Chapter 1

The Beginning of a Great Adventure!

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"Demon /Monsters/Summon"

Tatooine was a harsh desert world orbiting twin suns and the first planet in the binary Tatoo star system. It was part of the Arkanis sector in the Outer Rim Territories. It was inhabited by poor locals who mostly farmed moisture for a living. Other activities included used equipment retailing and scrap dealing.

Tatooine was one of the oldest planets in the known galaxies and was composed of a molten core with a rocky mantle and silicate rock crust. The planet was once covered in large oceans, which dried up, leaving behind many pre-arid geological formations. Other notable geological features included the Dune Sea, an enormous sodium-rich desert, the Mushroom Mesa, a vast formation of giant standing stones, and the Undulant Wastes, an extremely rocky expanse of the planet. Due to the twin suns in the sky, the days were extremely arid and bright, especially during double noon.

It was an unknown region of the sandy planet Tatooine. A lone, short figure was standing at the top of a cliff, wearing a tattered, stained and ripped cloak with a drawn hood that hid the entirety of his face. He was watching the twin suns burn down out of the cloudless blue sky, washing the vast desert wastes that covered the planet in brilliant white light from the cliff. The resultant glare rose off the flat, sandy surface in a wet shimmer of blistering heat to fill the gaps between the massive cliff faces and the solitary outcroppings of mountains that were the planet's sole distinguishing feature.

"So, did you find anything?" he asked, seemingly to no-one, while not taking his eyes from the vast desert in front of him.

"Yes, Master. I did," a feminine voice replied telepathically, and a black bird, a raven, came out from his shadow and perched on his left shoulder. She was larger than any normal raven. Her body was covered with purple markings and she had two different coloured eyes—the left one being purple while the other was red.

"So what is it, Karasu-chan?"

"Master, we're on a planet named Tatooine. It is a harsh desert world orbiting twin suns along the Outer Rim of the galaxy. This planet is far away from the Green Lantern Corps, so it's pretty much lawless."

"The Green Lantern Corps?"

"They are an intergalactic police force, Master."

"Oh, an intergalactic police force... That's interesting," His voice was filled with mirth as he said this. "Did you find anything about them?"

"Other than their name, I got nothing."

"That's fine. Please continue."

"The planet is ruled by the Hutts. They're immense slug-like creatures that have a thick body with a long muscular tail and small arms located on the upper body," she said. "Anyway, most settlers operate moisture farms further out, deeper into the desert, but cities such as Mos Espa and Mos Eisley attract a wide range of criminals and rogues. Tatooine's many dangers include sudden sandstorms, bands of roving Tusken Raiders, and carnivorous krayt dragons. This planet is also known for dangerous Podraces, rampant gambling, and legalized slavery."

"Hmm, good job, Karasu-chan," the person said as he reached up and pulled off his hood, revealing what it had hidden.

He looked about to be a 10 year old, fair-skinned boy with spiky, blond hair that had a slight black tint on it. His dark blue eyes peered out from an angular face and his forehead had a small violet rhombus mark. He was Naruto Uzumaki, the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki as well as the grandson and true heir of Madara Uchiha.

Never thought my fight with Shinju would end up like this. Now, Karasu and I are in a completely different dimension, he thought himself, looking up at the sky. But then again, a new dimension means new challenges, new fights… and a completely brand new adventure... Well, there is also something I want to find out. He looked down at his left hand as his eyes focused on the marking over his palm that looked similar to the pitch black Chinese dragon with a lone blood-red eye. Other than reducing my age, what did Shinju's chakra do with me?

Naruto turned around and looked at particular direction as he sensed six rapidly approaching energy signatures that filled with negative emotions. His eyes narrowed when he saw six reptile-like aliens, hovering about four feet above the ground using metallic disks as platforms. They possessed rather distinctive faces; large, round, multifaceted eyes, tapir-like snouts, and a pair of saucer-shaped antennae on their heads. They all were holding some kind of metallic devices in their hands, which he recognized blasters.

"[Well, well, well, what've we got here, a little human child,]" one alien said in his native language.

What? Naruto thought. He didn't have any clue what the alien in front of him was talking. I really need to learn how to speak their language or else I'll need a good translator.

"[Yeah, he's alone. We can either kill him or sell him on the black market,]" another alien said who was hovering beside him, pointing his blaster at Naruto. "[Put your hands up, kid.]" He fired a blaster bolt at Naruto to prove his point, but to his surprise, an invisible shield formed around Naruto's body that blocked his attack. "[What?]"

One of his associates said, "[It's some kind of shield,]"

All aliens fired their blaster bolts at Naruto, but their entire effort turned out to be completely useless. Naruto was completely unharmed, not even scratched.

"Sorry, but your playtime is over," Naruto said coldly as his irises turned red with three black commas spinning around the pupil. "Goodbye."

In the large, empty desert, no one heard their pitiful cries of pain.


A few months passed after that incident. Our favourite ninja was walking down the main street of Mos Espa, ignoring the dangerous looking citizens of numerous species. He was wearing a genjutsu to avoid unwanted attention from others. Mos Espa was a spaceport on Tatooine. Most residents were either involved in the crime business with the Hutts or were poor shopkeepers and moisture farmers trying to eke out a living in the inhospitable desert. The biggest retail business in Mos Espa was junk-dealing and Naruto was heading over there.

After walking for a few minutes, finally, Naruto arrived at the plaza which was surrounded by several junk and spaceship dealers. After scanning the place, he found a suitable shop— the dingy junk shop. He entered the shop where he greeted by a pudgy blue alien.

"[What do you want?]" the alien asked rudely in his native-tongue.

