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Chapter Two

The sun was streaming in through the opened curtain, waking me up from my light sleep. Unwillingly, I opened my eyes, fighting every step of the wake up process. My vision adjusted and I realized that I wasn't in my chambers. The sleepiness that cocooned my mind disappeared and I looked around. This was Bash's room. The bed beneath me was Bash's. The person sleeping next to me was Bash. I had fallen asleep in his bed last night when we had been talking. Now I was facing him, breathing the same air he breathed, our foreheads nearly touching. Our hands were still entwined the same way they had been last night. Last night we had kissed. Last night we had admitted to loving one another.

Warmth enveloped me and I felt like I was glowing. There were no words to fully describe how I was feeling. All I could say was that I was happy. After we had kissed, we talked about anything and everything. He told me more stories and I told him what it had been liked at the Convent. The whole night, Bash made me laugh so hard that I cried and when tears did come, he would wipe them away with his thumb and kiss me once on the lips. After we became too tired to talk, we leaned against each other, my head perched on his shoulder and his head rested somewhat on mine. When I had become tired, I slid down under the covers and soon after Bash was beside me, my frame curled up perfectly next to his as he molded to fit it. Just when sleep was about to overcome me, Bash's arm slipped around my waist, pulling me close to him.

Now that I was awake, it all felt like a dream. I would have believed that it had been a dream if I had woken up in my own bed, but instead I had awoken in Bash's bed and I didn't mind at all. I was comfortable here with Bash and nothing could get in the way of that. Except a reality that was coming up much too quickly. A reality that taunted me cruelly and repeatedly reminded me that no matter how much Bash and I loved each other we could never be together. I was the Queen of Scotland and had a duty to my country. I had to marry the future King of France to form an alliance that would save my homeland. Scotland no longer felt like my home though. It just felt like the place that I had been born in and raised to reign as Queen. Deep in my heart, my true home lay with Bash. Wherever Bash would be, that was where my home was.

Beside me, he stirred and I watched his eyes slowly open to the sunlight. He focused on me and his features brightened as a smile formed on his lips. Bash leaned in so that our foreheads touched and I closed the space between us. Consequences no longer mattered. I would own up to them if push came to shove, but in the end we would be a tragic love story. We would die for each other. We were going to die for each other, because of each other. I knew it in my gut, but tried to be optimistic because everything would be okay when we were together. My gut told me that we would have to fight tooth and nail to be able to stay together and I surprised myself when I found that I was okay with that. Our love would last forever, never getting old, only growing stronger.

Everything was wiped from my memory as we kissed and it was like nothing I had ever dreamed up. It went way beyond my standards for a first or second or third kiss. Kissing Bash would never get old. We broke apart briefly to breathe, but met each other once more with a fiery passion, wiping everything away, save him. Despite his wounds that were healing properly, he managed to shift so that I was beneath him again like I had been the night before. His weight pressed against me in all the right places as he kissed me, one hand moving up and down my arm as the other held my hand tightly. When the kiss deepened, I detangled our hands and pressed them against his chest, my eyes flying open as I realized that he had discarded his shirt. Hastily, I drew my hands away, causing Bash to break away as he laughed.

"That is not funny," I fumed, not too bothered by it as I got a glimpse of his strong stomach although the majority of it was covered by white bandage. I had to pull my eyes away and focused on his face as his bare chest was enough to make me want to hang my mouth open and stare.

"From my point of view, it is quite amusing," Bash replied.

"It would be with you and your cheeky personality," I grinned at him. He winced in pain as he moved back beside me and I immediately became concerned, "Are you alright?"

"Fine," he replied, his voice stiff with pain. "I just need to change my bandage." Bash proceeded in attempting to peel the white gauzy pad off, but stopped after a couple of seconds.

"Let me," I said, sitting up so that I could have a better angle to pull the pad off. Slowly, I took part of it off and then pulled the other side off, noticing that his body shivered slightly under my gentle touch.

"Bash, isn't it supposed to look… well… Better? Your wound still looks horrible," I stated, slightly horrified.

He chuckled at my concern, taking my hand in his, "Mary, it takes time to heal."

"Well until that heals, you're not to move around much. Promise me you will not move unless you have to," I asked of him.

"If it will make you feel better, I will not," Bash promised.

"Good. Now get some more rest, as you should be asleep right now. I have to go. There are things that need to be taken care of." Bash nodded, knowing that I couldn't stay the whole day without it being suspicious. "I promise I will be back tonight."

He grabbed my hand as I turned to go, gently pulling me to him and kissing me one more time, "I love you."

"I love you too," I smiled, backing away from him slowly. I opened the hidden door that connected to my chambers and traveled back there, wishing more and more with every step that I was a simple girl.

Shortly after I arrived back in my chambers, Lola, Greer, and Aylee marched in looking rather crossed. Kenna followed them close behind, worry etched in her features. "Girls, what's going on?" I wondered, my euphoria fading away.

"Kenna, would you like to inform your Queen?" Aylee asked sharply. Kenna said nothing, only cast her gaze down as if ashamed. "She's been having an affair- with the King!" Aylee exclaimed, disgust written in her voice.

I masked my shock, making my face emotionless, "For how long?"

"Since we arrived," Kenna mumbled.

I straightened my back, "Lola, Greer, Aylee. Leave us."

"But-" Lola complained.

"Leave!" I demanded. They complied and Kenna sat down on the settee in front of my bed.

"I'm sorry Your Grace. I understand if you want me to leave," Kenna whispered. Clearly, she didn't want to leave and I didn't really want her to either.

I sat next to her, taking her hands in mine, "Kenna, you don't have to call me Your Grace. You can still call me Mary. You're still my friend. My main question is this: are you happy?"

She jerked her head up to look at me, "Yes, I am happy."

"Then that is all that matters to me. What you do is your business and I cannot control that," I told her earnestly. "Just don't get pulled in too deep. You've already been dragged in, almost to the bottom it sounds like."

"We've been inconspicuous as of late. No one knows except you and the girls."

"How exactly did they find out?"

"Aylee was spying on me. She said that Lola and Greer had suspected something."
"But the way they came in, it looked as if they had just found out. Lola and Greer appeared completely shocked," I contemplated. "And spying. That doesn't sound like Aylee at all."

"I suspect that there's more going on," Kenna replied, sharing my unspoken suspicions.

"I'll do some digging," I told her. "And Kenna, you are not going anywhere. I want you here with me."

Kenna smiled gratefully, her eyes glistening with tears, "Thank you Mary."

"What are friends for?" I smiled back at her. As she walked away from me, I feared that she had been pulled into something that she was not prepared for. "Kenna? Would you like to go for a ride with me on the horses?"

She looked back at me, "That would be great. We could have a picnic!"

I grinned, "Let's go then. Politics and scandals can wait."

My thoughts strayed from Kenna to Bash and me. Our relationship that we were about to embark on. I feared that I would be in over my head. Surprisingly, I found myself alright with that. I would have to confide in Kenna over the picnic.