Title: The Hidden Daughter

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Setting: This is at the end of the Golden Trio's sixth year. I am going to say that they had their farewell feast but Hermione, Harry, and Ron had to stay because it was safer being in the castle than at their respected homes. So there are no other students in the castle. Well, other than Draco, of course. Just in case you were wondering.

Chapter Two: You see, they escaped.

"A true friend unbosoms [discloses] freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably."

William Penn

Harry Potter came barging into the Gryffindor Tower. It only held his two friends and himself currently because Dumbledore forced them to stay because Hogwart's was one of the safest place to be. He said it could protect them from danger of Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Harry scowled. The Headmaster was wrong this time! The Death Eaters were everywhere in the castle and no one but themselves could protect them.

Hermione was presently sitting in a cozy chair by the fireplace reading her book. She looked up to see Harry charging in. "What is wrong, Harry?" Hermione asked inquisitively at Harry.

"Voldemort's here. He is here in the castle." Harry said pessimistically and he lowered his head. "He killed Dumbledore." Harry whispered. "He murdered him just now." He raised his head up and looked at his friends. "And he is coming here to find us! We must hurry and hide or run!" He paced around the Common Room with Hermione and Ron looking at each other. After a few seconds, Hermione pulled her eyes away from the questioning Ron to the pacing Harry.

"What do you mean that Voldemort is here? He killed Dumbledore? What were you doing out there anyways?!" She cried at him. Hermione was like the big sister to Harry. She was the sibling he never had and she would always worry about the safety of him.

Harry stopped pacing and looked in the direction of Hermione. "I went to follow Malfoy, I noticed on the map he was following Dumbledore up to the Astronomy Tower." Hermione was about to respond but Harry overruled her. "So I went to investigate." He sighed and began again. "He aimed his wand at Dumbledore. They spoke back and forth to each other. Dumbledore was pleading Malfoy not to kill him that he would protect his mother but Malfoy refused and wouldn't listen." Harry remembered Malfoy stuttering at his words. He was fearful of Voldemort. "This is when the other Death Eaters came. Bellatrix, Yaxley, that werewolf Fenrir, and even Professor Snape."

Hermione gasped. She had her suspensions about Snape but to hear that he was one did sadden her greatly. Hermione always defended him and admired him but to find him out that he was there with the other Death Eaters planning to kill the Headmaster made her eyes water with unshed tears. "Snape tried to take the wand from Malfoy but he refused saying that he had to do it." Harry scoffed. He didn't believe that Draco Malfoy could actually kill anybody. The Slytherin Prince was shaking and sweating in horror. "Then Voldemort showed up."

Ron shrilled in terror and Hermione gasped in shock once more. "Voldemort and Dumbledore began talking. I couldn't hear what he said at first because he was whispering angrily in the Headmaster's ear." Harry remembers the snarls, growls, and hisses that came from the red-eyed, snake fiend. "But Dumbledore feigned arrogance at, I assumed, Voldemort's whispered question. He got angry and told Snape to come near him then Voldemort gave over the wand to Snape." Harry started to growl. "Voldemort at that moment picked up Dumbledore by the throat and choke him indignantly whispering into the Headmaster's ear once more." Harry lowered his eyes at the floor. "He dug his nails into Dumbledore's neck causing some of the blood to ooze down the length of Voldemort's arm. It was disgusting to watch Voldemort smiling at the sight of blood."

He then looked up at both Ron and Hermione, whose attention was solely on him. Harry began once more. "He spoke, 'But when I looked into her cold, dead eyes that is when my heart died. For it died with her.' And threw Dumbledore onto the ground then asked for his wand back." He remembered his fists tightening at the sight of Dumbledore's fallen body. Harry closed his eyes and continued his tale of what previously happened at the Astronomy Tower. "'But that wasn't enough for you, was it old man?! You killed my wife and took my precious child away too!'" This is where Harry regarded at his two best friends. They had the same face that Harry had when Voldemort spoke those words.

Ron's face scrunched at his flabbergasted expression and Hermione's eyes widened in shock. Ron was the first one to speak. "Blimey, Harry! Who would have shagged that?!" Ron cried out in disgust and shivering at the thought of someone caressing the snake.

"Ronald! That is disgusting to think about!" Hermione reprimanded at Ron and her eyes went back to Harry's person. "But he had a wife? And a child?!" She asked Harry. He nodded at her statement and Hermione clasped her hand over her mouth to hide her expected gasps.

