Naruto: Rise of Uchiha-Senju Naruto

Chapter 6: Flashbacks and Graduation


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Chapter 3: Flashbacks, Graduation, and Teams!

-3 Years after Uchiha Massacre, Day of Graduation Test-

An alarm went off in a room inside the Senju Compound. Groggily the owner got up and looked at it to see it was 6:00 AM. He noted that something important happened today. As he sat up and rubbed his eyes to try and become more aware.

What was it that happened today? He couldn't quite place it, meh maybe he'd figure it out by the time he got to the academy, wait the academy! Today was the graduation exam!, by tomorrow he would be a genin.

Nodding in Satisfaction he began to get ready for the day. When he turned the light on in the bathroom it revealed him to be a boy of 13. He stood at a tall for his age 5'3. He had shoulder length blonde hair that spiked to either side, and a bang that partially obscured his right eye. His eyes were a deep onyx and he had six thin whisker marks on his cheeks. His face held no baby fat and it was slightly more narrow than his fathers, but not as thin as his grandfather on his mother's side.

This was Uchiha-Senju Naruto, heir to the two most powerful clans in Konoha, although not many people knew that.

Naruto quickly got done with his routine and dressed in his regular clothes , A high-collared black shirt with black Anbu pants tucked into black ninja sandals, he also wore fingerless black gloves with metal plates on the back of his hands.
The only difference from the usual is that on the back of his shirt is a blood red Senju crest going across his upper back.

Being dressed he strapped/taped on all his pouches, a kunai pouch on each leg, as well as his hip pouch. Being prepared he headed into the hall and walked through the compound to the kitchen. Once he got there he was greeted with the sight of three women sitting around the table.

The first was his grandmother, Senju Koharu, although in public people knew her as Utatane Koharu, though that changed today as it was the day they officially take the name his grandfather left them.

The second was a women of about 20 who had long raven colored hair with w=two bangs framing her face, and pale creamy skin and full red lips. She wore a mesh long-sleeved undershirt with her jonin flak jacket unzipped somewhat so some of her rather ample high DD-cup cleavage was exposed on her forehead she wore a black clothed hitai-ate with the leaf symbol etched into it. Her hips were curvy and she had a thin waist with a nice full bubble butt as you would see if she were standing.

This was Uchiha Mikoto, current clan head of the Uchiha. She was actually chronologically 39, but when Naruto saved her life with the completed blood ritual it changed her to be physically 20, of course the story in public was that he had messed up when he had found her and her family on the night of the massacre, he had attempted a stasis seal that malfunctioned and this was the result, de-aging of her body, of course anyone who knew spit about seals knew that story was bull, but they were all jonin and thus understood it was a rather important secret so they didn't pry.

Mikoto had returned to active duty shortly after the massacre, much to the displeasure and worry of other nations, she along with the Karasu no Oojo were the S-ranked Konoha nin, along with Namikaze Minato, of their generation and were reputed to be on par with the Sannin, so the addition of another Sannin level nin was , as a certain clan would say, troublesome.

The third and final female was 13 and looked remarkably like Mikoto. She too had long raven colored hair with two bangs framing her face, and her skin was creamy pale as well with full red lips. Her bust size and her curves were very high for her age, but still not as high as Mikoto's. Her bust was a high C-cup borderline D-cup and she had a nice round bubble butt, that while not as full as her mother's quite yet was still pretty good, along with her luscious hips made her one of if not the most desirable girl of her age. When standing she was 5'0.

She wore a long sleeve mesh shirt like Mikoto. over it was a high collar, black midriff baring shirt that accentuated her cleavage. The shirt went to a couple inches above her belly button and the sleeves went to her mid bicep. On the back was an Uchiha clan crest. She also wore tight black bike shorts that accentuated her curves and ended about mid thigh. Over the shorts was a mid-thigh length black skirt with slits cut in the side for maneuverability. For foot wear she wore knee-high black high heeled ninja sandals that ended just above her knees. Like Naruto she wore metal plated fingerless gloves except hers went to just below her elbows.

