"You come into the threshold of another starless night of fear. You're running from the demons that would.. drag you down again. Illusions of the world are spinning out of time and frame. What is. what is this? This mass of my existence is? All these politics of life and death. it's my existence." -Kevin Max 'Existence'

Oh Silent Prayer of My Thoughts

By: The Batthing

Robin somersaulted through the air. His body was in perfect form as he came toward the thug. He came out of the summersault, which had gained him more speed, and then brought out his left leg sharp into the man's jaw. Robin then landed to the ground in a crouch. He spun his body and hit the man's legs out from under him.

The man fell to the ground hard, and the ground shook as he crashed into it.

Robin performed a back flip and spun around facing the other two men who worked with the one Robin had just brought down. A small smirk became painted on his face as the two in front of him came fast, ready to try and stop Robin.

"You learn not to mess with us man, we crush you." One growled. His words were slurred and seemed to come from a drunken man.

Robin sprang into the air and brought both hands into one big tight fist and hit the man under the chin. "Try and teach me." He then turned fast at the other man. Robin brought the heel of his foot onto the man's toes, crushing them, then brought his knee sharp into the man's gut. Robin then lifted his hand and hit the man under the chin, knocking him down.

The man spit out blood from his mouth, and looked up as a shadow came over him. It was The Batman. The man gasped.

"You messed around in the wrong city." Batman hissed. He then knocked the man out.

Robin smirked as he tied the man up. "Thanks for the help."

Batman didn't speak and he didn't have to, his eyes said everything.

Robin coughed uneasily and then stood up. "Where to next?" The question was slow, and simple.

Batman eyed his partner, and then pulled out his grappling hook. "The Northern Docks." He shot it off and rose into the air.

Robin pulled out his own and followed.


Robin pulled hard on his cable, causing his direction to change. Batman swung ahead of him, fast. Robin let go of his cable and followed Batman into a complete head dive, toward the buildings below. Robin didn't need a command from Batman. He simply knew to take out his other grappling hook. He took it out quick and shot it off, he felt the cable tighten and jerk as he was lifted back up. He glanced below and watched as Batman did the same. Suddenly an explosion came over the city, and Robin found himself falling in the air, plunging to the deadly streets below. The speed caused his eyes to water. All round him particles were falling.

Suddenly Robin felt an arm around him, and he knew it was Batman. The air was knocked out of him by the quick catch, and then another shake came, another loud bang. Robin felt Batman's grip come undone, and Robin fell again. He hit the roof of a building hard and yelped out from the pain. He groaned and heard something fall beside him, and then something else.

Robin lifted his head and saw two big boulders at both his sides. Robin's eyes widened as he looked into the sky and saw one fall right for him. He jumped out of the way and rolled as it hit. Robin breathed hard as he stood, pain filled his body as he did so. Then there was another loud rumble and a shake, it causing Robin to fall to his feet. Screams could be heard over the noise of breaking boulders from buildings. Robin looked up and saw people falling through the air, their arms clinging to nothing, as if it were something. He suddenly remembered Batman, where was Batman?

Robin got to his feet, butterflies in his stomach. He dug in his belt and pulled out his grappling hook. He took off in a run and then released the cable as he flew off the building in a jump. His arm outstretched and caught a victim that was being hurled toward the ground. It was a young woman, and Robin's arms seemed to be pulled from their sockets from catching her. He swung to a roof that looked stable, unlike many around them. Robin pulled back the cable, it was his last and he would need it. He then jumped off the building and sailed through the air, gravity pulling him. A man, no older then Nightwing, was falling, screaming as he did so. Robin outstretched his arm to catch the man, but the man was much too afraid to be thinking. Robin watched as the man hit the ground, shooting the grappling hook, Robin swung up, missing the street. He rose up fast, and grabbed at an elderly man who was falling. Robin jerked hard on the cable, swinging out toward the man. He caught him and then grunted as the air left his body. Robin landed on a roof and let the man go. He then turned and saw three more people in the air. They all hit the ground as soon as Robin laid eyes on them. Below many bodies lay scoured about, along with a lot of ruble.

Robin turned and left the old man where he sat quivering. He had to find Batman.


Commissioner James Gordon ran toward his car as the ruble crashed to the ground all around him. He quickly ducked into it and watched as others did the same. Starting the car he quickly made his way to cover from the falling people and boulders. He prayed a silent prayer for Barbara, hoping she would live through this.

