Gargoyles: The Last Night

Chapter 2

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Patience woke up with a sense of dread as her alarm told her to get ready for school. She yawned and stretched, getting her clothes together, her regular; gray long sleeved shirt, light blue jeans, Chuck Taylors and a black scarf. She sighed and looked around for a hair tie, scattering the messy pile of papers on her desk in her search. Houla was still asleep and snoring like a bear on the floor. She whined every once in a while and twitched in her dreaming.

Patience smiled at her dog and turned back to her search. She gave a soft 'ah ha!' when she found a rubber band with two barrettes clipped to it. With practiced ease she pulled her chocolate hair up in a ponytail, using the barrettes to secure her stray hairs. Large chunks of her bangs were still in her face, hiding her eyes from most of the public. After looking over herself in her dresser mirror and applying some mascara she walked out into the hall where she was greeted with an unexpected sight.

The woman from last night was sitting on the couch touching up her makeup in a small compact mirror before placing it back in her fake leather bag. She was young, only slightly older than Patience herself. Her hair was blonde, though greasy and her caramel eyes were framed in a darkness of eyeliner and shadow. She wore a very revealing leopard print crop top and a short black mini skirt. She adjusted her bra and stood, turning on her five inch heels and looked at her with a smiled.

"Hey sugar!" The woman said in a sweet southern accent, "I didn't think you'd be up this early."

A smile twitched on Patience's lips and she walked over to the blonde.

"Hey Alyssa." Patience greeting the other, sticking her hands in her hands in her pockets as she crossed the room. "I didn't know dad had brought you home. Haven't seen you in a while."

"I've been tryin' to get out of the life, like ya told me to. Goin' back to school, setting a good example for my kids." Alyssa smiled leaning against the army green couch. Patience smiled and nodded in approval.

"I still go back to the streets when I'mma lil low, but I neva stay long." Alyssa explained.

"I'm happy for you." Patience smiled. Alyssa was a regular in the house, a prostitute with a two kids from her job, a two year old named Molly and six month year old named Max. She knew her father from when he lived in New York as a civilian. Whenever she was in the house, she and Patience would chat, get to know each other. Alyssa was not blind to the abuse but with her….career, she couldn't report him to the police without getting caught in return. She and Patience had similar childhoods, one with absent mothers and abusive fathers. The difference between them was that Alyssa ran away to New York while Patience stayed.

"Thanks, sugar." Alyssa grinned as she grabbed a cigarette box from the coffee table. She lit it with a bic lighter she grabbed from her purse and breathed in the nicotine. She silently held it out to Patience with a silent invitation. Patience stared at it for a moment, before taking it in her fingers and placed it in her mouth.

They stood in silence for a while. Sharing the stick of sin as the clock ticked away in the background. The brunette closed her eyes and sighed, taking one last breath before handing it to Alyssa and walked to the entrance of the apartment, to the coat rack for her messenger bag for school. She saw on the door a piece of paper with big bold letters on the top reading:


Patience sighed out through her nose in aggravation and shut her eyes. She ripped the note from the door and pouted. She was the one who paid the rent and the bills. She never had any money for herself since her father only spent his cash on cigarettes, cheap beer, gambling and hookers and even then his teenage daughter was threatened to pitch in.

"How much does he owe you?" Patience asked regretfully and Alyssa looked at the girl.

"Normally? About two-three hundred. I'll be bruised up for months after last night." Alyssa answered breathing out a ring of smoke. The brunette growled and moved to her messenger bag to grab her wallet when Alyssa shook her head.



"But today, I'll settle for a nice home cooked meal for me and my babies. I can't cook worth a shit." Alyssa smiled brightly. The tension in Patience's shoulders evaporated and she grinned.

"Thanks." The brunette sighed in relief and Alyssa simply nodded.

"No problem, baby. Here," She grabbed a pen and paper from one of the scattered piles on a side table. She jotted down a few words and handed it to Patience with a grin, "Be here at 6 Saturday night. Sleep over and come ta church with us in the mornin' and we'll call it square."

"Deal." The girl said, shaking the other's hand.

"It's a date then." Alyssa smirked and gave Patience a quick wink. She was about to head out the door when Patience said something that made her friend freeze.

