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Last time, on Force of Will Z: "It's the saiyan(s)!" Krillin exclaims. "There's only 1 saiyan?" Yamcha asks. "Ar-too, where the heck are we, this isn't Dagobah..." Luke Skywalker questioned. "The saiyan! Die saiyan!" Krillin shouted as he launched a beam attack at Luke. "The saiyan dodged my attack!" Krillin despairingly said. "I'm not a saiyan!" Luke said, trying to reason with them. "Are you a saiyan, saiyan?" Piccolo questioned. What the heck is a saiyan, Luke thought. "No, I'm not a saiyan! I'm Luke Skywalker, a Jedi Knight."

This week, on Force of Will Z: How many baseball puns can Yamcha use without causing Krillin to go mental? Why is Luke on Earth and how come he can't pronounce it correctly? Why does Ar-Too always have to stay with the ship? How did Luke even cross-dimensional-universal-time travel? Answers may be on this weeks episode of Force of Will Z! Stay Tuned after the break!

Are you tired of having ugly looking fe- Now back to Force of Will Z!

"So... you aren't a saiyan.." Piccolo said, wondering if this man could be blocking off his mind reading somehow. "No, I'm Luke Skywalker" Luke said again, trying to defuse the situation. "Well I can see why they call you Skywalker... Hahaha... Anyone?" Krillin said, trying and failing to bring a little humor to the situation. "No Krillin, that joke sucked worse than the Cub's chances of winning the World Series" Yamcha plainly stated. In the distant background thousands of boos could be heard by Piccolo.

"Hey everyone, Chiaotzu thinks he knows what's up here" Tien alerted the group. Tien only speaks when he has to, because he's hardcore.

"Well you see," Chiaotzu, the short kid... person... mime... thing, said "Raditz came on the 29th of February last year, and last year was a leap year.. So today is the 28th and the saiyans aren't supposed to be here until 1 year exactly." "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" The Z-Fighters collectively breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the saiyans couldn't be there today because it hadn't been a full year yet.

"Well then, sorry for trying to blast you, Luke", Krillin stated apologetically. "Good going Krillin, a friendly guy shows up and you try to throw him a bean ball!" scolded Yamcha, starting to struggle with his baseball references. A bean ball? Luke thought. "It's ok, no harm done. Except to that forest you hit..." Luke said, trying to reassure the strange bald man. "So how about we start over and introduce ourselves? You already know I'm Luke Skywalker". "Hmph", Piccolo grunted. This isn't any time to be playing intergalactic diplomat. Still, can't hurt to have some strangely powerful allies. "Piccolo, and that's Gohan" Piccolo quickly said before grabbing Gohan and leaving as fast as possible. Totally nailed that one, Piccolo thought to himself.

"Ok then... Um, how about all of you?" Luke questioned, a little confused as to why Piccolo grabbed the kid named Gohan and left so quickly. Guess he doesn't like talking. "I'm Krillin. I'm the comic relief character!" "What?" Luke asked, not sure what that meant. "I mean I'm a student of the turtle hermit" Krillin added, trying to fix the hole he made in the 4th wall. "I'm Yamcha! Baseball player and desert aficionado!" Yamcha said with enthusiasm, excited that someone was actually curious about him. "Ah, hello Krillin, Yamcha. What about you two?" Luke said, trying to remember their names. Krillin, huh. Sounds disappointing. Yamcha sounds awesome though, I bet he's a major person around here.

"I'm Tien, and this is my adopted son, Chiaotzu", Tien said for the group.

"You mean I'm not your real son?!" Chiaotzu shouted, shocked at the news. Crap! Tien thought to himself. Tien keeps his thoughts short and to the point because they're hardcore as well. Trying to end the conflict quickly, Tien simply said "Yes" before flying away, closely followed by a crying and hysterical Chiaotzu. And I thought we had issues back on Tatooine... "So those two are Tien and Chiaotzu... Well nice to meet you two and the other four that left..." Luke said, trying to remain calm and straight forward. "Likewise", Krillin replied. "Hey Yamcha, why don't we bring Luke back to Master Roshi's and introduce him to everyone there". "Good idea Krillin, he should meet the rest of the team" Yamcha said. Damn it, that one was barely a baseball reference! "You up to flying half way across the world, Luke?" Krillin asked, just remembering that not everyone could fly as fast as they could. "Ummmm.. Possibly. Let me see how easily and quickly I can maneuver here" Luke said. I haven't even tried flying other than floating in one place yet. Hmmm...

