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As the alien ship approached, the group of Z-fighters knew that it was time. 1 year had passed since the terror known as Raditz had attacked them and proven just how inferior they were to the Saiyans. Had it not been for the sacrifice of their good friend Goku (who was also a saiyan and Raditz's brother), they would have all perished to Raditz. Before Raditz died however, he signaled to two other Saiyans his location and the power of their precious Dragon Balls. Upon hearing the Saiyans strangely relate their entire plan on an open communication link for no apparent reason, they knew that they had only 1 year to train for the most recent catastrophic threat to the Earth.

"Hey guys" Krillin said, the short bald man with 6 dots on his head trying to lighten the situation, "do you ever wonder why it is that we are the only planet with mystical orbs that can grant any wish, and yet we're almost always in constant peril? You'd think someone would wish for an evil repelling shield or something like that."

"Krillin, you can't wish away all your problems." Master Roshi, the Turtle Hermit Master and trainer of Goku and Krillin and everyone else that showed up, said, "Trust me, if you could, I would have done away with all those restraining orders 20 years ago. Do you have any idea what I've missed?!"

"Ok ok, sheesh. Yamcha, are you ready to die?!" Krillin exclaimed.

"Yeah! Wait… what?" questioned Yamcha, the scar faced ex-bandit with a crippling fear of women.

"I meant fight, are you ready to fight… Yeah.. That's what I meant.."

"Oh. Heck yeah! Let's go slam these guys outta the park!"

"Must you make everything a baseball reference?"

"Yes. A benchwarmer like you wouldn't understand, but once you get out there on the diamond and hear the roaring applause, you suddenly get it. You understand the meaning of life and the way the universe works. That's why I started playing."

"I thought you just did it to make money.. It's not like you could lose to any regular baseball team"

"Eh that too. Ok more so that. But c'mon, I worked really hard on that speech, took me all of the seventh inning stretch to come up with it!"

"Yeah it was..." Just then they sensed it. The saiyan ship had touched down on the planet. Luckily it landed in a swamp far away from any city.

"Wh-what is that? I've never felt anything like it!" Krillin shouted with tension.

"I don't know.. It doesn't feel powerful, but it definitely feels.. Very strange" Yamcha replied, unsure of what to make of the situation.

"Hey I only sense one saiyan! Maybe one of them got hungry on the way and ate the other one."

"Wouldn't surprise me. If they're anything like Goku, they can eat like a starter pitcher that just finished his 9th inning in a no strikeout game."

"Damn it Yamcha! We get it! You like baseball! Let's just head over there WITHOUT referencing baseball and see what we're dealing with."

"Fine by me, say do you want to be the lead-off hitter or can I?"

"What did I say.. WHAT DID I JUST SAY! Damn it Yamcha, go die in a hole somewhere, preferably in a wasteland because some mutant plant thing exploded in your face.."

"Aw come on Krillin, I was just joking! And me, die alone in a hole in the wasteland because of a mutant plant? Get real."

On the other side of the world, in a swamp probably in Florida:

A flurry of whistles and beeps woke up the sleeping passenger "Ummm Ar-Too.. Where are we?" A readout on the screen simply said "Planet's surface". "Well I knew that Ar-Too, I meant what planet? This doesn't look like Dagobah. We've already been there twice; don't tell me your memory circuits got damaged again." The still groggy passenger who is totally unknown at this point responded. "Planet Earth. Air: Breathable. Gravity: 100x less than galactic standard. No further information available" appeared on the screen. "Planet.. Eerth? Never heard of it. 100 times less gravity?!" The mystery passenger exclaimed, "I'm going to have to focus just to walk normally here… Are there any intelligent life forms around here?" After a satellite dish extended from the droid and spun around a few times, "Bioscanner detects one intelligent life form approaching at a high rate of speed along with an animal. Possibly an animal capable of flight." was displayed on the screen. "Ok good, maybe they'll know where we can pick up some more fuel. How far away are they?" The droid beeped some calculations and responded with "5000m and closing fast. 4000m. 3000m. 2000m. 1000m. 100m above." "Well that didn't take long. Stay with the ship Ar-Too, I'll go greet them and explain the situation."

Strapping his weapon securely to his side, the mysterious alien thought "Hmm…. If I apply the Force below my feet, I should be able to float on this planet.". And float he did, up until he saw the two approaching humans, each one in their orange clothes he assumed to be flight suits. They have to be wearing flight suits, they're flying but they don't appear to have wings. They actually appear to be mostly human. But wait, didn't Ar-Too say there was only one intelligent life form approaching with an animal? I guess it's time to replace his scanner parts.

"There he is Yamcha! The saiyan! Look at his disgusting blonde hair and black tunic. I bet he's killed millions of people with that same stupid look on his face. Well I for one have had it with these killers! Die, Saiyan!" Krillin shouted as he threw an energy wave at the alien.

"Hello there, are you the native species on this-" The alien's speech was interrupted by the glowing yellow beam approaching him. Without thinking, he drew his weapon and focused intently on the incoming beam that was now far below him. How did.. Oh yeah, I forgot. With the gravity this low, if I focus too much, I'll go flying. Gotta watch that..

"Did I get him?!" Krillin asked hopefully.

"I don't see him anymore, so maybe. Oh, there he is, way up there."

"Oh. Wait, he dodged a beam attack?! That's not even possible is it?" Krill asked in disbelief.

"Not that I know of.. I always thought that you either had to deflect, push back, or just get hit by them."

They must be part android; they have weapons built into their arms. They appear to be biological though.. Hopefully they will listen to reason.

"Hey! Wait! Don't attack! I mean you no harm!" Shouted the mysterious alien to the Z-Fighters.

By this time, Tien, Chiaotzu, Piccolo and Gohan had arrived at the ship, wondering what was going on and why there was only one Saiyan without much of a power level.

Whoa, three more humanoid looking ones and a green one.. They all seem to be capable of flight somehow, even without wings or a suit. Better play it calm and cool.

"Hello everyone. I mean you no harm; my droid piloted my ship here for some reason and I crashed into that swamp over there. Can anyone tell me how far away the closest star port is?" The mysterious human asked the bewildered Z-Fighters.

"That depends, are you a saiyan?" Piccolo brashly shouted at the visitor. He was paying close attention to this mysterious human's thoughts as he waited for a response.

What in the world is a saiyan? Come to think of it, that short, bald one shouted that earlier too.

"I have no idea what a saiyan is. My name is Luke Skywalker, and I am a Jedi Knight."

And that's that. My first fan-fiction started. I know, it's a rather awkward blend of serious and silly, but I'll try to do better. If you've ever read any of the extra-trilogy Star Wars books, you would know that Luke thinks to himself. Quite a bit. Almost non-stop actually. So now you know even if you haven't read them.