Harry grabbed Hermione's attention once again. "But that isn't all, Hermione. He forced himself into Dumbledore's mind to find out who his child identity and where Dumbledore took her. Voldemort started to laugh because Dumbledore was trying to use her, his own daughter, as his executioner. With me." Harry quietly said the last part. "He started to boast, 'You also think a bunch of children can beat me? You are more senile that I thought.' But the Headmaster stood his ground. He told Voldemort, or Tom since that is his real name, that he would fail and that his own daughter would look at him with disgust because he was a child-murderer."

Ron then added his piece in. "I bet that made him really angry." Ron winced at the thought. Harry's gaze went over at Ron.

Harry shook his head. "No, what made him really angry was Dumbledore's last statement. 'She will never get corrupted unlike her mother before her.' Then Voldemort casted the Killing Curse at him." He remembered the glazed eyes of the Headmaster when he fell out of the tower. "Dumbledore fell off the tower and unto the ground below. It was horrifying to watch and then I had to listen to that maniac laugh. It was sickening." Harry exhaled. "And now he wants to find us. Apparently, we are close to his daughter."

Hermione inhales sharply. "You know what this means, Harry? He will come and find her. Voldemort will turn this castle inside and out just to find her!" Harry sulked at his friend but he knew she was right. "We have to leave. Tonight! Right Now! GO!" Hermione panicked causing Ron to scramble out of his chair.

"That is why I came here. It was to warn you and to leave this place before the Death Eaters come charging through here." Then they went their separate ways up to their dorm rooms to pack the necessary things they would need for an overnight trip.


Hermione ran up the stairs and into her room. She quickly zips open her bag and packs a few days' worth of clothes, a good pair of shoes to hike with, and some of her books. She shrunk her bag and put it in her coat pocket. Hermione then looked down at her orange familiar and smiled.

Crookshanks understood his mistress. He was to stay here and guard her room from unwanted visitors. Crookshanks began to meow and butt his head on her hand. He was demanding her to pet him before she left.

Hermione chuckled. "Yes, Crookshanks. I will certainly be careful." Ever since she was a little girl, Hermione could sense what the animals were saying. She smiled down at Crookshanks and patted his head. "You'll protect the whole castle, won't you boy?" She coo'ed and stroked her fingers through his fur. He mewled in agreement.

Hermione's eyes then took a quick glance at the mirror. She frowned at what was there. Her Glamour Charm wore off again. Hermione walked over to the mirror and scarcely touched the mark that appeared there. Her parents once told her that it was there since her birth. The birthmark looked more like a tattoo than a mark because it had a black and silver snake coiling around a red rose. The snake was eyeing the person observing the mark but if one was to look closely they would find 'SS' near the petals of the flower.

Hermione never really understood the birthmark and mostly kept it hidden with the Glamour Charm but for the last few days it has been bypassing the charm that is supposed to keep it in place. Nowadays, Hermione wears collared shirts and coats to cover her neck should it arise unexpectedly. She then faces away from the mirror and leaves the room. Hermione walks down the stairs to wait on Ron and Harry.


After several minutes of quiet emptiness, Hermione gets a bit suspicious of what Ron and Harry are doing. 'What are those two doing?' She assumed furiously. After several more minutes, Hermione begins to get worried. 'Did they leave me?' She believed gloomily and goes to the door. Hermione slowly looks out of the Gryffindor portrait door. Her eyes widen at the sea of black robes and white masks. She gasps, shuts the door quickly, and runs up the stairs towards the boy's room.


Voldemort, Snape, Draco, Bellatrix, and a few other Death Eaters stood outside the door that held the Gryffindor's Common Room inside. Voldemort looked up at the aberrant portrait of an overweight woman. "Let us through." He growled.

The Fat Lady glares at Voldemort and his minions. "Password?"

The portrait was trying his patience and he growled. "Do I look like I have the bloody fucking password? Let us through, you nonsensical door!"

The Fat Lady narrows her eyes at him for a moment then looked down at her fingernails. "Then I cannot let you in."

Voldemort turns sharply towards Snape. "Severus, don't you have access to the student's dorms?!" Snape nods his head. "Then get us through." Voldemort growled every word out at Snape.

Severus Snape went up to the door and frown slightly. If one was to look at his eyes at this moment in time, they would have found that he apologetic look in his eyes. But as soon it came on his face, the sooner it left. Snape pulled out his wand from his black robes and waved it in front of the door. The Fat Lady started to screech when she was being forced open. Voldemort glares at the portrait. "Oh, be silent! Silencio!" He casted the Silencing Charm on the painting and walked through with his Death Eaters.


