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Albert was driving the wagon and he looked at his friend Willie sitting next to him, Willie had his eyes closed. Albert took a quick look back at the horses then he leaned over to Willie and said, "Wake up!"

Albert quickly turned his attention to the horses, to make sure they were going straight than Willie said with his eyes still closed, "I'm awake, who can sleep?"

Albert then asked, "DIdn't you get any sleep?"

Willie stretched then yawned then said, "Oh, I got a cat nap here, there..."

Albert watches the horses a bit more than he said, "Here's what I'm thinking, we're just a few hours out of Tracy's, it's just a few hours more to Walnut Grove; why don't we stop for the night, make camp for the night then get up and go on home in the morning?"

Willie shook his head, smiled then said, "Sounds fine to me."

Albert then said, "Let's go up a ways, I remember a perfect spot for camping."

They go on up the road then see a beautiful, wide spot on the side of the road. On the other side of the clearing is outlined with trees, a few rocks scattered around but enough room for a campfire and to set out some bedrolls. The boys hop down, stretch their bones and look around. Albert went to the horses and freed them from the wagon, led them over to a thick, rich area of grass to let them eat then when he turned to go back to Willie, he find his friend looking in the woods.

Albert then asked him, "Willie, what's back there?"

Willie turned to look at him then waved him over and said, "Come here, come look at this."

Albert sighed then went over, looked in and at first he doesn't see anything but then when he looked in the woods further, he saw an old path that was only big enough for a wagon. He followed it with his eyes and saw an outline of a building in the distance then Willie said, "Come on."

"You want to go in there? You don't want to rest?" Albert asked him. Willie nodded his head then said, "No, come on man, don't you want to have an adventure before you go to medical school?"

Albert smiled then went in the woods and asked his friend, " You miss doing this don't you?" Willie nodded his head then said, "Yeah, don't get me wrong, I love being married to Rachel and I'm excited...and nervous about becoming a father but I miss doing this like we did just a few years ago."

Albert heard the crunch of breaking of sticks under his feet and moves the limbs in front of his face out-of-the-way then he said, "Yeah, we did do a lot of crazy things." Willie shook his head then said, "Yeah, that's why I like doing this, just going in the woods and finding an old abandoned house feels good."

Albert looked ahead than they come to the path, get on then Albert said, "Yeah, I bet you are glad now that Nancy smoked out the kitchen now aren't you?"

Willie laughed then said, "Yeah, well, the kitchen needed repainting anyway and I needed to go to Fairlawn to get those dishes mother ordered for the restaurant." Albert then asked Willie, "Arent' those dishes a little too fancy for the restaurant?" Willie chuckled then said, "Yeah, but you know my mother but she does say they are only for special guests on special occasions."

Albert chuckled and he looked down at his feet watching his steps then he started to say something, "Willie, how does your mother..." suddenly he stopped, looked around then asks his friend, "Do you feel that?"

Willie looked around then asked, "What?"

He pulled his coat closer together then he asked Willie, "You didn't feel that wind?"

Willie looked at his friend then he smiled and said, "Oh, you're just feeling the draft in your head, come on; we're almost there."

Albert shook his head and they walked on and they come to the building, which they realize is built like a small fortress. The crudely cut wood was falling from the walls, it was 20 feet long but every five feet a darker plank of wood and in the center, they looked up and it was a tall tower built with a watch tower on top with a small roof covering it. The young man's excitement was building on their faces than Albert asked, "What is this?"

Willie looked around and he said, "I don't know, was it an Army fort?"

Albert shrugged his shoulders than Willie said, "Well, let's go in."

Albert nodded his head than he followed his friend inside the old, abandoned fort or whatever it was...the inside is just as dirty, branches from the trees outside poke here and there in the walls, there are no windows and they look down the long hallway in the middle of the place and they see a set of large doors that led to the outside grounds that is surrounded by the broken where they are, they start walking around and see small rooms with nothing in them but poorly built homemade beds then Willie said, "Hey, I think I know what this is."

Albert looked at him then he asked, "What?"

Will then said with child like enthusiasm, "A prison."

Albert looked around and he said, "What? Wow...sure, it makes sense, look at the small rooms, only big enough for one man."

They started to move around and go to one of the prison rooms when Willie looked down and he said, "Look Albert."

Albert looked back and he saw Willie pick something up from the dirt...a pair of handcuffs, they were round cuffs that went around the wrist, the locking mechanism looked like a small bar and they were connected by a chain. Willie then said, "Well, this proves it."

Albert goes over to touch the cuffs then said, "I guess it does."

Willie "dances" the cuffs in the air then said, "Man, these are heavy."

Albert nodded his head then said, "I heard they were, weighs about a pound."

Willie agrees then said, "Yeah, that's what they feel like."

Albert asked, "Are you going to keep them?"

Willie nodded his head then said, "Sure, why not? Nobody else is using them."

Albert chuckled then said "Yeah." Then turned to go back to the rooms then Willie said, "Hey Albert, I'll be outside."

Albert turned to look at his friend then asked, "What's wrong? You chickening out?"

"No" said Willie and he said rather quickly, "I got something to do."

He leaves rather quickly than Albert smiled, softly chuckled as he realized nature was calling his best friend so he went back to looking around. But as he did he felt that same cold wind that he did earlier then he started feeling like someone...or something was watching him. He slowly turned around but he doesn't see anything but then...he saw and felt something...like a black mass rush past him then ran back across him then finally, everything became still, no sounds of the forest, no leaves rustling on the ground then the apparition appears. It's like looking though a dark glass, the man is there but he is not, he is dressed in rags...something like a prisoner would wear...his pants are torn, his shirt? Well, it looked more like a torn dishrag, his hair was pulled back in a ponytail and his eyes , he or whatever didn't have any eyes, they were torn out with blackish blood running down, the blood was the only color on him.

He just kept looking at Albert then he opened his mouth and said in a voice that wasn't of this world asked him, "WHERE ARE MY EYES?"

Then Albert is thrown against the wall but then everything is still, it's like nothing has happened but he knows something did. He shook the cobwebs out of his head then he stood up, looked around then ran out of the building, he ran into Willie who was coming back then Willie asked, "What's wrong?"

Albert looked around then he smiled then said, "Oh nothing, I'm just...hungry, ready to eat that Deer chili Ma made for us ."

Willie smiled then said, "Yeah, I am too, come on, let's go back to camp; I got my handcuffs."

Albert tried to give a chuckle but he just managed to say, "Yeah, let's go."

The men turn and leave, Albert looked back at the broken down prison and wonders about what just happened to him.

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