A Better Life

Summary: Jack is beaten and abused by the Guardians every day. His only friend is Pitch Black. When Pitch pushes him through a white portal, suddenly everything has change. The Guardians are suddenly caring. Pitch is suddenly evil. What's going on?

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The doors burst opened, interrupting the moment between Jack and Tooth. Jack immediately startled in alarm, until he realised it was just a yeti, wheeling in the cart of food Tooth had promised him earlier.

Tooth sent him a concern glaze, patting his arm gently before her wings fluttered and she moved over to the door where the yeti stood.

"Thanks for bringing this up, Phil." Tooth said, smiling at the yeti as she took the cart from his furry paws.

Phil grunted and nodded in response. However he wasn't really concentrating on Tooth's words, his eyes looking over at Jack.

He glanced back at Tooth and titled his head in Jack's direction, silently asking Tooth how the boy was.

"He's okay," Tooth reassured the worried Yeti, her voice lowering into an almost whisper so Jack couldn't hear, "I think some of his injuries need rechecking, but that can wait until later. I'm heading to North's office as soon as Jack's eaten so I'll talk to you then, okay?"

Phil nodded, having meant to go see North anyway, to check on his boss and make sure he was okay. He had been distracted however when the elf Tooth had sent had found him when he was in the middle of cooking the Yetis' breakfast, passing the note Tooth had hastily scribbled, knowing the elf wouldn't be able to repeat what she said (and probably forget the whole message anyway). The other yetis hadn't been too impressed when they were forced to cook their own breakfasts while Phil focused on Jack's (especially since Phil's cooking was to die for) but they didn't argue when Phil shot them the look.

Meanwhile Jack was watching the quiet one sided conservation, eyebrows furrowed. He recognised the Yeti from before, the one who had looked so glum in the corridor. He wondered why the Yeti kept glancing at him every so often.

"Does the other me know him?" He whispered to Baby Tooth, keeping his voice as low as possible. He didn't know how Tooth would react if she had just heard that statement but Jack was pretty sure the reaction would be along the lines of thinking he might have gone insane.

Baby Tooth nodded, shrugging slightly. She couldn't exactly sum up the relationship between the teen and the Yeti in tweets and squawks after all.

"Pancakes are served!" Tooth cried rushing the cart next to Jack bed, stopping the conservation between Jack and Baby Tooth. Phil had left whilst the two had been whispering.

Jack stared at the cart, mouth agape. On the cart was a tray with a plate filled of pancakes, covered in honey. Next to the plate was a glass of milk.

"I thought you would like a drink too. Plus milk is quite healthy for your teeth," Tooth said, face brightening at the last sentence.

Jack continued staring at the food, hardly hearing what she said. Tooth smiled, a little sadly, at how Jack stared at the food, as if he never seen it before. Once the yeti left, she picked up the tray and placed it on Jack's lap so he wouldn't have to move so much and hurt his injuries.

Feeling his throat was dry, Jack picked up the glass of milk first. Slowly he brought it glass to his mouth and took a sip.

His eyes widened and he quickly drained the whole drink in one go. He had forgotten how thirsty he was until the cold soothing drink had slipped down his throat.

Even more ravenous than he was before, he began eating the pancakes, foregoing the knife and fork, not caring at how sticky his hands got as he wolfed down the food. He barely chewed as he swallowed; he was too focused on digesting the warm sweet delicious food.


Baby Tooth let out a startled chirp and looked at her mother in concern. Worried about the boy choking, Tooth pulled the tray away.

A whimper escaped Jack's mouth before he could stop it.

Jack covered his mouth when he realised, humiliation washing over him like splash of cold water, drenching him and making him feel the cold his body was immune too. He closed his eyes and looked down, hands curling tightly into the sheets he was holding.

He expected Tooth to laugh at him and mock him cruelly before taking the food away completely. Jack didn't know what would be worse, the harsh names that would stick in his mind forever or losing the food he had just gotten to taste after being denied any sort of food for years.

What he didn't expect was Tooth to place a gentle hand under his chin and lift it up so he was looking at her.

"Jack, it's okay. I'm not taking the food away." Tooth said softly, "I just need you to stop eating so quickly, otherwise you'll be sick. Okay?"

Unable to form words, Jack nodded. Tooth smiled and returned the tray back onto his lap.

