A/N Sorry, it has been so long. My life has been crazy. My grandpa had skin cancer, my family has come to visit, it snowed (Can you believe it? In North Carolina?!), and my grades in school went down, so you know, school and family come before writing. Anyway, I'm not very proud of this chapter, but I wanted to write one as fast as possible so I wouldn't leave you hanging. Hope you like it, because I sure don't. Please leave a review on how you think it's going, please! We had been on the move for a few hours by now and it was absolutely freezing out. I was shivering from head to toe and I had my collar wrapped around my neck and my hands stuffed in my pockets. I was silent throughout the trip and I noticed a few men staring at me, obviously shocked of a woman being here. I looked up at a young recruit who was staring at me and he had been most of the way here. "You gotta problem?" I asked turning my entire body to look at him. He shook his head and didn't say anything as he looked down at his feet, "Hey kid, what's your name again?!" Bill called to the young recruit. He turned to look at Bill and told him what he wanted to know, "Sueth, Sueth Jr." "You got any ammo, Junior?" Babe asked as he shoved his cold hands into his pockets. Junior looked down at his gun and then back up at Babe, "Just what I'm carrying." "What about socks, junior? You got extra socks?" Someone from the back of the truck asked, I couldn't quite pick out who had asked, "A pair," All of the sudden Muck piped up, raising a finger, "You need four minimum! Feet, hands, neck, balls!" And all of the sudden everybody in the truck chimed in, "Extra socks to warm them all!" I giggled lightly at that. "Yay! We all remember that one!" Muck cried. I looked over at Liebgott in the very back and saw him shivering. He had his hands tucked into his pockets and his collar around his neck, same as me. Everybody started asking Junior for stuff and Junior replied with he didn't have any of it. "What about a hat? You gotta hat?" Someone from the front asked, "What about a coat? You gotta coat?" Liebgott asked trying to push his collar further together to keep warm. Malarkey looked over at him and gave him a weird look, "Shut up with the coat Liebgott, nobody's got one." "What about some smokes then?" The man sitting next to Junior asked, "Yeah, I got some smokes," Everybody started holding their hands out for a smoke whilst Junior handed them out, he probably damn near handed out every one of them. George, who was sitting next to me, offered me a smoke which I declined, "No, thanks. I don't smoke." "Yeah," He drawled sarcastically as he lit it up and took a long drag. I rolled my eyes and watched Liebgott as he smoked his cigarette. He looked frozen, he wasn't moving at all, he was just sitting still. The only thing he would do to move was to take a drag from his cigarette. I watched as he sat there in the cold wind, looking disgruntled. He always looked disgruntled, I guess that was just how he was. When he noticed me staring I blushed and looked down at my feet which I couldn't feel. All the sudden the truck came to a stop and everybody immediately piled out onto the snowy road. I followed them out and watched as one of the soldiers threw a match into a hole full of gasoline. I walked over to the fire pit and warmed my hands. "Thank God for fire," George walked up beside me and I watched as he smoked his cigarette. "Jesus Christ," I heard Babe say from behind me. I turned my head to look at him and saw a long line of soldiers coming from the wooded area of Bastogne. "What the hell?" I cursed under my breath as I walked up next to Babe along with George. Babe headed over to get Bill and Malarkey who were taking a piss as me and George continued watching in shock at the soldiers who looked dazed walk down the road. "Hey, what happened?" I asked as I tugged a man on the arm making him face me, "They came out of nowhere, they slaughtered us... You gotta get out of here," He said looking dazed. He didn't even seemed fazed that I was a women, "We just got here!" Babe said from my left, "Where's your ammo?" "Take it," The man said as Babe and Bill stripped him of his gun and ammo, "You'll need it," We all watched in shock as the man walked away without another word along with the rest of the line of soldiers. "Shit," George whispered as he threw his cigarette onto the ground and stomped down on it, putting it out. Babe and Bill started taking other soldiers items and soon me and George joined in. We took ammo, hats, gloves, socks and scarves. Whatever happened in Bastogne scared those soldiers and we were about to go head first into it. I looked over at the forest and sighed as I felt tears coming to my eyes. I did this for a reason and that's not why I was crying. I felt bad for leaving David and Terry and I never saw Spencer and probably never will again and that was what broke my heart. I wiped the tears away, as I didn't want the other men to see me crying. "Hey, Tay, I got you a bit of ammo if you need any- What's wrong?" Malarkey asked as he held out some ammo. I tried wiping away the residue tears as Malarkey looked down at me sadly. "It's nothing, I'm fine," Malarkey didn't buy it for one second, he continued to stare me down, "Really, Don! I'm fine!" He still didn't buy it, but he let it go, seeing I didn't want to be pushed. He handed me the ammo and gripped my upper arm reassuringly making me look up at him. "We're gonna be fine," He said staring deep into my eyes. I nodded after a moment and smiled sadly at him, "I know," Malarkey nodded and gave my arm a gentle squeeze, "Here, take this," Don took my helmet off and placed a warm hat on my head. It covered my ears which was good because my ears were about to fall off. Don placed my helmet back onto my head, "Thanks," I said quietly. Don smiled and with one last gentle squeeze of my arm he headed back over to Babe and Bill who were still stripping the men of ammo and warm clothing. "Easy Company! Let's move!" I heard Compton order. We watched as the retreating soldiers headed the opposite direction that we were. I was extremely scared for my life and the boys around me, what if something happened to them? I know I had only know them for a short time, but they felt close to me. They treated me like one of the guys and that's how I wanted it to be, I didn't want to be treated like a baby just because of my gender. I pulled my collar around my neck and tried to stay warm, but it wasn't working out very well. I hung in the back of the line by myself, I think most of the men here were wondering about me and I could