Naruto: Rise of Uchiha-Senju Naruto

Chapter 1: Prologue

That's right I'm not dead yet….. Anyway I hope I can make this story great.

There is a significant amount of time cut out from the second and first Shinobi wars. I figure the Second must of been like 25 years long in canon since in that time Sarutobi became Hokage and had a team, they grew up and got teams of their own, so it had to of been pretty long. So I cut it down by 10 years, so the Sannin will be on Sarutobi's team shortly before the Second war so time is mostly un interrupted in the sense of when Jiraiya will be Minato's sensei. There will only be about a two year gap between the First and Second wars. I also figure the third war was only about 10 years, you'll figure out why all this is important soon.

There are only three more pieces of info you will need to know, first is I am making the gap in between the ages of Hashirama and Tobirama larger, I figure that when he makes Sarutobi Hokage he is like 40 and Sarutobi 29, so in this fic I will have Tobirama be at 35 and Sarutobi will still be 29 so there is only a 6 year gap between Tobirama and his students, and it's about the same between him and Hashirama. Next piece of info needed, I am giving Koharu some Uzumaki blood in this fic so she will appear to be about 35 when her teammates and her are actually going on 60. Finally the last piece of info you will need to know, I am going to have Naruto's mother be a full-blooded Uchiha, Kushina never came to Konoha, Kyuubi went from Mito to Uchiha Hitomi since there were no Senju or Uzumaki's to hold it an Uchiha was chosen, and yes she is the daughter of Madara.

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Chapter 1: Prologue

-The Past, Near the beginning of the Second Shinobi War, Kumo Territory-

A group of shinobi are dashing desperately from tree to tree. They are moving at top speed. The shinobi are merely shadowy figures in the waning light of dusk. They seem to be a rather large group, but that is not very strange considering they are in enemy territory.

The shadow in the lead passes through a shaft of light peaking through the trees. It reveals a man in a black body suit with traditional samurai-like blue armor with a white ruff of fur that blended with the man's own white hair. He wears a happuri with a spiral leaf symbol on it, it frames his angular face with the three red markings, two on the cheeks bellow his red eyes, and one on his chin.

This was Senju Tobirama, Nidaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato. Tobirama couldn't believe how bad this had gone. It was supposed to be a peaceful mission to discuss a treaty between Konoha and Kumo. With him he brought his own team as well as one other to be safe.

It started out well enough and the Nidaime Raikage seemed receptive to the treaty. However before long the gold and silver brothers, Kumo nuke-nins Ginkaku and Kinkaku attacked the meeting. In the skirmish that followed his Akimichi comrade had then accidently killed two members of the Kinkaku squad that the Raikage brought with him.

Things could have still been fine however just before that, the brothers had managed to kill the Raikage, sure he took them with him in an impressive display of raiton jutsu, but that was a moot point. Sorrowful at seeing their leader die, the Kinkaku squad grew enraged when the Akimichi accidently killed their teammates and tried attacking, forcing the Konoha nins to flee.

Now they are madly dashing trying to get to the border so they will be safe. Through his manipulation of water in the air Tobirama could feel their pursuers were gaining, they had a lead of 7 kilometers at best, barely 20 minutes at shinobi speeds.

Tobirama glanced back at a female figure directly behind him and his eyes flashed with worry. If someone were to stall them and even take a few out, it would buy just enough time for the others to cross the border into Hi no Kuni, where the Kinkaku squad dared not follow. The problem was whoever stayed behind would most likely die.

'And what's more I am the only one with a hope of pulling it off, Danzo and Hiruzen are not quite at that level yet.' Tobirama thought to himself.

He then glanced back at the female figure again, she had a determined look on her face as she leapt forward. His eyes showed sorrow as he looked at her.

'I'm sorry Sakkaku-hime, it looks like I might not be able to see our child grow up' he apologized.