"Use the knife and fork. And try to take a breath between each bite. That's what I tell my fairies when they're eating too fast." Tooth said, shooting a glance at Baby Tooth as she said.

Baby Tooth giggled nervously. She was a culprit of doing that often.

"Um…okay." Jack said as he picked up the utensils on the tray, staring at them. He looked back up, "How exactly do you use these again?"

Tooth giggled but not in a mocking way, more just a genuine laugh. Jack still blushed, embarrassment. He hadn't really come across knives and forks, not being able to afford them in his mortal life, not coming across them when he lived by his lake and not be allowed food let alone mind utensils when he was the Guardians….from his universe. It was still strange for him to say that

Noticing Jack's blush, Tooth covered her mouth to stop laughing and shot Jack a smile.

"Hold them like this," She said. She arranged the fork and knife in Jack's hands so he was holding them correctly before detailing each step. "Use the fork to hold the pancake in place and the use the knife to cut it into a smaller piece….like so."

"Do you do this often?" Jack asked as he managed to cut the pancake into an uneven bite size piece before placing it into his mouth. He almost started wolfing the food down again but, remembering Tooth's breathing instructions, managed to slow down slightly.

"When you take care of thousands and thousands of little teeth fairies that, despite knowing how to look after children teeth with care and precision, do not know much about table manners – some more than others," Here she shot Baby Tooth another look, "You sort of become an expert in teaching these things."

Baby Tooth rolled her eyes and lowered herself down onto the tray, next to the plate. Then, with a very cheeky grin at her mother, she stuck her beak right into the pancakes, foregoing the knife and fork that Jack had dropped in surprise as she tore a large (well large compared to her size) off and munched happily.

"Baby Tooth!" Tooth cried, plucking her daughter away from the plate, "What have I told you? No eating from other people's plates! Look, your feathers are all sticky now."

Baby Tooth did not seem to care that her feathers were now covered in the honey that had been drizzled on the pancakes. As her mother chided her, she sent a wink to Jack, Totally worth it.

Jack bit back a laugh, hiding his grin behind his hands. He could see why this Baby Tooth and the Jack from his universe got along so well, she was very funny.

Tooth noticed Jack's hiding his grin out of the corner of her eye. The worried look was back in her eyes though she tried not to show it as she sighed at Baby Tooth's behaviour.

"Honestly, not even your sisters get as messy as you do. Come on, I have to get you clean up."

Baby Tooth squawked, flying out of her mother's hand before Tooth could carry her away. She gestured to the pancake piece and to Jack's place, pouting. Though Jack could not understand her squawks, it was obvious she was claiming that she hadn't finish eating yet.

"It's Jack's breakfast, not yours." Tooth reminded the fairy.

As if just remembering that fact, Baby Tooth turned to Jack, shooting him a pleading glance.

"Um….I don't….mind." Jack said at Baby Tooth's puppy dog eyes.

Baby Tooth squealed in delight. Tooth didn't look as impressed.

"You're sure?" She asked. Jack nodded, "Okay. Well, I still need to clean you up after you finish eating, you."

She poked Baby Tooth in the stomach, tickling her. The little fairy doubled up, laughing as she dropped her pancake in order to try to push her mother's hand away.

Jack watched the display, noticing another thing different about this Tooth. The Tooth Jack knew had never really shown this playfulness and mothering to anyone, not even her fairies. She was either very cold and bitter or she would be cruelly mocking and nasty to those around her, especially with Jack. Tickling others was something she would never be caught doing.

"I'll be back in a bit." Tooth said as she finished tickling Baby Tooth. With that, she quickly flittered out of the room.

Once Tooth was gone, Baby Tooth turned to Jack, a questioning look appearing on her face. Tweeting, she gestured to where Tooth had been and over to the spot where the other Jack had been.

"I…I don't know why I didn't tell her." Jack said, "She probably would have thought I was crazy."

Baby Tooth frowned, titling her head. While this Jack wasn't her Jack, she knew that wasn't the reason why Jack didn't say anything about the other Jack after he realised she wasn't like the Tooth from his universe.

Jack looked down at his plate, sighing. No longer hungry, he pushed the tray away and began fiddling with his duvet hem again.

"They really care about the other Jack don't they?"

