can't… and I won't kill Lelouch Lamperouge, Vi Britannia… eleventh prince or whoever he is." Tsuna stated coldly, "He has peoples who love him and life ahead… I won't let Trinisette took that away just because he could be second coming of Byakuran."



"That's why… I am going to come from the front~ Let's just give him a direct interview and be done with it." Tsuna decided.


Ashford Academy, country house.

Takeshi sighed as he stealthily darted from one tree to another, careful to not trigger any trap Shinozaki Sayoko laid around the country house. Apparently Ashford family hired a ninja from Shinozaki clan to serve them and assigned the said ninja to guard the Lamperouge siblings. Shinozaki was famous clan of ninja specialized in assassination, if he didn't approach carefully it would be a blood bath.

As he came within twenty feet distance from the house Shinozaki Sayoko didn't waste time to come out with kunai ready to be thrown. "Gomenasai!" He began in Japanese, "I come in peace… I mean no harm to your master. My master requested a meeting with yours, it's urgent."

"Can I trust you young man?" She asked skeptically. "You're armed to the teeth, how can I believe you mean no harm to my master?"

Takeshi shrugged, "I swear in my honor and my master's… and if I mean harm to your master I wouldn't be here to meet you first instead of assassinating him in class when he is out of your watch." He pointed out nonchalantly.

Sayoko frowned at that, "Very well…I will inform Master Lelouch, but keep in mind that I will be near and one wrong move both you and your master will die."

"Fair enough." Takeshi replied, "But believe me, this meeting is for your master's sake."

It took a few knock for Lelouch to stop working on his essay and opened the door to find Sayoko looked slightly nervous, a rare sight to be seen on the their stoic maid. "Sayoko, what's wrong?"

"You have a guest Master Lelouch." She informed him, "However the said guest come with a bodyguard, he… insist that he need to see you and I suggest you approach this meeting with caution."

Lelouch tensed, his mind reeling to numerous plans in how to approach this problem. However there's no solid plan as he was as blind as a bat, not enough information to plan for anything. "Very well…" He slowly opened his drawer, reached out for a small gun and put it inside his pocket. Thankfully his dress shirt was long enough to cover the side pocket of his black pants. "I will see this mysterious guest of ours."

Lelouch was surprised to see a Japanese man with jet black hair, brown eyes, dressed in black suit with light blue tie sitting on the sofa of their living room. Beside the Japanese man was a brunette few inches shorter than the Japanese, Lelouch at first thought this was another Japanese but one look at those amber eyes he knew this man had European origin, a half probably since he still had a distinct Asian features. The probably half-bred was wearing a pin white stripped suit, it was not too fancy but Lelouch could tell it was a high quality one. His appearance aside Lelouch couldn't decide whether he had to be warry or not when the shorter boy gave him a genuine smile, stood and offered his hand for a handshake.

His first instinct was to answer that hand with his gun but he accepted the hand peacefully. "My name is Tsunayoshi Sawada." He introduced himself, "Nice to meet you."

"Lelouch Lamperouge." Lelouch returned, slightly shocked to hear Japanese name instead of a European sounded one. "The pleasure is mine."

Tsuna smiled as both he and Lelouch sat across each other, his hyper intuition humming as he observed the ebony haired boy. He didn't miss the slight twitch when Lelouch almost reached out for his side pocket, and slight quirk on his mouth and other body language that signaled Lelouch's anxiety.

"First of all…" He began solemnly, "I'd like to assure you that I have no ill intent towards you and your sister, I know you're armed." Lelouch tensed at that, "I am not." He informed the ebony haired boy, of course he left out the information that he was a hand to hand combat type of fighter as he didn't need the paranoid ex-prince to be frightened more than he already was.

Sayoko glared at Takeshi, and Lelouch noticed the subtle message that Tsuna's bodyguard was armed so it's a moot point that Tsuna wasn't. "Your bodyguard is."

"So does yours." Tsuna pointed out back. "Let them keep theirs… I just need to talk to you, and it's really important. I won't even mind talking when you hold me at gunpoint if it will ease your anxiety."

Lelouch stiffened at that, "Very well… so, how important this business of yours?" Lelouch asked curiously, his right hand was in his side pocket, ready to draw his gun whenever he need it.

Tsuna smiled at that, "Enough to change your life forever." Judging from Lelouch's frown that was not a good answer, "I am sure you ever heard of the lost country of Italia…"

Lelouch frowned deeper at that, "Yes… a country in Europe continent that suddenly disappeared overnight." Lelouch had been very curious of one country Britannia couldn't conquer, not because of the lack of power but because the said country just gone poof and replaced by the equal of Bermuda Triangle overnight. Both EU and Britannia were running around like headless chicken around the border, and Lelouch silently applauded Italy for pulling one on his father.