He then leapt down into a clearing where he proceeded to crouch down. The other shinobi followed suit, crouching before him. Arranged in a semi circle were six other shinobi. The Akimichi had a guilty look on his face as he knew this was all his fault. Next to him was his Uchiha teammate with curly black hair. The last of his team was Shimura Danzo. Danzo was a calculating man with black hair and an 'X' shaped scar on his chin.

The rest were Tobirama's own team. The first was Sarutobi Hiruzen, his most gifted pupil who had earned him the moniker 'The Professor' for his analytical mind and ability in learning ninjutsu. Next was the glasses wearing Mitokado Homura, he was neither a terrible or gifted shinobi.

The last of the six was Utatane Koharu. She was a beautiful woman with dark blue eyes that seemed to sparkle when she was happy. She dressed in regular kunoichi clothes that accented her figure. She had a perfect hour-glass figure with a high C-cup bust. Her dark brown hair was kept pinned up in a bun. Koharu was extremely gifted in genjutsu, but she was no slouch in ninjutsu either. This was due to her father being an Uzumaki and her mother an exiled member of the Kurama clan, giving her the ability to cast very realistic genjutsu while having exceptionally large chakra reserves, somewhere between low to mid kage. Koharu had grown up an orphan and only discovered her heritage recently, thus her surname Utatane.

Tobirama cleared his throat before he spoke.

"They are gaining on us, if we don't do anything they will catch us, we need to buy time." he spoke to the younger shinobi. Hiruzen scowled at this.

"So one of us will need to stay behind to hold them off." he stated analytically.

"Correct Hiruzen." Tobirama replied, he was about to continue when Hiruzen spoke again, he noticed Danzo seemed like he was struggling to say something as well.

"Tobirama-sensei I volunteer to be the one to stay behind." he said firmly. Danzo didn't seem to like this.

"No Hiruzen, I was going to volunteer to stay, let me do this!" he stated with conviction. Before they could begin to argue Tobirama cut in.

"Enough! Neither of you will stay, you don't have the power yet, it will be I that stays." Tobirama said with a tone of finality. There were objections, especially from Koharu but he ignored them all and simply stated it was his duty as Hokage. Finally he looked at Hiruzen and spoke in a soft voice that held the wisdom he had gained over the years.

"Saru, you must protect those who have faith in you and who love the village, and train up those to whom you can entrust the next generation...from tomorrow, you are the Hokage..." he said. Hiruzen's eyes widened in shock. The other shinobi were sad and wore somber expressions. The one with the most extreme reaction was Koharu.

Her eyes first widened in shock but then tears started to pour down her face and she held a look of slight anger. Most of her comrades were shocked at her reaction, however her teammates understood perfectly. Gathering the other four shinobi, Sarutobi ordered them to get going, which they did reluctantly. He then moved to the edge of the clearing and looked over at the last two people in it.

By now both people had stood up and Koharu's face read shock, hurt, anger, and sorrow all at once as the tears fell from her eyes. She slowly walked forward the few steps it took to reach Tobirama. Once in front of him she slowly raised her hand.


The sound of her hand hitting his cheek resounded through the clearing. Koharu then collapsed against his chest sobbing uncontrollably. He wrapped his arms gently around her as she continued to cry into his chest.

"*sob*Why? Why do you *sob* have to do this?*sob*What about our child? We were supposed to start a family!" she wailed. Tobirama now had a single tear running down his face as he continued to hold her close.

"I'm doing this for our child, if I don't do this they will catch us and kill us all, this is the only way to keep you and the baby safe." Tobirama replied, and that seemed to take the rage out of him as she began hugging him tightly.

"What will I do without you? What will our child do without a father?" she asked almost pleadingly, deep down she knew this was the only way, but she didn't want it to be.

"You'll continue on, you will give birth to our child and raise him or her to be a great shinobi. You will help them learn all my techniques; I left them for you in a storage scroll with a blood seal behind my picture in the Hokage office." Tobirama answered.

He then gently lifted he her chin so she was looking up at him. He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.

"Good-bye, and live well my Sakkaku-hime(Illusion princess)!" he exclaimed before he began to turn around. Before he could leave she grabbed his arm and made him turn around before kissing him fiercely. She finally parted from him and spoke softly.