Robin cursed under his breath as he limped away from the pile of dead bodies and building parts. He had been searching for Batman for over three hours. Gotham had obviously been bombed and many people lay dead in the streets. Robin turned around as he heard someone coming behind him. It was a little girl with tears in her eyes.

"Mommy and daddy are hurt." She sniffed as she looked at Robin with watered eyes. "Will you help me?" her eyes looked to him for help, help and comfort, which she, like many others needed at the moment.

Robin let out a curse for he had no choice. "Where are they?"

The tone of his voice scared the little girl and she backed away.

"Where are they?" Robin repeated, yet this time softer and slower.

The little girl pointed to an alley opening. "Asleep over there."

The way the girl said it sickened Robin's stomach. He nodded and made his way to where the girl had pointed. He found two bodies and both were obviously dead. He turned and saw the little girl behind him.

"They won't wake up." The girl whispered and she looked up at Robin. "Wake them up!"

"I-I can't." Robin stuttered. "They're dead kid."


Robin nodded vigorously. "They're gone, and will never come back."

The girl began to bawl. "Yes they will! They wouldn't leave me."

Robin looked at the girl. He hadn't the faintest thought in his head at what to do. The girl couldn't be any older than five, and she had lost her family.

Robin walked back out into the alley and he glanced around. Where was Batman? He was getting angry with his boss for just leaving. Probably out helping people instead of waiting around for Robin.

"Mommy?" The girl yelled.

Robin turned his head and saw the girl cuddling up with her parents, bawling.


Robin landed to the ground, his leg burned with each step, but there was nothing he could do about it, not now. Ahead of his stood a group of three thugs robbing a small bank, taking advantage of the crisis around them.

"You guys make me sick." Robin growled as he came up behind them in a shadow. "Instead of helping the millions around you, you create more pain." Robin pulled out a bat-a-rang and hurled it at the one who held a gun. It knocked the gun to the ground.

Robin lunged at the men, his fists hit the first two, one in the gut the other in the chin. He then went into a crouch and brought his right leg up, hitting the first in the nose, he heard it break and then flipped over the man, his weight pushed him to the ground.

Robin spun around and snapped his arm around, with full speed, hitting another thug in the eye, a gun shot was heard and Robin could feel it just miss him. Turning around Robin found one of them aiming at Robin. Performing a headstand, Robin hit the man in the gut, causing the air to leave the man. Moving quickly Robin brought his fist into the man's jaw, he then pulled out another bat-a-rang and hurled it at the man who came from behind. It hit the man in the leg, puncturing it.

The man's cry was loud, but Robin ignored it, his problem held the gun, with a deadly aim.

Robin moved fast, and surprised the man, causing him to shoot the gun, missing terribly. Robin ducked to the ground and swung his legs out, hitting the man's own out from under him.

The man fell with a yell, and Robin stood. "Thanks, now I have probably wasted time stopping a bunch of worthless junk like you instead of saving others lives." He then knocked the man unconscious.

"I don't believe this," Gordon mumbled as he clicked off his frequency. All around him people were calling for help, and all he could do was stand around looking dumb. Walking over to a small female he knelt down. Taking her pulse he found her dead. He shook his head and looked behind him to where a group of firemen stood trying to fight a fire. Luckily the bombs only hit one area. This could all be cleaned up fast. But losses were numerous. The Commissioner knew that more than anyone.


It had been a week since the bombs had hit Gotham, and Tim Drake sat huddled in a corner, teeth chattering from the cold. Alfred was dead as was Barbara. Dick was nowhere that Tim knew of and it went the same for Bruce. Wayne Manor was no longer distinguishable, and unsafe to stay there, so Tim had nowhere else to turn to. He had changed out of his Robin costume, so incase someone came while he was asleep and.

Tim let out a sigh, and his body quivered in exhaustion. This would be one of the few times for a break. He closed his eyes and tried to rest, but it was hard. Too much was clouding his mind. Hunger rolled in his stomach, but there was nothing to do for it. No way was Tim about ready to steal! That would be against everything Batman had taught him.

A small group of people passed. Obviously on they're way to one of the many camps sent up for the homeless. They carried a small suitcase, which held their few valuables. They gave him a glance, then walked quickly by. Time was precious to them, as was everything else they had, and they were not willing to share.

Tim watched them past, and his body shook again, his muscles screamed out for rest. It seemed to hurt even to breath. All he wanted was this to end, and for everything go back to what it was like before, that's all he wanted.


