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Five Years Ago

"That was a good save, Jaune!" Ruby chimed in her strangely arousing bikini that her sister picked out for her.

Jaune kept to himself as he started putting more things onto the grill in front of him. Rushing to ensure the privacy of his friend when she needed it most in the form of a large towel and an extra set of clothes was nothing when one compared such a frivolous act to the combat they often saw. Strange, though, how one would feel more afraid by showing their body than by the horrors of fighting creatures unknown and savage.

"That was nothing," Jaune finally responded, eyebrows furrowing a bit as the smoke rose into his sensitive nostrils. "Just wanted help her out."

"Getting territorial, I see," a lascivious Yang came strolling from behind, clasping her hands in front of his waist, just above his swim trunks' strings. "Stopping other people from eyeing your woman."

"She's a lady," shaking his waist did nothing to free himself from her sensual grasp, hands now trailing lower towards a rather dangerous area of his. "And she's our lady. We're a team of friends, remember."

"Oh? And you are our fearless leader?"

"Get off of me..." Jaune finally quivered, feeling the full extent of distracting contact with sweat and the flesh of a foreign entity. "Please."

"I just wanted to give you a hug!" Amethyst eyes widened to a soft glance and a pout came suit on the lips of the subject. Jaune remained cool and calm, though, casually flipping the barbecue sticks with his dextrous hands.

"I want a hug too!"

Ruby's silver eyes burned deep into the blue open sea of Jaune's vastly blank mind, pixie grin demanding all that Yang had just offered in the same gesture of affection. Instinctively, JNPR's team leader violently shook his head and returned his attention to the almost burnt vegetable kebabs on the grill. God help him if he screwed up Blake's fish.

"C'mon, just one hug!" Ruby extended her arms out to receive the warmth that was Jaune. Deep in the corner of their eyes was a Pyrrha who'd suddenly froze in place, jealous eyes hidden behind a pair of stylish shades, clad in Jaune's extra T-shirt that seemed to massage her womanly bosom.

"I'm no good at hugs."

"Jaune, do you think you're good at anything?" Yang curiously demanded, showcasing her racks as the boys around them oggled at her form. When compared with hers, Jaune's slim body seemed to pale in comparison.

"Well..." Jaune scratched his head, hastily turning the chunks of shrimp and beef on his sturdy grill. "I knit."

Just as Jaune turned the sticks of fish and sausages, carefully impaled such that they would stick as per Blake's instruction, most of his peers sat on the massive beach blanket to his right and stared at him.

"... In all seriousness, you do the most feminine things." Ren snarked.

"That's alright! Maybe Jaune just likes doing certain things that seem fun to him!"

"No you moron, he's a man, and men have to do more masculine activities lest we do the job for those useless fools."

"I don't see a problem with it," Blake peeped from her behind her hardcover book in an alluring one piece under the shade of the nearby palm tree. "I respect men who have a taste for culinary arts. Oh, and put some lemon on the salmon, please."

"Finally found something worth admiring in you, you casanova wannabe." Yang playfully punched him in the arm but retracted a swelling fist as Jaune shielded himself with his aura out of sheer reflex.

"Thanks Yang, really helped my ego... A wannabe huh..."

"I didn't mean it that way!" The resident hothead tried to land another cross when she remembered the slightly cringe-worthy pain she suffered the last time she tried to pull that off on him.

By the time the two blondes settled their differences, most of the scallion infused pork sticks, as well as several pepper stacked beef satays and lemon saturated fish, had long since gotten small burns to their outermost layers, adding a crisp from the fire of the grill's pit. With a great sigh, Jaune transferred his neglected creations to a massive plate for his friends to consume. Yet he, the man who conjured these things held neither joy nor excitement.

Odd, then, for him to remain part of this band of misfits! The three main Genki girls, two probably from congenital reasons, two unblinking stoics, a stuck up princess and the only lady he could properly respect. Upon reflection, Jaune couldn't help but wonder how lucky he must have been to have met these individuals in their splendor. By chance, he happened upon the first silver eyed idealist in the outskirts of Beacon in his first days. His fortunes grew steady after a fateful encounter with the redhead in the forrest, where she'd pinned him to a tree with her spear and watched him helplessly dangle from his durable hoodie. He couldn't list them all immediately, but he understood the general idea: A combination of fate and luck managed to pair him with the most baffling, but ultimately amicable, of companions.

He was just happy, and nothing else seemed to matter.

The only thing other than her sense of anticipation that woke Pyrrha up with a smile on her face was the drifting scent of delicious food.

And boy did the air smell saturated with it.

Slowly, Pyrrha allowed her eyes to bat a couple of times before opening, her nose picking up on the trail of the odor that came through her bedroom door. She almost called out to Jaune, whom she'd assumed was the only other person in the house, as she shuffled and lumbered her way over to the doorway. Once close enough to the closed door, she heard sizzling coming from the other room and gasped.

Could it be?