"How much do you make on the street?"

She barley had enough for groceries, she couldn't pay rent and was two months behind. She needed cash and she needed it quick...

"Don't ya dare darlin'. Once you go in, ya don't get out easy. It's not worth it."Alyssa said sharply, looking at the teenager dead in the eye, before grabbing the brunette in a bear hug. She gave her a tight squeeze and leaned in her ear. "Talk to someone baby. Ya don't have ta live like this. There are centers to help you." The blonde whispered. Patience sighed.

She couldn't leave, she just couldn't. This was who she was, this was all she knew. How could she have and enjoy a normal life with everything she's been through, the pain and the muck was a part of her soul. Without it…she wouldn't be Patience. It would be as if a chunk of her was taken away.

"Alright." The brunette lied, though her gut twinged as she did it. She wanted out, but she didn't want her father behind bars. He was still her father, no matter what he did. Alyssa let the young girl go and smiled.

"See ya later darlin'." Alyssa smiled as she waved goodbye. Patience watched her go and sighed.


Friday came all too soon for Brooklyn. It seemed in like no time at all, crowds of people poofed into the castle out of nowhere. Everyone was outside in the castle courtyard and wearing costumes, even Owen did, though he was in his regular puck attire. Xanatos gave the lame excuse that the entire party was a publicity stunt to let the public know the clan a little better, to ease the opinion of gargoyles among humans.

He wished he would've escaped with Hudson to Jeffery's when he had gotten the chance, for reporters and scientists were all over him and the clan. It was nothing short of mortifying.

Broadway embraced the cameras, unsurprisingly and Angela right by his side, being raised by humans she enjoyed the positive attention she was receiving. Goliath was patient, answering a few questions before making it very clear, with a stretch of his powerful wings that he would not take anymore. Lexington stayed around poor Bronx, who was being tortured by the children at the party.

Brooklyn, unfortunately, wasn't as intimidating as his leader and didn't hold half the charisma his rookery brother or Angela possessed. He growled in frustration as another pack of vultures or 'reporters' came his way. He put down his punch glass and turned to the cameramen ready for more humiliation.

"Mr. Brooklyn, is it true that you feast on blood?" One dressed as a banana asked.

"What? No!"

"Is your reproductive system the same as humans?" Asked one dressed as Superman.

"Woah! Um I-"

"Does that pose a threat to the human race?" Another asked dressed as Indian princess.

"I don't think-"

"What would gargoyle/human hybrids look like?" Asked another dressed as the Mad Hatter.

"I don't really know-"

"What is the average gargoyle penis size?" Asked another, ironically dressed as a condom.

"Okay! I don't think that's really any of your business!" Brooklyn snapped defensively. The condom dressed reporter opened his mouth to disagree when a new voice cut him off.

"There you are!" The voice was soft and delicate. It rang out though similar to that of a bell. All four reporters turned to see a young woman approaching.

She was young, with smooth chocolate skin and deep brown pools for eyes. Her smile was large and pearly and her lips shimmered with some sort of glitter. She was dressed in a sleek, sleeveless, emerald, satin dress that stopped midway down her thighs. It hugged at her thin and humble curves, though gave a brief peek of her cleavage. Her forearms were covered with two golden bands decorated with plastic emeralds. Her dark coffee colored curls hung loose down on her shoulders, with golden ringlet of snake-like wires woven in them. Her eyelids were dusted in a soft forest green color, with dark eyeliner and large lashes. Her golden sandals clicked against the stone floor as she walked over to the small group. Brooklyn immediately thought she was beautiful, not a goddess like the models advertised on TV but a modest one, like those around during his time.

"I've been looking for you everywhere!" She exclaimed with a grin, taking Brooklyn by the arm and looking at the reporters, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need to snag him for a few hours!" and then proceeded to escort him away from the TV journalists. The burgundy gargoyle looked at shock and confusion until they were away from the comically dressed reporters.

He stared at her, unable to help thinking she was pretty. His hungry heart leaping at the opportunity of having someone of his own. He was a helpless romantic, even as a hatchling he had the few females who could read, read him stories of true love.

He fell quick and hard, a great fault for him along with his temper. He fell for Maggie within minutes, Angela in a few hours and Delilah after a few days. So When the lovely young lady at his side caught his attention, his heart fluttered ever so slightly.

