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Daylight peeked through the windows and slowly awoken a lump underneath the covers. After a few seconds of fighting with the blankets and a couple of low mummbles no doubt consisting of some profanities a orange head revealed itself. Kyo's eye, barely even open, scanned the room adjusting to his new awaken state. A minute passes and Kyo soon tosses the blankets away from his body and get up out of bed. He notices that it is almost dawn.

'Perfect time for a morning training session…..Although the ground is going to be wet from last night's rain. Ugh.'

And with that thought he started stretching. After a few stretches he decided to change into some more comfortable training clothes. While on the way to his closet his foot bumped into a tray of empty dishes.

'Why the hell are these her-' but his thought was cut off when realization hit him. 'Oh yeah...Tohru brought me up some food last night'

As Kyo continued to stare at the tray of dishes his thoughts started to become more centered around a certain air headed rice ball.

"Why would she even think about making me something? Was my tossing and turning that bad? Did I accidently wake her up? She has test today as school doesn't she? She could have used that time for more important things…..things like studying or resting up. She works late at night so she needs the rest doesn't she? Why did she bring me food instead?!'

With all these questions running through his head he didn't notice the light blush edging its way onto his cheeks.

'She's…...she's really something isn't she?'

Kyo picked up the tray with smile now adorning his face and walked down the stairs into the kitchen, his morning workout now forgotten. Placing the dishes into the sink he thought,

'The least I could do is help her out too…..right?'

He proceeded to wash the few dishes while his mind zoomed around trying to think of a way he could repay Tohru.

Since Kyo was too preoccupied in his thoughts, he did not notice Shigure entering the kitchen with dishes of his own. Shigure, trying to be sneaky, slowly slips his dishes into the sink to get out of washing them himself. Whistling while walking away he noticed Kyo's absent yelling at him. He approached the oblivious cat and pokes and prods him with one of his handheld fans.

But the orange haired teen's thoughts continued to distract him. Shigure smirked and quickly went to the fridge to retrieve an important aspect to his mischievous plan. He returned to stand right beside Kyo and swiftly holds a leek underneath the teen's nose.

Kyo's eyes widened as his face grew a sickly green color. He stayed like that for a while and then fell to the floor with a not so graceful thud. Shigure had to hold back his laughter considering it was so early in the morning. Shaking while trying to stifle his giggles, he suddenly realized that he probably should have set his plan in motion AFTER Kyo was done with the dishes.

'Oh well," he thought. 'They will get done sooner or later. On another note, I wonder what could have kept Kyo so….out of it. Ah. Perhaps it had something to do with Tohru?'

Shigure then left the kitchen and headed back to his room to think of some silly excuses in order to avoid working on his manuscript, leaving an unconscious Kyo on the floor.

An hour later and Kyo was still passed out. Only difference now is that Tohru is awake. She walks towards the kitchen in order to make breakfast. You should always start the day off with a nice breakfast after all. Right as she walks into the kitchen she sees Kyo on the ground.

"OH MY GOODNESS! KYO! Are you okay?! What's wrong?! Kyo!"

Tohru, running around in a blazed panic grabs a dry towel runs to the sink wetting it with cold water. She places it on Kyo's forehead. A groan escaped his lips as he felt the coldness hit his skin and stirred from his leek induced sleep.

"Kyo! Are you okay? What happened?" Tohru asked with concern laced through her voice.

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