"Taylor, wake up," I heard my older brother say, but chose to ignore it. I rolled over on the side facing away from him and shut my eyes tight, hoping he'll get the picture and leave me alone. I heard him sigh and grab my shoulder, "Taylor, get up! Now!" He repeated. I groaned and opened my eyes, turning to face him, "What?!"

I looked up at my older brother, Spencer. He wasn't actually my brother, he was my best friend but I saw him as my brother. I stared up at him irritatingly, he looked disgruntled and worried, his shaggy, blonde was hanging down in his eyes. I stared at him a little more with a worried look, "Spencer?"

"You need to get up. Now!" He rushed, pulling me out of bed. I stood up quickly, slipping my fuzzy, blue slippers onto my feet. Spencer grabbed me by my lower right arm, "Go get David up. Now!" I furrowed my eyebrows and looked up at him, worried, "Why? What's wrong?" Spencer sighed and looked at me with anger in his eyes, which I didn't see very often, "There's no time! Now go!"

I looked at him for a moment before he let my arm go and then, with hesitation, ran out of my room and down the hall. When I got to David's room I saw he was in a deep sleep, his small hands underneath his pillow, mouth slightly agape. I rushed over to his bedside and smiled down at him. He looked like a little angel. I reached my hand down and rested it on his forehead, stroking his light brown hair out of his eyes. He looked so peaceful, but then I remembered that I had to wake him.

I sighed and slowly reached down and grabbed his shoulder. I hesitated for a moment, but then thought Spencer sounded very worried and upset, so I decided to stir David from his sleep. I gently shook his shoulder, trying to wake him like I usually did. He groaned slightly and turned over to face the wall, away from me.

I sighed and shoved his shoulder a little more forcefully this time, "David, you have to get up," He groaned again and shoved his face into his pillow, "Go away," I heard his muffled voice say. I sighed and shoved him again, "You need to get up. Now." I ordered. He turned over on his side and looked up at me with tired, brown eyes, "Why?"

I sighed and gently grabbed his upper arm, "I don't know, but Spencer said we had too, something bad is going on," I said, now getting worried myself. I knew it was something bad Spencer was getting me up for, but I didn't know what. David looked up at me with his, curious nine-year old eyes and asked, "Something bad?"

I nodded quickly and tugged on his arm, hoping he'd get out of bed, "Yes, something really bad. Now, you need to get up so we can leave the bad place," David looked up at me with tired eyes and stood up slowly, slipping his black shoes on. After he did that Spencer burst through the door, I turned around sharply and looked him dead in the eye, "What's wrong?" I asked. Spencer shook his head and walked quickly up to me, "We need to go, right now!"

I shook my head and looked over to my right and saw David putting on his dark blue robe, I then looked back up at Spencer's tall, worried figure, "Where are we going?" I asked angrily, he looked down at me and gripped my arm tight, "Just come on!" I pulled my arm away as David came up behind me, grabbing the back of my robe.

"What's going on?" His small voice asked. I turned around quickly and saw David rubbing his eye with his small hand. I smiled sadly and gripped his shoulders, "I don't know exactly where we're going, but you'll just have to trust Spencer and we'll be alright. Okay?" David nodded and I turned back around to face Spencer.

He looked down at me sadly, "You go take David to the hiding place, I'll go get Terry," I nodded and grabbed David's hand as Spencer lurched forward and wrapped me into a big hug, "Be careful," He said sadly, his voice cracking. I gently wrapped the arm that I wasn't holding David in around Spencer. I was slightly confused. Why was he acting like I would never see him again?

Spencer gently pulled away, gave me a sad look, and ran out of the room. I looked down at David sadly as he yawned. I gripped his hand tight and ran out of the room. I ran in the opposite direction Spencer did, I ran by the bathroom and the guest room, but when I got to my bedroom I saw flickering lights coming from my window.

I stopped in my tracks and looked into my dim room lit up with flickering lights. I slowly started to walk into the room still holding David's hand, he tugged on my hand and I looked down at him. He looked scared and upset, he had tears in the corners on his eyes. I bent down to his height and looked him straight in the eye.

"Stay here," I said quietly with confidence. He nodded slowly and let go of my hand. I got to my feet slowly and walked up to the window at my bedside. When I reached the window I saw the most mind-blowing thing I have ever seen in my life, also the most terrifying thing I have ever seen. There were hundreds of people falling from the sky with parachutes gliding them down, there were airplanes everywhere and it was amazing.

What was going on? I wondered. I then remembered a few years ago about Adolf Hitler killing innocent people. This is what was going on. The American's were coming here to fight. But why here? There was no German's in Normandy. At least that's what I thought. I then noticed what the light was, there were people on the ground shooting up in the air at the falling paratroopers.

I heard a small whimper behind me. I turned around and saw David standing directly behind me, gripping the back of my robe. I turned around frustrated at him, "David, I told you to stay over there," I snapped. David looked at me sadly with tears pricking the corners of his eyes, I suddenly felt bad for him. I softened my expression and looked at him more sincerely, "It's okay. We're going to be okay."

David nodded and wiped the snot from his nose with the sleeve of his dark blue robe. I ruffled his light brown hair and grabbed his small hand in mine as I got to my feet, "Come on, we gotta go," David nodded and we walked out of my room. We walked down the creaky steps and into the living room where we saw the door was wide open and it looked like a bright white mist was slowly creeping into the room.

I stopped in my tracks and looked at the open door. Why was it open? I wondered. I slowly started walking towards the door. When I reached the door I heard deep voices coming from the kitchen. I turned sharply around and faced the kitchen where the voices kept on talking. Was it Spencer? No, there were several voices. I then noticed they were in a different language. German maybe?

Then footsteps started walking in our direction. I wanted to run so bad, but I just couldn't seem to move my feet. I felt David tugging on my hand and telling me to run, but I didn't move an inch, I stood there frozen like a statue. That's when the footsteps stopped and a person was standing in the doorway of the kitchen. He stared at me and without hesitation pulled his gun up. I expected him to shoot me, but instead he shouted something at me, "Hey, du!"

I looked over at him and didn't dare run now, if I did he wouldn't hesitate to shoot me and David. I looked up at him as he and two others walked up to us, there guns raising, "Was sollen wir mit ihnen machen?" The one in the middle said to his buddies. I looked up at him scared as tears pricked the corners of my eyes. I had no idea what they were saying, but I had a feeling that it was bad.

"Nun, wir einen kleinen Jungen und Mädchen hier bekam, vielleicht sollten wir sie nehmen und du weißt schon ..." The one on the left smiled as the one in the middle stayed the same. I was confused but they knew what they were talking about and they seemed happy about whatever they were saying, "Sie ist ein hubsches," The one on the right said as he grabbed a piece of my blonde hair. I froze and gave him a look of fear. He chuckled and pulled his hand back.

"Stellen Sie sich die Dinge, die wir tun konnten, um ihre," He said. I could only imagine what he was saying and it disgusted me. The one in the middle laughed at his remark, "Ja, du hast Recht. Nehmen wir sie und sehen, was wir tun konnen," The one in the middle said. The other two suddenly lurched forward and grabbed me and David. David was screaming and kicking, "Let me go!" He repeated over and over again.

"David, David! Calm down, don't fight! It will make them mad!" David didn't listen and kept on fighting, soon enough one of the German's struck David in the forehead with the butt of his gun, knocking him unconscious, "David! You bastards!" I yelled at the German's. One of them suddenly picked me up around the waist and threw me over their shoulder, soon enough knocking me unconscious as well.