Baby Tooth nodded. Since Jack become a Guardian the whole Guardian team had become one big happy family, Jack right in the centre. After they got used to the winter spirit's pranks they found the boy endearing and started looking at him as a son or a brother (in her case a big brother and best friend).

"How are they going to react when they find out that I'm not the Jack from this universe….and their Jack is dead?"

Once the door had been shut, the smile fell from Tooth's face. She sighed heavily, her wings drooping a little as she floated down the corridor. Her feet almost scraped the ground every now and then as she got too lost in her thoughts to keep her wings buzzing at their usual humming bird speed.

Instead of heading to the bathroom to fetch a cloth, like she had said she would do, she instead flew through the workshop, ignoring the yetis either giving her curious or pitying glances, and went to North's office first.

"North?" She called out as she knock on the door. It was just as well that she did, as the sound of the knock came out quite timidly, hardly loud enough to be picked up by anyone unless they were directly next to the door.

There was the heavy sound of footsteps and the door opened, revealing Phil.

"Oh hi, Phil." Tooth said. She had almost forgotten she had sent Phil here earlier.

Phil step aside, allowing the human sized fairy to flutter in. Tooth nodded at the Yeti and he shut the door behind her.

North was standing over his desk. It looked as though he busy making something, as he would on a ordinary day, creating new and wondrous toys and testing them before he would hand the prototype proudly to the yetis so they could make a dozen alike for every kid in the world to enjoy.

Only the heavy slump in the shoulder and, as Tooth circled the desk so she could face him, the depress droop of his usual upturn mouth showed her that North wasn't just carrying on as normal.

Ignoring the toy, Tooth pressed a hand on North's, stopping him in mid-sewing, as he snapped out of his unhappy thoughts and finally noticed the fairy.

"Tooth! When you get in?" North asked, glancing over to Phil, as if just noticing the Yeti's presence as well. By the worried frown Phil sent Tooth, it appeared that was the actual case.

"Just a few seconds ago." Tooth replied. She glanced around the room, noting an absence of someone that had been there when she had left, "Where's Bunny?"

"Oh….said he wanted to be alone for little while." The Russian replied. He took a look at his clock upon is shelf,"It's….been longer than little while."

"Did he say where he went?"

North shook his head and then shrugged, "I do not think so. But, if honest, I was not listening properly."

Tooth nodded, concern for her friend. It wasn't often that North was ever this serious or saddened. The last time Tooth had seen this devastation across North's face was when Sandy had been killed.

"Did Sandy call….?"

Once more North shook his head.

"It has only been one night though. He probably is still busy on other side of hemisphere, sending dreams. He'll send message when he can."

Like Bunny, Tooth hadn't really understood why Sandy had left. However she knew he had his reasons and that North had understood those reasons, even though he would not share them with her or the rabbit. So long that North understood, Tooth just accepted that it would be sometime before she would see the golden man.

"How's Jack?" North asked. Once more, Tooth saw North's eyes shift to the clock, brows furrowed as he tried to work out when she had left, "You were gone for while."

Tooth smiled softly, "I got to talk to him and eat some breakfast." She said, shooting a thankful glance at the Yeti who had made that breakfast, "He…He let me hug him."

North's breath hitched and he stared at Tooth in shock, "You sure?"

"Yes," Tooth nodded, "He's still quite nervous around me and I don't think he's stop believing the memories Pitch gave him just yet. But…I think he might be starting to question them."

"Do you think he'll return back to normal then?" North asked, hopefully.

"It's too earlier to say." Tooth replied.

The sadness returned, making the small smile drop instantly from Tooth's face. It was North's turn now to send his friend a look of concern.

"I…when he was eating, Baby Tooth decided it was a good idea to stick her head literally into his breakfast. Normally Jack would burst out laughing. But he….he only smiled, North."

North leaned forward and place a hand on Tooth's shoulder, squeezing it gently "Tooth…"

"I'm still not sure what exactly Pitch did to him." Tooth continued, shaking her head, "There might be a chance…he won't ever go back to being as he was before."

Tears brimmed into her eyes. In front of Jack and Baby Tooth, she had pressed them down, not wanting to upset either of them. Now though she could no longer keep them back.

North pulled her into a hug and she wept against his chest, gripping the front of North's jacket tightly. North patted her back, shushing her gently whilst she sobbed.