"Alright, I suppose you're safe now." She stated with a smirk while Brooklyn still looked at her in bewilderment.

"Um…" He opened his mouth, a hundred questions flying through his mind, though she beat him too it.

"I overheard those scavengers antagonizing you, and I'm pretty sure you were ready to throw one of them off the roof if I hadn't stepped in." She answered before extending her hand, "I'm Patience by the way, Patience Ali-Robbins."

He looked at her surprised before smiling, "You were right. I owe you one." He chuckled then grabbed her palm and brought it to his beaked lips and kissed it. Old medieval habits died hard. She blushed as he did so and withdrew her hand as soon as he was finished.

"So what are you supposed to be anyway?" He asked with a raised brow and she shrugged,

"Medusa I think? I didn't pick it out, it was my friend's idea." He laughed once again, gaining a confused look from the girl.

"Sorry, but it's a little ironic. Medusa and a gargoyle?" He explained and it was Patience's turn to laugh. They both chuckled for a few moments longer before Brooklyn recomposed himself.

"I'm Brooklyn by the way."

"I know. Gargoyles are everywhere on the news these days." She giggled, "You wouldn't mind hanging around me for a while would you? My 'date' is up on stage and I know literally no one at this party."

Brooklyn raised a brow and eyed her disappointed, trying to wrangle the small disappointment in his stomach. He knew no female, human or gargoyle would possibly consider him as a romantic partner, of course she was taken. Though a beauty like herself, he wasn't surprised. "Uh sure I guess…"

Patience smiled, though this one was timid and the teeth remained concealed. He thought she looked much more beautiful when she was smiling. She then pointed to the gladiator guitarist on the stage and further explained, "That is my friend Victor. I'm his 'fake' date. He hasn't come out to his band mates, so he dragged me here."

"Oh. Alright then." He grinned, slightly more comfortable (and less jealous).

"Strange I know. I'm not even quiet sure how I got talked into it. This isn't typically my kind of scene." She spoke softly, far enough from the crowd where they didn't have to shout to be heard.

"Then what is your kind of scene." He asked with a smirk and her dark eyes looked at him, intrigue flashing in them.

"A silent library on a stormy night and curling up with a good book." She answered then turned to him, "What about you, hm? What's your kind of scene?"

He smirked and crossed his arms over his chest, "Gliding over New York, saving lives and helping people. Though a good book every now and again is always appreciated."

She rolled her eyes but her lips twitched upwards, "Any personal favorites?"

"Mainly classics. Some Shakespeare, The Oddyessy, Beowulf."

Patience faked a gag pointing her index finger towards her opened mouth, "Bleh! How can you stand that flowery stuff?"

He grinned, "I'm an old soul I suppose. What about you?"

"A little quaint book, written by a little old nobody about a girl with messy hair and a hungry heart." She answered.

"Does this little quaint book have a name?" He asked with a snort and she gave a breathy laugh, though covered it with her hand.

"Tiger Lily, by Jodi Lynn Anderson. A story of unrequited love and heartbreak." She answered and Brooklyn frowned,

"Story of my life."

"Join the club." Patience sighed. He looked at her with a raised brow, skeptical.

"Who would ignore a pretty girl like you?" He asked, then realized what he had said and quickly looked away. The young brunette blushed and moved a strand of hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear.

"I normally don't look like this. And honestly, I am quiet unextraordinary." She stated shyly and he shook his head,

"I don't think unextraordinary girls grab a gargoyle for the night." He told her honestly and her blush worsened,

"Well what about you? I'm sure there are other gargoyle beauties for you to snag." She said quickly trying to get the attention off herself.

"Yeah well, they mostly go for the bigger stronger males, not chicken bones like me." Brooklyn told her, his tone bitter. Her eyes softened and she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder,

"We are the island of misfit toys, undesired by girls and boys." She sighed and he glanced up at her.

"Whose that from?"

"Some woman in Kentucky. Story of my life." She spoke, her smile sincere and shy. He grabbed her hand and opened his mouth to speak something else when she gasped and jumped up and down,

"I love this song! Come on!" She exclaimed grabbing his hand and pulling him to the dance floor. The tone in the song was slow and somber, people had paired up causing the gargoyle to feel uncomfortable.

