Note: my story will not go by the plot of the anime as I don't like going along the plot and like making up my own ideas.I might include some of the basic scenes. If you don't like it don't read it. Warning! strong language and maybe some +13 scenes

"you have to be fucking kidding me?" I said. I was standing in front of a large mansion like house, the rain was pouring down at me but I didn't care. i just wanted to fucking get out of here. I has my guitar in its cover bag on my back and my large sports backpack in my hands.

"this has to be a fucking misunderstanding!" I growled slowly walking towards the large doors. I grabbed the knock thing and let go, the knock seemed to echo in the house. Silence. No one seemed to answer. The door suddenly opened making me stare at it in amazement. I walked inside shaking my wet ginger hair in hopes to at least get some water out of it.

"this place looks depressing" I looked around the long hall decorated with red long carpet and white walls. "Hello?" I shouted but got no answer. "explore time!" I said fist pumping the air. I looked around and saw a figure laying on a green antique couch. He had rusty red hair and his eyes were clothes. He was wearing some kind of uniform trying to create a 'punk/goth style'.

"*snicker* Wake up" I said poking his cheek. I pulled away quick because his body was as cold as ice. "what's going on?" i mumbled and set my guitar and bag on the floor and knelt in front of him. I putted my ear where his heart is. There was no pulse.

"I better call the ambulance, or maybe I can let his body rot here forever" snickering at the stupid idea I grabbed my phone from my hoodie pocket and pressed down few buttons until it was snatched away from me.

"you're so noisy" a sleepy voice said. I looked up and saw piercing green eyes staring down at me. "you're not dead?" I asked dumbly.

"why are you here?" he ignored my question and that made me angry, I don't like being ignored by arrogant dickeads.

"i was sent here by my father" I said getting up, I brushed my black skaters skirt from the dirt and looked down at the guy. "problem?" His arm suddenly wrapped around my waist and he pulled me down pinning me to the couch, his large body was hovering over mine and I stared into those light green eyes of his.

"you smell so sweet" he said and leaned down licking my neck. It send shivers down my spine but that was soon covered by disgust and anger.

"I'm not some kind of candy that you can go around and lick whenever you please to" I said kicking him in the stomach. He made a 'oof' sound and I quickly got up from the couch.

"why you little" he said and jumped at me pinning me to the floor. "how dare you disobey yours truly?" he growled and I stared at him un amused.

"I can do whatever I want cockmunch" I said sweetly batting my eyelashes.

"Ayato, this is a guest hall, we greet our guests here. Please take your private stuff in your room" I heard a sassy clever like voice say. The guy named Ayato growled and clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"Reiji" he said getting off me.

"who are you" the Reiji guy said. I finally had a better look at him as I was getting of the floor and again brushing my skirt off. He had black/blue hair that looked a bit like bed hair and ruby red eyes, he had black glasses on the bridge of his nose and he was glaring at Ayato.

"Hello my name is Chi Momoji, my father has send me here to live with you to become more of a lady" I bowed and snickered at my fathers reasons, so what if I'm a 'bit' of a naughty girl but seriously he needs to send me to this shit hole?

"I haven't heard of such a thing" Reiji mumbled, I stared at him dumbly titling my head to the side.

"the fuck?" I mumbled and Reiji or gave me a narrowed look.

"come with me, please take her bags" an old man appeared behind me making me squeak in surprise and jumping away from him much to Ayato's amusement who was laughing. He then disappeared and i had to follow the creepy Reiji.

We were sitting in what looked like the living room. It had blue and black sofas everywhere and i could heard fire cracking somewhere. This is weird.

"now please tell us about yourself and how you got into the house" Reiji said and I relaxed on the couch crossing my legs.

"My name is Chi Momoji, father has send me here saying that my relatives will take care of me so I would become a lady. He says that my attitude is appalling and that you weird ass people can help me"

"I knew I smelled a cute human girl" I heard a voice say. I looked up and saw a guy wearing the same uniform as Reiji and Ayato but he had a black hoodie on and a hat. His hair was much like Ayato's but a bit lighter and his eyes a darker shade of green. I glared at him but he was gone and I could feel someone breathing down on my neck.

"let me taste you" he said licking my cheek.

"let me have a sample" a childish doom voice said and someone licked my ear on the other side.

"ew, ew, ew saliva everywhere" I said wiping the spots with my hoodies sleeve. I glared at the guy with a hat that had magically appeared next to me and then at the other guy. He had violet hair and eyes, I couldn't help but notice the dark bags under his eyes and a cute pirate teddy in his arms.

"your so loud" an annoyed voice said, great more saliva spreader? A guy with white hair covering his right red eye came in pretty annoyed I must add.

"you interrupted my sleep" he said and went to lean on the wall nearby.

"does anyone know about this lady coming over?" silence.

"He called, he said that he will be sending her over" a voice said. I looked around and saw a guy laying on one of the couches, he had blonde hair and earphones in his ears listening to quiet music.

"he said not to kill her, we have to treat her with respect" his eyes opened revealing light ocean blue eyes, his eyes are so cool.

"alright let us introduce. That there is Sue the eldest son, I'm Reiji, Ayato,Raito,Kanato and Subaru" Raiji said pointing everyone out. I nodded but still was pretty annoyed, so I have to stay in this hell with six guys that love spreading saliva. Hell no.

"nice to meet you everyone but i would rather just go back home, no offence but you're all creepy as fuck" i said getting up.

"but you need this" Ayato said and showed me my black blackberry curve. I glared at him and tried to snatch it back but tripped and fell on Ayato.

"well hello Melon" he said, I glared at him with hatred. I have been called that a lot by my bullies. I chest is a bit large for my age and i hate it for this reasons. Subaru suddenly appeared next to us and I quickly got up trying to get the phone from Subaru now that he magically somehow got it.

"give it back" I said jumping up as I only reached up to his chin and he was holding the phone in the air out of my reach.

"you will not need this" he said and crushed my phone, I stopped jumping and stared at him. His strength was inhuman.

"bully" I said glaring at him and quickly turning on my heel and heading for the door. But because Jashin hates me I slipped and fell on the floor scraping my knee, there was a little bit of blood on it and I pouted. I looked up at all the guys and nearly freaked. They were all staring at me, there eyes were glowing red and a killing aura was around them.


thanks for reading, I will put in the next chapter how Chi looks like promise.