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Chapter 29

Ziva's POV

The funeral was held on a wet, windy, and miserable Sunday morning.

Not many people actually showed up, asides from a few family members and myself, DiNozzo, McGee, and Gibbs.

I guess that's what happened in this line of work.

The friends you make are either fake, uncaring, or are too scared to be associated with you.

I don't know why I came myself.

Or why the rest of the team came either.

I guess... I guess we just wanted to make sure.

To make sure that the body in that creaking wooden coffin really was dead.

That it was going to be buried.

That it was never going to come back.

And after all the pain and grief and tears that that body had caused us?

It felt almost... good to see it lower slowly into the ground.

Almost like that quirky smirk and perfect teeth and dark eyes deserved to put there.

To be suffocated.

To never cause another person harm again.

I sighed, pulling my dark coat closer around my body, and next to me, Gibbs took a small step closer until our shoulders brushed.

I glanced up at him questioningly, but he kept his gaze on the priest when he spoke.

"You alright?"

"I'm... indifferent" I replied honestly, "I mean, after everything that's happened..."

"I know" He said quietly, "Almost seems too good to be true, doesn't it? That it's all over?"

"SCORPIA will never end" I answered, "You know that. As long as one member survives..."

"Well, at least with all the leader's dead, that should take a while to happen".

I nodded, and smiled.

With all the leader's dead.

It would take many months for them to recover after this blow.

And all because of Alex...

Turning back to the priest, I watched as the coffin finally disappeared into the ground, earth being piled high on top of it by two men with shovels on either side.

No one threw any flowers in, and no wreath was placed on top.

There was no one left who cared enough to do it.

Once the priest finished speaking, the small crowd dispersed quite quickly, all wanting to get out of the rain and none who wanted to linger to pay their final respects.

Waiting until no one but myself and DiNozzo remained, with Gibbs gone to get the car and McGee having a phobia of graveyards, I took a few steps forward, and crouched down in front of the headstone resting just behind the large pile of earth.

"... He would have wanted to be here, you know".

I didn't need to turn to know that Tony was listening to me.

"He'd have... he'd have wanted to see this" I continued, "To make sure that... I don't know... that it was all over, perhaps? That there was no one left? That he succeeded?"

DiNozzo slowly walked closer, and placed a hand on my shoulder, "Maybe... But Alex got his closure, Ziva... He did what he set out to do".

"... Do you really think it's over?"

"I think... I think that we better moving, or Gibbs will headslap us".

I gave an abrupt laugh, and stood up, before pausing and giving one last glanced back at the headstone.

"Yea" I replied quietly, "Maybe it really is over".

Rest in Peace.


Julia Charlotte Glenys Rothman

"How'd it go?"

I jumped, startled, and spun around with my weapon drawn.

The blonde haired boy on the couch merely blinked in return.


"... Well what?" I finally asked, slowly lowering the gun as I took off my coat.

"How did it go?" He asked again, "Is that bitch actually dead?!"

I couldn't help but smile at the accurate phrasing, "Yes, Alex, she's actually dead".

The spy sighed in relief, and leant back against the couch, wincing as the movement pulled at the fresh bullet wound in his shoulder.

"You know, I was expecting her to jump out of the coffin and shoot everyone".

"Is that why you didn't go?" I teased, collapsing down next to him.

"Nah" He replied, "There's plenty of people who want me dead right now, and showing up at Rothman's funeral would have a been a death wish".

"So instead you... what? Watched crappy TV?"

"And went shopping" He said, reaching over the side of the couch and holding up a plastic bag, "I thought... I thought I owed you an apology".

"Damn right you do".

"I just... I couldn't blow my cover, alright? You know what that's like. I had to... I had to play the part in case anyone suspected you knew otherwise".

I studied him carefully, "And your friend? Klara? What about her?"

"What about her?"

"Well, was she in on it too?"

"Yep" He replied, sighing once more, "Klara is a... triple agent, I guess you'd call it, for CIA, and I'm... I don't know... I'm one of the good guys, anyway, and that's... that's enough for me".

"... So what's your apology gift?" I finally asked, and he grinned, "We, meaning you and I, are going to get super drunk".

I stared at him, "... You're on pain medication".

"As are you" He replied, pointedly nodding at my cracked and bruised ribs, "And yet that never stopped me before".

"... This is a very bad idea".

"This is a very good idea" He corrected, "We need to... lighten up a bit. Take a break. Enjoy ourselves... And besides, I didn't buy anything too heavy".

"What's in the bag, Alex?"

"Does that mean I'm forgiven?"

"... Alright, yes, fine, you're forgiven! Now what's in the bag?"

He grinned, and pulled it open, "Simple. It's just Ten Dollars and a Six Pack".