This was Uchiha Sayuri, only daughter of Uchiha Mikoto.

Now one might be asking something like 'What are two Uchiha doing at the Senju compound?'

The answer was simple. Since the Uchiha compound was about two times as large as the Senju compound which was mad in the fashion of combining old Japanese style outer architecture, with more a more modernized interior. The three story main house was surrounded by two-story houses that wrapped all the way around it. Mikoto admired the Senju clan compound and since she knew Naruto would be uniting the clans she took all Uchiha symbols and scrolls and such and put it in the Senju compound. Then she had secretly sold the Uchiha compound to the Hokage and used the money to purchase materials to expand the Senju compound, and with the help of Naruto and Koharu spamming kage bunshin because of the massive reserves they inherited from her Uzumaki father, they had managed to get them done so now the Senju compound wouldn't need to be expanded in only a couple generations.

Now that still doesn't answer why they left the original Uchiha compound in the first place. The reason was as soon as Sasuke had heard they weren't going to try to get revenge on Itachi he had refused to live with them and been given an apartment near the academy, so they decided to go live with the two Senju's in their compound after making sure all the Uchiha library and any other Uchiha possessions were moved behind the, admittedly, much more safe walls of the Senju compound.

Now back to Naruto he entered the kitchen and got himself some of the bacon and eggs his grandmother had made and sat down after getting a glass of milk.

As soon as he sat down Koharu turned to him and smiled warmly.

"So Naru-chan, ready to graduate today?" She asked him.

"You bet, I can't wait to graduate! Then I can finally be a ninja, and I'll be able to use my real name.!" Naruto declared. Sayuri and Mikoto giggled at Naruto's declaration, they understood how he felt.

"Yeah I can't wait to graduate as well, Naruto-kun is sure to get Rookie of the year, and I'm sure to get Kunoichi of the year as well, and with her having missed two years, Yakumo-chan is going to be the so called 'dobe' of the year, even if she could kick even Sasuke's ass in an all out fight, what with her genjutsu skills that are only enhanced by her great taijutsu skills, and she has been showing signs of being talented in ninjutsu as well." Sayuri said enthusiastically.

Naruto at that point remembered how he had met Yakumo, and subsequently helping her with both her problems.

-Flashback, 3 Years Ago, 1 Month After Uchiha Massacre -

Naruto was making his way to his favorite training ground, ground 7 the one with the memorial stone. H wanted to work on a jutsu he'd been developing for a while, it wasn't anywhere near ready but it was solid in theory.

He had reached the edges of the training ground when he heard sobbing. He walked over to the stone and found a pale skinned brown haired girl. He walked towards the monument and stood behind the girl.

"Hey is everything ok?" He asked gently. The girl jumped violently and turned around to see a blonde haired boy her age.

"Hi, I'm Uzumaki Naruto." He said as he smiled at her kindly. The girl simply stared for a few moments before etiquette kicked in and she introduced herself.

"Kurama Yakumo, and no everything is not ok." She told him.

"Wanna talk about it?" He asked her as he sat down with his back against the stone and patted the spot next to him.

Yakumo hesitated but she really needed to talk to someone so she conceded and sat down next to him.

"W-well you see I wanted to be a ninja like my parents before they died, and I had so much talent in genjutsu, that they gave me a private tutor, the Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha Yuhi Kurenai." She began.

"Well she trained me for six months, until out of the blue she just told me I-I c-couldn't b-be a n-ninja!" She said as she began crying at the end, leaning on him unconciously for support.

"Sh-sh-she said th-that she was g-going to s-seal off my p-powers t-t-tomorrow." Yakumo said as she finally broke down and started crying uncontrollably on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her and gently rubbed her back as his mind was moving a mile a minute. He finally came up with a conclusion for why this Kurenai would seal her powers.

"Yakumo-chan, can I ask you a sensitive question?" He asked. Yakumo blushed at the affectionate suffix but then just nodded.

"Your parents...did they by any chance die in an accident, like a house fire or something?" He asked carefully. Yakumo froze, how did he know that?

"Y-yes th-they did, how d-did you know?" She asked.

