Title: The Hidden Daughter

Author: Hyre Sanctum

Summary: Voldemort is looking for something. Something that he lost long ago and he won't hesitate to bring it back to him. AU/Only canon before Dumbledore's Astronomy Tower Scene SSHG

Pairing: Severus Snape and Hermione Granger

Rating: M for violence, swearing, gore, and future sexual content also drinking and smoking.

A/N: This story has been in my mind since I keep reading these different fanfictions. I really wanted to do one too. I know it seems clique (once you begin to read the story you will see what I mean.)

I have wrote stories before but this one dominates my mind constantly so it wanted me to post it. It even comes in my dreams sometimes. (Freaky.) But this is my first fanfiction that is out there to the public to see.

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Warning for this Chapter: Character death, Violence, and a whole lot of 'wut?'

Disclaimer: If I owned this, Snape would have realized that Dumbledore is a Dumb Door and Voldemort is a Moldy Wart then took Hermione over his shoulder to be his bride. They would have lived happily ever after with five kids. But sadly, that is not how it went and so that means I don't own anything relating to Harry Potter. That would be J.K. Rowling. *sigh*


Chapter One: I Will Not Hesitate To Take

"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."

Norman Cousins

Voldemort watched as his Death Eaters crawl through the cabinet that he had the young Malfoy boy fix. His arms crossing over his chest and his eyes glaring at the wooden structure. He snarled causing most of his minions to cower in fear or step away from him entirely. He looked towards one of the younger recruits.

"Go. I will come through last."

The unidentifiable Death Eater nodded his head and went through first but some of them, such as Senior Goyle, stopped and looked at his Dark Lord.

"But sir, do you think that is wise?" Goyle Sr. said foolishly.

Voldemort turned his beady, red gaze towards him. Anger etched on his face and his posture tensed like a coiled snake ready to strike.

"You dare question your Lord?" He hissed. Goyle cowered and shook his head 'no'. Voldemort waved his wand towards the imbecile. Goyle landed on the ground with his knees hitting the stone floor and his body shaking from the painful muscle spasms that Voldemort caused by the Cruciatus Curse. After a few moments of this torture, Voldemort waved his wand again and looked down at the pathetic mass of black cloth on the floor. "Don't ever question my actions, Goyle, for you won't live to see the next sunrise." Voldemort casually walked over to Goyle and proceeded to kick his ribs.

His other Death Eaters, sensing trouble, ran briskly in front of him and walked into the cabinet. Voldemort continued to look down at Goyle and sneered at the wretched man. Voldemort scoffed then proceeded into the cabinet without a backward glance to the groaning underling.


Draco pointed the wand at Dumbledore. His hands shaking and his body quivering for what he was about to do was something he never thought of undertaking. Draco swallowed the bile that was trying to claw up his throat. He wasn't acknowledging some of the words that Dumbledore was saying and Draco unconsciously responded while hiding in himself. He was watching his body respond and his lips move but Draco knew this was not part of the Imperius Curse. It was fear.

Draco was continuing to point the wand at Dumbledore and vaguely recalling that some of the Death Eaters came in. His aunt, the werewolf whose name was not even worth mentioning, Yaxley and his godfather to name a few that Draco saw coming towards him. He shook his head and regained his body from that fear that pierced into him.

Severus Snape tried to grab the wand from Draco but he sneered at his Godfather. "No! I must do this, Uncle!" Draco cried and pulled the wand from Snape's hand. Snape recoiled and looked over towards the Headmaster with a frown on his face. "Avad-"

"Expelliarmus!" A dark voice shouted out and the Elder Wand flew out of Draco's hand. "Boy, it would be best if you stop." Snape and Draco turn back to see their master coming towards them with a terrifying gleam in his eyes.

"My lord." They both recited tonelessly.

Voldemort smirks and twirls the Elder Wand in his hand slowing coming forth behind Snape and Draco with Bellatrix, Yaxley, and Fenrir covering his back. He then waves the wand over towards Dumbledore's direction and causes the Headmaster to fall to his knees which makes it look like he is kneeling. Voldemort comes behind Draco and lowers the boy's wand hand and turns his head towards the kneeling Dumbledore.

