17th Fanfic in 6 months!

I cant believe im still writing!

Well, Back to this story.

This is an Alex Rider/NCIS cross,

And has no set Point Of View (POV)

I shall just tell you whose POV it is in at the start of each Chapter,

For example:

Chapter 1 - Alex Riders POV

Chapter 2 - Alex Riders POV

Chapter 3 - Ziva Davids POV

And so on and so forth.

Hope ye enjoy,

Rachel :)

Chapter 1 - Alex Riders POV

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a boy.

This boy was 17 years old.

He had beautiful golden blond hair.

And he had mesmerising deep brown eyes.

This boy also had no parents.

And no family.

And basically everyone else he knew and cared for got murdered.

The End.

I shook the story from my head as I ran through the forest. I did NOT need to be reminded of that little tale right now. And I refused to believe it was about me. No, actually, fuck that.

It WAS about me.

But it didn't mean I had to like it.

Pushing away the unwanted thoughts once more, I forced myself to concentrate on the lights in the distance, and on my breathing.

Running flat out with a couple of broken ribs and a semi-collapsed lung didn't really agree with me.

I doubted it would agree with anyone.

But I had to get away.

I had gotten my chance to escape, and I had took it.

And now was NOT the time to be looking back.

I needed a place to stay, that I knew for certain.

I would take almost anywhere now.

My whole body screamed at me to stop, to slow down.

But if I stopped... I knew I wouldn't be able to get back up.

So for now, I kept running.

About half an hour later, I made it to the bright city lights, a breathed a sigh of relief.

Which almost forced me to my knees.

Forcing myself to ignore the pain, I stumbled over to the nearest building, a small house, and knocked once.


I knocked a second and third time.

Still nothing.

Guess nobody's home then.

Slowly I reached forward, pushing the door.

What surprised me the most was the fact it opened.

What surprised me the second most, was the fact the lights were on.

And what surprised me the least, but made up for it in shock, was the man in the end of the corridor.

Or rather, the PARTS of the man at the end of the corridor.

It was a body.

Well... What remained of a body.

The man was lying down on the tiles, blood polling around him as he stared at me with glassy eyes.

His head had been removed from his neck.

Then there was his hands and legs, which had also been decapitated from the body.

They lay in their own pools of blood around the head.

His body had been cut in half too, straight through the middle, a clean cut across his waist.

What remained of his legs were up against the wall, and his chest and the remainders of his arms were lying just to the side of what I guessed was his right hand.

And in the centre of everything, lay an axe, what I presumed to be his heart, and a bunch of dog tags.

This man had been a marine.

And he hadn't gone down without a fight.

Swallowing down the sudden need to vomit, I forced myself to look away from the grotesque sight, instead focusing on the rooms on either side of the... Body.

Or more importantly, the stairs.

Stairs that led to the second floor.

A second floor that generally had bedrooms.

And bedrooms had beds.

Forcing myself to walk further into the house, I managed to get myself upstairs, stumbling into the nearest room and collapsing on the bed.

I hadn't slept in what felt like years.

All I needed was to rest... And maybe a hospital afterwards... I don't know... Just something to fix myself up...

Before I knew it, my eyes had unwillingly shut of their own accord, and I slowly drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

Only to be awaken a while later, by a small *click*.

A sound I knew very well by now.

I flickered open my eyes to find a barrel of a gun only centimetres from my face.

I glanced up at the weapons owner, expecting the worst.

He glared at me, "NCIS. I'm arresting you under the charge of murdering a marine officer. You have the right to remain silent".

"Ok, when I said you have the right to remain silent kid, I didn't actually think you'd oblige".

I smirked as the officer glanced over at me, frowning, "Seriously. Aren't normal people supposed to never shut up or something?".

A normal person?

So not me then.

I hadn't put up a fight when the brown-haired, brown-eyed officer had decided to arrest me, mainly because I was so tired, instead, letting him handcuff me and shove me into an NCIS cop car with no problem at all.

He was in the back, sitting next to me, while another man, also brown-haired, but with greeny-blue eyes, drove us to god knows where.

But I went along willingly.

With one tiny catch, however.

I refused to speak.

He swore, "Fucks sake kid, at least tell me your name!".