Hermione ran swiftly into the boy's room and found them stuffing their pockets with their belongings. She started to panic. "They're coming! The Fat Lady can only hold them for so long until Professor Snape lets them through!" She cries. Harry pulls out the Invisibility Cloak and cascades it on top of all of their heads.

"Then let's go!" Harry whispered and the Trio silently sneaked out as to not draw attention to themselves. When they walked into the Common Room, they found Death Eaters and Voldemort in the sacred room of the Gryffindors.

Draco Malfoy looked around the cozy room full of red and gold colors. "This is what it looks like…" He whispered to himself. Voldemort flickered his angry gaze at Draco.

"No time for gawking at the scenery! Find them! …But I want them alive. They cannot give me the information I want if they are dead." Bellatrix stomps up to the girl's dorm barely missing the trio. They decided to flatten themselves against the common room's wall. "No harming them either, Bellatrix!" Voldemort said with his arms crossed over his chest. The occupants in the room could faintly hear Bellatrix's sigh before she began her rampage up the stairs once more. He then looks over to Draco. "Find the others." Draco nods then glides up the stairs towards the boy's dorm and out of sight. Voldemort turns to his other Death Eaters. "You in the back, guard the door. The two other males go follow the Malfoy boy and you two females, follow Bellatrix and make sure she doesn't try to do anything fun." Ron, Harry, and Hermione wince at the thought of Bellatrix's idea of fun. The Death Eaters went up to where they were told to go and that just left Professor Snape and Voldemort standing alone in the Gryffindor common room with the Trio hiding and scarcely breathing. Snape then turns to his Lord and his head bowed low as to not offend.

"Will they have the information we seek?"

Voldemort's eyes flashed over towards Snape and he stared at him. It looked like Voldemort was speculating on saying more but he decided against it. "Yes." He plainly stated. Snape heard a dismissal when it was said and returns to gaze at the stairs.

Voldemort then looks over to where the Trio are standing. "Did you know Severus that I can detect magical signatures that are usually not seen by the naked eye?" Hermione covered Ron's mouth to stop him from yelping in terror.

Snape looked where his Master was staring at but found nothing there worth noting but responded to his Master's question anyways. "No, I did not my Lord."

Voldemort smirked. "Especially those that connect me to Potter?" Harry grabbed his forehead in pain and began to groan. He would have been heard if it was not for Hermione. She plastered her hand over his mouth and held Harry towards her chest.

'Damn Voldemort! He knows we are here because of me!' Harry thought viciously.

The Dark Lord smirked for he heard the thoughts of Harry and gravitated towards the center of the room. "Of course I do, Potter. You and I are connected. I can see through your eyes as much as you can see through mine." Snape upon hearing this scans the room to detect any sudden movement. "Your friends are with you." Voldemort slowly looked around as if trying to do the same as Snape and detect movement. "The red-headed nuisance who is born from Blood Traitor's." Ron clenched his fists but didn't move an inch or make a sound. "Also the know-it-all girl who parentage is quite questionable. For how could two useless, incompetent muggles create a powerful being?" He calmly stated.

Harry glowered at the sickly, pale monster but Hermione smiled at him which caused Harry to put his arms around her. Hermione, of course, was angry at the insult to her parents but didn't protest out loud.

"Come out, come out wherever you are." Voldemort taunted.

After a small amount of time in tensed silence, Ron Weasley decided to open his mouth and whisper towards his buddies.

"Oh Merlin, he's ugly." He said. Luckily, Hermione thought of putting a silencing charms on themselves before coming down the stairs.

"Ronald!" She said with widen eyes and proceeded to smack him upside his head with her free hand. Ron clutched his head in response and groaned softly.

"What? He is!" Hermione rolls her eyes.

"Shut up!" She hisses at him and Hermione turns her eyes towards the so-called Dark Lord.

After a few moments of complete silence, Voldemort's face scrunched up in anger. His eyes glaring at certain spots in the room and what was placed on his mouth was a snarl. "I am now done playing games, Potter." Voldemort slowly pulled out his wand from his robes. "I do love the hard way. It is less boring." He shot his wand out. "Finite Incantatem!" A red light shot out the end of the Elder Wand but nothing was revealed. Voldemort turned towards and stared at Snape with a quizzical glance.

"It seems they are not using the Disillusionment charm then, my Lord." Snape replied at the unsaid question. "I heard from Albus that Potter has a special kind of item that makes him invisible." He said letting his Master think of the item that could make one invisible. Voldemort started to laugh.

"Ah, he has one of those." He said drawling out 'those' like it was repulsive to say. "I was to believe that item didn't exist anymore. Oh well." Voldemort sighed out. "Accio Invisibility Cloak!"