"This is what I wanted to see. The Great and Mighty Headmaster of Hogwarts kneeling and groveling before me." Voldemort said mocking the man before him. His red eyes narrowed at Albus. "But I came here for a purpose." Voldemort moves past Snape and Draco with Fenrir, Yaxley, and Bellatrix coming up behind.

Severus Snape spoke towards his Dark Master, "I did not know that you would be here, my Lord." He bows his head with his arm over his chest indicating his servant status.

Voldemort looks over at Snape. "Rise my Servant. You and Draco did me well." He then turns his head over to Draco and sneers. "Your father would be so proud." Yaxley and Fenrir snort with Bellatrix crackling in the background. Voldemort returns to his adversary. He gets closer to Dumbledore and points the Elder Wand at his throat.

"Do it, Tom." Dumbledore says with without a twinkle in his eye and no cheerfulness in his voice like an emotionless husk.

Voldemort snorted at the old man. "No, not until I get the information I want." He jabs his wand into Dumbledore's neck harder. His red eyes glaring at the pathetic fool in front of him. He then bends down to Dumbledore's level having his face inches away. "Where is she?" He hissed into Dumbledore's ear. The old man's eyes widened in shock at the question and he looked into his old student's eyes.

"I fear I do not know what you are speaking of, Tom." Albus said casually.

Voldemort hissed in anger at his response. "I won't ask again, old man." He then proceed to glare at Albus but this did not affect the Headmaster. He didn't say a word. Voldemort slowly stood to his full height and stared down at Albus. "Severus, come here." He called towards his Right Hand without even looking at said person.

Snape comes over quickly as to not let his Master's anger come at him. Voldemort shoves his wand into Snape's hands. In all of his adult life, Severus Snape has never been confused about his Master's actions. Lord Voldemort would never hand his wand over willingly to anyone but was snapped out of his thoughts when Voldemort turned back around towards Albus Dumbledore with a furious expression on his face.

In a blink of an eye, Voldemort grabs Dumbledore by the neck and slowly raises him off the ground. Voldemort smiles but instead of a warm sensation of some smiles this one produces obedience in his subjects and terror in his victims. Snape eyes widened in shock at the unknown brute strength of his Master. Draco looks onto the scene with fear. Yaxley and Fenrir show cool acceptance. Bellatrix smiles sinisterly. The other Death Eaters either gasped in shock or quake in fear.

"Where is she?!" He hisses quietly at Dumbledore. "Where is my daughter?!" Albus glares while the other occupants in the room try to figure out what the Dark Lord is whispering. "You killed her mother…" He once more speaks quietly and tightens his hold on Dumbledore's neck making the old man choke. "My beautiful wife…" Voldemort's nails clawed into Dumbledore's neck causing some blood to leak out of his wound going down his neck and Voldemort's hands and arms. Voldemort smiles at the red liquid cascading down the length of his arm and on some of Dumbledore's clothes and beard. He closes his eyes and relives his memories of his wife. Her beautiful smile, her sparkling eyes….Her big, brown doe-like eyes that even made him smile. He reopened his eyes to look at Dumbledore who was slowly losing air to his lungs and his face turning an unpleasant blue color. Voldemort smirked at his rival. "But when I looked into her cold, dead eyes that is when my heart died. For it died with her." Voldemort then threw Dumbledore's body to the ground with a loud 'thud' and a groan came from the old man.

Snape looked between his two masters and finally stared down at Albus. His eyes calculating coldly at the old man groaning in pain on the floor.

Voldemort turned his head towards Severus and coldly asked him to hand the Elder Wand back. Snape snapped out of his daze and gently gave the wand back to his Dark Master. Voldemort then pointed his wand at old man who was slowly getting back up to his kneeling position. Albus Dumbledore looked up at Voldemort with his famous glare that only came out during dire and angry times.

"And that wasn't enough for you, was it old man?!" Voldemort went up to Dumbledore once more and held his wand to Dumbledore's bloody throat. "You killed my wife and took my precious child away too!"