"Um…Patience…" He spoke, but she acted as if she didn't hear him. She pulled him forward until they were in the center and placed his taloned hands on her hips. The satin was smooth to his touch and his heart almost stopped beating.

"Just one dance?" She pleaded, her deep pools of darkness begging at him while her lashes batted like butterfly wings "I haven't dance in forever." They stared at each other for a few seconds before he nodded,

"Just one dance." He said, clearing his throat in the process.

Girl I know I don't know you
But your pretty little eyes so blue
Are pulling me in
Like the moon on your skin

I'm so glad you trusted me
To slide up on this dusty seat
And let your hair down
Get out of town

Got the stars coming out over my hood
And all I know now is it's going good

He was surprised at her boldness, asking him to dance when they bareley knew each other. They swayed slowly, turning around in circles as she moved her arms from Brooklyn's shoulders to around his neck. It started off as a simple box step, though he slowly got more daring and took her hand from behind his neck and spun her.

You got your hands up
You're rocking in my truck
You got the radio on
You're singing every song

I'm set on cruise control
I'm slowly losing hold
Of everything I got
You're looking so damn hot

And I don't know what road we're on
Or where we've been
From staring at you girl
All I know is I don't want this night to end

Her movements were elegant, as if they were practiced. His eyes stayed on her, though her own brown ones were closed. She looked at peace, relaxed, as he led them through the song. Eyes were on them, cameras recording and people staring but neither of them really cared.

Gonna cuss the morning when it comes
Cause I know the rising sun
Ain't no good for me
Cause you'll have to leave

Gonna make the most of every mile
Do anything to make your smile
Land on my lips
Get drunk on your kiss

Clock on the dash says 3:35
There's plenty of gas and the night's still alive

He lifted her in the air by the waist and she lifted her arms out, looking angelic while doing so. He placed her back down and they continued to sway, turning in circles, matching each other with each step. He once spun her only to have her back against his torso, arms crossed over her chest and she held his. They swayed for a few moments when he spun her again.

You got your hands up
You're rocking in my truck
You got the radio on
You're singing every song

I'm set on cruise control
I'm slowly losing hold
Of everything I got
You're looking so damn hot

And I don't know what road we're on
Or where we've been
From staring at you girl
All I know is I don't want this night to end

She placed her head on his bare chest and smiled shyly. He tensed up for moment, before relaxing and holding her slightly closer. They swayed in intricate movements, each step precise and full of emotion.

You got your hands up
You're rocking in my truck
You got the radio on
You're singing every song

I'm set on cruise control
I'm slowly losing hold
Of everything I got
You're looking so damn hot

And I don't know what road we're on
Or where we've been
From staring at you girl
All I know is I don't want this night to end

I don't want this night to end

No, I don't want this night to end

The song began to slow, as did they, until they stopped mere inches apart. Clapping around them, pulling them back to the world, where she quickly let go of him. She bit her bottom lip before speaking,

"Sorry…I just love to dance." She spoke over the crowd and he only smiled,

"No problem, I had fun." He answered when a boy dressed as a gladiator with pale skin and dark hair pushed through the crowd towards them.

"Patience! That was amazing! And nice job, on a dance partner, a city savior nice! He doesn't happen to have a brother does he?" The young man asked and Patience blushed so badly her skin matched Brooklyn's.

"Two actually." Brooklyn grinned and gladiator laughed,

"Funny too, way to go Patience!" The brunette covered her face in her hands and sighed,

"Brooklyn this is my 'date' Victor, Victor meet Brooklyn."

"Nice too meet you." Brooklyn said, reaching out a hand and shaking Victor's. The human boy glanced at Patience and smiled,

"You too."

"What are you doing here anyway?" The brunette asked and Victor shrugged,

"Dumping you." He said nonchalant. The two others raised brows in confusion,

"What?" Brooklyn asked,

"After that little 'incident' which was awesome by the way, you kinda cheated on me so I'm gonna let you go. It's not you it's me blah blah blah. You know the drill."

"Um….okay?" Patience said and Victor grinned,

"Great, glad you understand. Well…I'll leave you two alone…and Brooklyn don't forget to set me up with that brother of yours." He said with a wink and left back for his band.