In an instant, her limbs energized and she flexed her muscles, tensing as she almost slammed her head to the door to listen more intently before backing off in disbelief. Seconds flew by before she dared to peek through a tiny crack she managed to create betweeen the frame and the door itself, only to see a trace of a pair of dark denims and a black shirt and what looked like... Pink? She spun back behind the wall and slowed her bare panting to deep inhalations of fear.

No, it couldn't.

Minutes of deliberation later, Pyrrha shook her head and smirked. Unless he somehow managed to remember something about her (please do, she hoped), there was no way on earth that he would be cooking whatshe thought he would: The smell of olive oil, the scrumptious aroma of mixed vegetables and eggs and what seemed to be... Whipped cream with strawberries? The strawberries had her drooling from what had already made it's way down her chin while she slept. It was an embarassing habit, for sure, but she could do little to control what happened while she was not conscious.

Could it?

"Good morning."

Pyrrha froze at his voice and realized that she'd been caught by his uncannily acute senses. Biting her lip, she went over to her closet to change into a more modest set of clothing that didn't show too much of herself through the translucent gown she slept in. She settled for a tank top and slacks after a quick browse through her large inventory of attire before stealthily strolling out the door, though chances were that her companion had long since noticed her presence. Sneaking got her close enough to him though, as she'd barely made it to the heightened stools of her dining area before his ears subtly flexed to the sound of her one clumsily loud footstep.

"Jaune," Pyrrha leaned over the kitchen counter with her new set of clothing on. "What are you doing so early in the morning?"

"Cooking," Jaune turned his head to the right from the simmering frying pan in front of him that dexterously handled with much grace. "A small ways along the road to paying you back for letting me stay here."

At first, Pyrrha eyed him incredulously and chuckled. Even the old Jaune had a large sense of gratitude in him. She guessed that some temperaments could not disappear even if he suffered from. Deep down, maybe he was still the same old Jaune she knew: Caring, Hospitable, Gregarious, Bumbling... The list could go on and she could dreamily sigh at everything that made her squirm. How could she not have this stubborn belief in something so absurd ready at the faintest sign of his return? She'd been expecting him, after all.

Many, of the few that knew her, took note of how she would always order two drinks or have one extra seat, as if she had expected Jaune to just pop up anywhere. Whether at happy hour with Blake and Yang, or out for a fancy dinner with Weiss and Ren, Pyrrha always ushered the caterer to leave something extra just in case. When asked why, she replied with an explanation that it was a new way for her to commemorate the fallen, a means to remind people and herself of everyone that came and went. But in the end, even she could not deny her attachment to the once clumsy and bewildered young man.

"Oh," Jaune added, adding what looked like mushrooms to the smoking mix on his pan, "I hope you don't mind if used some of the food in your fridge... Didn't want to trouble you for a trip to the market..."

Well, Pyrrha thought, even if he did apologize, he did still use the massive stockpile of food she had in her gigantic fridge. No amount of apologies would refresh the stockpile other than a currently unnecessary trip to the grocers.

"Don't be silly," Pyrrha smiled. "You're always welcome."

Inviting as her response sounded, Jaune simply smiled, cocked his head slightly to the right and extended his tongue as he carefully shook the pan without spilling any of the contents. Then, skillfully, he managed to swoop his magnificent creations onto several plates taken from the top cupboard. Pyrrha took a mental note of his strangely strong orientation of her house. She hadn't told him of where the plates were, unless he happened to remember what had happened in the first few days before he disappeared...Did he?

"Please,' Jaune stood steadfast and straight with a pink apron over his footsies, gesturing to the dining counter across from the stove he just turned off where the stools were. "Have a seat."

Foreign as being referred to as the guest in her own house, Pyrrha politely obeyed without a moment's worth of hesitation, pulling a stool out and sitting on it before brushing a stray strand of hair from her face, still void of her normal application of make-up but beautiful nonetheless. Without the eyeshadow and mascara, Pyrrha looked slightly more childish with her smooth eyebrows and lids that created a sharper contrast of her green eyes. Almost no one had ever seen her like this, let alone any boy for that matter. She didn't think that Jaune ever saw her at anything less than the full extent of two beauty appliances and her earrings.

"Orange juice, Vegetarian Eggs Benedict and Strawberry Crêpes," Jaune monotonously announced as he gestured to each dish, respectively. "Hope it's not too bad."

Initially skeptical, Pyrrha skeptically poked at the crêpe and eggs benedict and squinted to focus her vision on how absurdly perfect each dish looked with the contemporary trail of vapor that entranced her olfactory system. Emeralds rose and burned deep into the Sapphires across from them a message of trust and faith, a willingness to put a life on the line to endure the mysteries that sat atop porcelain dishes.

It really could be.

Within milliseconds of bravely wharfing down a large forkful of the crepe, Pyrrha's eyes widened and she carelessly dropped her fork onto the floor as her hands rushed to cover her mouth.

"Jaune, are you kidding me? This is amazing! How do you know how to do this?"

"I'm actually not so sure myself. I just woke up, and felt like cooking something, you know. Figured Strawberries would be a good pick."