"We'll still be there for him even if he doesn't," He whispered.

Tooth knew he was right and yet it took several more minutes before she managed to stop crying as much. It had been a long stressful two years with her, North and even Sandy all believing Jack was dead, murdered in cold blood by Pitch. As time went on, they didn't even think they would find the closure of finding Jack's body, Pitch hiding it away somewhere.

It had been much harder with Bunny still believing he was still alive. Right now, Tooth was so grateful that the Pooka hadn't given up hope. But back then she could remember the times when she had just wanted to scream at the Easter Bunny. She nearly did a couple of times but Sandy had sense her distress and shot a few golden sand drifts to calm her down before taking out the room and away from everyone else where she was allowed to shout and scream and not care she was acting completely out of character.

As a motherly figure thanks to taking care of her little baby teeth, she had instantly taken Jack under her wing (metaphorically speaking) when he had joined the Guardians. She could not say that Jack's kidnapping had affected her the most – that wouldn't be fair – but it had affected her greatly nonetheless.

She could remember when she noticed she was leaving more feathers in her nest than usual when she got up to start the day and when she finally notice them falling out. At first she had thought she was losing believers but then when North had taken her to the globe with an almost terrified look on his face, she realised that it was not the children's lights that were flickering but her own.

The children hadn't stop believing. She had.

It was just luckily enough that the others had noticed her light fading out just in the nick of time. None of them, apart from Sandy, knew exactly, what happen to spirits that stopped believing. Sandy had not told them, but by the way he kept shaking his head and the fear on the usually confidence sandman told the other three it wasn't good.

"Sorry," Tooth mumbled into North's chest, "I'm making your shirt all soggy."

North chuckled lightly, ruffling her head feathers, "Is alright. Needed a good wash anyway."

Tooth giggled, sniffing as she pulled herself from North's chest to wipe her runny nose with her feathery sleeve (unknowing copying her little fairies whenever their noses were running). North kindly passed her a tissue.

Tooth took it, once again apologising as she blew her nose. Normally she didn't cry around North or Bunny, rather she would go to Sandy whenever she needed a shoulder to cry on. Again her mothering instinct took over when she was around North and Bunny and so she would spend more time comforting them instead of the other way around. Sandy was the only one that wasn't affected by Tooth's motherly ways, giving her raised eyebrows whenever she tried smothering him with comfort, and so she didn't have to worry about him whenever she broke down.

The fact Sandy wasn't with them now (she wasn't leaving Santoff Claussen when Jack was like this and Sandy was quite hard to track when he wanted to be left alone) almost made her start crying again. She might have accepted that Sandy had to go, but that didn't mean she had to like it.

Instead she wiped her eyes and bravely smiled at North who was still giving her an anxious look.

"I'm okay now." She told him.

North didn't look quite convinced but didn't push her. Tooth shot him a grateful look, her smile becoming a bit more geniue.

"I probably should get back," She said, ruffling her feathers and getting to her feet, "I only left to get something to clean up Baby Tooth with."

North hesitated, chewing his lip, glancing at the toy on his desk.

"Do you think Jack would be okay if I visited as well?"

"I-I don't know North. He was okay with me but I'm not sure…."

Tooth trailed off when she saw the look on North's face as his shoulder's slumped down heavily. It was then when she reminded herself she wasn't the only one that had suffered when Jack was gone.

"We can give it a try." She whispered gently.

The spark that appeared in North's eyes that hadn't been seen for two years and the smile Tooth got when she said that sentence was well worth it.

"….So that's how I understand what you're saying?" Jack asked Baby Tooth.

The little fairy nodded, letting out a happy chirp in confirmation. While her mother took a long time to return, Baby Tooth decided it would be a good time to teach Jack to understand her, especially seeing as Jack had decided not to mentioned the fact that he wasn't from this universe to them.

She had tried to convince him otherwise but that had caused Jack to almost burst into tears again. And while this Jack wasn't her Jack, she was started care for this younger version of her best friend and so, she had change the topic, allowing the boy to get distracted from his fears.

It had been fairly difficult to teach this new Jack how to understand her as the older Jack had partly learnt by reading her expression and then was taught the rest by Tooth. But similar to the other Jack, this Jack was able to pick things up fairly quickly even without Tooth there.