"I didn't it was just a guess that worked with the theory I had on why Kurenai was sealing your powers, come on Yakumo-chan, we are going to the Hokage's office.

But first he asked where Kurenai lived, she was hesitant but told him. He sent a clone henged as an Anbu to get her to the Hokage's office.

With that he shunshined away with Yakumo.

-Hokage's Office-

Naruto and Yakumo appeared in a shunshin in front of a shocked Hokage. They were standing in front of the left side of his desk, and Naruto still had an arm around Yakumo's shoulders to comfort her.

Sarutobi blinked a couple times. He took a pull of his pipe he slowly exhaled. He opened his mouth to speak when suddenly another shunshined into the room.

She was a beautiful black haired woman and she wore a strange bandage dress and kimono top with only one sleeve. She wore bandages on her arms and thighs and had a mesh undershirt on under the red kimono top.

She took in the other occupants of the room. Before she could speak the blonde beat her to it.

"Greetings Kurenai-san, I am Uzumaki Naruto, now that we are all here, let's get down to business shall we?" He said. Before they could say anything he continued.

"So let me ask a question, Yakumo-chan here's powers have manifested an Ido demon haven't they?" He asked bluntly. Yakumo was confused as to what that was. Sarutobi and Kurenai were shocked he had found that out.

"H-how did you know that? We didn't even tell her!" Kurenai said in shock.

"Well the signs fit perfectly for that, so I figured it was the case." He replied.

"What do you mean signs? You mean this has happened before?" Kurenai asked in confusion.

"Yes it has, It's the reason my Hii-Obaasan was banished from the Kurama clan, so I recognized the signs from the stories Baa-chan told me." He answered. Yakumo head had been turning from Naruto to Kurenai. Finally she had enough of not knowing what was going on.

"What's going on? What's an Ido demon? What signs?" She asked in confusion. sighing Naruto dropped his arm from her shoulders and walked over to one of the chairs and sat, he then motioned for Kurenai and Yakumo to do the same. Once they did he spoke.

"To answer your questions, what's going on is that these two were hiding the fact from you that you had an Ido demon in your mind, they were going to seal it with no body knowing about it. Second, what's an Ido demon. It is a demon made of all our darkest desires and base instincts that forms in very rare cases, such as yours, where your powers gave it life." He explained, as Yakumo's eyes widened. Meanwhile Kurenai and Sarutobi were worried that her powers might go out of control now that she knew.

"As for the signs you see, in the Kurama clan sometimes people are born with an abnormally strong form of the powers of their genjutsu bloodline, these powers are so great that they can't be controlled by the person when they are young, so to compensate an entity that can is born from the powers, the Ido demon

As for the signs I mentioned, there was the fact you are a Kurama, then the very high talent in genjutsu, and finally the last pieces was your parents death and Kurenai-san meaning to seal your powers." He told her, Yakumo was wondering what her powers had to do with how her parents died.

"Tell me, did you have a fight with your parents before they died?" He asked.

"Yes, why does that matter?" Yakumo asked in confusion.

Before Naruto could answer Kurenai interrupted.

"No! She doesn't need to know!" she protested. This only got her a pointed look from Naruto.

"Yes she does, further more she has a right to know that thing killed her parents." He shot back, shocking Yakumo.

"Wh-what? The Ido killed my parents, all because I had a fight? So is it my fault?" She asked in despair.

"No it most certainly not your fault, it's made up of your darkest desires and carnal instincts, nobody could hope to control that, especially without knowing it exists." He said as he shot the other two a look.

'Wh-what? So keeping it from her was only doing harm?' They thought.

"Anyways, the point is I have a better idea than they had for how to deal with it." He said. This got interested looks from everyone.

"And how would this be Naruto-kun?" He asked in curiosity.

"The same way my Hii-Ojiichan did." He replied as he stood up and walked to the center of the room. He then flashed through a long series of hand seals and all of a sudden a large ceremonial throne big enough for Yakumo rose from the floor. Sarutobi recognized it instantly while the other two were confused. What was the throne supposed to do?