Then and there, just as Pyrrha chomped on another piece of her scrumptious strawberry crêpe, an idea flickered and blazed to the forefront of her mind. What if the Jaune she knew was sleeping underneath the husk that is the Jaune standing in front of her in a bunny embellished pink apron? What if, by some miracle, he was still alive and that there was something missing that kept him from coming back? If that wasn't the case, how could he have known what she liked to eat?

"How'd you know that I like strawberries?"

"It was a guess. Besides, it would explain why half of your fridge is stuffed full of them... Had to find a way to consume them.. They aren't always good frozen, you know."

Pyrrha had her hopes a little too high, perhaps, and flashed a quick smile before silently continuing her journey to nourishing satisfaction. Jaune elected to join her after he'd finished washing the apparatus he'd used and, still, didn't eat as much as Pyrrha remembered he would. They sat in a comfortable silence, one that a housewife would with her husband in the early morning as he read the papers and she hymned a tune whilst washing the dishes. What Pyrrha would give to have such a stable lifestyle with the man that she loved.

One of the many dramas people had based off of Jaune's writing came one of a peculiar couple, both troubled by their involvement with the White Fang only to settle their differences and grumpy looks to finally enjoy a mutual quietism. Circumstances ranged from awkwardly hiding their identities from their co-workers to suddenly tender moments with one another, each equally clueless as to how they might handle trusting the other. To put her memory into context, Pyrrha didn't really know what to expect from spending time with someone who either acted or truly was completely oblivious of her existence through some means. One day, he could be all charming and innocent, the next maybe more forceful and determined. One thing for sure though: If Pyrrha played the role of the female protagonist of the show, she had to make them do one thing.

They needed to get out of the house before she locked both of them in for more wickedly delectable atrocities.

"We've got a couple of days before we really start bringing you into the world again," Pyrrha cleverly mused, looking at the clock in the corner of the dining counter. "So what would you like to do today?"

"Depends," Jaune replied, flicking the lock on his newly issued Scroll PDA. "What would you have me do?"

A good deal of things ran through Pyrrha's imaginary notepad. She could always take him to the movies. But would that not seem as too much of an obvious advance? Grocery shopping would suit the moment then, perfectly harmless though rather pointless as a rightful tradeoff. One by one the many ideas that slithered their way into her focused mind had gotten crossed off by the red marking pen of disapproval until, finally, she realized that she could qualify any of her ideas as rather imposing.

Suddenly, she shivered from the vibration of her Scroll that she deposited into her hind shorts pocket earlier. Taking her flustered time, Pyrrha read the message she'd received from Ren with ease and grace before returning her Scroll back to it's rightful place and smiling.

"I know just the thing."

Yang experienced many wild things in her time. She'd done most of what she kept ushering Ruby not to do, in a fit of hypocritical protection of her sister's innocence and her own liberty.

But waking up two days after a wild night with a headache unmatched even by those induced by Professor Oobleck's lengthy lectures surely put her patience to the test.

Furthermore, her environment seemed to swivel around her as she sat upwards, working the tired muscles in her lower back and abdomen. What exactly did she do that cause so much pain? Her training never induced such agonizingly pleasant feelings. Nevertheless, Yang had grown accustomed to feeling horrible in the early mornings from nasty workouts or, God forbid, the horrible colds she suffered from evey once in a while and, of course, the daily drinking she indulged in.


Oh God, Yang froze in her spot and cringed, don't tell me...

A quick rub along her thighs and a sniff of the room confirmed her theories. Yup, she totally did it. With whom, judging from the design of the room, she had done so must have been Blake. Why she remained mostly at ease and indifferent did not occur to her. Rather, the constant chirping of Yang's ringtone, a well-timed recording of Ruby's whining at her to get up, bothered her more as she crawled her way over to see what happened.

Turned out, just as she put the alarm on snooze and flung herself back into the grace that was Blake's bed, her phone rang, this time with Weiss more or less commanding her to answer the phone, another priceless recording. Sadly enough, the call had come from Weiss herself, the mistress of all that was insulting, derogatory and belittling. Yang swore she could've published a dictionary full of the Snow Princess' cursing schemes.

The lady who answered Yang's dreary greeting, however, sounded much softer and more gentle than the same person that Yang remembered in her half drunken dreams. Instead of the straightforward deprecation that came with a vigilantly grumpy voice, Weiss spoke to Yang with a motherly tone, something Yang hadn't thought the cold-hearted princess could ever accomplish.

"Are you alright?" Weiss started, almost careful not to scold her companion. "Blake told me that you'd drunk called her and she picked you up. Are you still in her house?"

"Oh boy, she did more than just pick me up."

"That's inappropriate."

"Hey, just being honest. No need to get worked up over it."

"I just trying to be nice! Give me a little credit!"

