Chapter 1: The Killer Angel

So…I know I should be working on my other story that I haven't updated in 2 months but, well, it's not working out right now. I'm not abandoning it but it is on hold until further notice. And I recently re-watched some of the Digimon anime and, well, this idea that I'd buried a while ago resurfaced. I ended up tweaking it until you get what I'm posting now.

I originally scrapped this idea since it's an all OC story, as there were to many things wrong with it that I wasn't sure how to fix. Finally I feel it's at least decent enough to start writing.

A few notes before the actually chapter content you may want to know. There are no 'original' Digimon in here. All the Digimon in this story already exist design and ability wise. I'll be using the Japanese terminology because I haven't seen the English versions of the shows in so long I don't even remember half of them. Plus less Digi-puns.

More notes at the bottom, but those are a bit different.

Oh and once again going to only say this once but I in no way shape or form own Digimon or any of the content related to it. I make absolutely no physical profit from this and I'm not trying to anyway. This is all just for fun.

"Hey, you doing ok?"

Light hazel eyes flecked sparingly with gold peered up from under the dark bangs that half obscured them. Wild, messy brunet, almost black hair that looked as though it hadn't seen a brush for weeks framed a pale and slightly gaunt face. A tiny body was nearly swallowed by the oversized hoodie the boy wore, his nervous shifting almost impossible to see.

"I'm fine," He said harshly, looking away from the blond who'd questioned him and wrapped his arms a bit firmer around the small orange blob he held and walked a bit faster over the grassy field.

The orange 'blob' opened huge green eyes, looking up curiously at the boy. Letting out a cooing "fu" it nudged the boy with its darker orange horn until he looked down.

"I'm fine," the boy said again, this time softer as he gave the little blob a small smile.

The orange blob returned the smile, though with far more gusto that it's human companion.

"I know, you don't have to repeat yourself you know," the blond said with slight annoyance, rolling his eyes as he looked down at the much younger child.

"I wasn't talking to you that time."

"Whatever you say," he said as he adjusted his blue and white baseball cap so it was firmly smother his explosion of blond hair. "Still can't believe I found a new kid wandering around."

"You're really lucky you didn't get attacked you know, Anthony. I mean, you have your partner but he isn't even past the Baby stages yet," the third member of the party said finally.

"I can take care of myself," Anthony said irritably, refusing to look at him.

"How old are you again?" The blond, Zack, said.


"Exactly, you're seven. Seven."

"And how old are you?"

"I'm eleven! I'm older than you so it's my job to take care of you, so you could at least be nice!"

Anthony wasn't impressed, "And if we're attacked then what?"

"Why, old Bearmon here will teach them a thing or two!" Zack answered confidently, pointing to the small black bear like creature walking beside him.

Anthony looked at Bearmon. The Child level Digimon wasn't overly impressive looking; he barely came up to Zack's waist and didn't look to fierce. Even with the blue belts wrapped tightly around his paws that made his claws look bigger or the sharp fangs visible poking out of his mouth Bearmon still didn't look like he would be able to really defend them.

Maybe it was his big, round blue eyes or the baseball cap that made him resemble his partner so much that broke the image. Either way Anthony wasn't very reassured.

But he didn't say anything, and, instead continued walking. The three ended up lapsing into awkward silence.

"So…who's your partner there?" Zack finally asked after a solid minute of the depressing silence. Looking at the small blob in Anthony's arms, Zack found himself giving up almost immediately. He hadn't bothered to learn the names of many Digimon that he didn't either see often enough or the ones that he was instructed to, under absolutely no circumstance confront.

"You have any idea, Bearmon?"

The looked at the Baby level Digimon, shrugging as well, "I'm not sure Zack, I've never seen a Digimon like this before. Well…most Baby Digimon don't leave Rebirth Garden or their home villages until they're Child level, so…"

"Huh. I never really thought about that, but I guess it makes sense. It's like…a baby not leaving the nursery or something," Zack added.

"Well, they are 'Baby' levels and all…"


Zack and Bearmon stopped their conversation, the two looking at Anthony. Anthony wasn't paying them any attention and instead was looking into the newly dubbed Fufumon's green eyes.

"Uh, what did you say?"

"Fufumon. His name is Fufumon," Anthony explained, looking at Zack like he was a particularly slow child.

Hearing his name, Fufumon let out a series of happy fu's and snuggled closer to Anthony. Anthony smiled a bit and, without really thinking, he shifted one arm so he could rub his hand on Fufumon's head, still amazed at the feel of the soft almost invisible fur. Fufumon cooed softly and brushed his head into the touch.

