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Chapter 53

"You called us here for what reason now?" Crimson asked, looking at the rest of their little family, the Kaiju teens and then at Gipsy, who was holding her arm and looking down at the ground, "No one comes into this area,"

"Exactly why I told you to come here," Gipsy replied.

"It's condemned!"

"Which means there's no surveillance and no one will overhear us," Gipsy told him.

"But why you not want others to hear?" Cherno asked.

"Because I know what they're going to say," Gipsy answered, "They'll lock us all up and never let us out of their sights if they knew what I was going to suggest,"

"And that is?" Scunner asked.

"Look," Gipsy started, "You remember when this craziness started? When Coyote nearly died on us in that park?"

She looked up at them all.

"This wasn't on accident. It wasn't just an oversight of the staff or anything like that," she growled, "This was intentional,"

"What makes you say that?" Tacit asked softly.

"Yancy told me that the enemy that he's fighting…the one that called himself their master," she nodded her head at the Kaiju, "Is the one doing this to us. He's responsible for Coyote's busted core, for Cherno's coma, for Tacit's insanity, for Crimson's malfunction and for Striker's assassination attempt on me. He's looking for something,"

"And that would be?" Coyote asked.

"My weakness," Gipsy admitted, "An Achilles Heel that I have that I have no idea what it is…all I know is that it's fatal and it will kill me,"

"But why go through all this trouble?" Striker asked, "Why's he doin' this, Gips?"

"Because if I die…or something bad happens to me…it affects you all," Gipsy said quietly, "If I die…you five die,"

"How!?" Crimson demanded.

"Look, all I know is that you guys turn completely human if I die," Gipsy sighed, "That's why you guys' eyes changed colors when I was…taken. Yancy said the last thing that would change was your cores. Tacit, Coyote, Cherno…you all would burst into flame from your reactors' nuclear energy. Crimson, Striker…you both would be fried by your electric cores,"

She bowed her head.

"I couldn't risk letting you guys die on me," she told them softly, "I want you all to be safe and that's why I've decided…"

Gipsy took a deep breath.

"I'm going to assault the Breach,"

"If we strike here, here, and here, the defenses will be weak enough for us to break in," Yancy said, looking up at the great beings that towered over him, "It'll be risky…but it's our only chance at winning the war,"

One of the beings nodded, his face hidden by the intricate metal helmet that exposed only two glowing blue-gold eyes.

"It shall be done, Marshall," he said, putting his fist over his chest and walking out with the host…except for one.

"Something wrong?" Yancy asked.

"What about your sister?" the lone being asked, "The Jaeger. Gipsy Danger?"

"What about her?" Yancy asked, worry spiking his tone.

"What if she tries to interfere?"

Yancy gave a soft laugh as he slung the strap of the broadsword's scabbard over his shoulder.

"She's a Becket…I'd be shocked if she didn't,"

He gave a light smile.

"Which is why I'm going to visit and try to talk her out of it,"

"And if that does not work?"

Yancy looked up.

"I'll get back to you on that,"

"Assault the Breach?" Tacit asked, hushed.

"Are you nuts!?" Crimson demanded.

"I've done it once…I can do it again," Gipsy said stubbornly.

"Gips…ya do know how that ended?" Striker said, grabbing her arms and making her face him, his golden eyes boring into hers, "Right?"

"I remember,"

"We both died! We blew up!" Striker hissed, his gaze turning pleading, "Please, Gips…I can't lose ya again. Please…"

"I can't promise that, Striker," Gipsy murmured before turning to the others, "Nor can I promise that we're going to all make it out alive. But I can promise this…"

She straightened up, looking at everyone straight in the eye.

"If we succeed…" she turned to Cherno, "Your parents and Anya and Natasha will be safe,"

She turned to Crimson.

"Your family and Mei will live,"

Then to Tacit and Coyote.

"Pentecost and Tamsin will be alright,"

She turned to Striker.

"Herc, Chuck, and Max will survive,"

She looked down.

"Raleigh and Mako will be married and happy while Jazmine gets to live safely and happily with Matt and Lauren…even if I don't get to see it," Gipsy whispered, "We might not make it…but our friends, our families, they will live and survive…"

She looked up at her siblings in arms.

"But I cannot do this alone," Gipsy said, "I need your help,"

There was complete silence and Gipsy closed her eyes. She had started this alone…it seemed only fitting that she would end it alo…

She felt a gentle hand take hers.

"I dunno if I'll come back," Striker said softly, "But if it means I die alongside ya just like last time…of all the deaths I could have died…that is the one I want,"

"You're our friend, no, our sister in arms," Tacit told her, "I'm coming with you,"

"Me too," Coyote nodded, "I'm not letting my friends die on me again,"

"I get to smash monster who threaten family and my Natasha," Cherno growled, "Count me in as well,"

The five looked at Crimson, who had his flesh and blood arms crossed while his metal arm was resting on his hip.

