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People stared at the flying car in amazement as it landed in a parking spot beside the store. Two adults climbed out; one was a gorgeous female with a soft tent of green as her skin. The other, the male, had blue skin and a scar below his eye. They were not a normal looking couple at all...

"Hey," shouted somebody from the crowd that had gathered around the parking lot, "you can't park there! It says handicap parking only."

"We don't intend to stay for very long," said the man with the blue skin as he and the woman made their way inside .

The store was packed. The sound of ringing echoed the store as the employees worked hard in the check out lanes. Children ran carelessly through the store, followed by screaming mothers telling their children to behave themselves.

The man mumbled something under his breath angrily as he began to search the store.

"I don't see how you could get upset by this," said the woman, following close behind the man. "It's really not a big deal."

"Yes it is, Shego!" He yelled. "It's a really big deal!"

She rolled her eyes in annoyance as he continued to search the store.

Finally, after a few minutes of searching, he came across the pet section of the store, hearing voices near them. (he "ordered" Shego to fetch some cookie mix, remembering they were out)

"This is my pal Rufus," said one voice. "He's been in our family since my dad was a boy. Yeah, my dad says I'll get a pet of my own soon. I wonder how hairless cats behave? You see, I'm allergic to any hair on practically any animal. I think it's genetics because my grandpa was the same way."

"That's very—Er—interesting?" Said the other voice. "My parents won't let me get a pet... They say all the animals I want are too dangerous and they could eat me..."

"Maybe you have wise parents," said the first voice, sounding a bit startled.

"You bet she does," the man spoke, revealing himself to the two voices. He glared at a boy with ginger hair and big brown freckles. His face, that was styling a mean frown, suddenly turned into a confused expression. "Don't I know you from somewhere?" He asked the boy.

"N-no, sir," the boy answered, terrified. "I'm Donn–"

"Dad! Why are you here?" Said the girl beside the boy.

"Seriously, I know you from somewhere. Where?" Her father announced, looking at the boy.

"I–I"m not sure, sir," the boy replied.

"And how are you two doing?" Another voice chimed in. They all turned to see a red haired woman with green, sparkly eyes. It was as clear as day as to who she was.

"Kim Possible?" Yelled the man.

"Dr. Drakken?" She said confused. She soon took a fighting stance. "I thought you gave up evil."

"Not giving up," the man replied coldly as he too took a fighting stance, "taking a break."

"Okay, I got your stupid cookie mix," Shego came walking in. "Have you found Lucy yet—"


"This is why I don't like coming here," she complained to the man.

"I'm confused," said the young girl.

"Me too," said the young boy.

"Wait... Is this your kid?" Shego pointed at the ginger head boy.

"That's where I know him from!" The man smiled.

"Then that means—Is Lucy your kid?"

"This is the boy you were talking about," the green skinned woman asked her daughter.

"Mom.." Her daughter blushed.

"No boys! Especially not a Possible!" Her father announced.

"I'm a Stoppable," the boy corrected, "and I just invited Lucy to hang out at Smarty Mart so I could have someone to hang out with, that's all."

"Lucy! We're going!" Her father spoke, grabbing her arm and dragging her out of the store, with her mother close behind.

"Ask me this, Donny," his mother began, putting a hand on her son's shoulder,. "Are you still crazy about her?"

"I think more than I ever thought possible," he answered with a smile as he watched the girl of his dreams being dragged away.

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