"Huh, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be," Jack said, rubbing the back of his neck. A small tiny grin form on his lips.

The door opened and the two both looked up. Tooth flew in, carrying a wet cloth in her hands. Behind her was North.

Baby Tooth felt Jack immediately tensed up beside her and she place her tiny hand on his larger hand to calm him down. It reassured him but only slightly as he chewed his lip anxiously. For a moment the little tooth fairy wondered what exactly had the alternative version of the Russian had done to him to make Jack tensed at the mere sight of the relatively harmless toymaker.

Tooth must have noticed Jack's nervousness as she gestured to North to wait by the door before flying over to the cart that she had left besides Jack's bed.

"You finished your breakfast?" Tooth asked. The smile she sent Jack was also reassuring.

Jack nodded though he did not return the smile. Baby Tooth slightly pouted as Tooth lifted the empty tray and placed it on the cart. She had been hoping for seconds.

"Right, let's get you clean up."

All too late did Baby Tooth finally remember she was still covered in honey and sticky but scrumptious pancakes remains as Tooth picked her up from the bed and began wiping her face with the cloth. She let out an incensed shriek but it was muffled by the large flannel.

"Honestly Baby Tooth, you're even messier than you were earlier!" Tooth exclaimed to which Baby Tooth responded with an outraged cry. What did her mother expect? It was pancakes.

Jack grinned, covering his mouth again quickly to hide it. His blue eyes sparkled though, much more than before, and that was honestly the only thing Baby Tooth cared about as she pulled a face and roll her eyes, thinking the flannel would obstruct her face from her mother's view.

"I saw that!"

Maybe not.

With a sigh, Tooth removed the cloth, looking at Baby Tooth's feathers with disdain. Somehow the pancakes crumbs had stuck to them and were refusing to budge.

"I have to give you a bath."

Baby Tooth squawked, a look of horror crossing her face as she pleaded with her mother. Tooth ignored her as she focus her attention to Jack.

"Will you be alright if North stays with you?" She asked.

Jack froze. The look on his face clearly stated that no, he would not. Baby Tooth could see him trembling as he glanced over at North, his face masking into a frown as if to try and mask the fear that the others could see for miles.

She let out one thrill chirp and as Jack looked at her, she gestured to the sky, unable to talk with her mother standing right there, Remember what Jack said.

Slowly, still hesitating with doubts clearly in his ice blue eyes, he nodded.

Tooth patted his arm and then took Baby Tooth out of the ward. As she passed North, Baby Tooth saw her mother shoot North a reassuring glance. She wondered if her mum had intended to let North have a few moments alone with North from the very start.

While that was great and all (it was what the other Jack wanted after all) why did this have to be at the expense of her?

She hated baths.

Silence followed after Tooth had shut the door.

North hesitated in the corner of the ward where he had sat while Tooth and Jack talked, unsure if this was a good idea. From the way Jack had hunched up into a ball once the two teeth fairies had left and had not looked over at the corner, it was clear that Jack was unnerved by his presence. Whenever North made a slight movement to walk over to him, he would immediately stiffened. It felt like North was approaching an scared animal.

North began to think that perhaps this wasn't a good time to try to reassure the child that he wasn't whatever Pitch had made him out to be. Jack had already started opening up to Tooth, he didn't want to ruin that progress. But, after a few moments with the tension in the air ready to be cut open by a knife, he slowly stepped over.

"Hi Jack,"

Another long moment of silence. Then….

"Hi…." Jack mumbled back, ducking his head and fiddling with his duvet cover.

Even though the greeting was directed at the white duvet more then to him, North couldn't help the grin spreading across his face.

"How you feeling?" He asked, concern gracing his voice as he glanced at Jack's injuries. The bruising was started to heal, marring the boy's usually snowy white skin with yellow and brown. They looked sore North noticed Jack's hoodie was still ripped in several places, making a mental note to replace it at some point. At least the bandages didn't need changing yet.

"A little sore I guess," Jack admitted quietly.

North nodded and, heading over to the IV bags, he replaced the medication for Jack. Jack relaxed a little as the pain in his body eased slightly.


There was another awkward silence. Jack noticed North's hands were behind his back. In fact, they had not moved away from his back since he came in.

"Oh right. Almost forgot," North chided himself as he reached out to retrieve what he was holding behind his back.