It took Yang several exchanges with Weiss to finally make her way around her sugar and ice personality that kept Ruby hooked. The latter always used such harsh phrases, more painful than Blake's blunt honesty, to convey all the things she did not agree with in a tone grumpier than Ruby as the poor petite girl first hit her period. Yang managed to witness Ruby's estrogen freak outs die down, of course, and now her sister only grew somewhat less energetic and more sleepy whenever that time of the month came along. Still, her little baby's uncharacteristic rage on that very first time was a sight to remember. The two of them, Snow White and Red Riding Hood, weren't so different after all. The other one probably just never stopped being grumpy.

Their online discussion went from one thing to the next: Yang started with how Weiss felt since her last party, the one in which she had unwittingly let a man inside of her (something Weiss still adamantly denied with flustered anxiety). Weiss, in turn, dragged Yang to the trap of guilt the latter had set up for herself by means of her inherent lack of any remote sense of responsibility. Neither would feel offended with everything that came up though. It was all in good faith and rather harmless, considering the frequency of insults and snide comments that came up whenever they so much as spoke to one another.

Eventually, Yang arrived on the matter of current events, offering her views on the recently established legislature of the Vytal Union. Weiss audibly expressed her shock with Yang's growing pools of knowledge shortly thereafter by means of irony, which Yang, unfortunately, did not pick up on easily. What with her getting stuck in her office for half of her waking life, though, it was hard for Weiss to learn of anything by any other means. She might never know it, but Weiss felt rather thankful to have a friend who was willing to call her up and receive calls in return to lighten the burdens of daily life.

Unless, of course, Weiss learned of something before Yang did. In which case, Yang's response wouldn't be as predictable, per say, as would Weiss' general appearance, even, might have suggested.

"Vomit Boy WHAT?!" She yelled into her PDA what Blake had politely placed at the bedside table.

"Geez, Yang," Weiss groaned, annoyed at both the massive stack of Schnee Company paperwork on her office desk and at Yang's unyieldingly boisterous nature. "I said that he's back."

The fiery blonde-haired girl took a minute to process the unbelievable. First a dream, now reality? Jesus, her life really was a fairytale wasn't it?

"Well then, let's go take him drinking~!"

"Not everyone's got time to mess around like that Yang," Weiss massaged her temple to stop her brow from twitching. "Besides, Jaune doesn't remember anything from before. Can you believe that? Not a single thing! That's just pathetic!"

"I know how that feels," Yang guiltily admitted through the slur of her hungover voice. "About some nights... At least. The best nights, I never forget."

"Gross," Weiss chuckled. "Had enough of your drunk antics. Thank God Ruby isn't like you."

"My baby sis?" Yang chimed. "Nah, if anything, intoxication would make her more hyper."

"Why do I see that happening?"

"Because it's her twenty first birthday soon, and we're planning her a huge birthday, remember?"

Weiss' brain and heart froze as she darted her newly refreshed and frantic eyes to the calendar to her right. She'd already flipped the pages to the month of october and there, circled in red in the fourth week with a small heart next to the number twenty seven read "Ruby's Birthday" on her gratuitous Schnee Company calendar. Frightened, Weiss frantically shuffled around in her sheet, nearly dropping the pen from her now limp fingers in desperation.

"Damn it! I haven't gotten her a present yet!"

"Weiss..." Yang groaned. "Did you forget about my sweet little sister's birthday?"

"Yes, I did, I'm still in the middle of doi-"

"You do know that we talked about this a week ago, right?"

"-ng all this stuff that has to prefect our dealings with Vale and the security of the na-"

"I also sent you a lot of messages... Okay, maybe not in the right mind but, still, I sent you one."

"I'M SORRY OKAY!" Weiss eventually yelled, drawing the attention of those who walked through the corridor and past her office door.

"You're too loud..." Yang croaked over the phone again, "it's giving me a headache."

"Oh shut it, as if you didn't have one already. Anyway, I've just had a lot of work lately, what with the expansion contract with the Vytal Union. I have to do all the legalizations for Beacon's and the city's support and collaboration. We're helping with the resources for security and military defense, big time. Not to be taken lightly, as you can tell."

"Uh huh," Yang chided. "You must be up to your sleeves, princess."

"Oh please, as if I wasn't born to do this. We are all meant to do great things, after all."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say girl... Well you keep busying on with your things," Yang flipped over to the other side Blake's unnaturally comfortable bed. "I'm going back to sleep."

"Yang, the boy you always teased and almost slept with just suddenly appeared out of nowhere with no recollection of his past after you stayed in bed for a full day drunk and hungover and you're telling me that YOU'RE GOING BACK TO BED?"

Yang's head recolied slightly from the digital device and winced at the sharp tone of the icy princess' harsh voice. With a nonchalance unparalleled even by Blake's natural aloof personality, she deadpanned,



Though the first syllable of Weiss' coming string of derogatory terms came through, Yang did not stay awake to hear the rest and casually collapsed back onto the purple goosedown pillow's of Blake's King sized bed. When alcohol had time to do its marvellous work, it drove away most of what came to ravage Yang in her own little world. God help her if Ruby ever found out, but even more, God help her if she couldn't bear to live another day.

