Last Night

Chapter 7

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Patience picked at a scab on her forearm as she sat alone in her room on her window sill, staring out at the city below. Brooklyn had just dropped her off at home and her dad was out again. Or so she had assumed, she hadn't actually stepped outside of her room. Things were getting close, too close.

Goliath was finding bruises. Broadway found a cigarette burn. Xanatos even saw a bruise on her temple, which she tried to hide by letting her hair down. Patience knew Goliath had talked to Elisa, because not two weeks after Christmas, the detective had pulled her aside and asked if everything was okay at home.

Patience sighed and turned from the window to her dresser. She needed a smoke, badly. She grabbed a pack from her messy vanity and a box of matches from under her bed. Houla looked at her with sad eyes as she placed the cigarette in her mouth and lit it.

Her lungs shocked to life and she coughed a bit, the smoke coming slightly unexpectedly quickly to her breath. What if she told them? Told Elisa, told everyone? Got away from all of this? Patience glanced around at the mess and frowned even more. He said he was sorry...besides who would look after him when she was gone?

She pulled the cigarette out of her mouth and puffed out some smoke, one hand holding onto the stick of nicotine and the other cradling her honey brown forehead.

God she was so screwed.

The gargoyles sat at the table in the parlor, all silent. All dreading the conversation ahead. Deep down, they all knew someone was hurting Patience, but now they had a suspect. Goliath cleared his throat and spoke first,

"I know I am not the only one who has notice the injuries on our friend Patience." The others went silent and glanced at each other nervously.

"She said it was from gym class." Broadway spoke quietly, twiddling with his talons as his webbed ears drooped.

"And the burns?" Brooklyn asked, his tone agitated and eyes glowing ever so slightly.

"I thought was from cooking in the kitchen with Broadway." Angela sighed, "But...I don't think that's it anymore."

"Neither do I." Goliath sighed and Elisa frowned.

"It's called domestic violence guys, where a parent or spouse hurts their loved ones. It's never right and really hard to deal with. Brooklyn, what was Patience like when her dad came in?"

"Scared, like he was gonna kill us." Brooklyn told her with a clenched fist, Hudson stroked his beard in thought before speaking up again.

"I don't think Robbins knew about this, he wouldn't sit by and let her get hurt if he did."

Elisa nodded, "That's the worse part, victims of domestic abuse don't ever talk and if they don't, there's nothing we can do."

"Why don't they say anything?" Lexington asked.

"They think that their abusers really love them, and in some cases it's true but most of the time it's not." Elisa sighed. "I've seen my share of these situations and it's never pretty."

"What about neighbors or peers? Surely they must notice!" Goliath boomed, his own anger rising.

"Unfortunately, bystanders don't think it's their problem or the bystander effect kicks in and they think someone else is gonna do it." Elisa replied sadly.

"What do we do?" Angela asked and Elisa rubbed her chin.

"Often confronting victims and showing them the truth about their abusers and surrounding them with friends and family. Try rounding up all the friends that Patience's has that you know of. Then try taking to her. Once I have a statement and collect enough evidence then I can arrest this sicko." Elisa instructed. They all nodded and disbursed to put their plan to action.

When Patience stepped outside to grab a snack, she wasn't expecting her dad to be awake, or to actually look like he was on the verge of tears. She entered cautiously, hands shaking and she slid in. Only when she was inside did she see one of her roses in his hand.

"Dad?" She whispered and his eyes glanced up, glassy and tear filled.

"Hey baby." His voice was grave, and she waved hello timidly. "He seemed nice."

She paused, thinking his words over. What 'he' was talking about? She didn't have many friends and he hadn't met any except...

Patience suddenly paled in fear. Brooklyn. Her mind whirled, wondering what the endgame was to this. What the real motive was. Was he in another of his moods? Was he just trying to trick her?

She gulped nervously before she answered, "He...he is."