"Um…that was," Brooklyn started, his expression one of confusion while Patience nodded.

"Yeah….sorry about him. Though you shouldn't have encouraged him with the brother thing."

Brooklyn laughed at the idea, "Sorry."

"Now he's going to try and get us to double date. Thanks." Patience laughed. "Well….since my date just dumped me, I guess we can hang out a little longer."

Another song began to play and he held out a hand, moving his caped wings in a sweeping motion "Care for another dance?"

She took the hand with a toothless smile, "It would be my pleasure."

They laughed and danced for hours. Talking on casual topics like favorite books and movies to learning more about each other. She learned more about the clan and he learned about her mother. She asked about gliding and he asked about human schooling. She almost forgot the time and her father when the clock stuck 1 o'clock. Her eyes widened and she gasped,

"Oh my gosh! My dad's going to kill me!" She exclaimed frantically, "I'm so sorry! I have to go!" She began to run for the door and Brooklyn chased after her. She darted down the tower steps, the music slowly fading from her hearing. She grabbed her purse and a jacket from a nearby closet. She then pressed the down button on the elevator.

"Wait! Will I see you again?" Brooklyn asked as he caught up with her. Patience paused glancing at him and the elevator.

"Here," she said and pulled something out of her purse and threw it at him. He caught it in a single hand and looked at it. It was a necklace, a silver chain with large blue stone as a pendant and strange writing on the back. "It's my mother's. I'll be back for it." She explained as the elevator doors opened and she quickly entered. He looked at the necklace and smiled, placing it in one of the pouches around his belt. He smiled at the elevator, imaging the young woman it just took down stairs and turned, going back up the tower steps and to the party.

Patience walked down the street quickly, knowing that since she was dumped by Vic, he wasn't going to give her a ride back. She had lost track of time talking to Brooklyn and now she was going to be home when her father was normally awake. She sighed, already hearing his venomous words and feeling his fists against her skin. Her eyes shut and she shuddered, what was she going to do. With the rent and the groceries and the bills…

She paused and looked up at the Eerie Building, an unconscious smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Tonight had been one of the best ones of her entire life. She couldn't wait to go back, to talk to him again and for a moment, she thought he might have been interested in her.

But the moment passed, convinced that it was just her imagination. He was just being polite, he'd most likely prefer a gargoyle over herself. She pouted and continued walking when a convertible full of five most likely drunk college boys pulled up beside her. They honked the car horn and Patience stopped, her eyes looking at them questioningly.

"Hey babe!" The one on the passenger's side said with a wink. His red hair was up with so much hair jell it looked plastic. "Why don't come with us for the night? Have a drink?" He asked holding out a bottle of vodka. Maybe she could make some money for the night. Her stomach filled with butterflies. Her dad was probably too drunk to even know she was gone…

She walked over to the car and leaned down, placing her hands over the car door, she grabbed the bottle and took a long gulp, the alcohol burning it's way down her throat, before smiling at him seductively,

"It's gonna cost ya boys." She whispered, her voice coming out silky. A few boys whistled in the back and the one she was talking to grinned.

"How much?" He asked and her fingers were shaking and she thought she was going to vomit.

"Depending on what you want." Patience spoke, "And what you like."

"And if I want it all?" He asked, leaning in closer to her. His forehead brushing against hers,

"Well, for you sweet heart…that'll be…four-hundred." She said huskily, testing her grounds then threw a glance to the driver and the three in the back seat, "And for your friends, it'll be one hundred to watch and two-fifty to join. Each."

The red head in front of her looked at his friends in the back seat then back at her. "Hop in babe."

Brooklyn rolled his eyes as Lexington and Broadway teased him about Patience.

"Way to go lover boy!" Broadway had bellowed, clapping his red brother on the back.

"This one is crazy about you!" Lexington grinned elbowing Brooklyn playfully. The second in command rubbed the back of his neck.

"Guys, we just met!" He said, trying not to get his own hopes too high. He thought he'd get Angela being second in command, he wasn't going to let his own opinions or others set him up to be hurt again.

"If I may interject." Goliath spoke, making everyone turn to him, "Elisa and I only met once, and it truly was something…magical. Right my love?" He gave Elisa's hand a soft squeeze and she nodded.