"The country disappeared overnight the moment second Pacific war broke out on demand of the organization who rule the country from the shadow, because they had to protect their treasure from the hand of superpower countries…" Tsuna droned on as he continues to recite basic history of the lost country, or how they tried to justify hiding from the world not out of cowardice but necessity.

Lelouch narrowed his eyes as Tsuna asked if he get the story so far or he had any question. "You're telling me that the official government of Italy was just…"

"Figureheads?" Tsuna drawled, "Pretty much so." He admitted shamelessly, at incredulous look Lelouch gave him Tsuna snorted. "What? Even CF is like that…although now we're out in the open so there's not much of shadow government anymore."

Lelouch could feel his left eyebrow twitch at that, "Who are we you're speaking about?"

"Mafia." Tsuna answered lightly as if he was talking about the weather.

It took Lelouch one full second to assembly every information he knew regarding one accursed word, criminal organization, gun, black suit, Italia, Sicily, terror, violence, and citrus fruit business. Tsuna in the other hand was very fascinated when his hyper intuition informed him that Lelouch was deep in thought, and judging from his blank expression there're a lot running on his pretty little head.

"So… you're a criminal?" Lelouch began slowly.

Tsuna rolled his eyes at that, "Depends on what is your description of criminal, those who break law? We're the government of our own country… we make our own law." They owned the country since the founding of Vongola and hilariously it was Alaude, he first Cloud Guardian and a mafia who wrote the law and that right was inherited by CEDEF leaders since then. "Regardless of what history described us as, presently we're closer to Business Company with military power to back us up." Tsuna explained. "But of course I won't deny that by nature we're still very much mafia, men of honor dwelling in industry of violence."

Lelouch narrowed his eyes, "I can't say that's worse than the three superpowers… Britannia especially." He took a deep breath, "But still… I don't understand why you approach me, is it because…" Lelouch trailed off.

Tsuna sighed at that, "I know your heritage." Lelouch tensed, "It has nothing to do with that and frankly… although it does make things become even more complicated."

"What do you mean?" Lelouch asked curiously. "Get to the point, you're putting in a very unpleasant situation. You found out who I am and I would like to know how, as I need to cover that up so no one will find out about us the same way you do!" He shouted furiously.

Tsuna raised his hand in placating gesture, "I will… as for how we found out about you, we will cover that up for you so you don't have to worry. So let's get to the reason I come for you alright?"

He was not assured by such promise, but he'd get his answer sooner or later. "Fine, now talk." He ordered.

Tsuna was very glad he didn't take Hayato with him, his right hand man would never forgive Lelouch' attitude. "The reason Italy… mafia went to hiding is not merely to avoid conflict with the three super power but also to protect our power." He said as he raised his hand slowly and a small burst of unnatural flame came to life.

"What is that?" Lelouch would call it a parlor trick normally but he could feel the heat and the color if the flame was unnatural.

Tsuna smiled as he willed the flame away, "Flame of Resolution or Dying Will… manifestation of our resolution." He smirked.

"You're armed then." Lelouch scowled.

Tsuna shrugged, "Doesn't count." He retorted, "My flame is pretty much part of my body I can wield as weapon."

Lelouch swallowed. "Is that why Britannia didn't give up trying to snuff you guys out?" How like his father to want something like this.

The tenth boss nodded, "One of many things but I believe they wanted our treasure more, our power and technology would be a nice bonus I suppose. Since the genesis of mafia, we're granted by three sets of treasure known as Trinisette… "

Lelouch listened as Tsuna went on to explain the origin of Trinisette, which were the Rings that make up the Tri-ni-set, or 7³. It is the foundation of this world. The Tri-ni-set is a device that guides the growth and development of life on Earth while maintaining a balance of its life force.

"The sets are Vongola, Mare and Arcobaleno…" Tsuna listed on.

Lelouch narrowed his eyes, "Clam, Sea and Rainbow in Italian respectively."

Tsuna nodded, "I will not bore you with more details… " Lelouch know that's not the case, but Tsuna was unwilling to part more than he already did before he assured Lelouch's alliance. "The reason I come here is because we need the new holder of Mare ring set, and they choose you as their next owner."


"You're to be the next holder of Mare ring…" Tsunayoshi finished with a thin smile on his lips to the bewildered ex-prince.

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