"I think you all are nuts," he admitted, "But count me in too. If it keeps Mei and my family safe…I'm in,"

"Same for us," Raiju said, nodding towards the Kaiju.

"No, not all of you," Gipsy said.

"What?" Otachi demanded as Gipsy came up to her and laid a hand on the female Kaiju's shoulder.

"You are due any day now," Gipsy explained, "If you go into battle with us, you risk the life inside you,"

Gipsy took her hand off Otachi's shoulder and put it on the Kaiju's swollen belly before locking her golden gaze with Otachi's cat-like yellow.

"I won't risk that life," Gipsy said firmly, "Think of the daughter or son you're going to have…you'll get to live to see them take their first step, say their first word, beat the crap out of someone who teases someone they love…by the end of this…some of us might not get to see that for our own,"

She took a deep breath and raised a brow.

Otachi gave a low growl but sighed.

"Fine. I'll run interference if they try to stop you," she grumbled.

"Thank you," Gipsy said with a faint nod.

Otachi turned to Leatherback and punched him in the arm.

"You had better come back," she ordered, "Or so help me, I'll come to wherever you went and I'll drag your leathery butt back up here to help me with the little one,"

"I wouldn't put it past you, dear," Leatherback chuckled.

"Then it's settled," Gipsy nodded, "We leave tonight…"

"You're forgetting something," a familiar voice stated, "How in the world are you going to get to the Breach?"

Gipsy whirled around, eyes bright.

"Yancy!" Gipsy beamed, running over and embracing her older brother.

The two broke apart and Gipsy looked at Yancy, golden eyes sparkling bright.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I figured you'd try to do something like this," he said, closing an eye and crossing his arms, "You're a Becket…and you've got me, Raleigh and Mako in you. You'd rather die than just stay here and let everyone else do it for you,"

"You're not going to stop me," Gipsy said firmly.

"I was," Yancy admitted, "But you're a good speaker…you've got me convinced,"

"Maybe I should run for president," Gipsy deadpanned.

"I don't think they'd let you Gips,"

"It's called sarcasm, Yancy," Gipsy growled.

Yancy gave a soft laugh and gently brushed a stray bang away from Gipsy's cheek.

"You've changed so much," he told her softly, "You're not a machine, you're not human, you've become a leader…and so much more,"

He gave a sad smile.

"I'll get you to the Breach," he told her, "I can arrange it,"

"How soon?" Gipsy asked.

"Meet me on the beach at midnight," Yancy instructed, "And be ready,"

Later, once darkness had fallen and it was time to get ready, the Jaegers gave their goodbyes to their families.

Gipsy closed her eyes as she reread the letter in her hand.

Raleigh, by the time you read this…I'm probably gone…

Crimson quietly padded through the shop where his adopted mother and his brothers were sleeping…along with Mei who was taking up the guest room that often was used as Crimson's bedroom.

The three armed Jaeger quietly walked into the guest room. He had already given his silent goodbyes to his sleeping family…this was the one he was dreading and the only one he had left.

Very gently, he brushed the sleeping human girl's hair away from her face with his metal arm before bending down and gently kissing her cheek.

He straightened, swiping at the tears that started to stream as he carefully placed the Wei Tang pendant he always wore in Mei's open hand.

"Remember me," he murmured softly…

And he left.

I just wanted to let you know that it wasn't your fault that I did this…but I did it just to protect you.

Coyote and Tacit both walked into the room that Stacker and Tamsin now shared since Tacit showed up.

Both former Marshall and his Drift partner were asleep, peacefully dreaming and looking more at ease than either Jaeger had seen them.

Tacit looked at her other half, and Coyote gave a soft nod. Both Jaegers placing the pendants that bore their call signs in their adopted parents' hands, Coyote's in Stacker's and Tacit's in Tamsin's.

"You were the parents we never had," Tacit murmured, "Thank you,"

"We need to go," Coyote muttered, clearing his throat softly so as not to wake his pilots, "C'mon, Roni,"

I know you're going to be very angry and upset with me…but I understand. I can't just sit here and let the enemy get us. You know it's going to be me next…and I will die if I don't do anything. I can't put that on you. You've lost so much already. Your parents, Yancy…me…

Cherno carefully climbed up onto the balcony of Natasha's home, the doors were locked of course, and the Jaeger could see his Natasha peacefully asleep. She looked more and more like the princess that he always thought she was. He carefully took out a thin metal rod and slid it into the crack between the doors, gently prodding the lock loose and making the doors open.