He didn't noticed Jack clenched his eyes shut slightly, as the winter spirit expected North to bring out a belt to hit like he had before.

When no strike came, Jack snuck a peek.

In his hands was a small parcel. It was wrapped in dark blue paper that matched his hoodie, tied with a baby blue ribbon and bow. A present.

Jack blinked.

"Here, take it," North said, holding the present out to him.

Jack just continued to stare, his expression clearly showing just how confused he was.

"You never gave me any presents." He said sullenly, turning his head away to look back down to the bed, "Not even when I was on the good list. I know; I stole a peek one time."

North sighed. He wasn't sure how he was going to help Jack's memory, the boy seemed fully convinced he still never got any presents. So instead of trying to convince him, North continued to hold out the parcel, "Go on, take it."

Jack stared at the present, then glanced at North, almost analysing him. It was as if he was starting to doubt the lies Pitch had put into the boy's head but still couldn't quite believe it just yet.

Then, before North could react, a pale hand darted forward and snatched the parcel out of North's large hand. Jack pulled the present close, eyeing the Russian warily, seeming to expect the man to try and take the present away from him.

When all North did was take a step back from the bed to show he wasn't going to take the present away, Jack's hold on the parcel eventually loosen as he placed the present down on the bed. He studied the wrapping, taking his time to slowly pick at the paper, as if he was trying to make the most of opening it, thinking it would be the only chance he would get.

North could not help but let out a sad sigh as he watched. Jack had acted the same way when he first got a present on the first Christmas the child was a Guardian. It had been heart breaking to watch. A child was supposed to rip off the paper without a care in the world, too excited about the gift inside to care about the paper.

After a few more years Jack slowly stopped taking his time unwrapping and soon he had been tearing off the paper faster than any child North had ever seen. Tooth chided him for creating such a mess but North, Sandy and Bunny just laughed and Tooth couldn't stay mad for too long. All the Guardians prefer it that way.

Now though they were back to square one again. Only this time was more heart wrenching to watch. Not only did Jack take his time as if it was his last, but he still sent North cautious glances his way, suspicions still clear in the child's eyes. And the child looked so young. Tooth had been right, Jack looked several years younger than when they last saw him.

He was pulled out of his thoughts as Jack took off the last of the wrapping paper. Jack dropped the last piece of paper as he stared at the gift.

"Do you like it?" North asked.

It was a small teddy bear with soft white fur and twinkling blue eyes. North had made some time ago upon finding out that it was near Jack's birthday. The boy mention never receiving a teddy bear as a child; their family had been too poor. He had made one, out of parts of his cloak and some clothes that were beginning to get too small, for his little sister but he never had one of his own.

North had been half way through making it when he was struck with a thought. What if Jack didn't like it? The boy was at the age that most boys would say they were 'too old' for teddy bears. Even a fun loving and perhaps slightly immature boy like Jack might not be as keen on a teddy bear as a gift.

He had, of course, realised he was being silly. But, by then, it was too late. Jack had disappeared; two weeks before his birthday.

As North slowly began to lose hope that they would ever see their Jack alive again, he had placed the unfinished bear at the back of a shelf in his office. When Jack had returned, he had taken it back off the shelf, blew away the dust that had gathered and began working on finishing on it; the fact that Jack no longer trusted them, thanks to the lies Pitch had filled his mind with, only spurring him on to finishing it as fast as he could – making sure he got every little detail perfect, of course.

Now as Jack glazed at the bear, breath caught in his throat and hesitating as he reached out to touch it almost like he expected it to disappear as soon as he did, North only wished he had given it to him sooner.

"I'll take that as a yes," North said softly.

Slowly the child drew the bear into his arms, clasping it to his chest and resting his chin on its head. He didn't say anything, his eyes still showing signs of uncertainty and distrust. But the distrust wasn't as strong as before and, when North patted him on the shoulder before retreating back to the corner, he didn't flinch away.

Man I don't know about you guys ut I felt like I was on a rollercoaster when I writing that. One minute I was giggling at Baby Tooth and Jack cuteness the next I was depressed with Tooth and North. I got really stuck when writing the last part. While I had already written the moment when North gives Jack the teddy bear I was so stuck on the part LEADING up to that. So yes that why the bit with North is really awkward ^^;