Sarutobi fought the urge to face palm at his stupidity, it was so simple and brilliant!

"I see you know what it is Jiji, for the other two I will explain. This is a throne for sealing, it is used for this particular seal, the Hakke Fuin. The Hakke Fuin was originally designed to hold anything, even the Kyuubi. My Hii-Ojiichan used it to seal my Hii-Obaasan's Ido demon, the advantage is while a bijuu could have a slight control of its chakra and power still, the Ido is to weak for that, the seal will let you have complete control over Ido, and unlike the other method Kurenai would have used, this way it can't eat away at your mind, although I doubt Kurenai knew that would happen." He finished his explanation as he unsealed a bottle of ink and a brush from his wrist.

"Ok I need you to get on the thrown and lift your shirt up so I can have access to your stomach to draw the seals." He told her. Yakumo nodded meekly.

That was the day he made his second of his two best friends.

-Flashback End-

Naruto smiled at the memory. Since then Yakumo had joined him and Sayuri as their friend and the three were near inseparable. They discovered after the sealing that the Ido was what had made Yakumo physically weak from its constantly draining her to gain power. After that her physical health improved and within a month of intense physical training with Naruto and Sayuri, she had been able to join the academy.

Naruto looked to Sayuri.

"You ready to rock them?" He asked with a grin. Sayuri grinned back to her best friend and if she was honest crush, after all, her choice of clothes that she had just begun to war today, were meant to catch his attention. She knew she would have to share him, although he had no idea yet, he was in the CRA as soon as he would become heir to two nearly extinct clans, her mother had told her that.

She was actually glad as it would take the pressure off the civilian council off her and her mother, they had been hounding them to either get arranged marriages or be part of a breeding program.

" You bet, now let's go Naru-kun." She shot back. They both got up and hugged Koharu and Mikoto. Although if one were to look at Mikoto closely she was slightly blushing at the contact.

They then both performed a shunshin to appear in their classroom at the academy, Iruka still hadn't figured out how they always got there before him when he always waited in his office staring through its window each day before class began.

Sure enough Iruka arrived a few minutes later. He heard the customary 'Yo' from Naruto and saw him and Sayuri there waiting for him...again.

"Seriously how do you two do that?" He asked.

"Ever heard of the Shunshin no Jutsu?" Naruto asked innocently.

Iruka's brain stopped. A shunshin. A freaking Shunshin was their secret? He felt embarrassed he didn't think of it sooner.

"Hahaha the look on your face is priceless!" He heard Sayuri laugh.

It always amazed him how polar opposite she was of her brother.

"I suppose I don't need to ask if you guys are ready for the test?" Iruka with wry a smile.

"Nope, we've been ready for ages." Naruto said.

A few minutes later the door opened and a beautiful brown haired girl. It was Yakumo.

Yakumo was about 4'11 in height and like Sayuri was *ahem* curvy for her age. Her waist was slim and her hips curvy leading to a firm backside that was perfectly shaped. Her bust was a high CC-cup to low D-cup, which was shocking for her age. Her long brown hair was held to back on the right side of her forehead with black hair clip Naruto gave her, her hair which she used to have straight one side and braided on the other was now all straight.

Now one might ask, how can a 13 year old have a low D-cup bust? The answer had two parts. The first being the fact that Ido forced her body to strain to maintain normal growth rates, and once the restraint was removed her growth rate skyrocketed.

The other was the reason so many powerful kunoichi had large breasts, the better chakra circulates the healthier your body was. So those kunoichi who were powerful generally had larger sized chakra reserves, so the larger the reserves, theoretically the larger the breasts, and when training with Naruto ones chakra reserves tended to go big or go home, so needless to say she had enough chakra to power 10 kage bunshin.

As for clothes she wore an 'interesting' black long sleeved top that only covered to her upper arms and the underside of her breasts, and hugged closely to her stomach. A mesh armor shirt underneath covers slightly more than the shirt(Imagine the top half of Mei's dress only black and without a zipper). On the lower half of her body she wore black mid-thigh biker shorts and a mid-thigh length black skirt with slits on the side. Her sandals were the same as Sayuri's knee length black high heeled sandals. On her hands she wore fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back like the others, hers were the same length as Naruto's.

