Hey! Ssk76671 here with a story for you all... I dont own Sonic or anything related to SEGA.

"Help me..." She whispered. "He caused me pain. Blood. Sweat. My tears brought laughter to him." A tear rolled down her face. "Everything about me is fake. Even my tears. Its my fault he treated me this way."


He slaped me. Then he kicked me in the chest. I was chained. Stripped down. In pain. Somehow I had knew I deserved it. I had been hated everyday by everyone except him. Sonic the Hedgehog. But after a while he mustve started hating me too.

End Flashback...

"He told me.. I had the eyes of an angel. He said.. I was his own. That my life belonged to him... Me Amy Rose.." Another tear rolled down her face. "I just want someone to save me from the hell Im in right now..."

That the introduction. Tell me what you think. Im open to ideas! Byes! XD