Blake returned from her office early that day. If she had any more work to do, she would've insisted on staying but, obviously, that was not the case.

Stretching her back like her faunus heritage, the mysterious kitten scampered on the large bed that Yang still slept on, pawing at her welcomed guest's face. She supposed that she could've done a litte licking just as an edge to see if Yang would stir or not, but decided to let her friend be. Though, maybe that would seem a little too excessive: Affectionate care knew only certain bounds, after all.

To busy herself as Yang kept snoozing away on the main bed of her apartment, Blake turned to her coset and began to try out all of her clothes again. She never liked to show off but she wanted to make sure that she kept the absolute essentials and not fall into the trap of keeping a thousand outfits without managing to wear them each day for 365 days in two and a half years. Dresses came to modest work clothes and then to combat uniforms.

And then, there was her cat suit.

Why would a kitty-cat redundantly have a cat suit? Part of it may have had to do with Yang's kinky mind and an idea for a birthday gift, but Blake would be lying if she said that she didn't see the logic in that. Besides, it hid her faunus heritage well enough through the alibi that she simply loved cats and often toyed with them. One halloween and a party's worth of wide eyed ogling later, not a single person questioned her ethnic status... Well, except for Yang, who'd basically tied her to a bed and teased her with a feather for hours straight in her wrong-minded schaudenfreude, though Blake actually enjoyed being tickled so vigorously. Not many people knew that she even had this dumb thing anyways.

The trade off to the outfit was how it made her feel. Her midriff would stand mostly exposed as the fur of the outfit irritating scratched against her skin until it felt somewhat... arousing. In all honesty, it became a proper way for her to remind herself of the feeling of "heat," as her species might have considered it. "Odd" didn't quite describe the first time she slipped the thing on during a Halloween gathering among teams JNPR and RWBY. It felt... Strangely normal and appropriate, almost as if she had enjoyed the way it forced itself upon her more sensitive parts. For reasons rather clear and understandable, Blake opted not to go Trick or Treating with Ruby and Nora. And for reasons she would rather not mention, she kept Yang up to... Satisfy herself.

So what should she do now, the hanger to the furry two piece outfit hanging by her finger? The costume managed to spin itself around as Blake carefully pawed at the fabric, trying to imagine how she would look in it now that she had grown just a little more. Head tilting became head scratching and cocked brows become grimaces of intense equivocation. She simply couldn't make a rational choice on her own behalf... Well, for the most part.

What the hell, Blake finally reasoned, throwing off everything but her underwear. What do they care, it's what I am!

When she finally got the whole costume on, she cupped her breasts with her two hands and felt how perfectly round they were and warmed them up until it felt too comfortable. Arching her back slightly, she turned her head to look at the alluring pose she struck in the full sized mirror besides her. Blake stuck her tongue out as her eyes trailed down her own figure. She hadn't noticed just how much her shape had chiseled into something of a model. But perhaps that was her ego getting to her head.

God, if anyone saw her in this ridiculously lascivious outfit, who knows what might happen.

Speaking of other people, Blake's head bolted upwards at the sound of her PDA's ringing. She didn't recognize the number but decided to answer anyways, something she never normally did.

"Hello Beautiful," she recognized his playful voice immediately.

"Sun," Blake feigned well-deserved surprise. "How are you?"

"Not bad, kitty cat," she shivered in delight at her affectionate nickname. "Heard that Jaune managed to find his way home."

Straight to the point, I see, Blake thought.

"And what of him?"

"Nah, nothing, I'm just hearing a lot about this stuff over here. Word spreads pretty quickly, as you can tell. I'll send him some homegrown bananas."

"I'm sure he'll appreciate your sympathies."

"Eh, can't tell if you're joking."

"Of course I'm not," Blake smiled, wondering if she'd lied. "What else is up? How's everything going on your end?"

"Oh, the faunus here aren't doing too bad, I guess. The White Fang's been less active lately as the relations continue to improve. I hear it's thanks to you that many people feel more at ease amongst animals like us. Or that might have had to do with one of Jaune's stories from way back when about a Faunus' journey to loving a royal. It was pretty cheesy and a lot of the kids liked it, some adults too. Hell, I'll admit that even I kind of liked it too. Gives you a sense of hope you know."

"I'm sure it does," Blake eyed the still unconscious Yang to her side and shifted her body such that she lay on her stomach, lifting her feet by her knees behind her as she purred. "Good to hear everything's going well over there."

"Yeah, it's not bad. So how are you? Holding up okay?"

"I'm alright," Blake admitted with a faint sigh as she rolled over to the left to lean onto Yang's warm body. "Jaune's return has caused quite a stir. Pyrrha practically went crazy over the fact that he's finally back in flesh and blood. A well deserved romance, if you ask me."

"Ha, remember when we were stalking them and wondering just when Pyrrha's self-control would go wild?"

"We agreed to never speak of that."

"Did we?"


"Oh... Well I thought it was pretty fun, sneaking around and being all mysterious about our outings. I enjoyed it! One of the many things you look forward to in a more mundane life, you know."