Commissioner Gordon let out a sigh as he held his forehead. He had to keep his mind clear, even though his own daughter was dead. Even though there had been no sigh of Batman or any of his gang all week. He prayed that they were fine, he also prayed for his daughter. Barbara. Looking toward the sky he felt a tear run down his face, but all he could do was wipe it away. His city needed him, more than ever. He made a vow to himself to track down those who caused this pain. He vowed it solemnly.


Robin fell to a crouch on the ground, his eyes alert and cautious. He hoped to find the Commissioner tonight so he could discuss matters. Maybe Gordon had seen Batman or Nightwing. He hoped so, because this was a job that seemed to be to big for Robin, and he needed help.

A scream was emitted from down the street and that was all Robin needed. He dashed madly toward it. Swerving down the alley he faced a woman and another woman, one held a gun, pointed at the other woman.

Robin saw the woman under gunpoint with tears in her eyes softly whispering something that Robin couldn't hear, but Batman had trained him to lip read.

'Please, dear God! My poor husband, Henry!' she was saying.

Robin was obviously unseen by both woman, and he came to them fast, trying to get this over with and have no one get hurt.

The woman who was under the gun's eye saw him, and her face gave him away. The other woman spun around, her face fell, and she shot at him. Robin performed a flip into the air, gliding over her, he landed and brought his left leg out and hit her in the ribs. Then with a plunge he thrust a fist at her face, hitting her dead center. Blood flew from her nose, and she had fear painted on her face. This caused Robin to slow his movements for her sake.

The woman put a hand to her nose and looked at the blood with a questioning look as if she didn't know how it happened. Her eyes went to Robin's own, and they showed pain and fear. A feeling he knew.

"Do you give in?" Robin questioned slowly.

The woman dropped the gun, and then fell to her knees crying. This startled Robin, and he glanced to the other woman who was by a man's body who was obviously dead. Robin walked to the woman he had fought and took her arm, pulling her up.

Suddenly a furry came to her eyes and she bit into Robin's arm, and then let up, reaching for her gun.

Robin's head scattered almost form shock. The woman had blood on her mouth, obviously Robin's own. She aimed the gun, not for Robin, but for herself.

"No!" Robin yelled out as he tried to knock away the gun.

The woman pulled the trigger then fell to the ground with a bullet in her head.

Robin's mouth was open slightly and he sighed. Looking at his arm he found it bleeding badly. He ignored it for a moment and went to the other woman.

"Are you alright?" He questioned.

The woman looked up to him and cursed. "How can I be alright? She killed my husband! Why didn't you stop her? My husband!" She mumbled on and Robin turned and walked away. It began to snow.


"I want a squad of men at the east end, now." Gordon ordered. "We have major problems over there and three murders have taken place."

The police officer nodded then ran to his car.

Bullock watched as Gordon approached him. "You ready?"

Gordon gave a nod, and then walked beside his friend. "Where is Montoya?"

"At home resting. She earned it." Bullock explained.

"Good," he sighed. "Any sign of the Batman or any of his group?"

Bullock shook his head. "No."

"Yes," another voice said, and Robin stepped into the light. Gordon almost smiled. "I am here."

"It's about time." Gordon said. "Where is Batman?"

Robin frowned. "Busy."

Gordon's face fell at this. He knew that meant either Robin didn't know or Batman was dead. He shook his head, blocking the thought. "How long have you been out here?"

Robin shrugged. "All week."

Gordon nodded toward Robin's bandaged arm. "Looks like you have had it rough." He then noticed how bad of shape Robin was really in.

"Nothing time can't heal Commissioner," Robin answered. He then looked back into the shadows as if longing to be there.

"You have a place to stay?" Gordon asked.

Robin licked his dry lips and shrugged. "Sure." his stomach growled loudly. "Hee-hee, looks like I better take a break soon huh." His face seemed to give away everything.

Gordon nodded. "If you need a place to stay."

"I'm fine." Robin cut his words off. "We do not have time to worry about me, right now the city is in trouble. You should know that."

Gordon nodded. "So, what have you found? Any thing that we need to take care of in a hurry."

Robin shook his head slowly. "If there had been you would have heard it by now."

Gordon smiled faintly. 'Turning out like The Bat.' He thought silently.

"I came by to tell you that we are still around, and, er, to see if you needed any help."