"Di Nozzo" The second offer snapped quietly, "No language. And go easy on him".

"Whatever you say McGeek" he muttered, before suddenly perking up as the car pulled into a free parking space, "I bet Gibbs will get him to talk".

"Gibbs, Tony, has given strict orders for US to get him to talk" The driver replied, turning around in his seat to face the officer, "He's expecting a full out confession by the time he returns".

"Well in our current situation, Probie, that's looking a little difficult" The other man growled.

The driver sighed, "Have you tried being nice to him?".

"... How?".

He sighed again, before turning to face me, holding out his hand, "Special Agent McGee, nice to meet you. And this is Senior Special Agent Di Nozzo. And yes, before you ask, he is always this grouchy".

I smiled slightly but made no attempt to respond.

McGee stared at me for a minute before reluctantly dropping his hand and turning back to Di Nozzo, "You've got one hour before boss arrives, I've got to go check on Abby, see if she found out anything bout our vic. Can you take it from here?".

He scoffed, "Honestly McNerd. Of course I can".

"Will you EVER run out of nicknames for me?" McGee asked tiredly and the other man smirked, "Probably not Elf Lord. See, I've got so many to spare. There's McZero, McCheat, McEgghead, McSecurity, McDid, McDone, McHas-been, McGeekhal, McGoogle, McComp-".

"OK, I GET IT" McGee shouted, cutting him off as he got out of the car, and Di Nozzo grinned, "See you later McHulk".

Exactly 63 minutes later, a tall man stepped into the interrogation room, dropping a file in the desk in front of me, and taking the seat across from me.

It was silent for another 7 minutes and 32 seconds before he spoke.

"I'm Special Agent Gibbs. I run things around here. Now, what's your name?".

I remained silent, not moving an inch from where I was currently slouched over in the chair, my longish dark blond hair covering my face.

The grey-haired man sighed, pushing the file closer to me and flipping open the first page, "Do you know this man?".

I glanced up at the file, revealing a picture of what I presumed was the body of the man I found when it was still intact.

I looked down again, shaking my head.

Gibbs nodded once, closing the file, before abruptly standing up and walking out again, leaving me alone in the room once more.

The sound of the door opening threw me from my light sleep and I glanced up as Gibbs walked back in, followed by McGee.

He sat down again while the other man waited by the door.

Gibbs pushed the same file towards me again, opening up the first page to show the same picture as before, "Did you kill this man?".

I shook my head.

"Did you have any connection with this man at all?" He asked again and I shook my head once more.

He slowly stood up, muttering something to McGee, before disappearing again, this time leaving the file in front of me.

I quickly glanced through the information, memorising it just in case it came in handy later on.

Name: Colonel Philip Johnson

Age: 53

Family: Mother (deceased) Father (deceased) Wife (deceased) Children (none)

I skimmed through the rest of the information. Something about medals, blah blah blah, more about medals, blah blah blah, a war hero, blah blah blah, the end.

Well that was refreshing.

Less than an hour later, Gibbs returned, this time with Di Nozzo and a woman.

A woman who I hadn't been introduced to.

But knew immediately.

"Ziva David" I said quietly and all four agents turned to me.

"... What?" McGee finally asked and I smiled slightly, "Ziva David, am I wrong?".

My American accent was thankfully quite convincing.

Di Nozzo glance over at her before turning to me, "How do you know her name?".

"An Israeli Mossad agent" I continued.

She took the seat across from me, "Ex-Mossad actually".

I smirked, "Oh... Congratulations. And your father? What has old Eli to say about that?".

"He's dead" She replied flatly.

"As I said, congratulations".

"Thank you. Now I have a question for you. How do you know all this?" She asked once more, leaning forward in her chair.

I smirked, "Oh, I know a lot about you Ms. David. I know you had a younger sister, Tali, and an older half-brother, Ari, both who have, rather regretfully, passed away".

She tensed up, "Stop playing games with me kid".

I smirked even wider, "I'm not playing a thing Ms. David".

"WHY DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?" She shouted, jumping up.

"Of course I know your name" I replied, looking up at her for the first time, "I did, after all, take a bullet for you".

She froze, "... Alex?".

I grinned, "Long time no see partner".