Blake shivered and purred at the thought of Sun's gentle petting of her well groomed hair, running his gentle fingers down the sensitive strands that caused her to unintentionally squeak. Intimacy was never her sort of thing, yet at that one point, in an attempt to observe intimacy, she had experienced it for the first time with someone of the opposite sex and mischievous intent. She enjoyed his teasing much, and the playful banter he managed while they snarled and sardonically insulted one another in an exchange of well-intentioned jaunty jesting.

"Mundane, huh?" she purred over the phone, rolling back over onto her back, feeling the soft fabric of her blankets brush agaisnt her strangely sensitive abdomen. "That's a big word for someone with such a peabrain."

"Ah, shut up. This peabrain's got a doctorate in psychology. If anything, you're the one with the peabrain... Still stuck with diplomatic relations."

"You charming ape."

Blake started to imagine what friendly playing with Sun would feel like in bed, wondering how it felt to have another plaything sticking around to give her some extra closure. What would he be doing with his sneaky tail? Surely he'd go wild over the costume she wore, maybe she would let him, of all people who would knowing blabber off about how the damned thing existed, see it on. He was one of the three people she could actually trust, after all. Then again, it'd be hard to explain his dogged nosebleed that would last the next three days.

"There is one more thing," Sun's voice suddenly flooded with a dreadful seriousness that Blake never expected her faunus companion to possess.

"Kitty-cat's" ears twitched a little as her body involuntarily shook in a nerve-wrecking anticipation of what Sun had to say next. She never liked hearing bad news, especially if it came from someone she took as mostly cheerful. Just imagine how depressing it would be to see Ruby moping about, she theorized, and then take that negative sentiment and combine it with the cringe-worthy sight of a couple's heartbreaking separation. If anything Sun said would ever border on the lines of something melancholically serious, then-

"I'm coming to town for a few days and I was wondering..."

Just as her anxiety had engulfed her conscience, a snicker came to a halt by her willed stifling thereof. How laughter could be such an inappropriate reaction. She knew exactly how she would respond.

"If you could stay at my place, yes, I know." Blake deadpanned through her side of the phone, at first with a disgruntled look of exasperation that gradually mellowed to a gentle smile.

One could imagine the priceless expression of disappointment on the Monkey faunus' face. But it was not to be, however, as Blake's finally morphed into one of genuine delight as she pronounced her resolution.

"And the answer is yes."

Her eyes wandered over to the now drooling blonde in her bed that started to cuddle with Blake's free forearm. In time, she would have three blondes to deal with: Three of whom came off a little odd; two of which would prove rather entertaining for her own intransigent purposes; and one whom she actually had some means of feelings for. Her winter would prove... Interesting, to say the least, and crazy at best. But when had crazy gone wrong for her since?

"You're always welcome to, Sun."

About two years had passed since Pyrrha last fully enjoyed herself.

Long ago, when she still moped about in the absence of her meaning to nurture others, Pyrrha took more joy in holing herself up in her house after her rounds and teaching. She never had the audacity to meet new people. She wanted a normal life to enjoy without trouble until he came back and let the chips fall where they may afterwards. Though, the last time she ended a sentence like that, she ended up dropping her weaponry to save the very boy who sat next to her. Her will forced the chips to land where she wished, in the end. As for the chips, they might as well be made of metal.

Regardless, after a small chat and a rendezvous later, Pyrrha went sightseeing around the beautiful city of Vale, which she'd neglected during her prolonged period of reclusiveness. With Jaune by her side, an enthusiastic Nora leading the way and a reluctant Ren in tow, she went to see the grand central area of the city where the iconic pavilions were. They went sauntering to the docks next to breath the soft smell of the sweet sea, not before checking in on the city park and its odd zoo. Last they'd done that, Pyrrha remembered, was within their first year together at Beacon. Since then, the city had felt familiar enough to know every street and district to a satisfactory degree for navigation.

Come sundown, Pyrrha felt exhausted from all the walking that was formally nothing for her fitness. Inactivity had cost her this much and she let her disability become a lesson to never plunge into solidarity ever again. Thank goodness for the arrival of Jaune or she might never have learnt that much. For the first time since their dangerous adventures out to the wild or to hostile environments, Pyrrha had been plunged into a position of slight discomfort that brought her a considerable amount of exhilaration.

She liked the thrill of different things. She enjoyed deviations from the normal habitude of the world she showed no real interest in. It gave that sense of surprise without the adrenaline jamming reaction that slowed her whole world to the almost one-hundredth of its normal speed. Take the ethereal sensation of falling backwards and remove the gut-wrenching indication of fear and Pyrrha's every day life with it's original, missing, multifarious nature put her right in the present moment at any given time. It was serene, at best, if not satisfying, both emotionally and metaphysically.

"Hey Pyrrha!" Nora shouted, still in her combat outfit. "Ren and I want to go get some crêpes! You want one?"