"Good-bye Tobi-kun, I will always love you." she whispered softly. He smiled gently at her and then turned around and dashed away towards where he felt the Kinkaku squad closing in.

Koharu turned and ran the other direction, she passed Hiruzen on her way out of the clearing and he followed behind her. Ten minutes passed in silence until they felt a massive buildup of chakra and leapt to the top of a tree to see what it was.

As they looked out behind them where their lover/sensei was with the Kinkaku squad, they suddenly heard a familiar voice shouting out a technique, it carried across the distance to them.

"Suiton: Hyaku Suiryudan no Jutsu!"(1) Tobirama's voice cried as over the treetops a few miles away one hundred giant dragons comprised of water with glowing yellow eyes formed. As they stretched above the treetops the dragons hovered menacingly for a few seconds before they finally let loose a set of roars in unison that were heard all the way back in Kumo and made the trees shake from it, before finally they all plunged downwards towards their victims.

"T-Tobi-kun a-always had a f-flair for the dr-dramatic!" Koharu half sobbed half giggled as she felt her heart clenching in anguish as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"That he did." agreed Hiruzen before they both turned and dashed away.

Eight months later Koharu would give birth to a baby boy who had the yellow hair of his father's mother, but also the blue eyes of his mother. However tragedy struck as the child was kidnapped from the maternity ward. But some deity seemed to feel the need to intervene as unforeseen complications forced the kidnapper to leave the child outside the orphanage where he was given a name by the matron in charge, and that name was Namikaze Minato.

-Konoha, Behind the Hokage Monument Twenty-Eight Years Later-

Namikaze Minato stared across the clearing at his opponent, a masked man with spiky black hair who wore a black cloak.

"Well Yondaime Hokage, I am waiting, show me what you can do." the man called mockingly.

Without hesitation Minato dashed forward and attempted a right cross to the man's face, he was shocked when it simply fazed right through him. He quickly squashed the shock and turned around with a spiraling blue orb in the palm of his hand.

"Rasengan!" he cried as he attempted to shove it into the man's gut, however like before it fazed right through him.

Minato quickly drew a tri-pronged kunai and attempted to slash his foe, yet still it passed threw him, but this time the man gripped Minato's wrist. Deciding it may be best to get information Minato spoke to the man as he began an intense barrage of taijutsu.

So who are you?" he questioned.

"That is not important right now Yondaime Hokage." the man replied.

"I'm just curious, you have the sharingan so you must be an Uchiha, yet I've only known one Uchiha to control the Kyuubi before, Uchiha Madara." Minato replied in a musing voice as if talking to himself.

"I was once known by that name." the man replied. He was expecting shock or something, what he got was surprising. Minato halted the furious taijutsu and simply stared blankly at the man, then he began chuckling until it became full blown laughter.

"What is so funny?" the man asked in annoyance.

"Hahaha, you, Uchiha Madara. That is hilarious!" Minato laughed.

"Your chakra is nothing like his, so give up the charade, although I will admit your chakra is familiar." Minato finished musingly. Meanwhile the masked man was in deep thought.

'How does he know I am not Madara? How can he know his chakra?' the man thought

Minato took advantage of the opening this created by quickly tossing a tri-prong kunai at the man, as expected it went through him, however the next thing that happened was not expected. Minato appeared behind the man in a flash. Before he could react Minato slammed a Rasengan into the man's right shoulder and the jutsu began to grind away at the man.

However instead of blood the wound bled some sort if white substance. The man in the cloak was panting now as he felt the injury from the Rasengan.

"This is not over Namikaze, I will be back to take the Kyuubi." The man growled as he got sucked into a distortion in the air.

Minato sighed in relief before he flashed away to where he left his wife. He was surprised she was still alive after Kyuubi was removed, that's a feat normally only an Uzumaki could boast.