"Despite being a blob this guy is pretty cute," Zack commented absently, also reaching out to pet Fufumon the moment Anthony stopped.

Fufumon glared at Zack and, with surprisingly fact reflexes, he jabbed his horn sharply at the blond's hand. With a cry more of surprise than pain Zack snatched his hand back, Bearmon rushing over to his side. The dull horn hadn't done more than leave a nasty red mark that, at worst, would bruise.

That didn't mean it hadn't hurt however.

"He stabbed my hand!" Zack shouted indignantly, glaring at Fufumon angrily as Bearmon looked at his slightly injured palm.

Anthony smirked, petting Fufumon again, "Good boy."

"Hey, that was not a good thing to do!" Zack shouted angrily.

Both Anthony and Fufumon ignored him, the Baby Digimon curling up for a nap as his partner lulled him to sleep, "If he didn't hurt you it's fine. How would you feel if someone invaded your personal space?"

"That's not the…"


All four looked up when they heard the shout. It wasn't hard to spot the source, the rapidly grown white mass standing out sharply against the blue sky. Something darker and sharply contracting rode on its back, but there wasn't any time to evaluate as it was already right on top of them. Within moments the white beast landed only a few feet away, tearing up some of the green grass.

An absolutely massive gryphon-like creature stood before them, taller than all of them even on all fours as feathered wings stretching out behind it elegantly. Pure white fur covered its entire body, broken only by a few purple rings around its waist and legs. A collar was fastened around its thick neck, the golden winged-egg pended almost disappearing in its fur.

As if that wasn't enough, black talons peeked out of its front paws, its orange beak looking deadly sharp as well. Even its back feet had been armored, the claws extending from the armor nearly as long as Anthony's arm.

And on the fearsome creatures back sat a young girl who couldn't have been older than Zack, everything about the duo contrasting. Where the gryphon was strong, practically screaming sheer power with muscles visible rippling with every movement, the girl was small and almost fragile looking with her petite frame.

The gryphon's green eyes were filled with an indescribable fierceness and threat while the girl's face was soft and filled with compassion. The beast kept its feelings masked but the girl wore hers clear on her face, dark hazel eyes clearly worried. Heck, the gryphon's fur was white as snow and contrasted sharply with the girl's darker skin and tied-back black hair.

"Sasha, Hippogriffomon, what are you two doing here?" Zack asked as he walked up, not the least bit intimidated by the beast who's shoulder was even with his head.

Anthony backed up a few steps. Even though the newcomer was obviously friendly if Zack's reaction was anything to go by, just seeing the massive and powerful creature was unnerving and overruled childish fascination.

'Who's that?" Hippogriffomon asked in a surprisingly feminine yet still gruff voice. She nodded her head towards Anthony.

"Oh him? He's a new kid I found and…"

"We don't have time for this!" Sasha cut Zack off almost frantically, Hippogriffomon nodding in agreement.

"What's wrong?" Bearmon asked worriedly.

"We've got a small army of Black World troops right behind us!" Sasha shouted, looking behind her as if she expected to see them coming over the next hill any second.

"What kind of troops?" Zack asked.

"Mostly Child levels along with a few Adults. Bakemon, Vilemon, a few corrupted Gazimon…it's a small group that doesn't pose a real threat by itself but…" Hippogriffomon explained.

"Then what are you two so worried about? Bearmon can't evolve to Perfect like you, but we've been training a lot," Zack interrupted, grinning to himself, "Together we can easily take them out, right Bearmon?"

Bearmon nodded, "Yeah!"

"They aren't what we're worried about!" Sasha said, clearly frustrated.

Zack sighed, "Then what? Just say it already! It's not like we can read your mind or anything…"

"There's a Demon Lord with them!"

The Medical Bay was a rather complex place. It had to take into account the various types and sizes of any of the Digimon who visited it, though most were simply healed by one of the worker Digimon and then released to prevent things from getting too complicated or crowded. This kept the area clear and ready for any serious injuries or special cases.

It was with the humans that they faced a few more problems.

A small stack of books sat on a desk, various comics and graphic novels mixed in with traditional materials. After a few moments a hand set one to the side before shifting through the stack. After a moment one was selected from the middle, disrupting the neat pile a bit and bumping the purple and black Digivice a bit.

The teen lying in the white bed didn't care, instead opening the graphic novel and starting to read. He pushed back some of his messy black hair still slightly tinted with fading blue hair dye. Absently his light brown eyes looked up towards the clock and he gave a frustrated sigh at seeing that only an hour had passed.

