Chloes POV

As we left, I had a feeling we were being watched. I looked around a couple of time but no one was there. I bought Clark's coffee and headed back to the under ground house. We would need to think of a better name for it, something cool. Coulson had the mobile Bus we needed something cool for ours. I expressed this to the others who were coming up with silly names.

"Something proper, we can us it in general speak without revealing anything. I have a feeling S.H.I.E.L.D is around." We all fell silent.

"How about...we call it..." Ming paused, 'A.R.C. Actors rest corner."

"Cool. Short, simple but intriguing." Iain said, "welcome to A.R.C, our under ground headquarters. Please take off your boots when we enter the building, thanks you."

I chuckled. "Nice."

"Why don't we just reveal our selves to shield and have them help us get back home." Clark suggested.

" I don't know, they may lock us up and try to extract information on the future events," I said, not liking my own mental image.

"Like?" Elizabeth asked.

"Coulson's resurrection, Skye's past, important episodes..."

"If Fury gets involved then it could turn nasty," Clark concluded.

We all fell silent. I knew he was thinking of what measures Fury took by resurrecting Coulson, he wasn't the person to turn your back on. Either we go to shield and be questioned and tested and hope they can sent us back home, or we could hide out until they eventually captured us. None of that seemed to comfort me so I hoped we would settle.

"I...propose that we don't go running to Shield." Iain said slowly.

"Agreed." I said, dragging myself into the living room area and sat down. The others following. "I found my glasses so that's a plus of today." Clark said, pulling them out his pocket.

"I got food!" Ming declared.

Iain's hands went to his arms, i could just make out strap marks from the bags that dug in.

"Coffee?" I asked, my mind springing to mornings. Everyone would have coffee.

"Two lots."

"Nice." I leant back and stared at the ceiling. There was a spider hanging just above Iain's part of the ceiling. I wasn't sure if he was scared of them or not but I found myself grinning at the thought of it dropping onto his head, with many different reactions. All of then backing me giggle quietly.

"I'm going out into the town again, see if we find work placements." Ming said, standing up suddenly, deciding on a change of scene.

"I'll come if you want." I said. Nothing here interested me just yet. Ming hummed grabbing her bag and headed out the door. I snatched my own and headed after her.

"Do you think SHIELD has found out about us?" I asked as we shut the doors that clicked loudly. I had a feeling it only reacted with our touch, not to mention we seemed to have come out at another place. "Where are we?" I asked, stopping. we had come out at an ally before now it looked like we had entered a rundown shop. i looked to see the door had stayed the same.

Ming looked about, seeing the changes. "We're closer to our destination than before. Must come out closer to our destination or it moved as a defense. Not a clue in other ways." Not clear but she seemed else where mentally. I chuckled and led the way out to the busy pavements, crowns of men, woman and old people, most on their phones.

"There's a café, we start small." I said spotting one. I felt an arm tug me to the side. Ming appeared to be dragging me towards the side and pulled off something from the wall.


THREE MEN, THREE WOMAN WHO ACT, AUDTIONS FOR PLAY ON THE 24th 26th AND 27th OF THIS MONTH. Under was the title of the play which was Much Ado about Nothing.

I grinned. I knew Clark had done a role in it so he would be pleased and would get a kick out of it too.

"This is very coincidental." Ming mused taking the lead towards the café,

"I know but it is a paid job, it's a comedy and the roles are Leonato, Claudio, Beatrice and Benedick, Hero and the Margret. It says there had been playing for those role but dropped out." I said, turning the paper over.

"Looks fishy to me but i suppose it won't hurt to audition for it." I snapped a picture of it and emailed it to Brett's phone. "Guys I've sent something to Brett, take a look." I said into the comm.

I didn't wait for a reply and dragged Ming into the coffee shop.

"Hello" I greeted the woman at the counter. "Is there any job openings here?" I asked.

The woman shook her head apologetically, "No, I'm afraid out last one was taken two weeks ago. Sorry."

I nodded and we both exited. "I don't want to look for jobs, I want to..." Ming trailed off distracted. I turned and saw what she was looking at. A beautiful leather jacket.

"Control your self, Ming, breath, I know you want it but we Probably don't have enough money." I said but I really wanted it any way. I turned to see an empty space. "well, at least I tried." I said, more to myself though it was to myself.

I headed inside, perching on the tip of my toes to look over the tall heads of people. I caught her in the selection of the Jackets, searching for her size. I noticed the sunglasses in her hand too. "That's really going to be conspicuous." I commented, she jumped, not hearing me approach.

"I don't care, look how pretty it is though on me!" She pulled one off and held it against herself. I laughed, though pulled one off as well.

"If I can't beat you, I join you, Whoa, it's on sale!" I began to flick through the other selections, putting the black one back and found a white leather ones with buckles and zips.

Ming dragged me away after 15 minutes, and paid for them, as soon as we were out, I shredded my jacket into the bag and pulled on the nice new one. Ming had also got me a pair of glasses identical to hers.

"So, we spent almost all our money. Now we need a job to live off."

"Let's head over to the theater anyway. If we can be in it, we can see if there are any opening roles for future roles." I agreed with her logic, we had nothing to lose by asking. But i had that constant feeling of being watched. I felt my gaze shift to a security camera. No doubt SHIELD would be recording this so we would have to keep ourself scares except when we really need to. Whatever was going to happen, well that was going to be interesting to say, at the least.

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