-Namikaze Mansion-

Minato appeared beside his wife who was in the bed he had left her with their son Naruto. His wife was a beautiful raven haired woman with onyx black eyes and one raven colored bang that partially obscured her right eye with another framing her face. (Imagine Mikoto with narrower features in the face that's the best I can come up with to describe how I imagine her), she was currently wearing a maternity dress and holding her son with a gentle smile that betrayed the weariness she felt. This was Uchiha Hitomi, secret daughter of Uchiha Madara.

Hitomi saw the telltale flash of her husband's technique the Hiraishin(2).She normally would have looked up, but she didn't for two reasons. First she was exhausted from having Kyuubi ripped from the seal, and two she was too busy holding and admiring her son.

He had his father's golden colored hair, but she suspected that it would grow out like her fathers. His eyes were her own shade of onyx.

Minato gulped at what he was about to do, he hated it, but there was no time to find another candidate. He felt a wave of self-loathing at the burden he was going to place on his son, he was optimistic not stupid; if the village found out what his son was they would most likely turn their hatred of Kyuubi onto him.

"Hitomi-chan, I need Naruto now, I'll bring him back afterwards." Minato said to his wife. Hitomi's eyes swam with tears as she jerked her head to husband. She knew what that meant, and also that the only sealing jutsu he had strong enough for it was the Shiki Fuijin(3)and that would leave him dead, and her life force was slipping away slowly; Perhaps if Tsunade were here it would be different but she wasn't so she knew she would die as well, leaving her son alone and vulnerable to the harsh life of a jinchuriki.

"Minato are you certain, isn't there another way? I don't want our son growing up alone!" she cried. She knew it wouldn't change anything but she didn't want her child to be a jinchuriki, she had been five when the Kyuubi was sealed into her, her mother was dead and the clan caved to political pressure and banished her so nobody could accuse them of trying to control the Kyuubi as her father had done.

"I'm sorry but there is no time for any other candidate to be found, but don't worry, I will leave behind instructions for Sarutobi-sama to make sure nobody knows of his jinchuriki status, only him and the shinobi council will know." Minato promised. That set her mind at rest, if only Shinobi knew then he would be treated fairly as they weren't as dumb as civilians.

"I'll be back in 5 minutes, wait here." Minato told her before leaving to leave his instructions via messenger toad.

Five minute later he came back and helped Hitomi up as he held her gently while she cradled Naruto in her arms.

For the first and last time the family embraced inside the Namikaze mansion before they disappeared in a yellow flash of light.

-Three hours later, Konoha Council Chambers-

Inside the confines of the circular council chamber the shinobi and elder councils were assembled. Many of the clan heads showed signs of being in battle recently, which they had, the only exceptions being the Yamanaka, Aburame, and Hyuuga clan heads as their skills would have been useless so they had handled getting the civilians to shelter.

They were currently waiting for the Hokage to arrive after calling them here. Finally the large double doors opened and the Sandaime Hokage strolled in carrying a bundle in his arms.

The old kage sighed wearily as he sat down and placed the bundle in front of him. He had yet to adorn his robes again so he was still in his battle gear with the addition of an simple white haori overtop and without his helmet.

"Sandaime-sama, why are you here and not Minato?" questioned the Nara clan head Nara Shikaku, he was a genius of a man but had the flaw of all Nara men, he was lazy as hell. Shikaku wore his black hair in a pineapple ponytail. he had a goatee and a few scars on his face and wore standard jonin attire.

"I am afraid that a little less than three hours ago, our beloved Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato perished while defeating the Kyuubi." Sarutobi replied in a voice laced with sorrow for the death of a boy who he had seen grow and had become a great friend as well as his successor, he knew this would get very strong reactions from the council, after all they were all in the same graduating class in the academy.

Inuzuka Tsume a feral looking beauty gasped and covered her mouth with her hands as tears began to form in her eyes. She was the Inuzuka clan head.

The Aburame clan head Shibi showed no outward reaction however if one were to look closely they would hear an agitated buzzing as well as seeing his face in an slightly sad expression, an extreme reaction to get from him.