Luke applied some of his force energy into pushing him forward and flew at a very high rate of speed. Unfortunately, he also flew uncontrollably downward into a forest and took out 200 trees before he managed to stop. Ouch. Oh hey, that didn't hurt that much. Must be due to the weird gravity here. "Hey you ok Luke? You took off like a line drive headed straight for the fence!" Yamcha shouted towards Luke. Heh, better. "Yeah I'm fine, I managed to not hurt anything. Except for the forest.." "Aw don't worry about it", Krillin said, "We put the forests on this planet through hell and back. It doesn't hurt anything". "That's a relief. Well then, off to this 'Master Yoshi's' house?". I'm sure Ar-Too will be fine staying with the ship, it's what he's best at.

And so the trio flew uneventfully towards Master Roshi's house. Luke struggled to keep pace with the Z-fighters, but eventually got the hang of flying. Nothing interesting happened, because nothing interesting happens when people are FLYING. When they arrived, Luke was introduced to the residents of Kame house and learned the 2 rules of Kame house. Rule 1: Don't talk about Kame house. Rule 2: Obey rule 1. He was also informed about the entire events of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z up until this point in the story. Luke then proceeded to tell them about everything that has ever happened in the Star Wars universe.

Stay tuned after the break!

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Sorry about that, back to the show!

"That's very interesting", Luke said, "Could you teach me how to use this 'ki'? I know how to use the force to move objects, read/write minds, apparently fly, empower my muscles, and manipulate just about anything, but I don't know how to control what you call 'ki' energy". 'Yes, I could, but I'm too busy looking at my porn magazines. Yamcha, why don't you show him how to do all that stuff?" Master Roshi lazily stated, hoping to avoid any sort of work. "Wow, really? Alright! C'mon Luke, I'll show you how to play in the big leagues!" Yamcha excitedly stated. "If Yamcha's going to be speaking that much I'm gonna go to sleep. Wake me when the saiyans are here and killing people" Krillin said. I can't handle anymore baseball references today!

"Ok Luke, here's what you do. First, try to focus all your energy into your body".

"Like this?" Luke asked, as he silently did so. "No, no, no! You have to scream and crouch when you do it, like this" Yamcha said while assuming the charging position. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Yamcha shouted as his aura shot up around him. "Wow, that's impressive! So like this?". Luke went into the same position Yamcha was in and yelled out as loud as he could. "HAAAAAAAA- Errr what's this power that's- HAAURRRRGHHH!". At first nothing was happening while Luke was charging, but then his energy came to the surface and enveloped him in a bright blue aura. Whoa.. That really.. Works... I wonder.. How far.. I can push it.. Luke struggled and strained all the while screaming as loud as possible until he couldn't force anymore energy into himself. "Hah... Hah.. How was that?" Luke asked, breathing heavily but feeling amazingly strong.

"T-t-that was i-incredible!" Yamcha said, struggling to form words. Half way across the world, Piccolo and Gohan also sensed Luke's energy as well as Tien and Chiaotzu. They were also speechless. "Thanks, but what did that do? I feel stronger, but I don't know how much more than if I just applied the force to my muscles" Luke asked, wondering just what the point of all the screaming and squatting was. "W-well, now you're much stronger than before.. you feel about twice as strong as me, although you don't have the training that I've had" Yamcha said, trying to keep confidence in himself. "Now let's test it, try to hit me". "Alright, if you're sure," Luke said while unstrapping his lightsaber and laying it safely on the ground, "then here I come!"

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Thanks, I look forward to writing more!

You should write another chapter. I laughed the whole time I was reading this.

Thanks! I get just as much enjoyment out of writing it, except it's more like inner laughter. If I laughed outwardly while writing it, people would think I've gone crazy.

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