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Chapter One

Bash has been injured.

I never knew the effect those four simple words would have on me. The moment I heard that sentence tumble out of Francis's mouth and saw the despair on his face, my heart tore in two. Worry and concern overtook my body, making my frame shake as I tried not to cry with grief. Relief would only come to me when I knew that Bash was okay and mobile, going on his adventures while full of life. For now, while I stared at his bleeding, clammy and pale body, I would be sickened at the stomach. In front of me, Bash laid on the settee, his skin loosing what little color it had left rapidly while no one did anything about it. Moments ago, Nostradamus had cut up Bash's shirt, gravely staring at the large gash that spanned it. So much blood already covered him, but more kept relentlessly gushing to the surface.

In my anger and grief, I yearned to yell at whoever had sent Bash on the deadly mission in the first place, who had put him in harm's way, but I could not find my voice. I wanted to rush over to his limp body and sit next to him, holding his pale hand in mine as I whispered to him that everything would be okay. I wanted to tell him my true feelings, tell him that I loved him no matter what, but I couldn't move. Instead, all I could do was shakily draw lifesaving air into my lungs, trying to fend off the tears that continually threatened to fall. But I couldn't cry over Bash, I couldn't let anyone know of the true feelings that I had for him. No one could know that I loved him rather than Francis. No one could know that I was in love with the bastard born son who had captured my heart. That would only cause pain for the both of us.

"It would do well for everyone to clear out," Nostradamus said grimly, breaking my thoughts and scattering them. "I work better in solitude."

Everyone turned away, but I still could not move. It was as if my feet were glued to the floor. "Come on Mary," Francis said, gently taking my hand and guiding me away from Bash. Away from the dying man that I loved.

With tears stinging my eyes, I turned away from him, trying to be hopeful that Nostradamus would be able to heal him. I tried to be hopeful that Bash would soon wake and be his normal cheeky self. I'll be back when everyone is gone, I silently vowed to him. Although he could not hear me, I could've sworn that he moved in response.

Once word came from Nostradamus that Bash had been patched up and was recovering, I immediately brightened up. Despite Nostradamus's warning that no one should visit him tonight, I formulated a plan to visit him tonight while everyone was asleep. Since Bash was most likely recovering in his own chambers, I would be able to take the hidden passageway that connected our rooms. I had only just recently discovered the hidden door in the wall when Clarissa had warned me about the wine. When I had explored the hidden path in the night, I had stumbled out the other door into Bash's chambers where he had been in the middle of putting a white cloth shirt on. Since then, we have been using the passageway to our advantage, visiting one another when the stars came out to play and not leaving until the red dawn came.

At midnight, I fluttered across my chambers, careful not to make the floor creak under my weight. The door to the hidden passage swung open easily without so much as a squeak to alert the guards outside of my presence. I carried a torch with me in order to illuminate the dark, smooth black rock path. It was one straight path that occasionally curved, but I knew well to pay attention so that I wouldn't tumble out the door to his room again like I had so many other times. I sat the torch in the holder that was attached to the wall near the path's end and carefully leaned against the wall, preparing to say everything that I had planned in my head. My preparation was short lived as my little contact to the wall made the door swing open swiftly and quickly so that before I knew it I was tumbling down onto carpeted flooring of his familiar room.

"Mary!" Bash exclaimed with worry. "Are you alright?" I hid my smile. Bash had his own wounds to worry about, but he was still more worried about me.

Hastily, I stood up, smoothing my dress, "You're asking me if I'm alright! You're the one with a physical sword wound spanning your stomach. All I injured was my pride." In a couple of wide paces, I reached his bed, tediously careful to not hurt him as I sat right next to him. The contact of our warm bodies touching made both of us feel better, Bash's grin becoming wider while his blue eyes twinkled and my just feeling happier in general. Underneath the covers, our hands found each other and tangled together, though I heard Bash grunt in pain as he struggled to shift positions.

"Bash, don't move. I don't want you to be in more pain," I commented, my voice tight with worry. He had always liked me calling him Bash rather than Sebastian. I guess that in a way it was more intimate. The idea made me squirm slightly and spread a warm fuzzy feeling through me, butterflies flooding into my stomach.

He didn't answer me, just smirked. "How is it that when you were just near death, you are still worried about me?" my hand flew to my mouth and my cheeks turned red with embarrassment. I shouldn't have said that. It was foolish and reckless.

Bash's head snapped up and he gazed at me. Something flickered in his eyes, making the blue pools burn brighter, but it was gone before I could find out exactly what emotion it was. Bash squeezed my hand, "You're worth all of my worry."

I looked deep into his blue eyes, my head spinning, "I don't want to be someone that you have to constantly worry about. You should worry about yourself."

Bash continued to gaze at me, as if taking all of me in one last time, "I know. You can take care of yourself."

Tears pricked my eyes, "Can I? Oh Bash, I don't know what I would do without you. Every time I think about what happened to you, I tear up. You mean so much to me and I keep thinking… I keep thinking that I could have stopped this from happening to you," I breathed deeply, my lower lip quivering.

"Mary, do not cry," Bash pleaded, lifting his free hand and gently placing it to rest on my cheek, using his thumb to wipe away fallen tears that trailed down my face. I shivered under his touch, feeling the warmth spread through me. Butterflies fluttered through my stomach and my heart pounded as I had a sudden thought of pressing my lips to his in a kiss.

"I'm still here Mary. I'm not going anywhere," he said quietly. His thumb continued to caress my cheek and my gaze flicked to his lips which was something that didn't go unnoticed by him and his watchful eyes.

"I certainly hope you don't go anywhere. We need you here. I need you here," I breathed out my confession. Bash looked at me in awe, his caressing hand stilling. "Goodness, I fear that your cheekiness is rubbing off on me. I have been spending too much time with you."

"I enjoy the time we spend together," he replied, grinning at me.

"The time we spend together is the highlight of my day," I answered honestly. I smiled down shyly.

Bash squeezed my hand beneath the covers, causing my body to increasingly tingle. "You haven't the faintest idea what your admission means to me," he said, his free hand trailing down my cheek. His fingers were like little kisses everywhere he touched. Bash's finger ran down my lips, parting them slightly and effectively making my heart pound wildly.

My breath hitched and Bash continued, "You don't know the effect that you have on me." His bright blue eyes were enveloping my world.

Barely above a whisper, I confessed, "I think that I do."

We lean in closer to each other. I could smell Bash's scent of pine and spice and breathed his hair. For the most part, my eyes stayed on his, but occasionally slid down to his lips. He noticed and I saw a smile tugging on his lips, making me want to smile back. My eyes fluttered shut as his lips gently pressed against mine. A warmth began to form in the pit of my stomach, unknotting all of the butterflies and worries that occupied my stomach. A flame ignited in my stomach. All I could think about was Bash. I hardened my grip on his hand while my other hand flew up to rest on the crook of his neck. The kiss deepened and suddenly I was beneath his body as we kissed passionately.

When we broke apart, I immediately confessed, "I love you Bash."

His heavy breathing labored, he replied, "I love you too Mary." As we hugged, he whispered in my ear, "We'll find a way to be together."

He said it with such confidence and I believed him. No matter what happened, we would be together to the end. As we sat together, reveling in one another's love, I realized that there was no avoiding this. Whatever we did, there would have been no way to avoid our falling in love. Whoever got in the way, we would always find a way to be together. Even if it meant that we would have to fight for each other to the death.