Snape sharply inhaled at the accusation from Voldemort. 'He had a wife?' Snape lowered his head and let his hair shield his eyes so he could hide the fact that Snape was looking at his Dark Master calculating. 'He has a child?!'

"My daughter…" Voldemort lowly whispered and Snape barely even caught it. 'He has a daughter…I wonder, who?' The tall, dark man thought but snapped back into reality once more at the sound of Lord Voldemort's voice.

"It matters not." Voldemort said while lowering his wand and staring directly into Dumbledore's eyes. "I will just force the precious information out of you." Then without warning, Voldemort entered into Dumbledore's weakened mind to find the information that he pursued relentlessly for years. His eyes widened. His daughter had her mother's brown, doe-like eyes. Eyes that held the same tenderness as that of his dead wife. Voldemort's mouth twisted into an evil smile and laughed out diabolically that twisted his face even further causing the man beside him to back away.

Snape grabbed Draco by the shoulder and slowly slide Draco back towards him. His master was acting strangely and was fearful for the lives of those around him especially Draco. Severus made an unbreakable vow to protect his godson from the same fate that affected the boy's father.

The Death Eaters heard the commotion with their master and the idiotic Headmaster of the School. They did not know that their leader had a wife and a child, a daughter no less! Most were shocked at the news, others were terrified at his reaction, and others had a cold indifference like they did not care at all but were interested anyways at the news. Bella snarled and Yaxley chuckled. Draco looked wide-eyed at the Dark Lord. Snape just held his cold, calculated gaze and folded his arms over his chest.

"You would use my own child against me?" Voldemort growled down at the Headmaster. "You would make her my executioner? With that boy?" He laughed. "You also think a bunch of children can beat me? You are more senile than I thought." Voldemort looked down at the pathetic pile of overly colored robes.

Albus looked at the Dark wizard in front of him and the people behind him. Most of them were students in this school and now…a bunch of murderers. His eyes didn't twinkle when he looked at them and briefly at Severus. A man he considered as a son and Dumbledore chuckled. "Tom, you will fail." He slowly got up and stood in front of the balcony. Dumbledore put his left hand on the railing. "Your own daughter will look at you with disgust at the things you did. She believes you are a child-murderer with nothing but coldness in your heart." Albus then looked right into Tom's eyes. "She will never get corrupted unlike her mother before her."

Voldemort roars to this statement causing everyone in the vicinity to feel his tremendous power pouring out. The walls began to shake, the gears started to rattle, the wood began to creak in protest, and the few available lights began to flicker. Draco shot out his hand to hold onto his Godfather's arm and Snape pushed him back and away from the Dark Lord. Yaxley and Fenrir stared at the scene in front of them while Bellatrix clapped gleefully and was chanting, 'Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him 'til he's dead!' The other Death Eaters slowly back away and headed towards the door hoping that their Lord would not place his anger on them.

Voldemort's eyes flashed in anger and his wand aimed at Albus Dumbledore's chest. "You know nothing! Avada Kedavra!" A green light emitted out of the Elder Wand charged at Dumbledore causing the man to fall backwards out of the Astronomy Tower. Voldemort began to stare at the opening where Dumbledore fell for a few moments and slowly an ominous smile appears on his face. Voldemort started to laugh uncontrollably at the situation. After a few minutes of the sounds of the cold laughter of Voldemort, he stopped and stared back where Dumbledore took his last stand.

"Finally." He said whispered towards the ground. "You are avenged, Hera." Then so suddenly, Voldemort turns towards his Death Eaters with emotionless eyes. He walked angrily towards Snape and Draco. "We will find the 'Chosen One' and his companions for my daughter will be near them!" Then Voldemort stalked off towards the door and all of the Death Eaters slid to the side to make room for him to pass. He slammed the door open and slithered off into the darkness of the castle. Snape and Draco looked at each other for a bit then proceeded to leave with their Master. Bellatrix went to the balcony then she pointed her wand towards the sky and casts the spell that summon the Mark of the Death Eaters. Yaxley and Fenrir waited until their fellow female Death Eater finished her work.

But when the Death Eaters were leaving, a pair of green eyes followed them until they disappeared behind the doors.



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