The Hyuuga clan head Hyuuga Hiashi lost his stoic facade as he felt pain in his heart at hearing one of his very few friends had died, Minato had helped him get over his shyness when he was young, he was like a second brother. His byakugan unconciously activated for a brief moment.

The heads of the Yamanaka, Akimichi, and Nara clans' Yamanaka Inoichi, Akimichi Chouza, and Nara Shikaku all showed expressions of sadness.

Only the Uchiha clan head Uchiha Fugaku showed no reaction to the news.

"So you'll be taking up the title of Hokage once more Sandaime-sama?" Shikaku asked. Hiruzen noticed how the crippled Danzo seemed to tense at this, so far the elders had been quiet although he noticed Koharu had let loose a few tears at the news of Minato dying, she had always liked the young blonde.

"Hai I will. However that is not the most urgent matter now." he replied.

"Pray tell, what would the most urgent matter be Hokage-sama?" asked Hiashi in confusion, his usual facade back in place.

"The method in which Minato defeated the Kyuubi, he sealed it inside a baby, this baby to be exact." Sarutobi answered as he moved aside the top portion of the blanket on the bundle so Naruto's head was revealed.

"And why did he choose this child, it is only logical he chose the child for a reason." The stoic Shibi put in. Hiruzen took a breath before giving his answer.

"He chose him because this boy is his son." he replied in a neutral tone as he analyzed their reactions. Most seemed unsurprised Minato used his own child for this.

"Now we are left with the question what is to become of the boy." Hiashi put in. Almost immediately Danzo spoke.

"I move the boy be given to me to be trained." He supplied with an inward grin, as soon as the other elders agreed as they always did, enough clan heads should also so that he got his ultimate weapon for ROOT.

"As much as I hate to ask it, who agrees or disagrees with this?" Sarutobi asked wearily, he had drawn a similar conclusion as Danzo.

Things may indeed have gone that way had Koharu not taken this moment before she voted to glance at the baby. Her heart throbbed painfully in her chest as she beheld the sleeping blonde child, her mind flashed back to another blonde child long ago. Her eyes grew soft and she knew she could not subject this child to the teachings of Danzo. Slowly she raised her hand to vote.

"I...I...I disagree with Danzo's proposal." she finally managed to get out. Homura and Hiruzen looked to their teammate in shock while Danzo looked at her with a hidden rage. As soon as they saw her expression her teammates realized why she chose that, and their hearts softened as they too remembered the child she lost so long ago, as well as how heartbroken she was when he was taken. It took her years to recover.

"I disagree as well." Homura said with certainty.

Slowly the votes were cast and only the Uchiha clan head agreed.

"Well now that this is taken care of, I suggest we all go home to rest." Hiruzen said in relief. He got many grumbled agreements as the council slowly trickled out, but not before he reminded them of the S-ranked status of this information.

The very next day Uzumaki Naruto was admitted to the orphanage, Hiruzen chose this name in remembrance of his sensei Hashirama's wife Uzumaki Mito. A few months after the attack word leaked out from an 'unknown' source that Naruto was a jinchuriki, Hiruzen knew damn well that it was Danzo trying another way to get Naruto.

However Danzo miscalculated, after they heard that the entire shinobi council as well as the other two elders held no concerns about the seal and thought the boy was harmless and held complete faith in the Yondaime's fuinjutsu skills, they settled for cold indifference, they would not let their children interact with him for fear of him losing control, but they never showed any signs of hatred except for the occasional shop owner refusing service because they were one of the two percent that disliked him.

However that attempt made Hiruzen wonder, jinchuriki or no, why in the world did Danzo want him that badly? It would not be for another six years until Hiruzen had his answer, and it was one that would make him and the other elders and shinobi council forever suspicious of Danzo.

(1)Suiton: Hyaku Suiryudan no Jutsu- Water Release: One-Hundred Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu

(2)Hiraishin- Flying Thunder God

(3)Shiki Fuijin- Dead Demon Consuming Seal