"And there seemed to be some magic between the two of you." The detective smiled while looking up at the Lavender gargoyle holding her.

"And she did say she would be back!" Angela piped in hopefully while Hudson looked at the horizon.

"This discussion will have to wait till later lads. Dawn is upon us." He spoke and they all took their positions for their stone slumber. Unknown to them, a mischievous looking Puck held a young infant Alexander and chuckled under his breath.

"Magical indeed…" He grinned before turning back to walk inside the castle, taking the form of Owen once again.

When the morning came Patience crept out the lavish penthouse, the other men from the night before asleep in a pile, naked under the sheets. Her makeup was smeared from tears of shame. She had made two thousand and eight hundred dollars, and yet she felt like she was going to puke. Her hands were shaking as she stuffed the money in her purse, swallowing hard and shutting the door deafly behind her. She stumbled down the stairs, hailing a taxi once she hit the street and asking it to go to her brownstone.

Her thoughts spun, glad she hadn't eaten much the night before other than punch Brooklyn occasionally brought every now and again. What had she just done?! Her entire body felt used and disgusting, she wanted to take a shower and scrub her skin raw. She hiccupped and sobbed, the cab driver not caring about her inner turmoil. She was revolting, low and despicable. She sold her own body for a father that didn't even care about her! The cab came to a stop and she paid him what was left in her wallet, not daring to touch her new rent money.

She quickly exited and marched to the first floor and pounded on the door. There was rustling in the apartment, and her obese land lord opened the door. His normal comb-over disheveled to the early time in the morning and him most likely just awaking. His beady blue eyes widened at the sight of her as she handed the cash to him.

"There," Her voice shaky, "P-paid in full!"

He stared at the green in his hand and counted it. Once he decided it was all there he looked at her, pity in his eyes. He wasn't a heartless man, though he and Patience were never close. But he knew she was the one supporting her father, and that Jason Robbins wasn't the nicest man on Earth.

"What did you do to yourself, kid?" He asked sadly and she looked away, wiping a tear from her runny eyes.

"Don't ask." She whimpered, "A-are we even now?"

He looked at the money and then at the teenager before him. He took the money and split it in half, giving one half to her and sighed. "Now we're even."

She stared up at him confused, "I don't under-"

"I'm cutting your rent in half kid. Take care of yourself." He explained and she smiled sadly.

"Thank you." Patience whispered, her eyes brimming with tears. He shrugged and simply gave her a serious look,

"Don't tell anyone got it? Or else I'm evicting both of you!" He exclaimed and she chuckled sadly and nodded, "Good, now scram."

And she did exactly that. She marched up the stairs, shoving the cash in her bra for later and grabbed the keys from her purse. She grinned as she entered the apartment only to be greeted by a punch in the face. She fell to floor in shock and more tears slipped from her brown orbs.

"Where have you been?!" He screamed and Patience flinched. She had all but forgotten…

"With my friend….Victor the gay one daddy." She whimpered but he only stomped on her ankle.

"Yeah right you stupid whore!" He growled, kicking her in the ribs with his combat boots. "Was he good you cheap bitch!?"

"I wasn't with anyone!" She lied, her eyes begging him to stop, "Dad stop! Please!"

He spat at her and kicked her once more before walking out, slamming the door behind him. She cried on the floor, a pathetic pile of messy makeup and drying tears. Her body shook and her dog came by, licking her owner and whining until Patience sat up, wincing as she did so, holding her beloved pet. She sobbed, blubbering out 'Why? Why me?', 'What did I do to deserve this?' and a soft 'I wish I was dead.' Through heavy crocodile tears. Her hands trembled as she tried to stand and limped to the kitchen.

She all but ripped off her golden bracelets and took a knife and sliced her wrists. Scars reopened, her heart felt as if it was barely beating. Tears mixed with blood as she hit various objects in sorrow and anguish. The stove and cabinets were dripped with blood and her fingers began to bruise, as did her ribs, eyes and her ankle. After a few minutes, blood on the floor with Houla whining in the doorway, she fell to the tile floor once again in a broken heap. She began to drift out of consciousness, dreaming of dancing with an angel in the moon light and wishing she was there now.