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Time seemed to slow down. That seems to be happening a lot. But here I was, and it was happening again. It seemed to slow down to torcher me more.

I watched as Jinx gave one last smile, slid of the sword I had impaled her with, and fell to the ground. Everything seemed distorted. I heard someone screaming Jinx's name, only vaguely aware it was my own voice. Then I was next to her, her head in my lap. I beg for her to stay alive.

"I need you Jinx! You can't die! I-I love you! Please don't go!" She just stared at me, coughing up blood. After most of the blood was learned from her mouth and throat, she again shakily placed both hands on my cheeks.

"I-I've waited so long for you to s-say that... K-Kid... Please don't cry.." She says, her thumbs wiping below my eyes.

"H-How can I not! Your dying Jinx! Y-You can't leave me! Please don't!" I shout, putting my forehead to hers.

She just kept caressing my face with her thumbs shakily.

"Kid... We both know I'm not going to-"

"NO JINX! You're going to make it!" I yell. I back up and my hands on her stomach, trying to stop the bleeding. She yelled out in pain, and weakly pushed against my hands to get me to stop.

"She's going to make it.. She will make it... I will do whatever it takes.." Suddenly A pair of hands pull my back, holding me back.

"Kid what are you doing?! You're hurting her! Let Raven heal her!" Robin's voice rings in my ears. I growl and break out of his grasp. I shove Raven with all my might away from Jinx, nearly sending her into a wall.

"Raven!" Beast Boy yells an rushes over to her.

"No one touch her! I will save her!" I growl, then bend down and put my hands on her wound again, pushing hard.

"Kid You're killing her!" Cyborg yells. Jinx writhes under me in pain.

"I...Will... Save...Her." I growl. I push harder, hard enough to break bones.

"I just need to keep pressure so that it will stop bleeding.." A pink light slammed into my stomach, making me fly back. I look back at Jinx and see her breathing slowing. I run back up to her, but she grabs my hands.

"Stop... Wally... You're... Just making it... Worse.." She says. I growl.

"No I'm keeping pressure on it! It will stop bleeding!"

"Kid stop. I think you broke one of my ribs pushing so hard... And the sword went out my back..." She says now in a whisper.

"All the blood was coming out my back..." I only then see the huge puddle of blood under her. Blood I had been forcing out.

"J-Jinx... I can-"

"NO!" She says as loud as her body will allow.

"Kid... We both know i'm not going to make it. Please, you're just making it worse. I would rather spend my last moments with you peacefully then with you being the idiot you are.." She says. I feel a waterfall of tears coming down.

"P-Please Jinx.."

"Assassin..." a Whisper calls out in my head.

"Kid... I love you... Just let me go..." Jinx says, her breath slowing down even more.


Her eyes stare into mine, slightly glazed over.


Her chest rises up one last time, then falls. It doesn't go back up.

"Jinx?... I... Love... You..." I lean down and kiss her cold lips, tears still running down my face. I hysterical sob breaks out of my throat. I can see the Teen Titans drawing closer, waiting for me to come out of my sobs so they can put me in jail or something. Heh... Hehe... Heheheh...

"Well I can't let them do that now can I?" I stand up shakily, and run. Giving Jinx one last dead kiss...

"Oh Jinx... I will miss you... Hehe... But Tick. Tock. Goes my mental clock. And I wait patiently for it to go off. And when It does, I will get back at everyone who made you suffer.


No One's POV. Months later


A figure stands over a lone grave.

"I killed another. Remember Madam Rouge? I unfroze her and killed her. She caused you so much suffering. But she's gone now. I think my next target is your old team. Then the Teen Titans. Then others. Then after all that is done, it will be myself. I caused you the most suffering out of everybody, and I will pay." The figure smirks.

"Love you Jinx."

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