"[I want a good spaceship,]" Naruto said in the same language, showing his Sharingan to him, "[and I want it free.]"


The eight years later, in a US military base, in the planet Earth, three people were watching the monitors around them, keeping their eyes on any outer space activity. Their job was kept eyes on all space activity. They spent most of their time on watching monitors and observing space objects.

"Captain, an unknown thing, the same size as a small car, is heading towards the Earth's atmosphere," The blond-haired, male soldier said, getting his senior officer's attention towards him.

"Is it a meteoroid?" Captain asked, looking down at the readings that were displayed on one of the computer screen. He was a tall, bald man with a long, vertical scar running across his left eye.

"No, Captain. It looks like some kind of a sphere to me," The female soldier said. She had beautiful, long black hair and tanned skin.

Both soldiers were back to back in their seats that were suspended in mid-air as they were trying to find more information about the unknown thing.

"An alien spaceship?"

The female soldier shook her head. "We are not sure."

"Find out. Where is it heading?"

"We can't... Something... Something is interfering with the system. We can't get a lock... At this rate, it's going to land somewhere on Earth," the blond-haired male said while typing on a keyboard.

All computer screens suddenly turned black and strange symbols started scrolling across them.

Seeing what was happening, the captain slammed his hand angrily on the table. "What the hell is going on?" he shouted, demanding an explanation.

"We're not sure Captain; someone has just hacked our computers," the female soldier responded, furiously typing on her keyboard to get any possible data.

"At this rate, there's nothing we can do," The male soldier added, his hands were moving quickly across his own keyboard.

Captain scowled deeply as he looked up at the screen that made up on the roof. All computer screens suddenly replaced by a red symbol he had never seen before. The symbol had four concentric circles in a ripple pattern with nine tomoe in the three circles closest to the centre. Slowly, more started to appear, covering all of the screens.

"I don't suppose you have an explanation for that, do you?" Captain asked angrily.

"Sorry, Captain, but whatever it is, it's negating all of our attempts to connect our computers," The male soldier said.

Damn! Captain thought, watching the last screen turned red before the symbol appeared once again, right in front of him. Only this time it was much bigger. A quick look around showed the same symbol behind him and to his left and right. They remained there for a few seconds before disappearing.

"Captain," the black-haired female soldier said nervously.


"The system is returning to normal."

"But, we've lost all our data on that thing," her partner added quickly after her.

"Damn it!" Captain shouted. "Contact all our bases and try to find out something about this."

"I have already done it, Captain," the female soldier said.


"They are all victims of the same the type of attack. It's one of the most powerful cyber-attacks in our history."


In between cyber-attacks, the mysteries spherical spacecraft entered the Earth's atmosphere and descended towards the world's coldest continent, Antarctica. It completely tore through an ice shelf and crashed onto the ground with a large explosion. The impact shook the entire area, causing cracks to appear in the ice and sending snow flying.

The spacecraft opened and a figure crawled out. He stood at a good at 5.11 ft. His face and body were hidden by the dark cloak he wore, the only discernible feature being two red eyes which glowed from under his hood. The man levitated up out of the crater. Looking at his ship, he did single hand seal and the large spherical spacecraft shrunk down to the same size as a baseball. Floating the ship toward himself, he placed it into his pouch.

A small ship is easy to hide, that's why I like it, the man thought to himself before vanishing into a swirling vortex.


"So this is the Earth!"

It was the same man from earlier. He was standing on one of the tallest buildings in the city of Metropolis. The man paused for a moment before removing his hood, revealing the familiar face of Naruto Uzumaki. Currently being physically 18 years old, he had lost all of his baby fat thanks to all of the training he had done over the years. He was tall, handsome, and muscle-bound but with a lean, athletic build.

His cloak was billowing in the wind, showing that he wore a red-black sleeveless armour over a black shirt with steel shoulder plating and a circular red symbol on it. He also wore black pants with steel knee plating with a ninja pouch that was strapped to his right thigh as well as steel toed black boots. On each hand, he wore fingerless gloves. There was a beautiful green crystal necklace hanging around his neck that had been made from a special "Crystal Gem" (結晶石, Kesshōseki). The necklace was once worn by the First Hokage of Konohagakure, Hashirama Senju.

"Master, could you please tell me what we are doing here on Earth?" Karasu asked as she came out from his shadow.

"The Earth is famous for its so-called 'Heroes' and I
personally want to meet them...especially Superman and Batman."

The Earths' so-called 'Heroes' really were very famous in the other galaxies, especially Superman and Batman. Superman was famous for his strength and abilities while Batman for his intelligence and cunningness.

He compared their abilities. They're like the yin-yang.

"But why?"

"To see their strengths and weaknesses," he said. "It will be fun to watch, because if there is one thing I love to do, it is messing with peoples' minds."

"Just like earlier today?"

He laughed softly and nodded. "Yeah...but it has also helped me to create my fake ID. Now, I've everything to prove that Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze is a citizen of the United States of America."

"Now, what?"

"We'll wait and watch."

Suddenly, Supergirl passed from front of them. They turned to see she was heading towards the north section of the city by using her supersonic speed and ability of flight. And by the look on his face she was in a hurry.

Naruto said, "Change in plan, Karasu-chan. We're going after her, but first," He pulled out a metallic half mask from his pouch, "Welcome back Ryu."

He placed new Ryu Mask on his face as his blond hair turned black and the mask attached to his face like a second skin. The new Ryu Mask was almost completely white, with red and black marking just below its solitary eye hole. It had completely covered Naruto's left side of his face except his mouth and chin.

"Let's go!"

Lifting himself into the air, Naruto began to follow the unique energy mark of Supergirl.


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