The Jaeger quietly slipped inside and came to Natasha, gently opening her closed hand and sliding his pendant into the soft pale skin of her hand, closing her fingers over it as he kissed her hand.

"Goodbye, Natasha," he whispered, going back out and locking the doors behind him before climbing back down and running back to the Shatterdome.

He made it there in record time, quietly going into his, his parents, and Anya's room. Nadya and Vitali instantly came to him, the Russian Blue purring and rubbing against his legs while the St. Bernard whined and licked Cherno's face. The Jaeger bit his lip, rubbing Nadya behind the ears while burying his head in Vitali's fur.

He took out the paper in his pocket and quietly set it on the nightstand next to his parent's bed.

"Cherno?" a soft girl's voice asked.

The Jaeger turned around and faced his little sister, her dark gaze locked onto him from her crib.

"You need to go back to sleep," he told her.

"Where you goin'?" Anya asked.

"Mission," he said, coming to her, "Now, sleep,"

"Mama an' Papa?"

"Nyet, just me,"

"Cherno…why you leave paper on Mama an' Papa's table?"

"Just…" Cherno closed his eyes, "Anya…I need you to promise me something,"

"Da…what is it?"

"You protect Mama and Papa," he said softly, "If I don't come back,"

"But you will,"

"If I don't," Cherno said firmly, "Take care of them. They need big strong girl like you to keep them out of trouble, da?"


"That is my little sister," Cherno purred softly, giving her a light kiss on her forehead, "Now, go back to sleep,"

"Da, Cherno. I love you, big brother,"

"…I love you too, little sister,"

I know that you're going to be a great husband to Mako, and an amazing father to whatever kids you have. I hope they've got your determination and Mako's fire, I hope you have a peaceful life. Live it well…because I don't know if I'll be coming back from this.

Striker stood in the doorway of his and his family's room. The Hansens weren't really much for physical or emotional contact…something they'd proven time and time again before Operation Pitfall.

This was his exception.

Oh he knew there'd be plenty of anger and pain once he'd left…but looking at his family sleeping peacefully, blissfully unaware of that he was going to do…

That was worse than any lecture, any grounding, and scolding that they could ever give him. He almost wished he could have that instead of what he was doing.

He had already laid the pendant on Herc's nightstand, where'd he'd see it first thing in the morning…but he couldn't bring himself to leave.

Herc had suffered the death of one son, why did it have to be the other one? Chuck lost a father…now he was losing a brother.

He heard a soft bark and Striker looked down to see Max pawing at his jean's leg.

Striker knelt down, gently rubbing the bulldog's ears and smiling.

"Oi, 'andsome," Striker said softly, "I gonna miss ya…God, I sound like Chuck don't I boy?"

Max whined and licked Striker's face.

"…Y' know I'm leavin', don't ya?" Striker asked, to which Max gave a soft bark, "Shh…I dunno if I can promise I'm comin' back…but I'm gonna give it my best, ok boy?"

He stroked the bulldog's head, biting his lip.

"Keep those two outta trouble, ok Max?"

Max gave a soft whine and Striker cleared his throat.

"Good boy," he choked as he got up and walked out the door.

If I don't make it back…I'm so sorry. Tell Matt and Lauren that Auntie Gipsy loves them, same for Jazmine…since those three are in Anchorage settling the final paperwork for the rebuilding of the Anchorage Shatterdome. Tell Mako that I'm glad she chose me to bring back, and that I am proud to be the Jaeger she got to Pilot. Tell her that I know she'll make a good Mom…and that she has my permission to whack you upside the head when you act like an idiot.

For you, Raleigh, I know you'll make a great husband and a dad…there's not much to say that you don't know. Herc was right on one thing…in the Drift, you don't have to say anything to say what you mean. You know how I feel about you and Yancy and Mako…I am honored to have been your Jaeger, your sister.

Remember me…because I'll always remember you. You can always find me in the Drift, brother.

All my love,


Gipsy sniffed, wiping away the tears that were spilling on the paper as she walked softly into her Pilots' room. She saw Raleigh having a protective arm around Mako, securing her to his side as if to keep the enemy from finding her.

The blue Jaeger carefully put her letter on the nightstand with her pendant inside it.

She gently touched Raleigh's bared chest, feeling his strong heartbeat under the smooth, slightly tanned skin.

"Goodbye, Raleigh," she murmured softly, "I'll miss you,"

And she walked out of the room without so much as a sound.

"Are you ready?" Yancy asked as Gipsy joined the group, the last of the Jaegers and Kaiju to join them.

"Yeah," Gipsy nodded, "Let's go,"

And Yancy led them towards the beach...but it didn't escape his notice that all of the group looked back at multiple intervals...

Or that tears were slipping down each face, but none as more prominent as Gipsy's as she walked next to her eldest Pilot.

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