Yakumo smiled as she saw her friends in the back row and made her way to them, sitting down on Naruto's other side. She too had picked the clothes she wore to get Naruto's attention because like Sayuri. She remembered the day Sayuri had talked to her about it.


Yakumo and Sayuri were studying some of the academic work for school inside Sayuri's room at the Senju compound. It had been a year since they met and were the only female friends each other had since all the rest were fangirls.

"Hey Yakumo can I ask you something?" Sayuri asked almost...was that timidly?

"Well you just did but go ahead and ask another." Yakumo joked with a giggle.

"Do you like Naruto-kun, I mean like him like him?" Sayuri asked with a slight blush.

Yakumo went beet red as she heard this. She couldn't believe Sayuri noticed how she felt about Naruto, of course she knew that Sayuri had a crush on him as well, however she didn't want to mess with their friendship by telling her.

"Y-yes I do...does this mean we can't be friends since we both want him?" Yakumo asked sadly. Sayuri simply chuckled.

"No it doesn't, first we are not Sakura and Ino. Second we can both have him, after all he is going to have to have more than one wife." Sayuri told her. Yakumo's eyes widened at this, what did she mean more than one wife?

Seeing her friends confusion Sayuri grinned.

"Have you ever heard of the CRA..." She began.

-Flashback End-

Yakumo and Sayuri had since then been planning on telling Naruto how they felt but hadn't quite got to it, they were planning to wait for him to learn about the CRA first.

They sat there and chatted as students began filing into the classroom. Eventually almost all the students were there when they heard a stampede coming down the hall way.

The door burst open and in ran a panting Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino.

"Ha take that forehead I got here first!" She cheered.

"As if Ino-pig! I had to look back to see you! I get to sit next to Sasuke-kun!" Bansh-er-Sakura screeched at the top of her lungs.

"Oi! Ino, quite provoking the banshee, banshee quite screeching!" Naruto called across the classroom.

The two looked like they were about to say something back when Iruka used his patented big-head jutsu to get them to sit down.

"Ok now be quite as I call role." Iruka told them as he began to rattle of names.

"Uchiha Sayuri!" he called as he saw her.

"and finally-" Iruka was about to finish when an Anbu shunshined next to him and whispered something into his ear. His eyes widened in shock but he nodded.

"And finally, Senju Naruto" Iruka finished, waiting for the dams to break. He wasn't dissapointed.

"What! No way Naruto-baka is a Senju!" Sakura screeched.

She would have said more had an intense killing intent that made even Iruka sweat descended on the room. As soon as it was silent the KI abated. Suddenly in a blur of speed Naruto stood at the front of the room.

"I assure you I am a Senju. I have been living in the Senju compound for 7 years, it's locked with a blood seal that only a Senju can open, unless someone's blood is keyed in by a Senju." Naruto stated.

"Now shut up so we can get the test over with!" He growled. With that he disappeared in another blur of speed back to his seat.

With that Iruka had Mizuki pass out the tests. When he handed Naruto his Naruto sighed. It had a genjutsu on it...again. You think he would know that since it didn't work when he was 8 it wouldn't work now. Oh well, he'd just ignore it so the test could be over with.

He quickly started to write the answers and ended up using only 10 of the 45 minutes they were allowed. Sayuri and Yakumo weren't far behind. The three just waited after that, while silently communicating via Anbu signals that they had learned from Koharu.

After the test was over Iruka called for silence.

"Ok, next is accuracy, then the taijutsu spar, and finally we shall move to ninjutsu." Iruka told them.

A few minutes later the entire class had gotten to the target range.

Iruka wasted no time in beginning to call names to go. The civilians got the minimum to pass while the clan heirs did better.

Ino got a 6-10

Shikamaru and Choji got 7-10

Kiba, Shino, and Hinata got a 8-10

Sasuke got a 9-10.

Now only Sayuri, Yakumo, and Naruto had yet to go, they had requested to go last, why? Because Naruto wanted to see the looks on people's faces when all three got a perfect 10.