"Yes actually we do. A lot's happening, and there aren't enough hands." He let out a low sigh. "A lot are dead, and we need to end that."

Robin nodded cautiously, not quite understanding where Gordon was going, so he aloud the commissioner to continue.

"I haven't see Batman, Nightwing, or even Batgirl around. So in other words if you're the only one of them left then you are going to have a load on your back."

"I know that, but they aren't dead." Robin answered as if insulted by Gordon's words.

Gordon smiled almost painfully, "come on, we need your help." He then turned and began to walk down the street.

Robin shot a sideways glance at Bullock the followed the Commissioner at a distance.

Bullock followed.


"Your crazy!" Bullock yelled at Robin.

Robin coughed through the thick smoke. "That's your opinion, there are people up in the building Bullock, and I am not leaving them. So either you leave or get some men up there!"

Bullock swerved around and ran to go get some men. He yelled back to Robin. 'I hate you kid, more than you know it!"

Robin smirked, and then dashed up the stairs. He took them six at a time, trying to get to the top and save the innocents up there. He grabbed hold to the railing and almost threw himself up and soon enough he found himself surrounded by dancing flames that seemed to laugh at Robin. Mocking him.

Robin cursed them then made a leap over a row, he heard screams and cries of pain and fear, people who were burning to death at this very moment. It pushed Robin faster, and all the time he repeated a prayer. He hoped that this would end with every one all right, but that was only a hope. nothing more.

"You, the whole group, you all come on, we have groups of people stuck up there." Bullock ordered. He tried to sound official, but his way of speech disallowed it. He turned, not even with a glance to see if the men were following him. He ran to the burning building.


The wood crashed at Robin's side, and he jumped form the noise it made. Taking in a deep breath Robin moved forward, toward the screams of help. He felt that his skin was burnt, and he even cringed at the slight needle like pain it caused. But he knew that everyone in this building was feeling the same feel, so he trudged forward. He had to.

Robin entered the next room and found everyone. He fell to his knees and puked. They all lay burnt, burning. All dead, their eyes showed fear and lost hope, they showed pain of being burnt alive. Robin puked again. He had witnessed many gory deaths but this one hit him in the gut, and made him weak to it. He bowed to it.

"Dumb kid, get out of 'er!" Bullock yelled as he saw Robin on his knees. "Yer gonna die an' it won't be ME who stays 'round ta see it!"

Robin snapped out of the trance and stood, he turned and ran out of the room, for there was nothing more to say or hear.

The two ran out of the building, fast and furious. Bullock was faster than Robin had expected, but Robin was learning a lot about Bullock.


Gordon watched as Bullock and Robin walked toward him. He walked toward them, and saw the ash all over them both. Both had defeat in their eyes.

"Bad news Commish." Bullock stuttered. "We failed, all of 'em are dead. Not one poor soul made it."

Robin gave a nod of confirmation.

"Well then let's move others need us. This gang is killing everyone in their path, and were going to see them stopped." Gordon yelled. "Now move to the east, problems all over there."

Bullock nodded then made his way toward his car. Robin turned to follow.

"Robin wait." Gordon ordered.

Robin turned and looked at Gordon.

"You are to team up with Montoya. She's over by my car. Go there and she'll give you orders."

Robin nodded obediently then walked toward where the young woman stood. His form was in a slouch of exhaustion, and it showed that he was about ready to take a break. But a break, Gordon could not give, for he had none.

Montoya watched as the figure walked toward her. She almost smiled. She had seen him many times with Batman, but he was always acted like a kid. But as he walked toward her, Montoya saw his seriousness, and she became serious. People were dieing and she was the one who was here to try and stop deaths.

Robin walked in front of her and sopped. "Where to?"

Montoya smiled warmly, "to the south a little. Thugs all around, they are taking advantage of this situation."

Robin nodded his reply.


Montoya ducked behind her car, her gun was held close to her breast, she breathed hard. She glanced around and saw other police taking shots. But she knew that they were all missing. They had to be, those gang members had good cover and they had weapons that over ruled the police forces.

She stole a glance toward Robin who was crouched next to her, his eyes in slits as if thinking. She hoped he might come up with a good plan because she could sure use one. Taking in a deep breath she turned and looked at the clearing where the gang was hiding. They were under cover and there was nothing to be done about chasing them out.

Montoya pulled out her walkie-talkie and clicked it on. "This is squad 5, we seem-." Montoya saw that Robin was gone.

