The whole accident took just seconds, but to Beca, it felt like a lifetime of screeching tires and swerves of the wheel. She desperately grabbed the steering wheel to correct her swerve, but instead, the car catapulted over the median and began to flip violently. Beca was aware of the items flying around the car, she had time to think to grab a hold of her seatbelt as the car corkscrewed in the air multiple times. Finally the impact hit, and the airbag deployed, and Beca lost consciousness.

When she awoke, she was in the hospital, all tubes connected and machines monitoring her every respiration, heartbeat, and IV drip of something connected her to some kind of serum. She felt her hand being held, but couldn't see much through the bandages around her face. Her eyes seemed blurry, but slowly were able to focus in on her surroundings. "Mom?" she said in a hushed tone.

"Beca, honey can you hear me?" Her mom's voice sounded concerned. She began to squeeze her daughter's hand, and recognized she was conscious suddenly. "Nurse, Nurse, please come quickly, Beca is awake."

The room became a flurry of white as doctors and nurses advanced on the young woman. The lead doctor quickly asked Beca to respond with her name, which she did immediately. He asked if she knew what day it was, which she responded as Tuesday, and he asked if she knew what had happened to her, which she answered quickly that she had been in a car accident. The doctor explained that she did fairly well with his questions, however instead of Tuesday, it was now 11:00am on Saturday morning. She had been in an induced coma until last Tuesday when she indeed was in a car accident. While going through his explanation, Beca remained relatively calm, no doubt due to the medications she was currently receiving from her IV.

The Dr. introduced himself as Dr. Applebaum, and went on to explain that the accident was fairly serious, however he felt strongly that Beca would recover with minimal adverse effects in the future. He did however explain that because of internal damage, they removed her spleen, but this was something she could do without and should cause no long term effects to her health.

Beca reached for her Mother's hand, and immediately asked about her laptop. Beca's mom whispered quietly not to worry about such trivial things. But Beca became very upset, tears streaming down her face.

"Beca honey, please, we are so very lucky that you are still here with us, you have no idea of the damage, please baby don't cry…"

Beca quickly became agitated. "Mom, you don't understand, I finally had my shot, my opportunity to break into the business. All my tracks were on my laptop, my mixes, everything. I didn't have a chance to back it up before I left the house. The perfect sound, I finally had it. And now it's lost forever."

"Beca honey, we have you…there is nothing more important than that. Please calm down. "

Beca's heart rate had significantly increased and she began to wrestle against her IV tubes struggling to gain her independence.

"Ms. Mitchell, please calm down." Dr. Applebaum implored the young girl. "I've asked the nurse to provide a little more medication to help you relax. We will continue to monitor your progress today." The nurse injected a small needle into the IV line, and Beca's demeanor quickly relaxed.

"I see you have quite a bit of strength, so these are all good signs. Now that you are stable, we can move you onto the orthopedic floor. You have a couple of days to recover yet, but we will get you back to shape. Don't you worry."

With that the Dr. closed his chart and retreated the room with a quick…"I'll check in later Ms. Mitchell"

Beca only sat quietly trailing tears down her cheeks. She was broken with the thought of loosing her work. Months of mixing completely lost to her.

As the medication quickly took hold, and Beca slowly drifted back to sleep a memory popped into her mind….

Beca was upside down in her car and suddenly heard a voice…Red hair and crystal blue eyes climbed into the back of her crushed vehicle. She could feel soft hands checking her pulse and an angelic voice asking her if she was in pain. This absolutely beautiful creature reassuring her that everything would be ok. This nameless woman held onto her, ensuring Beca that she would be with her until help arrived. She continued to check her carefully and held her hand. Strangely, maybe out of complete fear and trauma, Beca felt comforted by this. Soon sirens approached, and she felt her mind go fuzzy, she heard the voice call her name again and again, but each time it got further away. Suddenly the lights went dark, and her mind went blank.

Was it just a dream?