He raised a brow and studied a flower the gargoyle had given her earlier that week in his fingers.

"Are you two-?"

"NO! No goodness no! Dad we're just friends!" Patience exclaimed, not telling him the entire truth, both out of fear and embarrassment. He'd be disgusted if he found out how she felt about Brooklyn. Then he'd probably beat her into next week. She had to bite her cheeks to not smile at the mere thought of him, lord knew how he sent her heart a flutter. Her father went silent and shifted his jaw around, causing odd popping noise to ring through the apartment. His daughter cringed at the sound but said nothing more.

"Patience, we need to talk..." He sighed, rubbing his temples. She hesitated before nodding and limping closer from an old ankle wound when he pushed her down the stairs. She then stood stiffly, arms pinned to her sides to the side, leaning against the couch.

"Don't." He spoke and her brows furrowed in confusion.

"Dad I don't-"

"I know that look." He scowled, "The one you gave him the other night. Don't fall for him."

"Dad I told you-" She began with a fake look of exasperation but he interrupted her.

"Don't try and deny it!" Jason stood rigidly and pointing an accusing finger to her, "I was your age once Patience I know what it's like!" He exclaimed, she winced and expected a slap for her lies, but instead he gave a tired sigh. Her brown eyes opened slowly and she dared to look at her dad. At that moment he never looked so old. It made her heart twinge in her chest.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I didn't...I didn't mean to scare you..." He told her with a guilty look on his features. He dragged in another breath, as if it was a chore to do so and spoke again. "Don't fall in love, baby. There's too much to lose. You still have a choice, just walk away, don't let him get you. I...I know I'm a shitty father, but I don't want to see the same thing happen to you. Not to my little girl." Jason told her, and the sincerity of it broke her heart.

"O-okay dad. I won't fall in love." Lying seemed to be all she did these days, "I promise."

He opened his arms and pulled her into a hug, pressing a kiss into her hair and whispered, "I love you baby girl."

"Love you too dad."

"Hudson! Great to hear from you! Did Patience send over those books I gave her?" Jeffery asked as he picked up the phone in his home. A smile fell onto his lips and he sat down on a cushioned chair, ready for a comfortable conversation with an old friend.

"Aye she did, but...I...need to ask ye something." The caution and hesitance in his old friend's voice made Jeffery's brows furrow in concern.

"What is it?" He asked and he heard Hudson sigh.

"It's about Patience...Brooklyn, was there the other night...and he...noticed a few things..."

A single brow rose and he patted his dog. Gilly whined as if sensing something was wrong, her head laying down onto his lap.

"I need to ask ye about yer brother...Patience's father. Brooklyn met him..."

Jeffery groaned at the mention if his brother, "What did Jason do now?"

"Why would ye ask that?" Hudson question and the blind man gave a bitter laugh.

"Every family has a black sheep. Jason would be that sheep." Hudson went silent before the human elaborated more. "I have two brothers: Joe and Jason. All of us joined the military. Joe died in the line of duty. I lost my eyes. Jason came home from Afghanistan with a baby girl."


"He was never the same after that. Never got a job, always borrowing money but we all loved Patience so we put up with it, helped support him too. You see...Jason had, correction, has anger issues, even punched his commanding officer in the face. He was lucky he wasn't discharged. Did he attack Brooklyn? Because I'm so sorry if he-"

"He didn't hurt him." Hudson interrupted and Jeffery's confusion only grew.

"Than why-?"

"Brooklyn saw she was petrified when Jason came out, and Goliath saw bruises a few days ago... And whenever someone pats her shoulder or so much as touches her...she flinches." The gargoyle sighed and the veteran's heart sank. Oh God...


"We'd thought that if ye talked to her, all of us together, we could figure this out."

His face fell into his hands and sighed, thinking of how skiddish she had always been, how she always wore long and concealing clothes, even after he'd buy clothes. How she was always complaining on being sore. How could he have been so oblivious?!