As much as he wanted to get up and do something, he couldn't just leave his room in the Medical Bay without permission or else there'd be hell to pay. And he couldn't even talk with anyone else to help pass the time; he was the only being, human or Digimon, present in the room.

The teen grumbled to himself unhappily. He was perfectly fine (now) and he wasn't even in a room with any real medical equipment or anything; just a 'resting room' he had to stay in until he was deemed 'fit'.

"Hey Eric," A childish voice called as the door (a simple push door for obvious reasons) opened.

In stumbled a purple bipedal Digimon, a bushy tail flicking behind him to help him regain his balance. The tips of his paws, tail, and muzzle were tipped with soft white fur, small black claws poking through the fluff. A large red gem was embedded on his head and tiny black wings extended from his back, twitching a bit.

"There you are, Dorumon," Eric said as he closed the novel without bothering to mark the page.

Dorumon walked over to Eric, who reached down and scratched the Beast Digimon behind one of his large black stripped ears. Dorumon let out a happy noise, leaning into the touch and letting golden eyes close at the comforting sensation.

"How are you feeling after breaking your leg, Eric?" Dorumon asked as his partner withdrew his hand.

"I'm perfectly fine now but someone won't let me leave until she deems I'm fine," Eric grumbled, sticking his once-broken let out for emphasis.

"Maybe she just doesn't want you back here tomorrow for doing something else. You are in here a lot," Dorumon pointed out.

"I'm not in here that much."

"You have your own room that's practically reserved for you."


Dorumon sighed. Eric stubbornly refused to accept that he was a human, and being such he was far more fragile than pretty much any Digimon past their Baby stages. Dorumon loved fighting, it was in his very nature, but it was distressing how easily his partner got hurt and how he still put himself in danger.

But then again, without that stubbornness and acceptance, he wouldn't exist.

The door opened again and in walked a young looking girl, around ten or so. A red bandana helped keep her wavy brown hair under control and prevented the long locks from obscuring her grey eyes.

Floating beside her was a tiny, legless and pink pixie-like creature, tiny wings stretching a bit and the red heart pattern on her chest standing out against the pale pink. She looked around with huge green eyes that sparkled almost as much as the Holy Ring around her neck.

"So, can I leave already Miss Larock?" Eric asked as he crossed his arms impatiently. As much as humans in the Celestial Capital trusted Digimon it was simply more comforting to have a human take care of them.

"I would let you leave Willson, but I'm afraid of what you'll do when I tell you this," Agnes said with obvious stress.

Eric perked up at hearing her tone, "Tell us what?"

"Once again, I'm not sure if I should tell you."

"Oh come on! You can't just not tell us now!" Eric complained, Dorumon nodding in agreement.

"I don't have to tell you," Agnes said, crossing her arms and not batting an eye at the glare Eric gave her.

The small pixie tapped Agnes's cheek until the girl turned towards her, "What is it, MarineAngemon?"

"Agnes…you know you have to tell them," MarineAngemon said in her high, feathery voice.

"…Fine," Agnes said with a sigh, frowning as she heard Eric give off a little cheer, "But! You have to stay here. You can leave this room but you cannot do what I know you will want to do and so help me if you do I will make whatever injuries you get seem like nothing in comparison to what I do to you!"

Eric froze under Agnes' icy glare, swallowing thickly. She was a thirteen year old girl who looked no older than ten who could carry herself with the authority of a trained adult. Few people could withstand her fearsome looks, much less argue with her.

She was easily the most terrifying nurse in the entire Celestial Capital.


"Y-Yes ma'am!" Eric and Dorumon both stammered, nodding frantically.

The terrifying glare melted off her face in a moment, replaced with a bright smile, "Good."

A few moments of silence passed before Dorumon finally managed to speak up, "Um…you were saying?"

"Right," And suddenly Agnes' face was rather grave and Eric found himself wondering what had happened, "Sasha and Darcmon were out earlier and reported running into a few minor Black World warriors and decided to engage them before they could plan anything or terrorize any helpless villages or towns."

Eric decided to ask the obvious question, "And…?"

"There were more than weak warriors there."

"So what are we talking about? Some Perfect levels in the mix? Or was there an Ultimate leading them because if tha-"

"A Demon Lord."

Eric froze mid-word, looking at Agnes as if he was hoping she was joking. Dorumon stiffened, eyes narrowing dangerously at that. Without saying a word Eric threw the covers off him and stood up from the bed.

"Where is my-"

"No. What did I just say?" Agnes nearly shouted as she shoved Eric back. The black of his knees hit the edge of the bed, causing him to stumble a bit, but he refused to fall.

