Tonight was one of those nights that our little orange cat hated. It was raining. No, that was an understatement. It was freaking pouring. Water, being his natural enemy, always cause him to feel grouchy and irritated. So in the end, he decided to try and laid in bed for the rest of the day in hopes of sleeping off the storm. Five minutes pass. Ten minutes pass. 15 minutes pass. "THAT"S IT! I CAN'T TAKE ALL THIS DAMN TOSSING AND TURNING!" Kyo yells as he jumps out of his bed.

"I bet that damn Yuki is having a great time sleeping. Stupid rat!" Several temper tantrums later left the cat out of breath and feeling even more angry at nothing to begin with. He really hated rainy days. It messed with his mind. While trying to calm himself with deep breaths he heard a small little knock at his door. Getting ready to yell at whoever was at his door, he paced towards it and slammed it open.

There stood Tohru Honda. Kyo, not knowing what to do since he startled her with his sudden door opening, simply stepped out of the doorway and motioned her in. She slowly walked in with a plate of salmon sandwiches and a glass of warm milk.

"I am sorry to disturbed you Kyo, but I couldn't help hearing you having trouble sleeping and I thought that I could help. I made you some salmon sandwiches and warmed you a glass of milk. My mom always told me never to sleep with an empty belly and I noticed that you didn't come down for dinner so I thought I should make you something." she explains while setting down the glass and plate on a desk.

"I really should get going, we have that test tomorrow too. So eat up! Goodnight!" and with that she left just as quickly as she came.

That night,after eating the food and chugging down the milk, Kyo didn't think about the rain. He didn't even acknowledge the humidity in the air. All he thought about was his little rice ball.