Robin ducked into the shadows and became them. He made his movements with the shadows, trying to keep himself unseen to either side, for either side would give away his position. He turned the corner and found the group of thugs huddled tighter, forming a plan. Only one was on guard. Lazy. Robin listened to the men. He licked his lips as they talked gruffly.

"We take them all by surprise, there aren't enough of them, or even weapons that could stop us. We are loaded. We wipe them out, and then hold our ground. We won't give in."

Then men muttered in agreement.

The leader, obviously, gave a nod. "Then it's settled, we will feed them some, then take them in. They won't have a chance."

Robin turned began to move back toward the police, but he turned into a member.

"What do we have here?" The man in front of Robin questioned. "A kid out on a stroll." With movement of his hand, the man hurled Robin into the ground. His head collided with the stone, and Robin felt it crack open. He let out a curse, which was a growing bad habit.

"Looks like a spy huh." One of the men yelled out as he stood.

The leader stood. "Never trust anyone with a mask!" He frowned. "Cause it probably mean they work for a big black bat."

"Or a criminal." Robin growled back. He gnashed his teeth from pain.

The leader laughed. "Or a criminal, the slight factor is that you wear the symbol on your chest which stands for Robin."

Two men pulled Robin up hard, and his head spun. "At least I have something to be proud of." He watched as the leader drew his gun.

"At least I will be alive to see tomorrow." He then pulled the trigger.

Robin leaped to the side. He felt the whiz of the bullet rush by.

"Kill him." The leader muttered then turned his back to Robin.

The men laughed as they began to circle around Robin. Their weapons were drawn. A glint was in each of their eyes. They were trained to kill, and Robin was trained to do the opposite.

'This should be fun.' Robin thought to himself as the men drew in. He knew he had to keep some space to fight, so he raced toward the first man he laid eyes on. He brought his fit into the man's face and then released his foot in an upward spur. He hit the man in the nose, and heard the satisfying crunch he knew to well and had experienced a few times to many, the sound was nose breaking.

The other men came at him, then, all at once. He leaped into the air, his adrenaline pumping strongly. No fear was in him, but oddly, excitement. He felt a small smile tug at the corner of his lips, and he let it come. Brining his right leg sharply into one of the men's jaw. Then spun in the air, and came down hard on another man. He then performed a back flip away, trying to gain space. A stunt he used to often, and knew to control it well.

The men began to group up, this time seeing they would need guns and other deathly objects.

Robin saw this and began to take as many as he could down at a time, but there were too many. Some even just watched the fight, not joining. He could never take all these men down, but he could not think like that. He would take all these men down, and tonight.


Montoya heard gunfire, then yelling. She listened and heard the sound of a fight starting. She waited a few moments then motioned to her men to follow her to where the thugs were talking cover. Something was wrong, and she had a feeling it was Robin.


Robin dove to the ground, his face lifted, and his chin scrapped against the cement. He yelped out as a blow came to his back, barbwire was on the bat the man hit him with. Turning Robin brought both legs into the man's gut, throwing him back. He was beginning to feel like a Christian against the gladiators, and he was losing.

Another man came at him then, his fist flying, he missed Robin, by an inch. Robin took the opportunity and brought both fists tighter and hit the man hard on his back. Then gliding into the air Robin brought his right foot into the man's ribcage. It was the kind of kick that would break a few ribs. It did and the man cried out in pain as he fell to the ground.

Robin watched as more men poured in toward him. Some back up would be appreciated right about now. His wish was granted.

"Alright, leave the kid alone!" Montoya yelled. Her hands shook as she held the gun. She told herself it was from the cold. "You are all under arrest."

One of the men stepped forward. "Wrong pretty lady. You know as well as we do that we all over power you."

The leader hushed the man. "Lady, you have no power here, so leave, or you'll find yourself in the snow, with all your men, bleeding to death."

"As long as we take you down with us." Montoya hissed at the man. "You have the right to remain silent. anything you say or do can be used.'

"DUCK!" Robin yelled as he jumped up and hit a man about ready to shoot Montoya.

The shot ran out, and missed Montoya. She gasped at the suddenness. Suddenly all madness broke out. Each side began to fire on the other and fight. Montoya joined in seeing nothing else she could do.


Gordon drove like a mad man. Montoya needed back up bad. Those were her words. He swerved hard as he turned the corner and his wheels squealed as the made the mad turn. He pulled into the lot where all the other cop cars were stationed and jumped out. Around five cars did the same. Men poured form the vehicles.

