I recently saw Pacific Rim, and I had this idea, so don't kill me over it please? It's a little confusing at first but it's reflecting Gipsy's POV during the movie. This idea came up when I saw the scene where Gipsy and Leatherback were fighting, where the Kaiju roars at the Jaeger and the Jaeger growled back...so what if they were a little more sentient than anyone thought?

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Pacific Rim: New Chance

They say that when you go through the Drift, only your partner sees your memories.

This, however, is not true.

Even though no one will ever know. No one ever thinks to ask the Jaeger.

As Gipsy drifted downwards, crippled and severely wounded, into the Anteverse, she reflected what had happened in her lifetime.

She had felt it when Yancy was yanked from her hold and killed by the Kaiju Knifehead. She felt it when his brother, Raleigh, screamed in pain and rage and destroyed the monster alone. She had helped him, she wanted revenge.

And then he left.

Gipsy had been waiting for so long, so very long for her pilot to come back for her…but Raleigh never did.

She waited in the Shatterdome, patiently standing by while she was repaired from the damage…they had tried to get her to take another pilot, but every time, Gipsy Danger rejected them.

Only Marshall Stacker Pentecost seemed to grasp what Gipsy wanted, simply because his own Jaeger, Coyote Tango, was the same. You run so many missions with a Jaeger…they seem to come alive.

What Pentecost didn't know…was that he was closer to being right than he ever knew.

The older Jaegers seemed to be closer to having a will of their own. That one moment where the Jaeger moves without the pilots moving as well, the moment where the Jaeger seems to growl back at a Kaiju when their pilots, their companions, were deep within a fight.

The older Jaegers felt much that the pilots did, the Drift coursing through their circuitry as the two organic minds connected with the computerized mind of a Jaeger.

Gipsy had almost given up on Raleigh ever coming back to her, when it happened.

Raleigh came back.

The joy that went through her system bled through the Drift that she and Raleigh still had ever since that fateful day when Yancy died. When Raleigh was sure everyone was asleep, he had come into the hanger and had come up to Gipsy, he patted her pede and told her that he missed her.

She had missed him too.

The next day, he had arrived with the Marshall's adopted daughter, Mako. Of all the people here, Gipsy liked Mako…second to Raleigh of course.

The two Drifted and Gipsy felt more at home, more at ease than before…she felt whole as she raised her servos, calibrating with her two pilots. Clenching her fists and drawing her arms into a fighting stance.

Then the RABITs came.

First Raleigh and Gipsy relived Yancy's death…but Raleigh got it under control.


Gipsy saw what had happened to the young woman as a child. Her whole family slaughtered by a Kaiju. She felt the thirst for revenge clear as day. It angered the Jaeger and as Mako's hand went up, Gipsy's plasma cannon onlined.

The Jaeger wanted to fight.

And then it was over. The technicians had pulled the power.

Gipsy wasn't satisfied, she knew her pilots could do it. She asked if they wanted to try again…but Marshall Pentecost yanked both of them out and shut Gipsy down.

The Jaeger seethed in her frustration, shorting out her circuits when a technician came to check on her and causing them to burn their fingers.

"She's throwing a fit," Raleigh said, crossing his arms as Gipsy once again spat sparks.

Raleigh understood her. He had Drifted with her so many times that he had believed her to be as sentient as anyone. Yancy was the first to notice it, then Raleigh noticed a few missions later.

"She can't throw a fit because she doesn't feel, Becket," the tech snorted.

Gipsy shocked him good and hard. Raleigh chuckled as the tech yelped and Gipsy gave a hiss at him for good measure.

Raleigh ran a hand over Gipsy's pede, just like he always used to. A slight purr ran through the Jaeger's frame.

"See, they're more alive than we realize," Raleigh muttered.

Gipsy wished she could talk, just so she could tell him that he was right.

Later that evening, two Kaiju attacked Hong Kong. They sent out Cherno Alpha, Striker Eureka, and Crimson Typhoon.

Gipsy was left behind.

But that wasn't to last much longer.

She had felt both Crimson and Cherno being destroyed, she felt Striker being neutralized. Gipsy knew that she was the only choice left.

Raleigh and Mako both stepped into the conn pod.

"You ready ol' girl?" Raleigh asked.

Gipsy let out a low hum of agreement.

Mako looked at her copilot curiously.

Raleigh shrugged.

"When you've Drifted enough times with Gipsy, you'll understand," he explained.

"This is not helping," Mako muttered, but she got into the second pilot's chair and the Drift started.

This time…neither chased the rabbit, this time…the threesome was ready.

Minutes later, Gipsy Danger was in battle, her movements flowing smoothly with her pilots. Leatherback gave a loud screech and threw the Jaeger and her pilots onto dry land where they flipped over and then back upright, skidding to a stop.

The Kaiju followed them onto the land, roaring in challenge.