Yakumo stepped up and picked up all 10 projectiles. In the background several of the civilian boys made comments about comforting her when she missed, this was stopped by Yakumo launching all the projectiles at once, each embedding itself into the cutout dummy...directly where the male genitalia would be.

Iruka gulped right before marking a perfect score, that was no accident! The males that had made the comments couldn't help but cover their packages as they saw that.

Next up was Sayuri, and she grabbed all the projectiles as well. This time the kunai and shuriken flew and all hit the 'proper' targets. Now many of the students were muttering, it was rare to get one perfect score let alone two in a row.

Finally Naruto went and picked up the projectiles provided, he immediately set them down and took out his own, why you ask? Because Mizuki tried to mess him up with off-weight and dull projectiles, again. After throwing them they all hit with deadly accuracy.

After that they made their ways over to the taijutsu area.

"Ok now we will have one on one matches." Iruka stated as he began to call out matches.

Most of the matches weren't note worthy, the civilians once again did poorly.

The first note worthy match was the one between Yakumo and Sakura.

"Ok this match is between Kurama Yakumo and Haruno Sakura, hajiime!" Iruka declared.

"I'm gonna beat you dead last! This match is already over!" Sakura sneered.

"You're right, it is." Yakumo said calmly. Then she disappeared from Sakura's view.

"For you..." Yakumo whispered into Sakura's ear as she chopped her in the back of the neck.

With that Sakura was knocked unconscious.

"Winner Yakumo." Iruka announced.

The next match was between Shino and Shikamaru and was rather subdued even though it was better than the civilians. Eventually Shikamaru simply gave up.

After that Choji and Kiba faced off. this was a much more active match but in the end Kiba won because his clan was centered around taijutsu.

Then Hinata faced Ami, The leader of Naruto's fan club. The consisted of Ami trying to attack Hinata and Hinata using juuken to knock her back. The match ended with all of Ami's tenketsu blocked.

The second to final match was between Ino and Sayuri.

"I'm gonna win this match, unlike forehead." Ino boasted after Iruka started the match.

Sayuri got angered by this, let it be known she had a serious dislike of fan girls, as any REAL kunoichi did.

"Ha, you are exactly like her! A fan girl who gives real kunoichi a bad name, a real kunoichi maintains her figure through rigorous training, you do it from dieting. Real kunoichi don't spend their time stocking boys, they spend it training to prove that they're as good as them." Sayuri ranted, meanwhile Ino and the recently awakened Sakura were angry at implying they weren't real kunoichi.

"But the most important thing that separates you and the banshee from real kunoichi is that you refuse to train more than is required, preferring to spend their time working on their looks, thinking that if there is ever trouble their 'knight in shining armor' will save them every time. Especially in your case! You actually believe my brother would bother to save you? You're more delusional than most fangirls then because I doubt he would bother to save even me so why would he bother with you?" Sayuri finished, gaining shocked looks from many of the fangirls, as well as the rest of the class.

"Anyways, that doesn't matter because this match is over." Sayuri declared before shooting forward in a blur of speed and punching Ino in the face, sending her flying out of the ring. Ino crashed into the wall leaving spider web cracks in it.

"Winner Sayuri." Iruka said with a nervous chuckle. Sayuri simply turned and walked back to her friends.

"Now the final match is Uchiha Sasuke vs. Senju Naruto!" Iruka announced.

Sasuke walked into the ring with a smug smirk and arrogant stride, clearly dismissing the fact of the matches he lost to Naruto, and the fact that he was 0-60 against Naruto.

Naruto simply walked there with a bored expression, he and every sane person(Read non-fan girls) knew he would win.

"Ready for me to finally put you in your place dobe?" Sasuke asked with an arrogant sneer.

"Sasuke-teme I've heard those words 59 times in the past five years, and every time they haven't changed the fact I've beaten you every time." Naruto stated in manner that told people that this was really little more than an annoyance to him.

Sasuke was very angry at the dismissal of him, he was an Uchiha dammit! An 'elite'!

"Hajiime!" Iruka declared.