Gordon heard the gunshots and yells form a small alleyway, he made his way for it and hoped he wasn't too late.


Montoya punched the man who grabbed for her, her fist drilled into his face hard, and he drew back with a cry of pain. Montoya reloaded her gun quickly then drew it up and aimed. A man came at her with a bat in his hand. On the bat was barbed wire, and blood showing he had hit someone else with it.

Montoya shot, and the man fell, blood flew form his neck. She gasped and then turned, she practically cried out from joy when she spotted the commissioner come in with his men. But her joy was short lived. She heard Gordon yelling at her, then a clear shot rang out and Montoya fell to the ground.


"Montoya!" Gordon yelled as he ran to the woman's side. She had been shot though the chest and was bleeding badly. He looked up and saw a man laughing. Gordon shot him through the head. His sanity lost.


Robin watched as the thugs were all arrested. He shook his head then walked toward where Montoya lay wounded, Gordon was giving commands to get her to safety, his worry was apparent. Robin watched as she was loaded into a car, then driven away, he felt sorry for her.

Gordon turned to Robin, his eyes hard. "How are you?"

"Good enough."

Gordon nodded. "Good, we don't need any other wounded."

Robin nodded back his agreement. Then put a hand to his chin, which was bleeding, and he turned away from Gordon. Robin needed to bandage himself up.

"Good job tonight kid," One of the thugs growled angrily.

The policeman behind him pushed him into the police car, and closed the door. Then turned to Robin, "Looks like your wounded, you know there is a- "

"I know." Robin snapped. "I don't need it."

The man nodded and shoved his hands into his pockets. "I forgot that you have your secret."

Robin nodded.

"But then what's to say we just go to where they hit you and get your blood from there?" Another man asked form behind.

Robin sneered. "Because there are a lot of people who were shot and wounded back there and their blood is mixed in with my own." He then flashed a glare to the man behind him.

The man frowned. "The point is that we aren't going to discover who you are by helping you."

Robin gave a cruel smile. "You can't trust anyone these days." He then turned and left them with no more then the 'swish' of his cape.


Tim walked into the small camp, all around people huddled together trying to keep warm. He paused and gave a small glance at them, then walked faster to Leslie's tent. He needed his head bandaged. He had tried the best he could, but it was pointless. It needed to be stitched up. He found her tent and entered. "Miss. Leslie?"

A woman with short gray hair looked up. "Yes?"

Tim smiled, he had heard from Alfred and Dick about Leslie, and that she knew their secret. But he had never seen her before. "I, uh, was wondering if you could help me out."

Leslie nodded. "This is my break, but I could manage you in." She smiled kindly.

"Thanks, I, er, busted my head and think it might need to, uh, be stitched." Tim muttered.

"How did you manage that?" Leslie asked as she motioned Tim to follow her.

Tim did. "I fell."

Leslie frowned. "Oh, what's your name then?"

Tim gave a nod. "Tim Drake." He prayed Bruce of Alfred told her about him so he wouldn't have to explain.

Leslie smiled and nodded. "Ah-ha, that explains it. I knew you didn't just fall and get that bust. Have you heard form Bruce yet?"

Tim shook his head. "I was hoping you would have."

Leslie's smiled faded. "Alfred? Doesn't he usually take care of.?"

"Dead." Tim cut in. "Barbara too. Dick is missing. I'm the only one left."

Leslie's mouth hung ajar in shock. "My- how in the world. how have you been getting along then?"

"Well enough, better than most, I just need some help with my physical condition, that's why I came here."

"I understand." Leslie muttered, as she felt sick to her stomach.


Robin leaped high, then cold wind whipped at his face, snapping at him. He tightened his grasp on the cable and found himself approaching the small warehouse. He let go of the cable and performed a flip in mid air, coming down in a complete head dive toward the streets below. He quickly snapped out his other cable and shot it off, his body suddenly lifted into the sky, fast, and hard. He then pushed the button on the small cable and it released, causing Robin to fall once again. He landed on his feet, and formed his body into a crouch, professional. He then made his way across the roof and walked steadily to the edge, coming again in a couch he peered over the edge, slowly gaining a layout of the jump. It would be simple enough to carry out, and he flipped over the edge and went into a fast spin, falling toward the street once again. Once again he was free, once again he had help, once again he had a grip on his city.

End of part I