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I watched in wonder as Kid Flash devoured his 10th sandwich.

"Hey the heck can he do that! Plus 5 milkshakes and 15 Hershey bars!" And if you were wondering, no we are not on a date. Pft. As if he would really like me. We're just friends. N-Not that I have a problem with that! Well maybe I do... Okay I do. Somehow during the transformation from evil to good and all the battles, I fell in love with the red and yellow speedster. Somehow. I still don't know how. So why aren't we dating? It's simple. He doesn't like me. I'm about 99% sure he converted me to have a friend to tease. No, he hasn't really told me that per say... But I trust my senses.

"Jinx? Helloooo?" Kid's voice snaps me back to my senses and I see his gloved hand waving in front of my face. I growl and hex his hand and yelps and jumps back, but still smiling.

"Just making sure you were okay. I was talking to you and you seemed to zone out." He says. I raise an (nonexistent) eyebrow.

"How could you talk with 2 sandwiches in your mouth?" I ask. He laughs and slings his arm over my shoulder, making my face want to heat up.

"That's a secret only I should know Jinxy-Winxy." He says. I growl and hex his arm for the 2nd time.

"How many times have I told you not to call me that!?" I say, folding my arms and turning my back to him.

"I think I should be able to call you whatever I want Jinxy-Winxy."

"And what makes you think that?"

"Because I converted you."


"Awwwwwwww you know you love it!" I shudder inside, but I try my best not show it. In all reality, I really did like his nicknames for me. But I would never admit that. I scoff.

"What ever speedster. Can we go now? You stole me from my apartment in the middle of cleaning, so half of it is still a mess. I'd like to finish it now." I say, putting my hands on my hips. He sighs and dramatically stands up.

"I guess I must. Oh woe is me. All I wanted was to spend a nice after-" I shut him up by glaring at him. He gulped then nervously smiled.

"Well I guess lunch was enough." I nod and walk out the door. He picks me up in his arms.

"Wha-" I start, but he interrupts.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, were in Scotland, so I'm going to have to run you home." He says. I was about to shriek at him, but I decided not to. He did pay for my lunch. So I just rolled my eyes and held onto my blush that was trying to form. We took off and the world was a mass of swirls, colors, and occasionally I would see a building or two. About 5 seconds later, we were in front of my house. I jumped out of his arms reluctantly, then tried to smooth my hair back into my devil horns. I turn to him.

"Thanks. It was nice to get out... Even if it was to Scotland." I say. He smiles at me. I turn to open my door, when I felt his gloves hand on my arm. I turn around, about to tell him to let go, when he leaned in and kissed my cheek. I just stood there wide eyed as he turned around and walked down the road. I could have sworn I saw red on his cheeks. He raises an arm and waves with his back turned to me.

"Bye Jinxy-Winxy!" Then he disappears. I stand there for a couple more seconds, then shake my head and walk into my apartment.


I growl as I watch Kid Flash kiss the pink one on the cheek, then run away. I feel wind pass by the tree I was hiding in, signaling that he ran past. I smile, then my smile turns into a cold glare as I watch the pink haired one walk into her small apartment.

"Kid Flash is mine. He Will be mine. And that Pink haired wannabe will not get in my way." I laugh quietly to myself then jump down from the tree, and follow Kid Flash.

I watch him for awhile. He was hard to keep up with, but I would see him sometimes. Eventually it grew dark, and I watched Kid beat u 2 robbers in an alley. I knew I should make contact now. I powered up my mind control magic behind my back, dimming down the blue light, then walk up to him.

Kid Flash POV.

I brushed my hands off on my suit and tied the robbers up. To easy. Suddenly, a suave voice rang out in the alley.

"Hey handsome." I turn around and see a girl about my age, maybe 16 or 17. I almost flinched at the looks of her. Sure, she was pretty, but just to... revealing. She wore a black tube top, and a way to short mini skirt. She had white smooth skin, alluring blue eyes, and long blonde hair, puffed up so much it must have taken at least 5 cans of hairspray.

"Uh... Hello Ma'am, are you in... uh... trouble today? What's your name?" I stuttered out as she walked towards me, her hips shaking. I barely even saw her hand behind her back, with a faint blue glow. She laughed, and slapped my shoulder playfully as if I had said the funniest thing in the world. I suddenly had the urge to run back to Jinx. I kinda tuned out for a moment, thinking about the pink haired sorceress. It was no secret that I liked her, well at least to the rest of the Teen Titans. I don't think she knows.

"-ame is Jesui." The girls voice snaps me out of my thoughts.

"Oh... So do you need help?" I say, nervously. This girl was practically all naked and she was right next to me.

"No. But I think you need help. I'm here to rid you of that pink haired girl. Don't worry, you'll get used me." She says. My eyes widen.

"I don't-" I make eyes contact with her and her eyes are glowing blue, and her hand has comes out.

"You will be mine." I become hypnotized by her eyes, then everything goes black.

Jesui's POV

I smile sweetly down at an unconscious Kid Flash.

"Now, not only will he love me, I don't have to get my hands dirty." I ruffle his red hair.

"He will kill the Pink Haired One for me."

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