Eric had no such restraints, "Sasha is ten! And Darcmon can only evolve to Perfect, she couldn't take down a normal Ultimate, much less a Demon Lord!"

"And you think you can!?" Agnes shouted back, not caring about disturbing anyone else anymore.

"I at least have a chance, Dorumon can evolve to Ultimate and is an Imaginary Digimon at that!"

"You wouldn't even get there in time!"

"Well if-"

"GUYS!" Dorumon roared angrily, silencing the two, "There's something else, right? Someone else has been sent to help them, right?"

"Of course someone else has already been sent," Agnes replied matter-of-factly.

"And you didn't tell me this why?" Eric asked, looking down on the shorter girl.

"I was, but you decided to just try and jump right in and try and rush out to fight. Again." MarineAngemon nodded in agreement with her partner's words.

Eric felt himself deflate a little at that. With a sigh he fell back onto the soft bed and forced himself to relax, rubbing his temple as he felt the start of a headache, "Ok, so who did they send?"

Agnes let out a humorless laugh, "Who else but his royal highness?"

"Heh. Makes sense I guess."

He was an obvious choice I there was a Demon Lord to deal with, what with his skill set and experience. He probably had more experience fighting the Demon Lords than anyone else, for better or for worse.

"Still angry about that one time?" Eric asked, knowing the source of Agnes' resentment.

"Why wouldn't I be? He refuses to come to the Medical Bay no matter what, and when I pester him about his injuries he just heals them in front of me! Not to mention he's going to run himself into the ground one day…"

Eric smiled as he remembered that particular incident where that'd he'd been in the Medical Bay himself and had the opportunity to witness the argument.

"Think he'll kill whoever it is this time?" Eric asked.

"Probably not, you know how the Demon Lords like to flee before they die, heal in the Dark Ocean, and them come back to cause more trouble," Dorumon pointed out.

"And you know how much he hates that," Agnes added, "When it happens again you know he'll be in a foul mood. Best to avoid him obviously."

"Why would I want to be around him anyway?" Eric asked, giving Agnes a disbelieving look.


They were fighting again.

A small band of weak Black World servants and a tiny group of Chosen Children. Only two of the humans seemed to have partners who could actually fight as the third, and youngest, stayed back and trying not to show his obvious fear as he clutched his clearly newly-born partner to his chest.

The participants were different, the casualties and injuries would end up being different, but in the end it was the same thing that'd been happening for months. A fight between the two sides where it really didn't matter who won since the scale was so small. But they insisted on fighting these useless battles and wearing themselves down just as much as the other side.

It was tiresome really.

He was watching them, no one realizing that he was here, that the real threat was above them and not in the fray below. He could end this entire thing in a second, whip out both sides with ease.

But that wasn't the point.

No, not only was killing those on his own side a stupid move when it could be avoided, but it was also just too easy. To quick, to simple, to little interaction with the enemy.

After all; no matter how weak the enemy, it had been a while since he'd been able to vent some of his bloodlust.

His appearance was deceiving, child-like and even fitting his level's name. His slim form appeared deceivingly fragile especially with his almost deathly pale skin. Pale lavender markings branded his skin, twisting and trailing under his white robes with a pair of wings half-curling gently around his waist as others languidly stretched out behind him. A final pair of wings extended from the platinum blond hair framing his soft, round and childish face.

A face that was irreversibly marred and ruined by icy blue eyes filled with harshness no innocent child or angel could ever replicate. A chilling coldness and a carefully controlled neutrality that held back darker things begging to be released.

He looked down at the fighting, indifferent neutrality steadily morphing into a look of contempt at the sight.

He flexed his hand a few times, the cool metal of the Holy Ring growing warm as the Digital Hazard awaken and fill him with power. A familiar power that the world both reveled and feared, praised and damned all in the same breath. The power that could shook the entire world, the power to rip apart entire layers of the Digital World and the reshape as he pleased.

It pulsed rather like a human heartbeat.

A heartbeat that the entire world relied and depended on, the heartbeat that that so many before had tried to tame and use as their own. The constant steady beating that would rip apart anyone who dared to try and use it from the inside out because they were unworthy. The could not achieve the needed balance, they walked too far on one side or the other and not the middle.

Except him.

It was only natural after all.

He watched as the fighting continued below. Struggles and battles, hard-earned victories and crushing losses, suffering and conquering.

All of it was irrelevant now.

Lucemon sneered.


So, I do hope you enjoyed the chapter but I will warn you know; there will probably not be an update for a while. This is more or less a starter chapter meant to get the idea out there and show that I'm not dead. Figure I might as well get that out there just so no one is too disappointed.

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