Sasuke immediately shot forward, throwing an right hook at Naruto's face. Naruto simply used the minimal amount of effort needed to dodge the blow.

Sasuke continued to attempt to hit Naruto and fail. What bothered him the most was that Naruto was dodging every blow, but never threw one as Sasuke wanted him to. Then it hit him!

'Of course, the interceptor fist depends on predicting the attacks of the opponent, and while better with sharingan is still very good, so long as he doesn't attack, I have no way of beginning the Uchiha style!' Sasuke realized as his eyes widened.

Sasuke's fangirls, as well as Naruto's and the male civilians thought that Sasuke was winning for once, but the clan heirs besides Ino knew better.

"I see you've realized why I have yet to throw a single punch, do you see it now? How useless you are without your clans style of taijutsu and ninjutsu, or even having the sharingan? Do you now realize why..." Naruto trailed off as he dodged a heel kick.

"Why what?" Sasuke asked in anger.

"Why you'll never beat Itachi." Naruto stated as he didn't dodge the last punch but caught it and held it there.

"What do you mean? Of course I will!" Sasuke declared in fury as he attempted a kick only to have his knee get hit in the back by Naruto's foot, effectively making it useless as he was now on one knee.

"No you won't, and do you know why?" Naruto asked as he disabled the other leg. When Sasuke attempted another punch with his last hand he found it and the other one caught under Naruto's armpit.

"Because you place limits on yourself he does not, you do not bother learning another more offensive taijutsu, thus handicapping you should someone not take the bait and simply react to your attacks. Unlike him you focus only on clan styles and wait for your sharingan to awaken to begin advancing, this is foolish, as are you, Itachi's foolish little brother!" Naruto said so quietly only Sasuke and Iruka heard.

With that Naruto let go of Sasuke's arms at the same time he spun to deliver a kick to the back of Sasuke's head, making his face smash forward into the ground.

"Winner, Senju Naruto." Iruka declared.

Naruto's fangirls burst into cheers at this while Sasuke's were cursing him for hurting 'their' Sasuke-kun.

Naruto walked over to Sayuri and Yakumo before Iruka told them to come inside and wait in the hall for their names to be called to come in for the ninjutsu exam.

It was at this point that Naruto realized something, and spoke to the two girls in front of him.

"Hey Sayuri, if you took off the bit about ninjutsu, isn't this exam only a teensy bit harder than the entrance exam?" Naruto asked in a voice that implied he was thinking deeply on this. It was rather disturbing, three jutsu that were E-ranked was all that separated them from the test when they began and the test now? Even though the test had more tactics and theory, it wasn't enough to make a big difference.

"You know you're right, this test is way too easy, I know for a fact that when our Kaa-san's graduated, they were required to know what their affinities were, as well as know at least two C-ranked jutsu, no matter what type, just C-ranked." Sayuri said.

Yakumo nodded at this.

"You know now that I think of it, I don't think I used half the info in the books my Baa-chan got me that she was sure should have covered all the academy curriculum, sure she said it was all I would need and more, but she made it sound like the stuff I needed to know was the larger portion." Naruto told them. Silently filing away to talk to Hokage-Jiji and his Baa-chan about this he waited for his turn.

Slowly the line decreased till Yakumo and Sayuri had both gone and come out with their hitai-ate's, both chose ones with blood-red cloth, Yakumo's hung around her neck while Sayuri placed hers on her right bicep.

"Senju Naruto!" Iruka called.

Naruto walked into the room and stared at Iruka in a calculating manner.

"Ok Naruto, henge, kawarimi, bunshin, and if you have anything for extra credit you can use it." Iruka told him.

"First can I ask, why is the Bunshin no Jutsu included in this, it is useless in a real ninja battle?" Naruto asked.

"Because it is one of the three eas-" Iruka was cut of there.

"Exactly, if it is one of the easiest jutsu, meaning least chakra consuming, why is it required to graduate? It's a jutsu that would make sure chakra power houses incapable of using that small an amount of chakra, would fail, meaning we have less heavy assault ninja, so why have something that is only letting in weaker ninja, be needed to graduate?" Naruto asked.

