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Latiasxash 4 evr 76:You could have moldysnort come over as well as Loki to attack the crew leading to a large battle resulting in the kidnapping and brainwashing of harry who at a later date Sirius and avengers have to rescue him. Also during this you could add in underlying plot hints as to a future encounter with thanos

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Latiasxash 4 eve 76

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While the others had their own problems, on the other side of the world in England, wizards and witches, and creatures of all kinds, were panicking and worrying. You see, Voldemort a.k.a You-Know-Who, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Dark Lord, Tom Riddle, Voldyshorts, Moldysnorts, Voldymoldy, etc, I know for a half-blood dark lord he sure does have a lot of funny names or his name getting made fun of.

"Now Severus Snape does Dumbledore know of the Potter boy location?"Voldemort sneered looking at Snape.

"Yes, my lord, he does and so do the Potters, but they aren't telling anyone not even their werewolf friend, Lupin."Snape drawled out looking at Voldemort.

"How...disappointing...CRUCIO."Voldemort hissed out causing Snape to fall to the ground, whither around.

The other death eaters cringed a little while Bellatrix crackled in glee at the sight of Snape being tortured.

"Find out where he is you are dismissed...Wormtail-"Voldemort said and dismissed Snape.

Snape hurriedly got up and walked out of the room hearing screams coming from Wormtail. The little rat got caught listing to the inner circle meeting when he was suppose to make the prisoners keep quiet and stop screaming and shouting for "help" or to "make it stop".

Voldemort kicked away Wormtail's sobbing body away from him and walked toward Lucius.

"Now we need more followers I expect you to recruit some even your own children you got that if you don't well you can face the same fate as Severus Snape." Voldemort threaten them, but they knew it was a promise.

"My lord, may I have the pleasure in leading a raid into Hogsmeade."Bellatrix leaned foward, her eyes heavy lidded.

"Now Bellatrix we have to stay low for now even though they know of my are all dismissed."Voldemort sneered before petting Niagini.

Harry cried out in pain, dropping to the ground, his hand covering his scar. The others stopped what they were doing and snapped their necks towards Harry.

"HARRY!"They shouted rushing towards him and trying to stop his thrashing body.

Harry fell on his back, panting, finally stopped screaming and thrashing around. Natasha hugged him relieved to see him out of pain.

"Harry what had happen?"Sirius asked looking at his pup in concerned.

"S-Sirius...Voldemort...he's back...he has raised again."Harry told him in between pants causing Sirius to look horrified and pale while the others looked concerned and slightly confused."

"He wants Snape to fins out my location so he can kill me like he wanted to when I was five years old...My scar burned and I just felt so much anger...Sirius what's happing."Harry continued looking tiredly and scared at Sirius.

"Your scar must be linked to Voldemort's mind so you can see what he sees or his strongest emotion sometimes. We just have to pray to Merlin that he doesn't know about the connection. I will train you to close your mind to him."Sirius explained to Harry who paled.

"Fellow team mates I have been needed to tell you this. I am gonna be retrieving my brother, Loki, from Asgard. Don't worry my father has stripped him of his magic."Thor randomly boomed out.

Tony, Steve, Bruce, Natasha, and Clint groaned out of having to deal with Loki again no matter if he has his magic or not.

"Great, Reindeer games is coming to stay, how...lovely."Tony sarcastically said.

"Well, we only have the Red Room, HYDRA, and now Voldemort and his death eaters to worry about, what else could there be?"Harry huffed out causing some nervous laughter to come out.

Little did they know Harry had just jinxed them.

Some where in a unknown location a man was manipulating and causing chaos to some people.

"You will obey me into destroying the Avenger, do you understand that."A slightly deep voice said.

Some people nodded hesitantly while others nodded proudly in wanting to get rid of the Avengers. The man sneered and turned around, walking out of the room his other followers training the new ones.

He walked straight forward taking slow, but steading strides down the hall way. His violet eyes gleamed in the dark.

"The Avengers may have gotten rid of the Chitauri, but I've come to finish them once and for all."The man said his voice echoing,his smirking face appearing.

This face belonged to a villain, and this villain was Thanos, who was out to kill a group of superheroes.

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