"No thanks," the redhead nervously replied, attempting to hide her nascent hunger. "I've had a bit too much."

"And you Jaune?" the green-clad artist pondered from behind.

"I'll take one," Jaune spoke in a firm voice. "I've never had one before, so I guess it's time for another surprise."

For the slightest moment that Jaune had parted her side to choose from among the many flavors of paste for his little snack, Pyrhha had already begun to feel insecure, incomplete almost. With nothing beside her to give her warmth in the already cold autumn days, she put a hand up to her other arm where Jaune's heat managed to radiate to. The disgusting feeling of losing that sense of accompaniment irked her and she vertically shook on spot until she spotted the nearby bench to have at least something in contact with her.

Someway, somehow, though, Jaune managed to subconsciously make his way over to where Pyrrha decided to take a minute and sit down. The distance she had unsuccessfully tried to create between her and the current focus of her attention had soon become non-existent with a thud, creek and sigh of relief. Pyrrha shifted her own buttocks over a few inches away from him to avoid the possibility of her bodily parts drifting over too far.

The little self restraint she kept up, however, slowly eroded away as the aroma of Jaune's concoction came slithering it's way up her nose and into the more primal part of her mind that begged her to launch herself towards the source of pleasure and ravish it. Eventually, rather than sneaking a few glances at the steam that rose from within the dough wrapped goodness, she'd turned her entire head in his direction.

Though she had previously done so already, Pyrrha took the liberty to scan his face, dipping her head down as her eyes went up and pulling her cranium back while she squinted. All the little details she hadn't noticed before started to materialize with every sudden gestrue she made to obtain a new angle. There was a faint remnant of a scar that ran down his left eye; a touch of dark brown around his neck where something might have cut him once. Some things even a massive influx of aura couldn't deal with removing, Pyrrha knew that much, but for someone who possessed so much and could use it with such efficacy, Jaune must have gone through rather tough times whilst abroad somewhere out there and over the rainbow.

And those eyes! How have they grown so sharp and exigent? How have they become charred steel and ragged sapphires from their marine glow from years ago? What had he done to deserve this? She would run a hand down his chin but decided to keep her composure and discipline straight. No one could just suddenly decide to act all obsessed with the prospect of ravishing the likes of a man whose new body incited a burning sensation in her pelvic cavity. Whimpering would not serve her well with how sore she suddenly felt in her chest from all the lustful sympathy she had.

Expediently making good use of her short lapse in thought, Pyrrha shook her head to clear her mind. What was wrong with her? She wasn't normally like this. She didn't normally just faun over someone while she sat down, thighs in heat as her hands shivered in regulating fear. Damnit! For a gentle woman who showed no real carnal cravings for another man, and one who would accept that of a man, she'd failed her own standards and become one of those easily swayed girls she vowed never to stoop down to. What a disgrace!

"You want some? You can have a bite if you want."

"No," Pyrrha chided, successful in her hiding evident surprise. "What made you ask?"

"I could say that it's because you're staring at it?" Jaune turned his head such that the side of his face with a cocked brow had stuck it's cheek out at her.

Her face glowed the same color as her mane. "But I could also say that I made a lucky guess."

"There you go, doing your great guesses again."

"You know, just casually and all." Jaune held out an open palm to deny her offer while she had an adorable pout to go with her endearing, tacit demand as to whether or not he'd like his crêpe back. "You can keep it. I'm really not that hungry. I just wanted to try how it tasted, you know?"

"Thanks," Pyrrha finally whimpered from behind the stuffed wrap of dough encased in a firm sheet of paper. She could toss the stupid dessert her shameful staring earned in the trash bin a couple feet to her right, or she could suck it up and just eat it as a means of self-punishment. In the end though, she'd only eaten a half of what remained from Jaune's crêpe before casually tossing it over into the bin, as per her original plan.

Pyrrha bit her lip while she slowly inched her hand closer to his bare fingers. Without the lengthy gloves she normally wore, she wanted to feel the touch of his skin again, wondering if it'd hardened from last she remembered. Visually, the texture of his flesh seemed significantly more defined: The wrinkles where the meager amount of them showed, came out easily under the shining surface of his epidermis but still had a velvet texture that gave off the impression that he was, of all things, silky smooth. She wondered if that rung true and eventually crept her fingertips to his index knuckle.

"My apologies," Jaune quickly responded, shrinking his arm back to his lap to his companion's chagrin. "Must've shifted my way over without noticing... Not that I'm trying anything, but you know..."

His voice trailed off to a soft murmur as grumbles started coming from his slightly parted lips. It was another something she found rather adorable about him whenever he openly expressed his discomfort. Rivaling it's daintiness was the sitcom worthy scenario of Ren and Nora, who wandered from one food stand to the next. Pyrrha smiled, out of jealousy perhaps, at the intimate interaction between two completely polar individuals as they bickered about what to get next. Not that they had a budget or anything, Beacon graduates were way better off than the vast majority of the world. Although, she supposed that they had somewhat differing tastes, adding more to the endearing nature of their relationship.