Iruka was stumped at this as he had only ever taught what he was told he should teach, albeit in his own way.

"Nevertheless it's necessary so please do the required jutsu." Iruka replied, while secretly making plans to speak to the Hokage about this, the boy had a point, they could have been losing heavy hitters for years because of this.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto cried as five shadow clones appeared, two flanking him on each side. Iruka gawked at an academy student doing kage bunshin, let alone FIVE.

"O-ok, now just the Kawarimi and henge." Iruka told him. Wordlessly two clones swapped places with the teachers, and back before they could fall to the ground.

When the teachers reached the seats again they saw six figures before them, and none of them were Naruto. The first two that were on the right were a black haired woman who was very beautiful, they didn't really notice her much because of the figure next to her, it was Uchiha Madara. The two on the other end were both familiar, one was the Sakkaku no Megami, and the Nidaime Hokage, Utatane Koharu and Senju Tobirama. Next the one to the left of Madara was a black haired woman who looked very similar to the other one, except they recognized this as the Karasu no Oojo, and the final one standing shoulder to shoulder with Tobirama was the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato.

Mizuki was too busy seething to really care. But Iruka was a different story. He looked at Minato and Tobirama standing shoulder to shoulder and was struck by the fact that they both bore a striking resemblance, only slightly different from each other, most telling was he saw features of Koharu in Minato as well. Then there was Uchiha Hitomi, he saw mostly the other raven haired women in her, however the differences that made them distinguishable was she had elements of Madara's features in her own.

Finally all six figures were enveloped by a plume of smoke that obscured them. When it was cleared Only Naruto was there. Now that he looked at him after seeing the resemblances in Hitomi and Minato to Madara and Tobirama respectively, he saw them in him two, most telling was his hair grew like Madara's, with the color of Minato, while he had Hitomi's eyes. Iruka had only one thought at this.

'Was that his family? It couldn't be right? I mean Yondaime-sama being his father as well as Nidaime-sama's son, plausible, especially after using him to seal away Kyuubi, but Uchiha Hitomi, the Karasu no Oojo being the daughter of Madara and WIFE of the Yondaime, the SON of Senju Tobirama, what are the odds?' Iruka thought, trying to wrap his head around the idea.

However one thing Iruka had always wondered was answered if this theory was true, it explained how Naruto knew so much about both the Uchiha and Senju clans, though Naruto always stated that you simply had to know where to look, that was the point. Most of the people who knew where to look were from the clans.

Iruka shook that off for now and instead chose to move on.

"Do you have a jutsu you would like to show for extra credit?" Iruka asked.

"Sure why not? I'll show you one of my original jutsu!" Naruto declared as he flashed through three hand seals.

Naruto then held out the index and middle fingers of his left hand out while pointing it between Mizuki and Iruka.

"Raiton: Byakurai!" Naruto declared in a calm tone as a bolt of white lightning shot between Mizuki and Iruka's heads. They looked back and gulped as they saw that the lightning jutsu had bore all the way through the black board as well making it a good way through the STONE wall behind them, which had two feet separating this from the next class.

"Th-that was an impressive jutsu Naruto, what rank is it, and where did you learn it " Iruka asked.

"Well I think high C-rank at full power, as for where I learned it, I told you, I created it, it's one of my original jutsu." Naruto said as he stepped forward.

"So do I pass?" He asked with a grin. Iruka who was still processing that last sentence nodded dumbly. Naruto stepped up and took a black clothed hitai-ate.

With that he tied it to his head and made to leave, he was almost at the door when Iruka finally snapped out of his stupor and registered the implication of Naruto's wording.

"Wait one of your original jutsu?" He asked. Naruto simply turned and gave him smile, and winked at Iruka before departing from the room.

Outside he found Sayuri and Yakumo waiting for him. They smiled upon seeing the hitai-ate.

The three proceeded to leave and when they walked out they were greeted to the sight of Koharu and Mikoto waiting for them by the entrance.

As soon as they made it to the two they smiled and told them they were going to celebrate.

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