"Tsubasa!" Yuu yelled, rushing foward and throwing her arms around his mentor.

"Hey, Yuu." Tsubasa chuckled. "Gee, haven't you changed! Taller, stronger."

"Haha. I know." Yuu grinned, unlatching himself from Tsubasa.

"What have you been up to buddy?" Tsubasa asked, his eyes shining with curiousity.

"Training, mostly. I have gotten stronger. Oh, my Bey also evolved a few months ago. Sonic Libra!" Yuu held his Bey out, smiling proudly.

Tsubasa stared at the Bey, slightly surprised. Yet, another feeling was washing over him. One that was all to familiar during the battle with Nemesis, when all hope had seemed to be lost...


No Tsubasa, the eagle Blader told himself. It's probably just a coincidence.

Yet, Tsubasa had the feeling, that no matter how much he tried to deny it, that Yuu was somehow connected to an old legend about Hades himself.

"I still can't believe you've got a girlfriend!" Kyoya smirked at Nile, who was surrounded by his best friend, Aguma, Bao, Julian, Gingka, and Ryuuto.

"How can you not believe it?" Nile snorted. "Life happens!"

"But Dynamis' sister?!"

"Okay, you gotta point."

"As I always do. Now, on to the next thing..." Kyoya turned his gaze to Julian, his smirk growing wider. "You and Sophie?"

"Yes?" Julian challenged, arching an eyebrow.


"It's kinda obvious, don't you think? Plus, I'm not gonna break down and admit like the Egyptian punk did."

"Hey!" Nile protested. "I'm right here!"

"And I'm ignoring you."

Nile crossed his arms, grumbling under his breath about how annoying Italians could be.

Kyoya simply laughed before diving right in, determined to get to get the truth out of Julian.

"Men." All the girls shook their heads at the group of men whom Kyoya was trying to get to admit who was dating who.

"Why don't we just tell each other, huh?" Madoka asked. "I mean, everyone in Japan practically knows that I'm dating Gingka."

"My brother nearly had a heart attack when he found out Julian and I were together." Sophie chuckled, sipping her champane.

"I'm not surprised about that." Madoka grinned.

"The reason I left WBBA was because of that treasure hunter over there." Hikaro nodded towards Ryuuto, smiling dreamily.

"You help him?" Madoka asked.

"Yep. It's actually fun." Hikaro grinned.

"Well, you already know I'm with Nile, so no need for me to explain, or say anything." Fang volunteered.

"Good point." All the girls chorused. Then, Sophie and Madoka turned to Mei- Mei, grinning predatorily.

"Admit it." They both said.

"Admit what?" Mei- Mei asked, playing dumb.

"You and Aguma." Sophie smirked.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"DENIAL'S THE CINCH!" All the girls exclaimed at once.

Before Mei- Mei could react, the glass window shattered as an arrow came flying into the room and piercing itself in the wall, inches from Bao's head.

Bao jumped up about five feet in the air, panting heavily as he stared at the black arrow that had embedded itself next to his head. It had literally come so close it had cut off a lock of his hair.

"What the hell?!" Bao exclaimed, taking in the white piece of paper that the tip of the arrow pinned to the wall. Quickly, he ripped it off and opened it, scanning the words, before he read it more carefully.


Three nights from now, the Blood Moon. You know as well as I do, what that means.

With that thought, I want you to meet me at Mist Island at exactly midnight. I will explain everything then.

You know who I am,


"A challlenge letter!" Bao whipped it in his fist, angrily. "Who the hell in Japan would have the nerve to challenge me?!"

"It doesn't say who?" Da Xiang asked.


"Then you're just gonna have to accept."

Bao growled under his breath, ready to punch the wall, until he realized something.

The letter knew something that was personal for him.

The Blood Moon.

Only Aguma, himself, and one other person knew that.

Could it be that...?

Bao shuddered; If it was her, he'd have a challenge on his hands.