hear Winters tell them to just treat me like they would one of the guys. I smiled at that, but it didn't last long as we got into the dark forest. It was even colder in here because soon there was no path to take and it was just snow. My feet were buried in thick, cold snow and I couldn't feel my toes. I could hear my breath quavering with the cold and apparently someone else could too. Liebgott came up from behind me and stood by my side. "You alright?" He asked as he shivered. I saw him shivering as well, but his hands hung by his side now and they were gloved. I didn't get any gloves, but Malarkey did give me a hat. I saw how red Liebgott's ears were and he was wincing. He probably had an earache. "I'm fine," I told him as I blew warm air into my hands, "Are you sure? You look cold," I gave him a look that said 'really?' "Lieb, it's like ten degrees out here, of course I'm cold," Lieb smiled and shook his head as he continued to shiver. I stared over at him and smiled as he covered his ears with his hands. I sighed and took my hat off, holding it out to him. "Here," He looked down at the hat in my red hands and shook his head, "No, that's yours, keep it," I shook my head, "No, it's fine. My ears aren't that cold anyway," Lieb stared down at the warm hat in my outstretched hand for a moment, wondering if he should take it. Eventually he did and he he put it on underneath his helmet. "Here," He handed his gloves out to me. I smiled and took them, putting them on over my numb hands, "Thanks," He smiled and nodded and we continued our walk in the forest. It was quiet the rest of the way there. We only walked about twenty to thirty more minutes before we reached the other side of the forest. We all stood awkwardly, not knowing what to do. "Alright, boys! Get out your shovels and get diggin'!" Compton ordered as he walked away with Winters and Nixon. I looked over at Lieb and he shrugged, taking out his shovel he looked at me. "Want to help me with my foxhole?" I shrugged and nodded, "Yeah, why the hell not?" We headed over to a area underneath a tree and started digging out the snow and dirt. It was hard to do this in the cold and dark and my gloves were sticking to the shovel. It had gathered some ice on our three hour truck ride here plus the half hour it took to walk here. Me and Lieb dug the foxhole for what seemed like an eternity, but was actually just half an hour. "Well, there you go, Lieb. I'm gonna go start on mine now," I said starting to walk away, but Lieb grabbed my wrist, "Wait!" I turned to look at him and saw a look of pleading on his face, "What's wrong?" Lieb stuffed his hands in his pockets and sighed, "You can share mine," He offered and I noticed the bright red coming to his cheeks. He might be embarrassed or it might just be the cold, "No, Joe, it's fine, I can dig my own," I said picking up my shovel out of the dirt. Joe reached out and grabbed my wrist again. "No... I want you to stay..." He said as he stared down at his cold hands. I felt the heat rising to my cheeks when he said that, but just to make things seem less awkward Joe added, "Please stay, if you don't I get George," I laughed and threw my shovel into the dirt again, "Alright, but only because you said please." Me and Lieb jumped down into the foxhole and slid the wooden hatch we made on top of it. It was dark in here, but I could still see Joe. We sat in the foxhole in silence for the longest time. We sat shoulder to shoulder when I felt Joe shift. I looked over at him and saw him pull out a couple of cigarettes, he held one out to me, "Want one?" I declined the offer and smiled, "No, I don't smoke," Joe shook his head and lit his cigarette up, "Say that now," He took a puff and we were stuck in silence again. Most of the boys were probably trying to get some shut eye before the morning came. I wouldn't be surprised if we were ambushed by a shit ton of German's. Hopefully I didn't have to shoot any German's, the platoon leader made me a field medic, but I had a gun just in case I had to use it. I sighed and looked down at my freezing hands, at least they weren't as cold as they were before. "What's wrong?" Joe asked after he heard me sigh. I looked over at him, he was still smoking his cigarette and smoke filled the foxhole. I shrugged, "Just worried about tomorrow," It was quiet again. Obviously Joe didn't know what to say, I wouldn't either. He couldn't guarantee my safety nor my life. He had seen things that I couldn't imagine and I felt bad for him. I can't imagine the things he's been through. "I am too," I looked over at his shivering self once again, "Huh?" Joe threw his cigarette down and stomped his foot down on it to put it out, "I'm worried too, I'm afraid the German's are gonna come in here and slaughter us. But the thing you gotta think about is that everybody's scared, even though a lot of them don't want to admit it... I am one of those people. You are the first one I have admitted that to and that's only because you won't make fun of me for it." I smiled at Joe. I didn't know what to say all I could do was smile. "Aw, Joe," I said in a girly voice. He rolled his eyes at me, but I saw the small smirk he was trying to hide. We sat in awkward silence for a while when we heard thick boots crunching the snow above. We both looked up as the foxhole was filled with light and George stuck his head in. "Hey, I forgot I had this," He said as he held out a can of what looked like beans, "I though I would give it to you guys before Private Bullshit finds it," He imitated Sobel's voice. I had heard about Sobel before and he was described as a jackass, George had imitated him before and he did quite often, "Thanks, George," I said as I grabbed the can of beans from his cold grasp. He smiled down at us, "Anything for my favorite lovebirds." He pushed himself up and left us alone. Luckily he closed the hatch because I was blushing up a storm, I had a feeling Lieb was too. George, he always had to make things awkward. I handed the can of beans to Lieb and he stuffed them down into his rucksack. I sighed and leaned back against the wall of the foxhole and tilted my helmet over my eyes. I'm going to at least try and get some sleep before tomorrow. "Goodnight, Lieb," I said quietly before I yawned, "Goodnight, Taylor." We both got comfortable and tried falling asleep, but all I could think about was tomorrow. What would happen? Would I make it through the day? Would my friends make it through the day? What if I didn't? How would my brothers react? I wouldn't know until tomorrow, and then I would find out what war really was. A living hell.