"Sometimes I wish they'd just start it off."

By the time Jaune had registered that she'd said something, Ren and Nora had already started to argue over who would pay for the bills. Races to pull out cash from wallets turned into forcing the other away to pay in his or her stead. It wasn't uncommon, for those who had previously witnessed their little spats. Their interactions wouldn't come as a surprise either: As friends who so much as saw each other once every month or so, no wonder they would have so much energy about each other. Regardless, all this had stipulated much reasonable speculations of their... Rapport, which was more or less a ludicrous myth.

"Odd way of thinking about your friends, but sure, I guess."

"Nora's been away for long periods of time," she finally explained. "She joined the Vale Scout Corps after she graduated, said she wanted a life of adventure and not some desk job that would eat away at her energy. Nobody could imagine her sitting still, after all, she never once did so back in the days. Quite unlike Ren, if you ask me. He's gotten mellower already, as if he hadn't gotten sweet enough. You put them together and, all of a sudden, you see wonderful chemistry going on. You can't help but wonder how far it'd go and imagine all the things they could do..."

Before Pyrrha could continue, she'd noticed Jaune's acerbic silence as his eyes had intently focused on the subject of her monologue.

"I just don't understand why they're still so platonic with one another."

"I wouldn't hope for so much to happen between two people," Jaune responded, head now leaned backwards to peer at the sky. "relationships are a result of an individual's willing conscience and the rapport it creates with another fellow conscience known as the other. Anything could come next really. You could suddenly feel like punching the person you think looks snobby in the face, or smothering them in your kisses if they're attractive. In this case, things could just go on well and steady and we can't ask for more. It really isn't anything we can control, anyways."

"Well, when a man and a woman are alone and together, something's bound to happen, right?"

"Not necessarily," Jaune mused with a finger on his chin. "I mean, look at us: We're just sitting here eating crêpes and watching two other people duke it out with their playful punches, neutral snarking and baffling couple complex."

What Pyrrha would give to receive a shot of morphine.

"Unless you count creepily watching your adorable companions with a close friend as something worth noting, which, I guess, is still doing something."

Scratch the morphine. Cue the breath of life.

"I would think so," Pyrrha responded with a feint giggle at the end of her conclusion, breath still trapped in her lungs as she sputtered near the end.

"Well, we'll see how this goes," Jaune responded, leaning forward onto his fists, propped by his elbows on a pair of sturdy legs. "Let the chips fall where they may and then make any judgements we want to afterwards, I guess."

She didn't know why, but Pyrrha somehow giggled her way around again without the instinctive hand to cover her mouth. Something about him had made her grown so simple from her refined habits. Slowly, her body weight had shifted, in an unorthodox means of magnetism she had no control over, towards Jaune. Turned out that just having her hand in his immediate proximity did not measure up to how much she'd wanted to just be able to touch him.

Just a little closer, her mind blew surges of adrenaline to make sure she could enjoy the very moment of when her skin had finally rested upon his tough deltoid. Polarity between cells did their small work as she felt the static run from the ends of her nerves along her neck. Slowly, but surely, her livid hair had just barely landed on the soft fabric of his black hoodie and her chest cramped immediately, leaving numbness in the following seconds where she'd let the rest of her shoulder and arm follow suit before a constant swelling took place of her absence in angellic euphoria. How she'd missed this...

"Hey~!" The redhead's eyes snapped towards her formidably energetic teammate who bunny hopped with a waving arm over at the far caramel apple stand with a rather disgraced Asian man in tow. Poor Ren. "Are you guys going to keep flirting? We're moving on to find somewhere to eat!"

Before Jaune could visibly notice, she'd managed to recoil her way back to an upright posture a couple inches away from where he once sat in a brooding silence. Too embarrassed to reply, Pyrrha turned her head such that her hair barely concealed the flustered frown on her cherry red lips. She did not feel Jaune's gaze upon her; he hadn't caught her signs of duress nor did he seem as if he cared. Remembering that the best she could do in moments of awkwardness, she stiffened her upper lip and waited for Jaune to do something.

Since when had she become this submissive and shy?

"Coming, Nora!" Jaune politely yelled in return, flashing a quick wave of his own before turning to Pyrrha. She'd thought that he had intended to stay, but her lover gently tugged on her arm as his leaning inertia brought them both to their feet. If getting swept up by a Prince Charming could feel like anything, this was as close as Pyrrha ever got to.

"Come on," he said. "Let's not waste the time to stop observing the native species of hunters and huntresses in their natural habitat."

Well, a odd chapter, I know, but I had to dish something out before it fled from my mind.

Sorry if I haven't touched on Nora in a while and mentioned her only in passing. I can't really wrap my head around her jumpy personality (it irks me, really). I've seen a bit of genki girls in my life, given that I live in South East Asia as an Asian surrounded by more Asians who fit those stereotypes, and I've honestly been kind of put off by them. I can't promise that I'll try, but you'll have to take my word that I will do the best to at least attempt something from Nora's point of view at some point in time.

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