Gipsy gave a low snarling growl in reply.

Mako's eyes widened.

"She protects her own," Raleigh smirked.

"That shouldn't be possible…" the woman breathed, "She…she's alive?"

"To me she is,"

As Gipsy sank deeper and deeper into the breach. Raleigh got Mako out into the escape pod and currently she was shooting towards the surface.

Gipsy gave a groan of pain as Raleigh stroked the computer fondly.

"Sorry, Girl," he muttered, "But it's the only way,"

The Jaeger understood. She was in so much pain, if she could have, she would have been begging Raleigh to end her.

This way, she'd be able to help her beloved pilot one final time.

Raleigh pressed the self-destruct button…

But it didn't work.

"Manual activation required," Gipsy Danger told him.

She was too damaged, to hurt to do anything.

Raleigh cursed under his breath.

A low whine escaped the Jaeger's systems.

"I know, Girl, I'm sorry," the man sighed, disengaging himself from his seat, "I'm heading to the reactor,"

He ran back to Gipsy's chassis area, which at the moment was horizontal. A sudden increase in gravity pulled the Jaeger upright, causing Raleigh to stumble. Gipsy hummed softly, but she couldn't do anything without hurting her pilot.

With a yell, the young man hauled himself upright and activated the self-destruct sequence.

"Manual override initiated," Gipsy announced, giving a silent thanks, "Core meltdown in T-Minus 60…55…"

Raleigh sprinted back towards his seat and re-engaged. Gipsy fired her jets and settled upright. Raleigh stroked the computer one last time.

"Thank you, Gipsy," he whispered.

The Jaeger hummed softly, a gentle loving purr that rumbled through her frame.

And within moments, Raleigh was gone as well.

Gipsy sank quicker now, coming face to face with the unsightly creatures that created the Kaiju.

"You can no longer threaten my Raleigh and my Mako," Gipsy thought.


"I go to join my brothers," was her last thought, "Raleigh and Mako are safe,"


And everything the Jaeger knew…disappeared in a flash of blue.

Gipsy awoke to a place filled with stars.

"W…where am I?" the Jaeger asked softly, "And…I am able to speak?"

"You have fought honorably, Jaeger Gipsy Danger," a calm voice answered her, "You did well,"

"Who are you?" Gipsy asked.

"That does not matter," the voice hummed, "What matters is that your bravery has driven me to give you a high honor,"


"The chance of a new life,"

"What life is there…but that of battle?" the Jaeger asked, "I was built to fight Kaiju, and now they are gone,"

"Because of your sacrifice," the voice countered, "You, of all the Jaegers, were the first to grow aware because of the strong bond of your pilots Yancy and Raleigh Becket,"

"And so?" Gipsy prompted.

"You cared more about the humans than your own life," the voice answered, "You could have let them die but you did not…although your little tantrums were quite the bit of trouble,"

The Jaeger gave a low chuckle as she remembered.

"Nevertheless, you proved yourself worthy of this honor,"

"Of rebirth?" Gipsy asked skeptically, "You make no sense to me,"

"Gipsy, you wish to see Raleigh and Mako again…true?"


"This way will allow you to see them,"

"I am to be reborn as I once was?"

"No…but you will find this new form…fitting,"

Gipsy growled under her breath. She wasn't going to get a straight answer out of the speaker and she knew it. But…she wanted to see her pilots again, so badly…

"I accept," Gipsy said.

"Brace yourself, Gipsy Danger,"

"Brace myself?" the Jaeger asked, "But…"

A burst of pain hit her, making the warrior cry out. It was worse than Yancy being ripped from her while still in the Drift, worse than getting her arm shorn off, worse than being stabbed in the back by Slattern the Category 5 Kaiju, worse than being engulfed in the fiery explosion as her core exploded.

Suddenly, the pain was gone and the Jaeger shot upwards through water. It seemed to go on forever…until she broke the surface.

Raleigh had just stepped onto the chopper, when something broke the water right between the two rafts.

He saw a pale, slender arm break the surface and flail about.

"Hold on!" he yelled before diving in and swimming towards the drowning figure.

Raleigh wrapped his arms around the blue clad figure and hauled it up onto the raft where he got a better look at it…

It was a young woman maybe about his age or a little younger.

She was of tall height and medium build, her dark black hair caught the light in a way that it looked almost blue.

Her face was pale and heart shaped, with two almond shaped golden eyes that pierced through a person's soul.

The girl's face paled even more when she saw him.

"R-Raleigh?" she whispered hoarsely.

Her voice had a strange quality to it, almost a metallic feel to it.

"Now you have me at a disadvantage," Raleigh grinned, "You know my name but I don't yours,"

"My name…" the girl breathed, "But Raleigh…you know it,"

"You sure?"

"My name is Gipsy, Gipsy Danger,"

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