The cloak glided across the room into Voldemort's awaiting hands. He turned his head towards the right to find three teenagers flattened against the wall. Voldemort's smirk slowly began to spread out across his face.

Snape sneered at the sight. Potter in Miss Granger's arms. The sight made his blood boil and his fists clenched at his sides. Snape wished he could hex 'The-Boy-Who-Lived-To-Get-On-His-Ever-Lasting-Nerv es' into oblivion.

Voldemort slowly turns around to face the Golden Trio and a sickening smile gradually appears on his face "Well, what a pleasant surprise." He said sarcastically and gives the cloak over to Snape who promptly tosses it to the floor with a scowl which cause Harry to growl and glare at the hooked-nose man. Snape saw the reaction of Boy-Wonder and sneered in return.

Harry unraveled from Hermione to have a staring contest with Voldemort and Snape. Snape's mouth twitched at this and Voldemort's face expressed nothing. "You killed Dumbledore." Harry challenged with Voldemort. Snape and the Dark Lord cooled their expressions for their eyes and faces were blank as a new piece of parchment.

"How do you know that, boy?" Snape maliciously growled at Harry.

Voldemort raised his hand to silent Severus. Snape looks out the corner of his eye to see this and audibly snaps his jaw shut but that didn't keep him from glaring daggers at the young man. "I assume you used that." Voldemort pointed to the object on the floor. "To see us undetected." Voldemort then viciously stares at Harry's face. "You know what happened in that tower." Harry didn't deny or confirm Voldemort's suspensions. "You know what I seek then, boy?"

Harry's fist clench in response to his question. "You want information…" He drawled out and glanced over to his friends then back at his nemesis once more. "That we don't have." Harry pulled out his wand quickly, and Ron following his friend's footsteps, cast the Stunning Spell onto the two darkly dressed men in the room. This distracted them from Hermione, who also drew out her wand, to cast a devastating spell.

"Bombarda Maxima!" She shouted and a white light shot out from her wand to land behind Voldemort and Snape. This produced an overwhelming explosion from behind the two figures and diverted their attention from the Golden Trio to the wall. The wall that used to be there.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione seized this chance and rushed out of the room. Hermione jerked open the door, stunned the negligent Death Eater guard, and ran down the hall as if the hounds of hell were chasing them biting at their feet.


A few instants later, the other Death Eaters, Bellatrix, and Draco came accelerating down the stairs. What they saw was their Dark Lord regarding the obliteration of the wall with cold eyes and was silently pondering at the situation. Severus was scowling at the destruction as if he could not believe that she was capable of destroying something. Voldemort's face became impassive when his Death Eaters trotted down the stairs. He looked over at his followers. "You see…they escaped." Voldemort's red eyes became heated. "What took you so long?"

Draco spoke first. "My Lord, there were so many rooms that we didn't know which one was the…" He caught himself before he spat out their nicknames. "Theirs." Voldemort eyes continued to fume. "I am sorry, my Lord." Draco bows his head and Voldemort turned to Bellatrix.

"The Mudblood had curses, wards, and traps with also a mangy beast in her bedroom." Their Lord's eyes became cold. "I removed the curses, wards, and traps after one of the idiots back here set them off." Bellatrix pointed to the one behind her right side. "Also her fucking Kneazle got me too. Then the foul animal decided to attack me with its claws and teeth." Her arms were proof of this testimony. "So I killed the abhorrent fiend." Bellatrix gleefully declares. Snape and Draco grimace at this fact.

"Well then…" Voldemort calmly states while weaving with his wand in the air modestly. "You are all failures…" He gazes over at the stunned guard beside the door that is still presently on the ground. "And I hate disappointments…" Voldemort despondently said before using the Killing Curse on the guard and using the Cruciatus Curse on the other unnamed Death Eaters. After multiple screams and torturing curses later, Voldemort cancelled the spells and looked at the three who weren't tortured. "I trust that you don't want to follow their example?" Bellatrix, Draco, and Snape showed their affirmation with a nod. "Now get to it!" Voldemort yelled at them.

Draco rushed out of the room once the Dark Lord stopped speaking with his aunt and godfather evenly walking behind. Once the door was closed, Voldemort turned his scrutiny down at the four Death Eaters on the floor. "Since I don't remember which one of you decided to run into a fortified area like an amateur, I'll just eradicate you all." He held his wand up and four distinctive green flashes brightened up the room before abruptly returning to orderliness. All that was heard was malevolent laughter echoing down the hall.

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