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Chapter 2

After Poppy suggested Minerva McGonagall for the position, everyone seemed to noticed a change in the soon-to-be Headmaster's attitude. He seemed, if at all possible, happier and lighter than he had been all morning. They soon realized that he was set on offering the position to Minerva McGonagall first as he made efforts to brush off everyone else's suggestions.

The meeting quickly drew to a close and Armando bid everyone a good day. Albus tried not to rush out of the room, as he began gathering his possessions. Once all the staff members made it into the hallway, they began to go separate ways, some alone and others in small groups or pairs. Thankfully, none made their way over to Albus, allowing his to speed through the corridors until he reached his office. Busy with his musings, Albus didn't realize that a lone figure was following him to his office.

Once at his desk, Albus immediate summoned multiples pieces of parchment, his favorite quill, and the deepest shade of purple ink he owned. After writing one letter, Albus would stare at it before tossing it with the others in the fireplace. Between his writing, Armando casually walked in and took the seat across of him, waiting for an acknowledgement. However, Albus was too deep in thought to notice his presence. He just couldn't think of the perfect way to word the letter to Miss Mcgonagall.

Hold on. Those were her school days. She'll soon be my colleague and I can finally pursue the friendship that could not have been all those years ago.

"Ahem. Albus, did you hear me?"

His head snapped up at the sound but visually relaxed after seeing the source.

"Headmaster! How long have you been sitting there?" eyed Albus

"Since you started writing."

Feeling his face start to burn, Albus began to explain his far off look, but Armando merely held up a hand and continued.

"You needn't worry about explaining yourself, Albus. I can tell you were in deep thought. All I wish to know is what you were thinking of."

"I was.. envisioning my time as Headmaster and how it would feel, especially with the newest member of our staff" Albus answered meekly.

"Ah, already starting with the vagues answers, I see. I know you must be anticipating your new position, but that was not was not what you were thinking of, or perhaps I should say person you were thinking of."

"How could you tell?"

"Your eyes have a distinct twinkle in them, which first showed when Poppy mentioned her."

"Alas, Armando, I was thinking of the friendship we could finally have, nothing more. As you remember, we maintained the distinct line between us, and I wasn't able to get to know the intelligent young woman she truly is."

"I know you've maintained the distance during her school years, I'm just curious to find out what the new parameters of your relationship will be when she becomes a professor."

"The parameters will be the same as every other Hogwarts staff member, Armando. Why would I have any reason to change them?"

"If you think they'll stay the same, then I'll just take your word for it. But please remember, you are her boss and she may be reluctant at what you're hope for."

"You think she'll be reluctant to accept my friendship?" Albus's voice full of uncertainty.

"No, that she will gladly accept that. However, when you offer her more, she will be extremely cautious seeing how you will be her boss."

"Offer her more? What are you talking about?"

Armando offered nothing more than a knowing look before walking out of the study.

Surely he couldn't mean courting her? I've never felt anything more than friendship. And I have more than enough reason to want to know her better. She is incredibly bright witch, not to mention determined and caring. In class, she always seemed so carefree, especially when we used to talk while waiting for the others. Oh how I miss those little chats or when her eyes light up after a successful transfiguration. I could see the sparkle even from across the room as I was helping her classmates. She really did grow up into a beautiful young woman. Wait, beautiful? When did that start happening? It was probably just a slip of the tongue..

Pulling his mind away from his feelings, Albus went back to writing the letter. But this time, he kept what Armando said in mind and began to write the letter as if it were to someone else. Somehow, the words just flowed out and the only change he had to make was the name. Within minutes, the letter was on the leg of an owl and on it's way to McGonagall Manor.

It was finally Saturday morning and Minerva couldn't be happier. After a long week of her Auror duties, today was her day off and she could finally relax and enjoy herself back at the family estate. Or at least that's what she thought until she heard an owl tapping the glass of her bedroom window.

Reluctantly, she peeled herself out of the warm confines of her bed and into her dressing gown before making her way over to the window. Even with her dampened mood, Minerva was sure to give the owl a hearty treat after its long journey here.

By looking at the seal, Minerva could tell the letter was from Hogwarts and was official business, but she had no clue who it was from. The only people she kept in touch with at Hogwarts were Poppy and Rolanda, and neither of them would ever send a formal letter.

Making her way over to the desk, Minerva opened the letter and reached for her spectacles.

Upon opening the letter, she recognizes the familiar handwriting of her old Transfiguration teacher.

Seeing the scrawl brought her schoolgirl crush and feelings rushing back to her. The butterflies returned to her stomach as she recalled the hours spent in his study every day as he mentored her into becoming an Animagus and the leisurely games of wizard chess played when both needed a break from focusing. She would never forget the way her cheeks would blush scarlet each time he praised her or their light banter each time she finished her class work early. In actuality, it wasn't only her talent for Transfiguration that caused Minerva to finish first everyday, but also the desire to talk with Professor Dumbledore alone. She had always been intrigued by her eccentric professor but believed it was caused by his intelligence and kindness. How could her schoolgirl crush last all these years, even after she graduated? Unless, her feelings were something more..

What am I thinking? That's preposterous, she thought, I barely know him more than our professional student-teacher relationship. But this job, it gives me the chance to know more about him and he can finally see me as a young woman, not the girl who was top of the class.

Her thoughts began to drift, delving deeper into possibilities of her friendship with Professor Dumbledore. And she found that before even starting to read the letter, Minerva had to take several deep breaths to calm herself. Once her body was calmed and her mind clear, her eyes began to read the purple words written on the parchment.

Good day Miss McGonagall.

At the end of this term, Headmaster Dippet will be retiring. He has asked me to take his place as Headmaster, which leaves my current position empty. I would like to offer you the job of Hogwart's Transfiguration professor because of your talent for the subject. If you are interested, we will need to set up a date to discuss the requirements and conditions of your new profession. Due to the nearing deadline, I would prefer if we could meet in the near future, but it cannot be helped if you are busy. Please send your reply back with this owl.


Albus Dumbledore

After reading the letter multiple times, reality finally caught up to Minerva. She was just offered the prestigious position as a professor at Hogwarts. If she took up this job, she could spend most of each year back in Scotland, her homeland; escape the Ministry's copious rules, regulations and protocols; reconnect with her two best friends, Poppy and Rolonda; and most importantly, be a colleague and, if she was lucky, friend of Albus.

Quickly she rummaged through her desk for a quill, parchment and her seal. She wrote her reply to Albus stating that the following day would be fine with her if it fit his schedule. Making sure to convey her pleasure while maintaining a professional relation, she folded the parchment and added her seal before attaching the letter to the owl's leg and sending it off.

Once the owl left, she noticed the status of her usually pristine desk. It appeared that in her haste, she moved everything and ruined the organization she strived to maintain. She began to reorganize her desk, an action that not only restored the balance of her workspace but also calmed her hectic nerves.

Minerva was confident about her chances of receiving the job, however, she didn't wish to count her owls before they were delivered, so she only wrote of list of what she would bring with her to Hogwarts.

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