Harry grabbed his bags he looked outside his small room and saw Sirius he left a note saying

I'm leaving for good I hope you all realize that Andrew and Alexa aren't the Twins Who Lived you disgust Sirius and I and we are leaving England hope you all burn in hell


P.S I took my Lord Ship so your broke and out of money pay back for the abuse you caused me.

Harry left it on his bed and quietly walked out the door into the cold night. Harry got on Sirius bike and Sirius looked at him and said"Ready Harry"Harry nodded and they flew to the airport. They made it and Sirius shrunk his bike and they walked in and on to the plane. Harry said"What seats do we have"Sirius smirked and said"Well we are going into first class got to leave fancy and arrive fancy"Harry rolled his eyes but never the less grinned they made it to their seats and Harry thought as they took off ' New York here we come.'

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