"Yes...yes of course. I'll get her here next Thursday. You all can come over then." He said, though his voice was choking.

"I'm sorry ye had to learn this way."

"No. Thank you for telling me...I'll talk to you then."

"Goodbye Robbins." Hudson sighed then hung up. The writer massaged his temples. God he needed a drink. He rose from his chair, grabbing Gilly's collar and she guided him into the kitchen. Once there, he felt around the walls to the cabinet containing a bottle or liquor. He rarely allowed himself a moment to drink, trying to set a good example for Jason, though never worked. Silent tears slipped down his cheeks. God, how could he been so blind?

"Dad stop please-"

"Shut up you-"

"Jason back off." Bryce Kelton, one of her father's so called friends, said from the poker table. "Ya can't get rid of her if she only has one leg to spread."

The older man glared down at his daughter, who was crying on the floor. He had broken part of her shin, stomping onto it over and over and made it impossible to move along with slamming her head into a wall and pressing a still lit cigarette into her temple. The former marine punched her one time in the face for good measure them spat at her and walked away, while Eddie, another of Jason's friends, picked her up and shoved her out the door, Houla growling at him before getting kicked out as well. The young girl screamed as soon as she hit the floor.

She tried controlling her breathing, to cope with the pain, but tears rolled down her face like a leaky facet. What was she going to do? She couldn't afford a doctor and the last time she went to the free clinic, the doctor almost called the cops.

Houla whined and placed her head in her owner's lap and Patience pet her to soothe both their nerves. Patience was a mess, what would happen if a neighbor cam out? At that moment, her phone began to ring. Patience sighed and pulled it out of her pocket, wincing as she did so.

"Hello?" She answered trying to keep her voice even.

"Patience, I need some help here." Her uncle's voice stated and the sudden request caught her off guard. He sounded anxious, nervous even. It struck her odd but Patience thought nothing more of it.

"Uncle Jeffery what's wrong?" She asked and the old veteran sighed,

"It's been years since I've asked you to do this, and I know this is inconvenient, but I need you to come down here, Gilly is sick and I need you to take her to the vet." He told her and Patience frowned. She knew that without Gilly her Uncle would have a much harder time getting around. But her old uncle was observant, he'd know something was off. But...she needed out, and this was a quick and easy way.

"I...I'll be there in an hour." Patience sighed reluctantly, trying to figure out how she could get there with a broken leg. She stood, balancing all her weight on her undamaged leg, leaning against the railing as the world spun.

"Thank you Patience. I'll see you soon." And with that he promptly hung up.

'Good thing uncle Jeffery is blind.' She thought. She would just stay in the car when she took him and Gilly to the vet. So no one would see her busted face. She hissed in pain as she stepped down the stairs gently, putting as little pressure on her injured leg as possible. Houla leaned against her side to help her balance. The brunette hissed in a breathe then gulped as more tears stung at the back of her eyes.

'This is gonna be harder than I thought...'

"Wait what?!" Victor asked, horrified at the news Lexington just told him, "Patience has been what?!"

Lexington nodded as he sat on the teen boy's bed. "I'm sorry Vic, but we think so. We're heading to her uncle's place to talk to her about it. I think you should come."

"No...this is a trip. This..." Victor ran a hand through his styled black locks and he shook in anger. Lexington frowned and placed a hand on his shoulder as the musician stood and slammed his hands against his desk repeatedly.

"Vic, this is gonna help her, we need you to do this." Lexington told him, standing up and placing a hand on the human's shoulder.

He nodded weakly and frowned, "There's a friend at hers in Washington Heights, I think she can help." Victor told him, his breath ragged with anger. His rage boiled within him, more upset with himself than at Patience father, whom Victor had never met. He was in the house daily. He should've known. He should've known. He continued to slam against the table until his palms and knuckles turned blue.

Lex frowned and pulled the human into a hug with a sad look.

"I should've known..."